The touchscreen is the crucial and most important part of any smartphone. In fact, it is the real beauty of a smartphone. We can’t afford to get even a minor scratch on it; hence it is advisable to protect with the best screen protectors. Are you planning to put your hands on the new LG V30 that is going to be revealed in an LG conference to be held on 30th August 2017? If yes, then you must start taking protective measures to preserve such a unique gadget. Today, in this article of ours, we have listed some of the best LG V30 screen protectors that help you to retain your screen’s delicacy.

This list of best screen protectors for LG V30 also includes the tempered glass screen protectors. They render premium protection to your phone’s screen from scratches, scrapes, bumps, cuts, and other regular wear and tear use. Above all, it is highly rumored that the new LG V30 will boast an OLED screen panel which will be first of its kind in the entire series. Well, in order to keep your LG V30’s screen intact, you can have a look at the best LG V30 screen protectors listed below.

Best LG V30 Screen Protectors

#1. Skinomi

Skinomi LG V30 Screen Protectors

Skinomi brings to you the best screen protectors for LG V30. Engineered with precise laser cut technology, this screen protector provides maximum coverage to your phone. Moreover, the carbon fiber texture of the protector gives a high-tech look and feel to your V30.

This protector offers 4 layers of protection. It consists of UV clear coat, thermoplastic urethane, clear acrylic adhesive, and the protective liner – starting from topmost layer to the last layer respectively. Hence, this specially designed protector offers long lasting protection. Moreover, it provides you with a simple and easy installation.

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#2. iLLumiShield

iLLumiShield LG V30 Screen Protectors

iLLumiShield is one of the leading screen protector manufacturing industries. Just as you get superior screen protectors for different smartphones from iLLumiShield, you get the best LG V30 tempered glass screen protectors from iLLumiShield.

Made from tempered ballistic glass, this screen protector absorbs shock unlike other traditional PET or TPU protectors. The Clear Tech protective coat applied on this protector helps you keep your screen clean from fingerprints and oil residues. With 9H hardness and 99.9% transparency, this protector provides unmatched protection to your V30.

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#3. Ringke

Ringke LG V30 Screen Protectors

The tempered glass screen protector for LG V30 from Ringke offers full coverage to your phone’s screen. Hence, it is capable enough to protect your phone from unwanted scratches, or scuffs caused by pointed objects like key or pen when you place your phone in your pocket.

This protector is made from highest quality of urethane material which is accompanied by an enhanced film so as to provide protection along with crystal clarity. Furthermore, its multi-layered structure won’t affect the touchscreen sensitivity of your phone.

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#4. IQShield

IQShield LG V30 Screen Protectors

The anti-glare film from IQShield reduces glare and thus enables you to enjoy your phone’s features even in the brightly-lit areas. The unique outer coating on it prevents dust, dirt and other debris from nesting over your screen. This coat also keeps your LG V30’s screen safe against fingerprints and grimes.

This film has no cutting corners; thus, it provides maximum coverage and protection. This design saves your phone’s screen from every possible unwanted hit that may come from any directions. It can be applied using the wet installation technique. With the help of this technique, you can easily install the protector on your phone’s screen without any bubbles.

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#5. DeltaShield

DeltaShield LG V30 Screen Protectors

With 99.9% ultra-clear HD display, these screen covers from DeltaShield serves as the best screen protectors for LG V30. It is resistant to UV light and hence prevents your screen from yellowing. The anti-fingerprint coat prevents fingerprints and dust from your phone’s screen so that it always remains clear.

It features the “self-healing” technology. That is, the screen protector reverts back to its original form over a time period, causing small scratches and cuts to disappear magically. Furthermore, the laser cut design fits perfectly on your phone’s screen.

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#6. Klear Cut

Klear Cut LG V30 Screen Protectors

The Klear Cut tempered glass screen protector for LG V30 features an oleophobic and lyophobic coatings. This helps it to provide unparalleled protection to the screen against oil residues, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and grimes.

The Tru-Touch technology lets your device stay fully responsive even when you have installed the protector. The unique silicone adhesive layer offers you to have an easy installation and that too without any bubbles. Moreover, this technique won’t leave any residues on the screen even if you remove the protector.

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Which among the above listed some of the best LG V30 screen protectors would you like to have for your V30? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.

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