Nintendo Switch is the most popular gaming console in the market. You can play this console anywhere you like and also at your home. So the third party manufacturers come up with the best Nintendo Switch accessories to make your gaming experience more exciting.

In this list of must-have accessories for Nintendo Switch, you find cases, gaming controllers, memory card, power bank, screen protector, AC adapter, headphones etc. This top-rated accessories for Nintendo Switch listed here will not only enhance your gaming experience but also will protect your console. So without any further, let’s check it out.

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

Best Nintendo Switch Cases

#1. Tomtoc Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

tomtoc Award-Winning Nintendo Switch Combo Set

If you are worried about the safety of your Nintendo Switch gaming console, then it is the time to buy a Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case. The case looks extremely rugged and offers a glove-like fit to the gaming console. You can easily snap it on your Nintendo Switch on the go, with the help of smooth and fast YYK zippers. 

Moreover, the hard case has passed military standard drop tests and can accommodate up to 10 game cartridges along with the gaming device. The design is entirely splash-proof, and you can expect comprehensive protection with this pocket-friendly and elegant carrying case for Nintendo Switch. There are six quirky colors available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and style requirements.

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#2. FYOUNG Nintendo Switch Charging Case

FYOUNG Charging Case for Nintendo Switch

This case from FYOUNG safeguards you Nintendo Switch and serves as a power bank. The built-in 10000 mAh battery is the biggest perk of this case which allows you to extend the playtime. Other than that, this case holds the room for eight-game card slots and a pocket to keep your cables and small accessories.

The case is enclosed with a high-quality zipper to prevent dust from getting in. An elevated padded divider in the interior protects your Switch’s screen from scratches. All in all, this case is ideal for your console if you always like to keep it with yourself on the go.

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#3. RDS Industries Deluxe Nintendo Switch Travel Case

RDS Industries Nintendo Switch case

RDS Industries presents to you a deluxe travel case for your Nintendo Switch. The durable and hard case holds and protects your Nintendo Switch from unwanted and accidental damage like drops, scratches, and bumps. The padded divider provided inside the case separates the screen holder and the zippered mesh pockets.

There are 2 game card cases which are red in color. Each game card case can hold up to 4 game cards. This offers dust protection to the game cards.

Also, 2 transparent micro SD card holders, red in color can hold up to 2 micro SD cards each. These SD card holders can also be fitted with the game card holders. This Nintendo Switch Case is officially licensed by Nintendo.

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#4. Mumba Nintendo Switch Heavy Duty Case

Mumba Heavy Duty Case for Nintendo Switch

This rugged case from Mumba not only adds a stylish look to the frame but also protect your switch from bumps and hits. It is covered with anti-slip detailing to prevent accidental falls from your hand. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your palm for non-stop gaming experience. All the corners are equipped with TPU bumpers which work as shock absorbers. The scratch-resistant back keeps alive the natural beauty of your Switch.

The case comes in four different shades to choose from; green, black, blue and red. From now onwards, you can hand your Switch to children with eyes closed. Mumba will ensure maximum protection of your handheld console.

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#5. HORI Nintendo Switch Pouch

HORI Nintendo Switch Carrying case

With the official license from Nintendo, HORI has designed a Nintendo Switch Carrying Case to safeguard your Nintendo Switch. This sturdy carrying case for your unique gadget is spacious enough to hold your game cards and other accessories.

This Nintendo Switch Carrying Case is made from high-quality materials. The soft interior part of the case protects the screen of your device from damage.

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#6. DAYDAYUP Travel Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

daydayup Travel Carrying Case Pouch for Nintendo Switch

This strong shield case not only protects your Switch from damage but also offers room for your accessories. It is crafted with high-quality nylon fabric which can last for years with everyday wear and tear. Inside the case, you can pack in 20 game cartridges in their designated slots. Also, there is room for four joy-cons and a mesh pocket to keep cables and earphones.

A soft pad fastened with high-quality velcro protects the screen from scratches. All the accessories are braced firmly with nylon zipper slider to avoid them from falling out. The spacious room and sturdy build quality enable you comfortable portability.

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#7. Orzly Portable Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

Orzly Portable Travel Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

The compact and sturdy case from Orzly acts like a briefcase for your Nintendo Switch. It’s exterior is made of hard EVA shell to provide maximum protection from drops and impacts. Apart from your Switch, the case has got slots for 8 game cartridges and a mesh pocket for keeping cables. The built-in flap protects the screen of your Switch from all accessories kept inside.

The case is designed to give you more comfort while traveling with your Switch. Grab some of your favorite titles and keep them all together in this case for an entertaining session on the go. The shell is available in four different colors; black, midnight blue, pink and red.

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#8. YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch Protective Case

YCCTEAM Clear Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

Enjoy a comfortable gaming experience with YCCTEAM’s rubberized soft protective case. It is made of shock-absorbent TPU and damage-resistant material to keep it from harm’s way. The anti-slip texture prevents the console from falling off your hand due to sweating. It is quite easy to put on and off the case when you want to dock your console.

Though the case lacks an attractive look, it will save your Switch from accidental damages. It is available in black, blue, pink and foggy clear shades. If you are looking for a simple and budget-friendly case, then this case is perfect for you.

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#9. TPFOON Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

TPFOON Nintendo Switch Hard case

TPFOON presents to you a Nintendo Switch hard case which has several pockets in it. It is designed to make your carry case more portable and travel-friendly. It perfectly fits your Nintendo Switch and the joy-con controllers.

This case provides protection for your Nintendo Switch from bumps, scratches, and drops. This is the perfect carry case to keep your Nintendo Switch more secure – whether you are traveling or you are not using the gadget.

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#10. Ortz Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Ortz Portable Hard Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

The portable case from Ortz is designed to protect your Switch, and it’s accessories. Other than fitting your console inside, the case also holds enough room for 29 games and two micro SD cards. You will also find an extra pocket inside the case in which you can keep your earphones, charging cable or an extra pair of joy-con.

The case is crafted with sturdy EVA shells to protect your console from drops and impacts. It’s soft interior cushioning keeps the screen away from scratches. With all your games and accessories in one place, this case turns out to be the ideal companion for your Nintendo Switch.

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Best Nintendo Switch Dock / Stand

#11. HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

HORI Playstand for Nintendo Switch

HORI presents to you a compact and portable Nintendo Switch Stand which offers you a comfort fit gaming experience. Officially licensed by Nintendo, you can fold up the stand easily hence making it portable. The rubberized grips offer stability to the play stand. This play stand also provides you with the facility to adjust angles for viewing videos, playing games and using other features comfortably.

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#12. Twelve South HiRise Nintendo Switch Charging Stand

Twelve South Nintendo Switch Docks

Twelve South’s HiRise Deluxe stand is the perfect Nintendo Switch dock for your Nintendo gaming console. This classy and elegant case is for those who are ready to spend enough money to enjoy its fabulous features.

This Nintendo Switch dock works only with Apple Cables. So it becomes essential for you to buy the USB-C cables which are licensed by Apple to charge your Nintendo Switch. Along with this cable, you will also require a powerful adapter from Apple to charge your Nintendo Switch.

This stand perfectly showcases your device enabling you to enjoy the hands-free interaction with your device while watching videos or playing games or using other apps.

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#13. Orzly Foldable Nintendo Switch Stand

Orzly Charge & Play Stand for Nintendo Switch

Designed exclusively for your Nintendo Switch, this Nintendo Switch stand from Orzly is foldable with access to the charging port. The raised stand allows easy access to the charging port so that you can charge your device even while using it. This stand is portable and hence can be carried along with you while you travel.

The multi-angle display perfectly suits your personal requirements and comfort while playing games.

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Best Nintendo Switch Charging Cable

#14. Anker PowerLine Nintendo Switch Charging Cable

Anker USB C Cable for Nintendo Switch

Anker is one of the leading USB Charging brands in the USA. The advanced technology used in the charging cable is capable of charging all your USB-C enabled devices – be it your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other devices. It charges your device at maximum speed and also offers you high-speed data transfer facility.

The toughness of the cable is such that it refrains from damage even when it is bent over 5000 times. The new design of this cable with reversible connector enables you to plug it in the correct way.

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#15. Veckle Nintendo Switch USB C Cable for Charging

Veckle USB C Cable for Nintendo Switch

Designed for strong and sturdy military fiber, this braided nylon cable is one of the best USB C Charging Cable for Nintendo Switch. This powerful materials increase the durability of this cable.

This cable comes with a stepped connector which helps you to charge your device without removing the case while charging. This cable with a length of 6.6ft supports Quick Charge 3.0 or 2.0 as well as other USB-C enabled devices. The long length of this cable offers you to charge your device conveniently even when sitting at a distance from the charging port.

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#16. iXCC 6 Feet USB Type C Cable for Nintendo Switch

iXCC USB C Cable for Nintendo Switch

With a length of 6ft, this USB C cable from iXCC serves as a charging cable as well as a sync cable. It offers you the data transfer speed of up to 480Mb/sec. The copper wire core of the connector ensures the safety and reliability of your device.

The Type-C adapter allows you to easily establish the connection without checking for the connector orientation. It is compatible with your Nintendo Switch, MacBook, laptops, tablets, and even your mobile phones. This iXCC Type-C to USB 2.0 cable offers you a warranty period of 2 years.

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#17. Snowkids USB A to USB C Charging Cable for Nintendo Switch

Snowkids USB Type C Cable for Nintendo Switch

The USB C Charging cable from Snowkids provides you with extremely high-speed charging as well as with superior speed for data transfer. It provides you charging speed of 3.0A and the data transfer speed up to 5Gbps.

You can easily plug in this cable to any of the wall chargers, portable chargers or multi-port USB chargers to charge your device. Made up of braided nylon material, this cable is sturdy and durable enough to survive long time usage.
You will get warranty lifetime when you purchase this USB C Cable from Snowkids.

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#18. TechMatte USB A to Type C Charging Cable for Nintendo Switch

TechMatte Type C Charging Cable for Nintendo Switch

TechMatte USB Type-A to Type-C 3.0 cable provides safe and reliable charging of your device. Connect the C connector with your Nintendo Switch and Type-A connector with your wall charger and your device tunes in the charging state. Hence, you can charge your Nintendo Switch from anywhere and at any time.

This cable is designed with high-grade materials so that it protects your device from overcharging or overheating while in the charging state. TechMatte offers you 1 year of replacement warranty and 30 days of money-back guarantee when you purchase this USB C Charging cable.

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Best Headphones for Nintendo Switch

#19. SteelSeries Headphones for Nintendo Switch

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth All-Platform Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

You can now enhance your gaming experience with SteelSeries Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. It offers you with Nintendo Switch chat unlike to other headsets available on the market.

Know how this headset functions. The Bluetooth connects wirelessly to your Nintendo chat mobile app. And, the wired connection delivers the game audio. You can even use this headset for Xbox, PlayStation, S1 Audio Driver, and many more devices.

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#20. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

The earphones for Nintendo Switch from HyperX are equipped with a microphone. This microphone is built with noise cancellation technology. Thus, it prevents all the unnecessary noise from the background so that you can attend important calls clearly.

Its memory foam earpads offer you the comfort to wear it for a long time while you indulge in your favorite game. The USB Audio sound card with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound enhances your gaming experience.

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#21. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones for Nintendo Switch

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Nintendo Switch

This one from Beats is the most stylish headphone. It incorporates Apple’s W1 chip which makes pairing between devices easy.

With 40 hours of battery life, you can play as much as you wish without any worries of your headset running out of battery. It’s premium playback and fine-tuned acoustics deliver you crystal clear sound and hence makes you feel like you are right into the game.

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#22. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Headphone for Nintendo Switch

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones for Nintendo Switch

The wireless headphones from Bose come with noise cancellation technology. Equipped with a dual-microphone system, you can connect these headphones to your smartphone or tablet to attend free calls. You can even access your phone’s virtual assistant with these headphones.

You can connect your Nintendo Switch to it using its Bluetooth technology so as to enjoy the hassle-free wireless connection. It comes with volume-optimized EQ. Thus, you can turn on the volume to the highest point when you are alone while slow it down when you are at the office.

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#23. Anksono Stereo Nintendo Switch Gaming Headset

Anksono Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

Are you in search of a pair of headsets that perfectly matches your Nintendo Switch? If yes, then the earbuds for Nintendo Switch from Anksono are worth taking into consideration.

It not only supports your Nintendo Switch but also delivers the best results when connected to PlayStation, Xbox, desktop computers, laptops, PSP, tablets, iPads, and even smartphones. Its surrounding stereo subwoofer provides crystal clear sound by isolating unnecessary noise.

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#24. Skullcandy Wireless Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

Skullcandy Wireless Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch

This gaming headphones from Skullcandy offer you with supreme sound technology. You can enhance your gaming experience with its powerful bass and enriched audio.

It comes with EQ3 Equalizer modes. Thus, you can equalize sound and adjust volume as per the activities you are doing – playing games, watching movies, or listening to your favorite tracks. These modes are named as Precision Mode, Supreme Mode, and Bass Mode.

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Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

#25. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

This tempered glass screen protector is specifically designed for your Nintendo Switch. With ultra-clear high definition and 99.9% transparency, this screen protector is made for an optimal and natural viewing experience. The 9H surface hardness provides higher durability to your device. This screen protector is scratch-resistant and its oleophobic coating reduces fingerprints on the screen. With 0.33 mm thickness, this screen protector guarantees compatibility and touch screen sensitivity.

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#26. Skinomi Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Skinomi Screen Protector of Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Screen Protector from Skinomi is specially developed with laser cutting technology to offer full-screen coverage to your Nintendo Switch. This screen protector is designed from military-grade thermoplastic urethane to absorb impact and is also self-healing, tough and flexible.

The TechSkin provides resistance against scratches, punctures, UV light and prevents the screen from yellowing. However, this optically transparent, HD clear screen protector significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges from the screen of your device.

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Best microSD Card for Nintendo Switch

#27. SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD Card for Nintendo Switch

SanDisk Micro SDXC Card for Nintendo Switch

The SanDisk micro SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) card is the best suitable for your Nintendo Switch. With 200GB storage capacity, this card offers you read speed of up to 90MB/s and a little bit less write speed. The class 10 SD card is suitable for full HD video recording with a guaranteed minimum write speed of 10MB/s.

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#28. Samsung EVO+ 256GB Memory Card for Nintendo Switch

Samsung Micro SDXC Card for Nintendo Switch

This class 3 Nintendo Switch micro SDXC card from Samsung is compatible with all the devices that support micro SDXC cards for a wide-range use. With 256GB capacity, this card allows you to store a lot of pictures and videos on your device. It provides read speed up to 95MB/s and writes speed up to 90MB/s so that you can quickly transfer files. Its rugged construction avoids damage caused due to X-rays.

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Best Nintendo Switch Controller

#29. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The pro controllers are one of the distinguishable features of the Nintendo Switch. Now you can take your gaming experience up a notch with this Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This includes HD rumble, motion controls, built-in amiibo facilities and much more. It comes along with charging cables from USB-C to USB-A.

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#30. Nintendo Switch Joy-con Charging Grip

Nintendo Switch Joy-con Charging Grip

This Nintendo Switch Joy-con Charging Grip provides you with the feature to combine your left and right Joy-cons into one larger controller offering you to explore the amazing experience of gaming. This Joy-con charging grip allows you to continue your playing even while the joy-con is charging so that you don’t have to miss even a minute of your game.

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Best Nintendo Switch Adapter

#31. Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

The AC adapters are used to charge your device or gaming systems. This Nintendo Switch AC Adapter allows you to power your Nintendo Switch from any 120V outlet. This AC Adapter also allows you to recharge the battery, even while you are playing.

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