If you are searching for the best MacBook Pro 16-Inch cases and sleeves, then you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to review the top MacBook Pro 16 cases and sleeves available on Amazon.

In this list of top-rated MacBook Pro 16″ cases and sleeves, you will find various kinds of covers such as leather case, clear case, heavy-duty case, the case with a keyboard cover, bumper case, rugged case, and much more. So without any further discussion let’s jump into the list of the best MacBook Pro 16 cases and sleeves.

2019 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 2.6GHz Intel Core i7) - Space Gray
2019 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 2.6GHz Intel Core i7) - Space Gray
Ninth-generation 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor; Stunning 16-inch Retina Display with True Tone technology

Best MacBook Pro 16 Inch Cases and Sleeves (Compatible With M1 Pro and M1 Max)

#1. Anson Calder Customized MacBook Pro 16 Sleeve

Anson Calder MacBook Pro 16 Inch Sleeve

With this MacBook Pro 16 Inch leather sleeve from Anson Calder, you can carry your device in style. The premium leather feels good while holding, and the exquisiteness of this laptop sleeve will surely attract a lot of eyes wherever you go. 

Anson has used the most beautiful calfskin leather that you find in luxury bags and carry cases. The enclosure button secures the MacBook into the sleeve, so there is no need to worry about any accidental drops. The best part about this sleeve is customization. 

You can fit this laptop sleeve in the Anson Calder backpack, and that allows you to carry some other devices and gadgets on the go. The stitching feels excellent, and the leather material resists scratches and stains up to a great extent. 

Just slip your MacBook inside the sleeve, close the enclosure button, and you are good to go. Whether you need a carry case for your office or want to carry the MacBook to the library, this premium leather sleeve should be your choice. 

Lastly, you can give a personal touch to the sleeve by option for a monogram engraved on it. You can choose from matte, silver, gold, and 22K gold based on your preference and budget. 

The monogram can consist of 30 characters at max, so you can even present this sleeve as a gift to your loved ones with a personal touch that reminds them of you every time they use the sleeve.

  • The magnetic closure keeps the MacBook safe.
  • Made using premium leather.
  • Your MacBook easily slides in and out of the case.
  • Not a waterproof case.

Price: $230.00
Buy it from Ansoncalder

#2. Harber London 16 Inch MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

Harber London MacBook Pro 16 Inch Leather Sleeve

If you need a premium MacBook case that protects your valuable laptop while adding a style statement to it, this case from Harber London deserves your attention. Made using 100% fully tanned cowhide leather, the case looks attractive.

The inner lining is made using dense wool that protects the MacBook from damages, and you won’t see any dings and dents on your device. The anti-scratch zipper runs smoothly, and you don’t have to struggle to put in or out your laptop whenever required.

The super slim case is perfect if you love minimalism as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Furthermore, the leather loop attached to the zipper makes it easier to open and close while you are on the move.

The stylish engraved Harber London logo rewards this MacBook Pro 16-inch case with an irresistible appeal, and anyone seeing the case will surely appreciate your choice. You can choose from a selection of colors offered by the brand.

Lastly, the case is entirely handmade, so you will enjoy the luxury by pairing it with your MacBook.

  • The soft wool felt lining offers maximum safety.
  • Super slim and lightweight.
  • Made using signature premium full-grain leather.
  • Not waterproof and has no carrying handle.

Price: $97.00
Buy it from Harberlondon | Buy it from Amazon

#3. MOSISO 16 Inch MacBook Pro Bumper Case

MOSISO 16 Inch MacBook Pro Bumper Case

Having a tight budget doesn’t mean that you should compromise your MacBook’s safety! This hard case here from MOSISO is an affordable case that snuggles around the device to protect it from accidental falls.

The hard PC shell resists any scratches, whereas the TPU bumper absorbs the shock safeguarding the laptop from dents and damages. The case is easy to use, and it comes in two pieces for ease of assembly.

The bottom panel has ventilation holes, so the heat gets disbursed, and the MacBook functions appropriately without getting overheated. Moreover, you can access the headphone and Type-C port due to the precise port cutout available on the bottom panel.

You also receive one keyboard cover with the case, so spills cannot ruin the keyboard, and you can work while sipping your favorite drink. There are two color options available, including the crystal clear case that lets you flaunt your laptop’s beauty.

The four rubberized feet on the bumper help you stabilize the laptop on the desk, and it won’t move or shake while you are working. Overall, this is the best budget MacBook Pro 16-inch case you can get to ensure safety for the laptop. 

The shock-absorbing ridges protect the MacBook from any deformations that can develop when it hits the ground.

  • The rugged case offers maximum safety.
  • The bumper protects the corners and edges of the MacBook.
  • You can flaunt the Apple logo through this case.
  • It does not protect the screen.

Price: $29.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4. IBENZER 16 Inch MacBook Pro Case with Keyboard Protector

IBENZER 16 Inch MacBook Pro Case with Keyboard Protector

How about a super-protective case that snaps around your MacBook, and it doesn’t look like you are using a case? If you need a sleek yet protective case, then this clear case will be the right option.

Having a polycarbonate built, the MacBook case has the flexibility and rigidness to offer you the ultimate experience by keeping the laptop safe.

The case is easy to install, and the micro clips securely faster to the device to hold it tightly. You can quickly remove the case to clean the laptop, and it takes just a second to snap it off from the MacBook. IBENZER supplies a keyboard protective cover with the case to keep off the spills.

The Touch-Id and Touch Bar are easily accessible through the case on, so it’ll be convenient to use the laptop with the assurance that it’s protected against falls and drops. The cutouts let you access the ports, and the vent openings available under the case allow ultimate heat dissipation keeping the laptop cool for prolonged use.

The rubberized feet keep the MacBook stable on the desk, and it won’t move when you are typing. You can choose from a variety of colors to match the aesthetics of your laptop. Lastly, the case is lightweight, and you won’t feel like adding extra bulk to the MacBook.

  • Your MacBook is visible through this beautiful case.
  • Bigger air vents for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • It does not protect your MacBook Pro from splashes.

Price: $17.99
Buy it from Amazon

#5. EooCoo 16 Inch MacBook Pro Hard Case with Keyboard Cover

EooCoo 16 Inch MacBook Pro Hard Case with Screen Protector

This case by EooCoo offers complete protection for the MacBook you need to protect all the components of your laptop. You will receive a two-piece case along with a keyboard cover and screen protector.

Specially designed for MacBook Pro 16-inch, the case fits neatly, and you don’t have to struggle to assemble it. Furthermore, the case renders a premium feeling whenever you touch the laptop as it’s made using high-quality materials.

The multiple heat dissipation vents available at the bottom keep the machine cool so you can keep using the laptop without worrying about overheating. The ultra-thin keyboard cover doesn’t look like cheap plastic, so you can feel the quality served to you with the case.

The Apple logo shines through the crystal clear back, and that’s what you need to flaunt your laptop. The cutouts for the ports make it easy to connect the charging cable and other peripherals without removing the case.

You will get a plethora of color options with this affordable MacBook Pro 16-inch case, and that includes a crystal clear case to showcase your MacBook to your friends.

Overall, the lightweight case will protect the MacBook from scratches, dents, and other such damages like dust and water spills that can damage the keyboard and the keys. Installing the case requires just a few seconds and your laptop is ready to withstand those accidental falls.

  • You get a keyboard cover and screen protector with it.
  • It resists fingerprints and stains.
  • You can easily adjust the viewing angles.
  • Not a waterproof case.

Price: $15.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. UAG MacBook Pro 16-inch Rugged Military Grade Cover

URBAN ARMOR GEAR MacBook Pro 16-inch Rugged Military Grade Cover

If your MacBook often falls on the ground, then you need a protective case like Urban Armor that can keep the laptop safe from any damages. The dual-lock closure prevents the laptop from opening in the event of drops or falls, so the screen and other delicate components will remain safe.

The easy to assemble case comes with impact protection assurance that exceeds the military standards for shocks and drops. The manufacturer has tested the case against 26 drops from up to 4 feet height, and it protected the laptop from any significant damages.

Furthermore, the tactile grip prevents it from slipping, and you can securely handle the laptop even with wet hands. The case profile is slim, and it doesn’t add any extra bulk to the laptop. The lightweight material used to manufacture the case is resistant to dents and scratches.

On the edges, Urban Armor has used smart technology to protect the MacBook from damages because the edges of the laptop are prone to easy damages. The translucent back reveals the Apple logo so you can showcase the laptop while keeping it safe all the time.

For the ports, you will see a precise cutout that allows you to connect the charging cable and audio devices without removing the case. The availability of various air vents on the case helps the laptop dissipate heat properly, and it doesn’t get overheated quickly.

In a nutshell, this protective case from Urban Armor should be your choice to safeguard the MacBook from damages. The rubberized feet keep the laptop a bit higher from the surface for ultimate grip and heat dissipation.

  • It protects all corners of the MacBook.
  • This is a Mil-Grade tested case.
  • The dual-lock closure protects the screen.
  • The air vents catch a lot of dust.

Price: $39.95
Buy it from Amazon

#7. KECC 16 Inch MacBook Pro Protective Case

KECC 16 Inch MacBook Pro Protective Case

KECC offers a combo for your MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019, 20) that includes a hardshell case, a super cool sleeve, screen protector, keyboard cover, and webcam cover. And you get this superb combo under $50 that’s an excellent investment to protect your laptop. 

The hardshell case offers excellent protection against drops and falls, keeping the laptop safe. The two-piece design of the case makes it easy to assemble and take off so you won’t be struggling to remove the case for cleaning the MacBook.

The edges of the case cover everything for advanced protection, and there is a small cutout that exposes the connectivity ports, and the rest of everything is under protection. You can quickly assemble the keyboard cover, webcam cover, and screen protector to make your laptop resistant against all types of scratches and damages.

The backside of the case has a beautiful design with an Apple logo that uses the backlit of the main Apple logo of the laptop. While traveling or when you are not using your MacBook, the sleeve will be a beneficial option. 

You can keep the laptop with the case inside the protective sleeve that has a thick inner lining. Furthermore, the sleeve has an extra pocket so you can keep some cash and documents handy at all times. 

The air vents under the case offer maximum heat disbursement and dissipation to protect the machine from overheating.  Overall, this combo from KECC is perfect if you need ultimate protection for your MacBook without splurging.

  • The case does not catch stains and fingerprints.
  • It comes with a keyboard protective case.
  • You get a webcam securing tool with this case.
  • The build quality is not that good.

Price: $35.99
Buy it from Amazon

#8. Mektron MacBook Pro 16 inch Cover with Keyboard Skin & Screen Protector

Mektron MacBook Pro 16 inch Hard Cover with Keyboard Skin & Screen Protector

This printed case from Mektron is a stylish way to keep your laptop safe. Designed especially for MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019), that case fits nicely, and you can join the two pieces together to get extra protection for your laptop.

The backside of the case isn’t a sticker, but the design is engraved into the hard shell using the best quality inks, so there are no chances of any discoloration. With the case, you will receive a screen protector, keyboard cover, and dust plugs that ensure safety for other components other than the laptop’s body.

The anti-scratch surface looks new all the time, so a few strokes from a cleaning wipe are enough to keep the case clean. Furthermore, Mektron has used a footpad with the case that keeps it stable on any surface while ensuring maximum heat dissipation.

Using this slim case will reward you with the assurance that the MacBook is safe even if it falls off accidentally. The cutouts available for the connectivity ports do not intervene with the peripherals so you can work without adjusting the charging cable and other devices multiple times.

To sum up, this designer case for MacBook Pro 16-inch is a thing you need to make your device damage and shatter-proof. You get everything in the package, so there’s no need to buy the screen protector or dust plugs separately.

  • Designed to maximize the airflow.
  • The rubber tips keep the MacBook stable.
  • It has an intricate and amazing design.
  • No protection against splashes.

Price: $29.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. ProCase 16 Inch MacBook Pro Kickstand Case

ProCase 16 Inch MacBook Pro Kickstand Case

The reason why ProCase MacBook Pro 16-inch is a popular choice among MacBook owners is the 360-degree protection it offers. The two-piece case comes with a hard impact-resistant layer and an anti-scratch protector to keep your MacBook look like new for years.

Assembling the case is a straightforward task, and you can place the laptop between the two layers for a neat fit. The TPU bumper attached to the case covers the sensitive areas of the MacBook that are prone to damages when the device falls.

You will love the built-in kickstand that enhances your experience if you love watching movies and Netflix shows. You might think that this 360-degree protective case will make your MacBook bulky, but that’s not the case.

The case is feathery-light, and it only adds minimal weight to the device. We liked the four anti-slip rubberized feet that prevent the laptop from skidding while improving the air ventilation.

The transparent back lets out the Apple logo shine, and you will love how stylish your MacBook looks after snapping this case on it. The cutouts for the ports have significant space, so you can utilize all ports without removing the case.

Overall, buying this MacBook Pro16-inch (2019) case can be the best decision if you want to keep your laptop away from damage. The case is tested for damages, and it has all the components required to enhance the laptop’s protection without adding considerable weight to it.

  • The built-in kickstand offers more convenience.
  • The bigger bumper keeps the screen safe.
  • It has precise cutouts and bigger vents for heat dissipation.
  • Limited color options.

Price: $28.99
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Runetz 16 Inch MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

Runetz 16 Inch MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

If you are looking for a compact and stylish sleeve for your MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019, 20), then your search ends here! This durable sleeve from Runetz is what you need to protect your laptop against scratches and damages.

The outer fabric of the sleeve is neoprene that’s highly durable, resistant to scratches and stains. You can put in and out the MacBook quickly as the sleeve has enough room to accommodate it.  The sturdy zipper attached to the sleeve opens and closes smoothly.

The inner of this sleeve has thick bubbles to absorb the impact shock to protect the MacBook. This sleeve will keep the device safe against drops and impacts so you can carry your MacBook anywhere you want without worrying about damages.

The extra pocket available on the outside lets you keep the charger and data cable handy. Furthermore, you can carry some more stuff as the carriage pocket is bigger enough to accommodate multiple items at once.

The quality is superior, and you will feel the same after having this sleeve in your hand. It offers a glove-like fit, so the MacBook won’t move after you have packed it into the sleeve. Runetz offers seven stylish color options to buy an attractive case that’s suitable for MacBook Pro 16-inch.

  • It has an extra pocket to carry the charger and the cable.
  • The loops on the zipper make it convenient to use.
  • It can resist splashes and dust to protect the MacBook.
  • There is no carrying handle.

Price: Price not available
Buy it from Amazon

#11. HYZUO 16 Inch MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

HYZUO 16 Inch MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

This MacBook sleeve from HYZUO carries a combination of aesthetic appeal and advanced protection; thus, it’s perfect for your MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019). The outer material is durable Microfiber and faux suede leather that’s premium and sturdy.

The sleeve is water-resistant, so the drizzles cannot harm your MacBook in any way. There is no need to assemble anything, and you can put your MacBook into the sleeve just by opening the flap.

The flap has a strong magnet, and it keeps the laptop secured in the sleeve in any event when the laptop falls from your hands. Having a sleek profile, the sleeve looks minimalistic, and it is lightweight, which is another reason to love it.

You will receive a carry pouch with the sleeve to keep the charger, cables, and other such things with you all the time. The sleeve’s inner lining is plush cushioning that absorbs the impacts and protects the MacBook from scratches.

However, the sleeve can only accommodate the MacBook without a hard case, so you have to be careful about the device when you take it out from the sleeve.

  • The bigger closure keeps the MacBook safe during falls.
  • You get an accessory pouch with this case.
  • Made using water repellent material.
  • It is a bit slippery.

Price: $23.99
Buy it from Amazon

#12. tomtoc 16-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve

tomtoc 16-inch MacBook Pro Protective Laptop Sleeve

Tomtoc is here with a MacBook sleeve that promises to keep your laptop safe from scratches and damages. The 360-degree protective sleeve has durable outer fabric, and thick inner cushioning that absorbs the impact before it reaches the laptop.

The YKK zippers are strong, sturdy, and open smoothly. Furthermore, the fabric loop attached to the zippers makes it easy to close and open the zip, and you don’t have to struggle to access your MacBook.

The outer material of the sleeve is resistant to stains, dust, and water. You can clean it easily with a dry cloth, and that’s enough to make the sleeve look new. The inner portion has thick padding with a buddle design to keep the MacBook away from impacts and shocks. 

There is a secondary storage pocket available in the sleeve, so you can carry the stuff you need with the MacBook.

 This attractive laptop sleeve has made its way to the top positions while getting features on MacSources, WireCutter, and DigitalTrends so you can rest assured that it’ll offer the protection you need for your MacBook.

Tomtoc offers six eye-catchy colors in the sleeve, so you can pick any from the list to protect your MacBook without compromising the style.

  • The raised circular bumps in the case improve safety.
  • It has a hard-shell design to absorb shock and bumps.
  • You can carry the accessories in this case.
  • Not a fully waterproof case.

Price: $26.99
Buy it from Amazon

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