Nintendo Switch is a versatile and unique hybrid gaming console. It easily pivots between a huge TV-screen and a portable device. It is a solid hardware that provides an unmatched gaming experience. The size of the Nintendo Switch is exactly near to that of a tablet. So to protect your gaming device, we have came up a best Nintendo Switch carrying cases.

This Nintendo Switch Cases provide the best protection to your smart gadget. The carrying travel cases are safe and spacious enough to safeguard your device.

Here is a list of the top rated Nintendo Switch protective Cases for your Nintendo Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases

#1. Navitech Travel Hard Carry Case

Navitech Nintendo Switch Travel case

Navitech’s Nintendo Switch Case is made with a solid outer shell cover which provides the best protection for your Nintendo Switch. The case is capable of preventing your device from damage. As the design of the case is compact, you can put the switch and joy-con controller separately. This helps you to carry your case easily with you wherever you go.

The card holder space provided in the carrying case can hold up to 8 cards. The controllers, micro SD card and a charging cable can be kept in the extra mesh pouch provided with the case.

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#2. Avidet

AVIDET Nintendo Switch Carry case

The Nintendo Switch case manufactured by AVIDET is specially designed to fit your Nintendo Switch. As this case is compatible only with Nintendo Switch, don’t try to fit any other accessories in it. Made with the premium quality of EVA zippers to store your Nintendo Switch, these cases protect your smart gadget from accidental bumps and drops.

Moreover, it also safeguards your device from dust, scratches and fingerprints. The advantage you get on having this case is a lifetime warranty.

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#3. TopAce

TopACE Nintendo Switch case

To make your Nintendo Switch Console more portable and travel-friendly, TopAce brings to you a hard carry case for your Nintendo Switch. This case has hard EVA shell which keeps your device more protected and the soft interior material protects the device from scratches.

The holding slot provided inside the case can hold up to 8 cards. An additional mesh pouch provided along with the carry case helps you to store your joy-con controllers, charging cable and micro SD card.

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#4. Hori Tough Pouch

HORI Nintendo Switch Carrying case

With the official license from Nintendo, Hori has designed a Nintendo Switch Carrying Case to safeguard your Nintendo Switch. This sturdy carrying case for your unique gadget is spacious enough to hold your game cards and other accessories.

This Nintendo Switch Carrying Case is made from high-quality materials. The soft interior part of the case protects the screen of your device from damage.

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#5. RDS Industries Travel Case

RDS Industries Nintendo Switch case

RDS Industries presents to you a deluxe travel case for your Nintendo Switch. The durable and hard case holds and protects your Nintendo Switch from unwanted and accidental damage like drops, scratches and bumps. The padded divider provided inside the case separates the screen holder and the zippered mesh pockets.

There are 2 game card cases which are red in color. Each game card case can hold up to 4 game cards. This offers dust protection to the game cards.

Also, 2 transparent micro SD card holders, red in color can hold up to 2 micro SD cards each. These SD card holders can also be fitted in the game card holders. This Nintendo Switch Case is officially licensed by Nintendo.

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TPFOON Nintendo Switch Hard case

TPFOON presents to you a Nintendo Switch hard Case which has several pockets in it. It is designed to make your carry case more portable and travel-friendly. It perfectly fits your Nintendo Switch and the joy-con controllers.

This case provides protection to your Nintendo Switch from bumps, scratches and drops. This is the perfect carry case to keep your Nintendo Switch more secure – whether you are traveling or you are not using the gadget.

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Which one from the above-mentioned list of best Nintendo Switch Carrying Case would you prefer for the safety of your Nintendo Switch? Do let us know your choices and views in the comments section.