Purchased a new macbook because your old laptop was stolen? If yes, you should consider buying a laptop lock to secure your new laptop. A good laptop security lock will protect your MacBook from getting stolen from your desk or table.

Buying Guide:

The lock should be compatible with your MacBook so that it fits easily and offers the security you need.

Locking Mechanism
Some locks have a number mechanism, whereas some come with a pair of keys. The choice is up to you, which one do you prefer.

The lock should be highly durable in order to undermine the efforts of thieves. Make sure it is made using metal, and the cable comes with a sheath for more protection.

Ease of Set-Up
The lock should be easy to set up else, you will have a hard time installing it. All the locks reviewed in this article are easy to set up and use.

Length of the Cord
Lastly, check the length of the cord to ensure you can tie it with your desk. Some locks come with cables up to 6 feet in length.
Which is the best Laptop Locks for MacBook:

Best Overall: Kensington - “A versatile lock that offers superior protection to your MacBook Air and Pro. It's easy to install and lets you secure the laptop with any robust thing nearby”. 

Most Loved: Maclocks - “An easy-to-use lock that keeps your MacBook secure at all times. It fits quickly and does not scratch your valuable laptop. You get a durable cable lock inside the box”.

Budget Pick: FOLAI - “An affordable yet convenient lock that’s compatible with all MacBook models. It comes with a self-coiling cable with a rotatable head, so you can use the MacBook with this lock”.

Best Laptop Locks for MacBook Pro and Air

#1. Kensington MacBook Locking Station with Combo Lock Cable

Kensington MacBook Locking Station with Combo Lock Cable

Here is a versatile laptop lock from Kensington that can easily fit almost any laptop, including your MacBook. It has an adjustable arm, and you can easily install it with MacBook Air, Pro, and other laptops up to 16″.

Unlike a regular lock, it doesn’t occupy the slots and attaches around the edge, keeping the laptop secure. 

Once installed properly, you can secure this Kensington lock with almost any sturdy object, including your workstation desk, and keep the MacBook secure from thefts. Unlocking the laptop is as easy as a breeze, and you can enter the passcode to set it free, which merely requires a few seconds. You can change the passcode as well for added security.

The build quality is impressive, and thieves cannot easily break it. You get the freedom to move your laptop and tilt the screen as the lock does not cause any hindrance. One thing to note is that the locking blade rests on the display, so install this lock carefully, or it may cause some damage to the display.

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Built using high-quality materials.
  • No hardware modifications required.
  • Works well with all MacBook models, including Pro, and Air.
  • It’s heavy.
  • You need some sturdy object to secure this lock.


Perfect for a co-working space or office, this MacBook lock will secure your laptop from theft. Moreover, it is TAA compliant and comes with a 2-year warranty, so use it with confidence.

Price: $66.85
Buy Now from Amazon

#2. Compulocks Maclocks Universal Locking Bracket for MacBook

Compulocks Maclocks Universal Locking Bracket for MacBook

Another MacBook lock is here that doesn’t need a locking slot and fits directly with the laptop. Compatible with all MacBook models, including Air and Pro, this blade lock offers the ultimate convenience.

On the underside, it has a 3M adhesive and sticks securely to your MacBook. The rubberized feet offer added stability so your laptop doesn’t wobble after installing this lock. The built-in arm retracts outwards, and you can use a locking cable with it for more security.

What I love about this MacBook lock is the sleek design and lightweight. You can travel with it, and the Mac will easily slide inside any sleeve of the correct size. However, the lock comes with a few downsides, such as you can only mount it on one laptop.

Removing the lock may also leave sticky residues on the Mac, said some users. The build quality stands out, and this lock can easily last for years, making it worth every penny. 

Lastly, installing this metal lock is a cakewalk. Just ensure making the MacBook dust-free so that the adhesive sticks perfectly.

  • It offers good stability with the rubberized feet.
  • Easy to install.
  • A retractable blade lets you secure it with an object.
  • It also improves the airflow of your MacBook.
  • Can be installed on one device only.
  • Lock cable sold separately.


Get this security blade lock for MacBook, and remain worry-free about any thefts. The 3M adhesive holds the device firmly, while you can tie this lock with any lock cable. Lastly, it is a universal lock and can be used with almost any laptop.

Price: $42.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#3. Maclocks Security Laptop Lock Adapter for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Maclocks Security Laptop Ledge Lock Adapter for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Looking for a portable and elegant lock that isn’t visible but offers protection for your MacBook? Get your hands on this tiny MacBook lock from Maclocks. This is an unobtrusive slot adapter that comes with a lock and a cable for complete assembly within minutes. 

MacBooks don’t have locking slots, and this device basically adds that to your laptop. Talking about compatibility, the lock fits well with 2016/17 MacBook Pro Touch Bar Models and may not fit properly with the latest models. 

It occupies minimal space and does not hinder the performance of your laptop. In addition, installing the lock is easy, and you can quickly secure the cord with any robust object to keep it secure.

As it is entirely made using metal, you can rest assured about its durability. However, the screws on the metal plate can leave marks on the laptop, so I recommend using a piece of paper to protect the laptop.

Lastly, you can easily snap this lock off and put it on your other MacBook.

  • The processor improves the 4K quality.
  • Works for both 13″ & 15″ MacBook Pro models.
  • No adhesive, so it does not leave any residue.
  • Holds the MacBook in place.
  • The screws may leave scratches on the backplate.
  • Not for newer MacBook models.


If you own a MacBook with TouchBar, there is no better lock than this one. It’s easy to install and is a portable option, so you can use it in coworking spaces and other locations.

Price: $31.47
Buy Now from Amazon

#4. Maclocks MacBook Pro Security Lock

Maclocks MacBook Pro Security Lock

If you own any one of the MacBook Air M1, Macbook Pro 14″ 2021 & Macbook Pro 16″ 2021 models, this lock should be your choice. Made entirely using metal, it is robust and stays in place even if someone tries to force open it. 

Maclocks has designed this laptop anti theft lock with a screw system, but it does not scratch your MacBook, unlike other locks. When installed properly, you can attach a locking cord and secure the laptop with your working desk or anything robust in the vicinity.

The brand offers a complete installation kit inside the box, and all you need is a screwdriver, and you can install the lock. However, there’s a downside as well, and you cannot fit it with older MacBook models, including the ones with a TouchBar.

  • Low-profile and lightweight.
  • Tamper-proof screws for more safety.
  • You can secure the loop-ended cable with anything.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • It’s so small that you may lose it.
  • Not compatible with all MacBook models.


Get this superb metal lock and protect your MacBook from any thefts. Also, it doesn’t scratch your laptop, while the loop-ended cable lets you secure it with your desk or anything else.

Price: €54.95
Buy now from maclocks

#5. I3C Laptop Cable Lock for MacBook

I3C Laptop Cable Lock for MacBook

If you frequently change MacBooks but need a laptop lock that you can use with any laptop, consider I3C Laptop Cable Lock. The big metal plate sticks to almost any laptop, and then you can secure it using a cable lock.

Inside the box, you get a big cable along with a pair of keys for quick installation. The connector on the cable is rotatable, thus, you get the freedom to move the laptop and tilt the screen as you want. 

The durability speaks for itself, and this lock can easily undermine the efforts of people looking to steal your laptop. Locking and unlocking are the easiest among all locks; all you need to do is use the key and rotate it gently.

Lastly, this is a portable MacBook lock, so you can keep it handy when you travel.

  • Made using durable stainless-steel.
  • It can be used with any laptop.
  • Longer cable for added convenience.
  • You get two keys with this lock.
  • You can’t use it with a laptop case.
  • The lock sometimes slips from the metal plate.


The I3C Laptop Cable Lock is a convenient as well as affordable pick to safeguard your MacBook from thefts. Installing the lock is easy, and the best part is that you can install it on any MacBook model.

Price: $19.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#6. KGear Security Lock Bracket for Apple MacBook Pro

KGear Security Lock Bracket for Apple MacBook Pro

MacBooks don’t have a locking slot, but you can use this metal lock to get a slot and use any cable lock. Talking about the compatibility, the metal bracket fits both 13″ Model A2289 EMC 3456, A2338 (EMC 3578) & 16″ models (EMC 3347). However, it is not compatible with the latest MacBook 2021 models.

Inside the box, you get a bracket along with a screwdriver, thus, installing it merely takes a few minutes. KGear has used a rubberized sleeve with this lock, protecting the MacBook from any scratches and other damages caused due to the screw.

One thing that some users complained about is that the lock lifts the MacBook a bit, which may affect stability. However, it improves the airflow, so you get an added benefit.

  • Easy to install and remove.
  • You can use any laptop cable lock with it.
  • The rubber pads protect the MacBook from scratches.
  • Lightweight, so you can travel with it.
  • Not compatible with 2021 models.
  • Laptop lock cable sold separately.


If you need a MacBook lock that fits easily and offers decent protection, choose KGear Security Lock Bracket. You get all accessories required to install this lock, so just put it on, and you can secure your investment.

Price: $19.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#7. CTA Digital Security Cable Lock for MacBook with USB Type A Port

CTA Digital Security Cable Lock for MacBook with USB Type A Port

Avoid the hassles of screwing a metal bracket on your MacBook with this USB Type-A lock. As you’ve understood, it only works with MacBook Air and Pro models with a USB Type-A port, making it incompatible with the latest Type-C devices.

The laptop security lock comes with a pair of keys and secures itself inside the Type-A port protecting the laptop from theft. In addition, the cable is long and feels very durable. There is a loop on the end of the cable, and you can easily secure it with a desk or with some other stationary object.

Unlocking and locking are hassle-free and don’t require any password, just insert the key, rotate it gently, and you can access your laptop. Lastly, it is a very portable option, and you can use this lock almost anywhere.

  • It does not require mounting anything on the laptop.
  • The cable is highly durable and long enough to secure with anything.
  • Space-saving design makes it portable.
  • Only unlocks with the original keys.
  • You cannot use it on MacBooks without a USB-A port.
  • If used inappropriately, it may damage the USB port.


Made using galvanized steel, this is one of the most durable locks for the MacBook. Just insert the USB into the port, and you can lock your MacBook for maximum safety.

Price: $18.19
Buy Now from Amazon

#8. FOLAI Anti Theft Security Cable Lock for MacBook

FOLAI Anti Theft Security Cable Lock for MacBook

Whether you own a MacBook or an iPad, this lock from FOLAI will help you keep the device secure at all times. It comes with a small metal backplate that sticks on your MacBook, and you can put a cable lock in it. The best part about this lock is the versatility, and you can use it with almost any MacBook Air or Pro model.

FOLAI ships this MacBook Air lock with a strong metal cable that is cut-resistant and is built to last. Moreover, the self-coiling cable retracts automatically, so your desk looks decluttered. The rotatable head of the lock lets you adjust the tilt, and you can easily move the MacBook without removing the lock. 

You get a pair of keys in the box, just put the key over the lock, twist it gently, and you can unlock it within seconds. Lastly, the entire lock is made using metal, therefore, you can rest assured about the durability.

  • Super durable and secure.
  • Easy to snap on any MacBook.
  • The self-coiling cable keeps it compact.
  • It has a rotatable head for maximum convenience.
  • You cannot unlock if keys get lost.
  • May catch corrosion.


If you are looking for an affordable laptop lock for MacBook that works with all models, there is no better choice than FOLAI Laptop Lock Cable. It has a soft magnetic touch that doesn’t scratch the MacBook while offering amazing security.

Price: $13.89
Buy Now from Amazon

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