If you have just bought a new MacBook Pro 15 inch, then you would surely have the desire to showcase this gorgeous piece from Apple. But when you have invested a lot on this iconic gadget, you can’t afford to have even a minor scratch on it. So, this gadget from Apple deserves protection all the times. In fact, you need to put extra efforts to keep it intact. That is why we have accumulated some of the best 15-inch MacBook Pro Cases for you.

This list includes MacBook Pro touch bar cases, hard shell cases, and sleeves. Whether you want your 15 inch MacBook Pro to have a simple design or want to adorn it with striking patterns, this list covers up all the ideal cases. Furthermore, along with added protection from regular wear and tear use, these cases are built to grant elegance and luster to your MacBook Pro 15 inch. In addition to this, most of these cases are available in a pool of amazing colors to choose from. You can pick up the one as per your taste and add glam to your chic gadget. Well, without consuming more time, let’s take a round about some of the best 15-inch MacBook Pro Cases listed below.

Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

Best 15-inch MacBook Pro Cases

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#1. TOP CASE Hard Case Cover

TopCase Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

TopCase offers you the best rubberised MacBook pro touch bar hard shell case with a complete matching silicone keyboard cover. The rubberised case will protect your MacBook from unwanted drops and accidental falls.

This ultra slim and high-quality case provides you with unmatched flexibility and durability. The back case with perforations allows the heat to escape and keep your MacBook cool.

Pair up your MacBook with a keyboard cover that is spill proof in nature and is also available in a pool of colors.

Price: $14.99
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#2. Twelve South Vintage Leather Book Case

Twelve South Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

BookBook is a uniquely designed, handcrafted leather case for your best 15-inch MacBook Pro Cases. This book cover not only safeguards your MacBook Pro but also delivers it the style and look that perfectly complements your personality.

To lend extreme protection to your MacBook Pro, BookBook has two hardback covers with a zippered closure. The interior of the cover is equipped with soft padded cushions so as to complete your MacBook’s protection.

You will just keep wondering when the BookBook will transform your Mac (when not in use) into a vintage book.

Price: $66.49
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#3. Inateck Macbook Case

Inateck Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Sleeve

The 15-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve from Inateck is more than just a laptop case. Unbox the case and you will find 2 compartments inside it. Use the larger one to store your MacBook Pro and the smaller one to store your books, magazines, documents or anything of that sort.

There are even 2 more compartments at the back side which let you store your smartphone, wallet, or earphones. You can even accompany your MacBook with its power adapter or charger in a small bag that you get along with the case.

Designed with textured patterns, this exquisite sleeve can also be placed in your bag.

Price: $13.99
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#4. Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case

Kuzy Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

Kuzy provides you with a pool of accessories for your MacBook Pro. One amongst them is the MacBook Pro touch bar case.

The rubberized case is designed in such a way that it lets you open/close your MacBook Pro easily and also allow you to access all the ports even while the case is on. The smooth exterior provides you sturdy grip to hold your MacBook Pro safely.

The back case is fully vented to dissipate the heat generated by your MacBook Pro.

Price: $21.99
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#5. iCasso Macbook Retina Case

iCasso Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

The wood textured 15-inch MacBook Pro touch bar case from iCasso is a perfect eye-catching piece for all those who want to protect their MacBook with some stylish cases. Accompanied with it is the keyboard cover with the same design as on the case.

This ultra-slim case is light in weight and offers you durability; hence you can grant long-lasting protection to your MacBook Pro. Get full access to all the ports and even keep it for charging without any need of removing the case.

The bottom case has slots that evacuate the heat and keep your MacBook Pro cool.

Price: $19.99
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#6. iDOO Matte Plastic Hard Case

iDOO Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

This case with marble graphics is exclusively designed for your Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina without CD Drive model. Apart from marble graphics, you get a pool of designs to personalize it.

The dual piece snap-on design lets you easily install it and take it off. The exact cutouts at the ports and buttons provide full access to the features of your MacBook Pro 15 inch. Moreover, the bottom cover is designed to perfectly vent the heat produced by your system and keep it cool.

Price: $13.99
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#7. ProCase Hard Case Shell Cover

ProCase Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

The exclusively designed 15-inch MacBook Pro case are available in a wide variety of colors. There is no cutout for the Apple logo but it is visible on the case. However, the transparency would vary based upon the color you select.

This decent case offers an elegant look to your MacBook Pro. The bottom case is equipped with silicone feet so as to provide stability to your MacBook Pro while working on it.

You get a silicon keyboard cover along with the MacBook case which protects your device from spills.

Price: $14.99
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#8. i-Blason Hard Shell Cover

i-Blason Best MacBook Pro 15 inch Cases

This MacBook Pro touch bar case from i-Blason is extremely slim and light in weight. It does not add any bulk to your MacBook Pro so carry it wherever you want.

The simple snap on installation provides you with full access to all the ports of your MacBook. No need of removing the case while you put your MacBook Pro for charging.

The semi-transparent front and back cover lends ultimate protection to your MacBook Pro against unwanted drops and falls. Your Apple logo shines through the case. Moreover, the anti-scratch coating safeguards your MacBook from scratches.

Price: $19.99
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Which of the above listed some of the best 15-inch MacBook Pro Cases would you like to own to safeguard your MacBook Pro? Do write to us about your views and choices in the comments section.