LG G6 in its slim design has won the hearts of smartphone lovers. With the distinctive feature like water resistance, LG G6 stands out from other smartphones in the market.If you want to own this phone, the products that we have curated here will surely interest you. These are some of the best LG G6 Accessories to enhance the look and style of your LG G6 phone.

Best LG G6 Accessories

#1. Abacus24-7 LG G6 Wallet Case

Abacus24-7 LG G6 Wallet Case

Abacus24-7 presents to you the best LG G6 Wallet Case which can serve multiple purposes along with the protection of your phone. This case consists of card pockets which can hold up to 2 cards. One transparent window allows you to keep your ID card safe with you wherever you go. Made from top quality of leather and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, this case provides 360 degree protection to your phone.

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#2. Spigen LG G6 Clear Case

Spigen LG G6 Clear Case

LG G6 Clear case from Spigen is the perfect fit for your smartphone. This case with precise cutouts exactly showcases the contours of your device. The flexible TPU material used in the design of this case safeguards your phone from scratches and keeps it dust-free. Also, this case is light in weight.

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#3. Skinomi LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Skinomi LG G6 Screen Protector

For the ultimate protection of your phone’s screen, Skinomi presents the best LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Designed with unique laser cutting technology, this transparent screen protector provides HD clarity and absorbs UV light. It offers you an easy and bubble free installation.

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#4. TechMatte LG G6 Car Mount

TechMatte LG G6 Car Mount

The trending accessories in the market now are car mount. TechMatte recently launched its car mount which perfectly suits your LG G6 phone. This car mount exactly fits the air vent of your car with its strong magnetic property. You also get a user manual with this car mount so that you can easily install them in your car thus enhancing the protection of your smartphone.

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#5. SCD Wireless LG G6 Bluetooth Headset

SCDWireless LG G6 Bluetooth Headset

You can now listen to your favorite music within your comfort with SCD’s wireless LG G6 Bluetooth Headset. With built-in volume control buttons, back and next buttons, this headset enable you to enjoy your music within the range of 30ft. The adjustable headset band perfectly fits on your head. The built-in rechargeable battery offers you a seamless music thrill for up to 10 hours.

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#6. JOTO LG G6 Armband

JOTO LG G6 Armband

The LG G6 Armband offers you to carry on with your workout session or sports activities with JOTO’s armband which helps you to keep your LG G6 with you. Made from a superior quality of neoprene material, this case is sweat-proof. It offers long lasting protection to your device.

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#7. CHOETECH LG G6 Wall Charger

CHOETECH LG G6 Wall Charger

Engineered with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology – one of the latest technologies in the market – this is one of the best most efficient USB chargers. It provides 4 times faster charging as compared to other standard chargers. This charger offers you facilities like safety from short-circuiting, overheating and over-voltage.

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#8. Anoke LG G6 Charging Stand

AnoKe LG G6 Charging Dock

This charging dock comes with multiple facilities like data synchronization, phone holder phone charger. You can easily charge your phone while traveling by placing your phone in the dock. The stable phone holder enables you to enjoy hands-free viewing of movies and videos. Also, the small and portable design enables you to carry it along with you wherever you go.

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#9. CHOETECH LG G6 Car Charger

CHOETECH LG G6 Car Charger

CHOETECH’s car charger offers you to have a hassle-free journey without worrying to charge your phone while traveling in your car. This car charger comes with a USB-C cable; hence making it compatible with all of your type C supported devices. With the smart charging technology implemented, this charger offers fast charging of your device.

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#10. Vinve LG G6 Charging Cable

Vinve LG G6 Charging Cable

The charging cable from Vinve is specifically designed for your LG G6 phone. The convenient design of the cable enables you to quickly plug and unplug your phone. Designed with an ultra-durable material, the magnetic connector in this cable ensures you that your phone will not fall while charging. The LED indicator light informs you about the charging status of your phone.

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#11. Mpow LG G6 Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow LG G6 Bluetooth headphones

With an attractive design, this Bluetooth headphone from Mpow is developed with the use of CVC6.0 noise canceling technology which is best suitable for your LG G6 phone. This technology prevents the background noise hence providing you a superior sound quality. With the Bluetooth technology, you can easily pair this headphone with your Bluetooth enabled devices.

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#12. SanDisk LG G6 Flash Drive

SanDisk LG G6 Flash Drive

This flash drive from SanDisk is best compatible with your USB Type-C devices. You can easily free up space on your LG G6 Android phone by transferring data to this flash drive. You get this flash drive in 4 different capacities i.e. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

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#13. LightningKid Cable-cord Adaptors

LightningKid LG G6 USB Convertor

LightningKid presents to you the best cable-cord adapters for your LG G6 phone. This pack of 2 products comprises of an adapter with Type C connector and a micro USB port. You can easily charge your LG G6 by connecting it to a power bank or a charger. You don’t get a micro USB cable along with this adaptor. Hence you need to purchase it separately.

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#14. Cambridge Soundworks LG G6 Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge LG G6 Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Cambridge Soundworks speaker is compatible with your LG G6 phone. Along with its water resistant property, this speaker is also dustproof and sandproof. These properties make it the perfect choice for a house party or a pool party. With ultra clear sound quality and highly rechargeable battery, this speaker is convenient enough to carry while you travel.

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#15. Anker LG G6 Power Bank

Anker LG G6 Power Bank

Designed with exclusive PowerIQ technology, this power bank detects your device and offers you the fastest possible charge speed as compared to other chargers. Just as the size of a small candy bar, this compact power bank is easy to carry in your pocket wherever you go.

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#16. Fonesalesman LG G6 Wireless Battery Charger

Fonesalesman LG G6 Wireless Charger

With a stone-like textured design, this wireless charger is light in weight and easy to carry. You can even charge this battery charger wirelessly. This is the best choice if you are in search of a wireless charger for your LG G6 phone.

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For more choices in the protective case design, you can check our article on best LG G6 Cases.

Grab any of these best LG G6 Accessories and add a style statement to your LG G6 smartphone. Do share your views with us in the comments section.