Undeniably, most of us are dependent on laptops and other smart devices to carry out our daily life chores. And in these hustles and bustles, there are fair chances that our laptops can get damaged easily.

But things aren’t the same anymore! Now you can protect your laptop along with some essential accessories while fortifying them from all possible damages during transport. Tomtoc, a renowned brand, has introduced a stylish laptop sleeve and a sumptuous backpack that is ideal for those who are always on the move.

If you feel that you need something to protect your peripherals, then here is something worth your attention.

Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve and Backpack

Tomtoc Premium Laptop Sleeve

Tomtoc Premium Laptop Sleeve

The premium laptop sleeve from Tomtoc offers comprehensive protection to the laptop and other essential gears. Moreover, it will enhance your style statement, and you can easily carry this lightweight and handy sleeve with you to your office, and other places.

Sumptuousness at its Best

The design and color combination offered by Tomtoc will surely blow your mind. The sleeve goes well with your formal and casual outfits, because of its stylish built and soothing colors. Also, the sleeve looks incredibly sleek, and it doesn’t add any bulk even if you have stuffed it with a lot of accessories.

Extensive Storage Options

Tomtoc Premium Laptop Sleeve

Storage is not a problem with Tomtoc laptop sleeve because it has large pockets that let you keep your stuff with ease. The sleeve is best suited for 13″ MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2015, and Old 13.3″ MacBook Air, which gets easily accommodated with utmost compactness.

Patented Design

Every single corner of the sleeve has armor-like protection, and the users don’t have to worry about any accidental bumps and drops. The rubberized material used inside the shell of the sleeve offers excellent fortification and acts just like an airbag. Also, the inner area of the sleeve has performance cushioning lining that keeps your laptop away from any dents.

Tested Ruggedness

Tomtoc Premium Laptop Sleeve

The hard-wearing fabric used in the making of military-grade and belongs to Corduram so you can expect extreme sturdiness from this sleeve. Additionally, the sleeve is resistant to dust, dirt, water, and other damaging entities that are harmful to your laptop.

What did we like about Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve?

There are tons of reasons why we love the Tomtoc Premium Laptop Sleeve. The first and foremost reason for choosing this laptop sleeve is the ruggedness it offers. The outer shell of the sleeve is resistant to scratches, and abrasions. Also, it is made with the finest materials that are of military-level collection, so the laptop remains protected all day long. Another thing that won our hearts is the smooth zippers. The YKK Zippers glide smoothly, and you don’t have to struggle with them.

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Tomtoc Commuter Backpack

Tomtoc Commuter Backpack

Tomtoc Commuter Backpack is a heavenly combination of stylishness and strength. The black color looks supremely elegant, and you will surely love how this backpack will add charm to your style. The bag for laptop is multifunctional, and it can accommodate your laptop along with some other additional accessories.

Armored Bottom

Tomtoc Commuter Backpack

The bottom of the bag acts as a protective shield and it fortifies your backpack from any accidental drops. There is an air buffer present between the outer shell of the bag, which enhances security, and you can also rest assured that your stuff is safe.

Superior Storage

Tomtoc Commuter Backpack

The storage available in this commuter backpack from Tomtoc is way beyond what is offered in regular backpacks. The buyers can comfortably accommodate a laptop which is 15.6″ inches along with an 11″ iPad Pro or any other tablet of the same dimensions. Moreover, there are tons of pockets available for you to keep your stuff safe.

Ensured Safety

How many of you worry about the safety of your laptop? We all come across a myriad of cases where thefts take place either in the workplace or in the transportation areas. But with a Tomtoc commuter backpack, you can ensure that your laptop and other essentials are protected and safe. The manufacturer offers an anti-theft pocket that is available at the bottom part of the bag. The design of the pocket fortifies it from the eyes of pickpockets, and only you can open it after removing the bag.

Charges Your Phone While You Are On the Move

Tomtoc Commuter Backpack

This fascinating feature is something we all need. The backpack has a convenient charging design that lets you charge your phone without taking your laptop or power bank out. The charging port available on the side of the backpack enables the users to pass their cable through the hole, so you can charge your device without exposing the power bank or laptop.

Additionally, you can use the port to pass your earphones cable to enjoy unlimited music.

What did we like about Tomtoc Commuter Backpack?

Tomtoc Commuter Backpack has enjoyed vast popularity due to the features and affordability it offers. The thing we liked the most is the anti-theft pocket. Keeping wallets, id proofs, and other essentials are now more manageable. Also, the availability of the charging port attracted our attention, and we found out that this feature is quite useful to protect our devices from bright sunshine, and splashes of rain. Plus, the bag has 40 liters of capacity that makes it great for the users who have multiple things to carry at the same time.

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Final Thoughts

Tomtoc has emerged as a brand that offers value for money. And after testing these two products, we are sure that you will get exceptional protection for your device, without compromising the style. The bag pack and the sleeve are tested on vigorous parameters and military standard drop tests.

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If you are looking for something to carry your laptop with utmost protection, then the sleeve and commuter backpack from Tomtoc is ideal for you. Both of these essentials are supremely affordable, and you will love the quality Tomtoc offers. Moreover, both the sleeve and the backpack offer exceptional water resistance which is like a cherry on the cake.


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