Best Nintendo Switch Cases: Protective Carrying Cases for Switch

Nintendo Switch is a versatile and unique hybrid gaming console. It easily pivots between a huge TV-screen and a portable device. It is solid hardware that provides an unmatched gaming experience. The size of the Nintendo Switch is precisely near to that of a tablet. So if you are looking for some protective cases, then you will definitely like this list of the best Nintendo Switch cases.

If you want to carry your Nintendo Switch when you are travelling, then these carrying cases are safe and spacious enough to safeguard your device. So without any further delay, let’s explore this list of top-rated cases for Nintendo Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases

Best Nintendo Switch Cases

Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases

FYOUNG Charging Case
RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case
Mumba Heavy Duty Case
HORI Tough Pouch
Navitech Travel Hard Carry Case
DAYDAYUP Travel Carrying Case
Orzly Portable Travel Carry Case
YCCTEAM Clear Protective Case
XNTBX Protective Case
TPFOON Protective Carry Case
Ortz Portable Hard Carry Case
Avidet Portable Travel Carry Case

#1. FYOUNG Charging Case

FYOUNG Charging Case for Nintendo Switch

This case from FYOUNG safeguards you Nintendo Switch and serves as a power bank. The built-in 8000 mAh battery is the biggest perk of this case which allows you to extend the playtime. Other than that, this case holds the room for eight-game card slots and a pocket to keep your cables and small accessories.

The case is enclosed with a high-quality zipper to prevent dust from getting in. An elevated padded divider in the interior protects your Switch’s screen from scratches. All in all, this case is ideal for your console if you always like to keep it with yourself on the go.

Price: $46.99
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#2. RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case

RDS Industries Nintendo Switch case

RDS Industries presents to you a deluxe travel case for your Nintendo Switch. The durable and hard case holds and protects your Nintendo Switch from unwanted and accidental damage like drops, scratches and bumps. The padded divider provided inside the case separates the screen holder and the zippered mesh pockets.

There are 2 game card cases which are red in colour. Each game card case can hold up to 4 game cards. This offers dust protection to the game cards.

Also, 2 transparent micro SD card holders, red in colour can hold up to 2 micro SD cards each. These SD card holders can also be fitted with the game card holders. This Nintendo Switch Case is officially licensed by Nintendo.

Price: $19.99
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#3. Mumba Heavy Duty Case

Mumba Heavy Duty Case for Nintendo Switch

This rugged case from Mumba not only adds a stylish look to the frame but also protect your switch from bumps and hits. It is covered with anti-slip detailing to prevent accidental falls from your hand. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your palm for non-stop gaming experience. All the corners are equipped with TPU bumpers which work as shock absorbers. The scratch-resistant back keeps alive the natural beauty of your Switch.

The case comes in four different shades to choose from; green, black, blue and red. From now onwards, you can hand your Switch to children with eyes closed. Mumba will ensure maximum protection of your handheld console.

Price: $17.99
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#4. HORI Tough Pouch

HORI Nintendo Switch Carrying case

With the official license from Nintendo, HORI has designed a Nintendo Switch Carrying Case to safeguard your Nintendo Switch. This sturdy carrying case for your unique gadget is spacious enough to hold your game cards and other accessories.

This Nintendo Switch Carrying Case is made from high-quality materials. The soft interior part of the case protects the screen of your device from damage.

Price: $17.47
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Navitech Nintendo Switch Travel case

Navitech’s Nintendo Switch Case is made with a solid outer shell cover which provides the best protection for your Nintendo Switch. The case is capable of preventing your device from damage. As the design of the case is compact, you can put the switch and joy-con controller separately. This helps you to carry your case easily with you wherever you go.

The cardholder space provided in the carrying case can hold up to 8 cards. The controllers, micro SD card and a charging cable can be kept in the extra mesh pouch provided with the case.

Price: $14.99
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#6. DAYDAYUP Travel Carrying Case

daydayup Travel Carrying Case Pouch for Nintendo Switch

This strong shield case not only protects your Switch from damage but also offers room for your accessories. It is crafted with high-quality nylon fabric which can last for years with everyday wear and tear. Inside the case, you can pack in 20 game cartridges in their designated slots. Also, there is room for four joy-cons and a mesh pocket to keep cables and earphones.

A soft pad fastened with high-quality velcro protects the screen from scratches. All the accessories are braced firmly with nylon zipper slider to avoid them from falling out. The spacious room and sturdy build quality enable you comfortable portability.

Price: $12.99
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#7. Orzly Portable Travel Carry Case

Orzly Portable Travel Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

The compact and sturdy case from Orzly acts like a briefcase for your Nintendo Switch. It’s exterior is made of hard EVA shell to provide maximum protection from drops and impacts. Apart from your Switch, the case has got slots for 8 game cartridges and a mesh pocket for keeping cables. The built-in flap protects the screen of your Switch from all accessories kept inside.

The case is designed to give you more comfort while travelling with your Switch. Grab some of your favourite titles and keep them all together in this case for an entertaining session on the go. The shell is available in four different colours; black, midnight blue, pink and red.

Price: $12.91
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#8. YCCTEAM Clear Protective Case

YCCTEAM Clear Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

Enjoy a comfortable gaming experience with YCCTEAM’s rubberized soft protective case. It is made of shock-absorbent TPU and damage resistant material to keep it from harm’s way. The anti-slip texture prevents the console from falling off your hand due to sweating. It is quite easy to put on and off the case when you want to dock your console.

Though the case lacks attractive look, it will save your Switch from accidental damages. It is available in black, blue, pink and foggy clear shades. If you are looking for a simple and budget-friendly case, then this case is perfect for you.

Price: $12.88
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#9. XNTBX Protective Case

XNTBX Protective Case For Nintendo Switch

This case from XNTBX is a bit out of the box with customizable protection options for your Switch. The case is divided into three parts; one for the main body and other two for the pair of joy cons. The High-quality TPU material gives you a comfortable grip for long gaming sessions.

All the sections of this case are neatly cut for easy access to ports, speakers, and thumbsticks. The slim and sleek design give your Switch a stylish look with the perfect ergonomics. Now you can ensure the safety of your console with this pocket-friendly case.

Price: $9.99
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#10. TPFOON Protective Carry Case

TPFOON Nintendo Switch Hard case

TPFOON presents to you a Nintendo Switch hard Case which has several pockets in it. It is designed to make your carry case more portable and travel-friendly. It perfectly fits your Nintendo Switch and the joy-con controllers.

This case provides protection for your Nintendo Switch from bumps, scratches and drops. This is the perfect carry case to keep your Nintendo Switch more secure – whether you are travelling or you are not using the gadget.

Price: $7.99
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#11. Ortz Portable Hard Carry Case

Ortz Portable Hard Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

The portable case from Ortz is designed to protect your Switch, and it’s accessories. Other than fitting your console inside, the case also holds enough room for 29 games and two micro SD cards. You will also find an extra pocket inside the case in which you can keep your earphones, charging cable or an extra pair of joy-con.

The case is crafted with sturdy EVA shells to protect your console from drops and impacts. It’s soft interior cushioning keeps the screen away from scratches. With all your games and accessories in one place, this case turns out to be the ideal companion for your Nintendo Switch.

Price: $7.99
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#12. Avidet Portable Travel Carry Case

AVIDET Nintendo Switch Carry case

The Nintendo Switch case manufactured by AVIDET is specially designed to fit your Nintendo Switch. As this case is compatible only with Nintendo Switch, don’t try to fit any other accessories in it. Made with the premium quality of EVA zippers to store your Nintendo Switch, these cases protect your smart gadget from accidental bumps and drops.

Moreover, it also safeguards your device from dust, scratches and fingerprints. The advantage you get on having this case is a lifetime warranty.

Price: $6.59
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Which one from the above-mentioned list of best Nintendo Switch Cases would you prefer for the safety of your Nintendo Switch? Do let us know your choices and views in the comments section.


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