If you are a proud owner of MacBook Pro then it is essential to protect it with the best leather carrying case for MacBook Pro obtainable on the market. The carrying case keeps your precious device protected and retain its original beauty for a long time. As I am a lover of real and genuine leather bags and sleeves, I have accumulated some of the best MacBook Pro leather sleeves for 16-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch and 13-inch laptops in this article.

In this list of top-rated leather sleeves for MacBook Pro, you will find 13-inch, 14-inch 15-inch and 16-inch laptop sleeves. So, note the size twice before placing your order. Moreover, the leather bags deliver classic and elegant look to your MacBook Pro when you keep it in the sleeve and carry it wherever you go. Plunge into this list of cool leather MacBook Pro sleeves and pick up one for you.

Best MacBook Pro Leather Sleeves for 16-Inch, 14 -Inch, 15-Inch, and 13-Inch

#1. Harber London MacBook Leather Sleeves

Harber London MacBook Leather Sleeves

Carry your MacBook Pro or Air in style with this premium leather sleeve from Harber London. Apart from style, what this sleeve offers is decent protection. The soft inner lining safeguards the notebook from scratches and minor damages.

The zipper runs smoothly, and you can quickly close/open it by holding the leather loop. The full-grain cowhide leather looks impressive, and feels good in the hand. With this case you can even opt for engravings services, and get your initials engraved on it.

Lastly, there are multiple colors on offer, so get a case that compliments your style.

  • It feels nice in hand.
  • The soft inner lining offers good protection.
  • It has a smooth zipper.
  • No protection against splashes.

Price: £99.00
Buy now from HarberLondon

#2. Apple Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Apple Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

This is the most premium leather sleeve for MacBook Pro from Apple available for 13, 15 and 16-inch sizes. It is made from high-quality European leather. The soft microfiber lining inside will protect your MacBook Pro. On top of the sleeve, you will find embossed Apple logo and on the bottom, there are four circles to match the feet of your MacBook Pro.

The sleeve is tight to keep the MacBook from falling down when you hold it upside down. This leather sleeve is more durable than genuine leather. The sleeve comes in three different color Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown, and Black.

  • Impressive build quality.
  • The microfiber lining offers protection.
  • Fits the MacBook Pro and Air perfectly.
  • It catches a lot of fingermarks.

Price : $77.08 (For 13-Inch MacBook Pro)
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Price : Price not available(For 15-Inch MacBook Pro)
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Price : Price not available(For 16-Inch MacBook Pro)
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#2. Mosiso Leather Bag for MacBook Pro

Mosiso Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

You can now operate your 13-inch, 15-inch or 16 inch MacBook Pro with a Touch bar without the need of removing the case. Mosiso brings to you a leather case for your MacBook Pro that is designed to stay on your device even when you work on it. You can access all the ports and features without any hassles through the precise and exact cutouts.

Built with a superior quality of leather, this case is sturdy enough to absorb all types of exterior shocks and bumps. Further, the magnetic closure ensures that your MacBook Pro stays safe and in place when kept in the case. Note that this leather sleeve is only compatible with the MacBook Pro with Touch ID.

  • It has a built-in kickstand.
  • The magnetic closure system protects the screen from shattering.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • A bit heavy.

Price: $19.99(For 13-Inch MacBook Pro)
Buy Now from Amazon

Price: $21.99(For 15-Inch MacBook Pro)
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#3. Tomtoc MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

Tomtoc Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

This leather MacBook Pro sleeve from Tomtoc is specially designed for MacBook Pro 16-inhc. Its dual textures of grey and brown color deliver it the most elegant look. Moreover, it looks professional when you carry it to your business meetings.

The magnetic closure design is convenient and thus enables you to open and close it seamlessly. The rear pocket at the back of the sleeve lets you keep your charger, mouse or other thin belongings without adding any bulk to your device.

  • Prevents the MacBook from falling off.
  • It can fit your accessories as well.
  • No hassles of zips.
  • Does not protect against splashes.

Price: Price not available
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#4. MoKo Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Moko Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

This MacBook Pro leather sleeve from MoKo is compatible with 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Designed with premium quality of durable PU leather, this MacBook Pro carrying bag depicts pure beauty and elegance of leather.

The built-in card slots enable you to carry your personal belongings like business cards, credit/debit cards, pen drives, keys, and many more such items along with your MacBook Pro. Further, it is slim in design and light in weight. Hence, you can slide it into your backpack and carry it along with you wherever you go.

  • Built-in cars slot.
  • The magnetic seal keeps the MacBook on place.
  • Made using premium PU leather.
  • It is slightly slippery.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Kasper Maison Leather Sleeve for MacBook

Kasper Maison Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Kasper Maison has the coolest leather laptop sleeve to safeguard your valuable device. Crafted with Italian cowhide leather, this sleeve features a luxurious look with its soft velvet interior and finest edge paint.

The small inbuilt pockets allow you to place your handy accessories like the charging cables, hard disks, USB sticks, keys, and more. Furthermore, the sleeve is slim enough to slide into your backpack or office bag for handling your MacBook Pro conveniently while you travel.

  • It has a magnetic closure for added safety.
  • Feels premium in hand.
  • Soft inner lining protects the MacBook from scratches.
  • Dust and water can get inside easily.

Price: Price not available
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#6. Kuzy Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

No products found.

Kuzy’s MacBook Pro touch bar sleeve perfectly fits your precious device. It is designed in such a way that it allows you to make a raised stand if you want while working on your MacBook Pro.

The soft and silky interior keeps your MacBook Pro safe from unwanted damages and accidental shocks. Moreover, the magnetic flap closure ensures the safety of your device and prevents it from scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. You can use the back pocket of the sleeve to store your papers or documents.

  • You can use it as a kickstand.
  • The magnetic flap makes it easy to close and open.
  • It can fit any 13” to 16″ laptop and tablet
  • Some users reported bad odor of leather.

Price: No products found.(For 13-Inch MacBook Pro)
No products found.

Price: Price not available(For 14-Inch, 15-Inch and 16 Inch MacBook Pro)
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#7. Valkit MacBook Pro Leather Carrying Bag 

Valkit Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Here is again one of my favorite leather MacBook Pro sleeve from Valkit. It is extremely slim in size and light in weight. Thus, you can easily slide it into your briefcase without adding any bulk to your MacBook Pro.

Further, the sleeve is fashionable and its professional design lets you flaunt it while you go to a business meeting or while traveling. The built-in slots serve multiple purposes for you. You can store your business cards, credit/debit cards or other visiting cards in the slot allotted for cards. The pencil holder enables you to keep your pen or pencil in place and handy whenever you need it.

  • The material is premium.
  • It has a card slot and a loop to hold the Apple Pencil.
  • The envelope design is very convenient.
  • The packaging is not that great.

Price: Price not available
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#8. FYY Waterproof Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro 16, 15 and 13-Inch

FYY Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

The FYY Leather Sleeves comes specifically designed for MacBook Pro 13, 14, 15 and 16-inch models. It comes in a variety of color options including black, brown, navy, and red.

In terms of materials, the laptop bag is made of a premium PU leather, making it very durable, and also waterproof! There is an extendable handle attached to carry the laptop to your comfort while you are around. It’s also tuckable.

There is an inner pocket for storing pens, phones, cables, chargers or power banks. The fixed bands at the corners of each side allow you to fasten the laptop according to your requirements. That being said, you can use your device without pulling it out of the case. The sleeve case is slim and lightweight. It does not make your laptop look bulky.

  • It safeguards the MacBook from splashes.
  • The hard-case offers protection against bumps and dings.
  • Convenient to carry with the big handle.
  • Heavier than a regular sleeve.

Price: $25.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#9. UPPERCASE Leather Sleeve Pouch Case for MacBook

UPPERCASE Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

When we are talking about the UPPERCASE slim sleeve premium Vegan leather pouch case, we can never dismiss the fact that it is indeed a Premium looking case. Its form-fitting design comfortably fits your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2018 with Touch ID. It does not match any other laptops or older MacBook Pros and also the ones with case installed.

The sleeve is made with smooth vegan leather that is stylish in look and easy to maintain. It is handmade to the highest craftsmanship standard to create the look terrific and sober look to the most. Moreover, it conveniently charges your MacBook from within the sleeve. It also acts as a cushion to protect your MacBook on rough and edgy surfaces.

  • Sleek and lightweight.
  • You can charge the MacBook while it’s in the sleeve.
  • Made using premium quality leather.
  • No zipper or closure flap is there.

Price: $39.98
Buy Now from Amazon

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