Best 13-inch MacBook Pro Cases: Protect Your Delicate Device From Unexpected Damage

When you own a delicate piece like the MacBook Pro 13-inch, you cannot run the risk of damaging it unknowingly or accidentally. So it becomes an utmost necessity to safeguard your MacBook Pro with cool cases. Looking forward to such basic requirements, we have listed some of the best 13-inch MacBook Pro Cases under $10 to $80.

This list of top rated MacBook Pro 13-inch Cases includes both – cases with touch bar and those without touch bar. So depending on your MacBook, you should make an appropriate choice. Also, this list is enriched with a wide range of cases. Whether you prefer to keep your MacBook Pro 13-inch simple with a basic case or you love to flaunt its beauty. Whether you are willing to buy a low profile case or you want to spend an extra amount on a rugged case. Whatever might be your choices; the coolest cases for MacBook Pro listed here would ensure complete protection.

Best Macbook Pro 13 inch Cases

Best 13-inch MacBook Pro Cases Under $10 to $80

Laptop Cases for MacBook Pro 13"

Urban Armor Gear Rugged Case
Twelve South Vintage Leather Book Case
i-Blason Heavy Duty Case
Spessn Heavy Duty Case
Fintie Leather Coated Hard Cover
KEC Plastic Hard Cover
LuvCase MacBook Pro 13 Case
Kuzy Plastic Hard Case
ProCase Hard Case With Keyboard Skin Cover
Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case
i-Blason Matte Hard Cover with Retina Display
UESWILL Touch Matte Hard Case
TopCase Cover with Retina Display
Inateck Macbook Sleeve
GMYLE Plastic Hard Case
iDOO Hard Matte Case with Retina Display

#1. Urban Armor Gear Rugged Case

URBAN ARMOR GEAR MacBook Pro 13-inch Rugged Case

The rugged case from UAG offers ultimate protection to your 13-inch MacBook Pro from your everyday wear and tear use. It is feather-like light in weight and thus, won’t add any bulk to your MacBook.

Its armor shell and impact resistant bumper add to the level of protection that it delivers to your MacBook Pro. Also, the dual lock secures your device’s screen from scratches and other unwanted damages. It also offers you with a tactile and comfortable grip so that you can hold it conveniently.

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#2. Twelve South Vintage Leather Book Case

Twelve South Vintage Leather Book Case for MacBook Pro 13-inch

You can now give an elegant and royal look to your 13-inch MacBook Pro with the leather case from Twelve South. Its folio design works as a sophisticated carrying case for your MacBook Pro. You can flaunt it wherever you go without any worries of getting it damaged.

Its plush and velvety interior keeps your MacBook look like the one recently bought from the store. It also features hidden pockets so that you can store some of your papers or documents if required along with your MacBook Pro.

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#3. i-Blason Heavy Duty Case

i-Blason Heavy Duty Cover for Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch

This case from i-Blason features shock-absorbing ridges to offer a premium level of protection to your 13-inch MacBook Pro. Its raised edges prevent your device’s screen from scratches, cuts, and scrapes.

You also get an optional anti-scratch protector along with this case that ensures 360 degrees protection of your MacBook Pro. The ventilation on the bottom shell offers safe heat disbursement. Moreover, the precise cutouts for the ports enable you to easily access your MacBook Pro’s functionalities where and when required.

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#4. Spessn Heavy Duty Case

SPESSN Heavy Duty Case for Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inch

Crafted from shock absorbing materials, this case easily prevents your MacBook Pro from external shocks and other impacts. The design is such that it protects all the edges and corners of your MacBook.

The built-in pop-up feet provide you with an ergonomic typing angle. You can view the screen at your convenience while avoiding neck strain. It’s simple and snap-on design makes it more convenient for daily use.

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#5. Fintie Leather Coated Hard Cover

Fintie Protective Case For MacBook Pro 13 inch

This case from Fintie is specifically designed to fit your 13-inch MacBook Pro with/without Touch Bar. The leather exterior and polycarbonate interior safeguards your laptop from scratches, fingerprints, and slipping.

The design is such that you can easily open or close your MacBook even when the case is on. The fully accessible ports enable you to operate your MacBook on the go when needed. Moreover, it is available in a variety of bright and fun colours so as to suit your style.

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#6. KEC Plastic Hard Cover

KEC MacBook Pro 13 Case

The case from KEC comes with a 2 piece design which offers easy installation. The rubberized legs on the back cover enable your MacBook to stand still while you are working on it. Also, there are perforated openings on the back cover so as to dissipate heat and keep your MacBook Pro cool.

The sleek and glossy texture of the case is such that it prevents dirt and dust to nest on your MacBook Pro. Being slim and light in weight, you can easily slide it into your bag while carrying it with you.

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#7. LuvCase MacBook Pro 13 Case

LuvCase Hard Shell Cover for MacBook Pro 13 inch

Available in a pool of striking colours and designs, LuvCase has the best options of cases for your 13-inch MacBook Pro. With a unique cutout design, it provides easy access to all the ports and other functionalities of your laptop.

The bottom shell is ventilated so as to allow the heat to escape. Thus, your MacBook remains cool even though you have hours of work on it. The four rubberized feet provide you with stability while working. Also, the exterior is such that it won’t let fingerprints, dust, dirt, and another debris nest over your MacBook.

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#8. Kuzy Plastic Hard Case

Kuzy MacBook Pro 13 Case

This hard plastic case with smooth and soft finish enhances the look of your MacBook Pro. It perfectly wraps around the contours of your MacBook Pro to keep it protected from every possible damage.

Though it is smooth to touch, it offers you with a comfortable grip. Thus, you can free yourself from the worries of your MacBook slipping out of the hold. Its snap-on design lets you easily install it and remove it totally when you find the need to change the case. Also, it protects your MacBook Pro from scratches, cuts, scrapes, and other accidental damages.

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#9. ProCase Hard Case With Keyboard Skin Cover

ProCase Hard Case with Keyboard Skin Cover for Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inch

If you want to keep your MacBook look simple yet elegant, the case from ProCase is an ideal one to have a look at. It is extremely light in weight and slim in design. Hence, it won’t add any bulk to your MacBook Pro 13-inch.

This case features no logo cut out. But, the transparency of the colour is such that the Apple logo remains thoroughly visible. The fully ventilated bottom keeps your laptop away from heating under certain circumstances.

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#10. Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case

Kuzy hard case for macbook pro 13.3 inch

This case from Kuzi lets your Apple logo shine even while the case is on. Coated with rubber paint, the case gives you soft and smooth feel on touch. It is not compatible with MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017 models.

This case allows you to easily open and close your MacBook without any hassle. You can also access the ports, buttons, and CD/DVD drive slots easily. Customize your MacBook Pro 13-inch with this case and let your personality flaunt.

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#11. i-Blason Matte Hard Cover with Retina Display

i-Blason MacBook Pro 13 Case

This case from i-Blason come with a matte finish so as to keep away your MacBook from scratches and also resists it from slipping. You can easily view your Apple logo through the protective case.

The fully vented back cover gives enough room for dissipating heat so as to keep the MacBook Pro cool. Furthermore, the raised cushion design helps to maximize the airflow and thermal capacity of your MacBook.

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#12. UESWILL Touch Matte Hard Case

UESWILL Hard Shell Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13 inch

UESWILL produces cases in different styles that will fit your MacBook Pro 13-inch perfectly. These great cases from UESWILL are easy to snap on and off so you can use it all the time.

The 2 lines of vents on the bottom cover provide sufficient heat dissipation area to keep your MacBook cool. Furthermore, the rubberized legs keep your MacBook stable and secure while using it.

You also get a microfiber wipe cloth along with this case. This microfiber wipe cloth absorbs the dust, dirt, and oil residues from your MacBook.

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#13. TopCase Cover with Retina Display

TOP CASE TopCase Cover for MacBook Pro 13.3 inch

This hard case from TopCase perfectly is not compatible with 2016 and 2017 model of MacBook Pro. With extremely slim and sleek design, it perfectly fits on your MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display. The exact cutouts in the case let you access all the ports, buttons, and features of your MacBook.

You can easily see the Apple logo because of the semi-transparent clarity that the case offers you. Moreover, the case provides you with unbeatable flexibility and durability so that you can use it for a long time. Select your favourite one from a pool of colours available.

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#14. Inateck MacBook Sleeve

Inateck MacBook Pro 13 Case

Inateck makes the finest sleeve for your MacBook Pro 13-inch. Slide in your MacBook whenever you want to carry it to your institute or workplace. The Velcro closure keeps your MacBook safe and secure.

The two back pockets allow you to carry your MacBook’s adapter and other accessories like earphones, smartphone, or your wallet.

Designed with excellent craftsmanship and practical design, this carrying case is wear-resistant and prevents your MacBook from scratches.

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#15. GMYLE Plastic Hard Case

GMYLE MacBook Pro 13 Case

With a slim cut design, this case from GMYLE perfectly fits your MacBook Pro 13-inch. It works as a daily protective shield for your MacBook. Available in decent and cool designs, it enhances the look of your MacBook Pro.

Made from premium quality of materials, this case ensures durability and reliability. It is extremely slim in design and light in weight. Moreover, the vents at the bottom dissipate the heat properly to keep your MacBook Pro cool even when you work for a long time.

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#16. iDOO Hard Matte Case with Retina Display

iDOO Hard Case for MacBook Pro 13 inch

Looking to make your MacBook Pro more attractive and colourful? Then the Apple Mac Pro cases 13-inch from iDOO complete your need. Made with different textures, designs, fashionable patterns, and colours, these cases are perfect for those who want to express their style along with their MacBook’s protection.

As the front case has no cutouts, your Apple logo is partially visible in the case. Its snap-on design makes it easy for you to put on and take off the case. Moreover, you also get the access to all the features and ports of your MacBook Pro.

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Here, we have listed the cases for MacBook Pro 13-inch but if you owe MacBook Pro 15-inch then you can refer to our article on best MacBook Pro 15-inch Cases.

If you are a music lover then you can even pair up your MacBook Pro with the Best AirPlay Speakers for Mac and immerse into the world of immense sound.

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Which MacBook Pro case are you going to buy? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.

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