Investing in surveillance is the wisest decision you can make to enhance your house’s security. Installing one home security camera in your doorway or backyard gives you an advantage over dealing with intruders. And if you have Amazon Alexa device, then you can monitor all the scenes from your couch using your voice command. So after reviewing many here, I have recommended a few best outdoor security camera compatible with Alexa to serve your need.

In this list, you will find top rated Alexa enabled outdoor security camera which works well with Amazon Echo Spot, Show and Fire TV. This surveillance system offers night vision so you can easily identify all the activities in the dark mode. Without any further delay, let’s explore this list of wireless outdoor security camera for home.

Best Outdoor Security Camera Compatible With Alexa (Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot Echo, Dot, Echo Plus and Fire TV)

#1. Ring Stick Up Cam Wired – 2nd generation

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Ring offers one of the best HD security cameras in the market. They are now producing new cameras that work with Alexa and offers great control over your security system. With Ring, all-new stick-up HD security camera, you can monitor both the outdoor and indoor areas of your home.

The security camera records 1080p HD video offering high clarity. The design of the device is also sleek and hence can be mounted anywhere. The device works with PC, tablet and even phone. Moreover, it can also be controlled using Alexa which gives you the ultimate control over the security of your home. For example, you can ask Alexa to show a particular area of your home by just using a voice command. The real-time video and voice is revolutionary and is ideal for business, parents and security zones.

The device works with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. It can also be installed quickly with no hassles. Last, but not the least, it lets you talk speak and hear people.

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#2. Ring DoorBell Pro Video Camera

Ring DoorBell Pro Video Camera

The Ring offers you motion-activated camera with 1080p HD video and two-way audio. The security camera is waterproof and provides infrared night vision so that you can monitor your home 24/7 in every season. The device will send you alert notification on your smartphone when anyone enters in your area.

You can see and talk with any guest at your door in real time from smartphone or tablet. At any time you can watch a live view of your home and also see the video on demand at your preference. It comes in four different faceplates so choose the one that matches your style.

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#3. EZVIZ Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

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The EZVIZ security camera provides you with automated and high-grade surveillance for your house. Its high-resolution video delivers a crisp and detailed image quality for magnified security. You need to connect the camera by wi-fi and can power it through an ethernet cable. Just ask your Alexa device to show you any particular area, and it will provide you remote view of that place.

The camera is equipped with a motion sensor and night vision mode to enhance the security level. Due to its industrial grade lens, you can see up to 100 feet at night without missing any detail. It has got an IP66 waterproof rating which enables it to adapt to harsh weather and rainfall. You can store the recorded video either in cloud storage or a micro sd card with the option of onboard storage.

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#4. Google Nest Outdoor Camera for Home Security

Google Nest Outdoor Camera for Home Security

The Nest indoor and outdoor wireless security camera streams 1080p video to convey the smallest details. It provides you with 8x zoom for viewing in the distant. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to communicate with any stranger outside your house. This camera runs on power cables so that you don’t have to worry about dead batteries.

One of the many features of this camera includes a motion sensor. It reacts to any loud sound or uncertain movement and sends a picture of that incident to your phone. The night vision mode also helps you to notice any unfair means taking place in the dark. You can review at a glance the activities that happened in the past three hours. All the videos are stored in the cloud to storage so that you can access it anytime.

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#5. Arlo – Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera System

Arlo - Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera System

The Arlo by NetGear is a user-friendly surveillance system with wire-free installation and 110-degree viewing angle. It records crisp and sharp 720p HD video for enlarging every little detail. You can easily install the camera anywhere without hassle-free cable management. Its capability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it ideal for outside surveillance.

The camera has motion sensors with a real-time alert system. You will receive an email or app notification on your phone as soon as any unusual movement is detected. The night vision mode also works well in the dark with clear visibility. The cloud storage enables review recent activities and store videos from the vigilance.

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#6. TOUCAN WIFI Outdoor Home Security Camera

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The Toucan home security camera is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It provides a smart socket that also holds a bulb to enhance your light fixture. The 2-way communication enables you to speak with outsiders when they come near the camera. You can also record greetings which will be played by the camera to greet or avert unwanted visitors.

The camera has a motion sensor trigger which detects any unusual noise or movement. It has 1-touch dial 911 feature and a 100dB siren alarm to scare off intruders. You can review all the live feeds from cloud storage and have a look back at an event from past 2 hours. The real-time notification sends an alert message instantly to your phone when anyone comes near your home.

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The Blink surveillance camera is made to be weatherproof for both indoor and outdoor use. It is powered by 2 AA lithium batteries and sends a live feed to your phone over wi-fi. The built-in motion sensors are triggered to recognize unusual activities. It sends notification alert with HD video of the scenario with audio to your smartphone. The hands-free Alexa control lets you monitor various sections of the house through voice command solely.

Blink has built-in infrared ray night vision to get the best surveillance in darkest situation. The entirely wire-free installation lets you mount the camera anywhere around your house. You will also get free cloud storage without any monthly subscriptions. From there you can access your videos and have a look back at the past incidents.

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#8. Ring Floodlight Motion-Activated Camera

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The multipurpose camera from Ring provides you 1080p videos with bright illumination lamps. This ultra-bright floodlight lamps brighten up the dark corners and give you a wide-angle vigilance. The camera is embedded with motion sensors and customizable motion zones for full alertness. The built-in microphone and speakers allow you to communicate with the person waiting at your doorstep.

For maximized security, the camera has also got a 110dB alarm to deter intruders away from your property. The infrared night vision mode lets you spot every detail clearly during the night. Weather resistant design of this camera makes it ideal for outdoor surveillance. You can also give a command to Alexa for customizing lighting functions. With all that said, Blink excels at providing you high-grade security in both manual and automated way.

Price: $199.99
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#9. Canary Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Security Camera

Canary Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Security Camera

The Canary Flex security camera provides you 24/7 surveillance with Alexa compatibility. You can either plug in a wire or use batteries to power this camera. It is equipped with intelligent face-recognition to identify persons. You can also set an alarm clocks which gets armed automatically when you leave the house and disarms after you come back. The One-touch emergency access lets you contact your nearby emergency services.

The weatherproof body of the cam can withstand temperatures from -4 degrees F to 113 degrees F. You can communicate with outsiders using the two-way talk feature in your camera. As a perk, you will get 24 hours of cloud storage to access videos and look back at past activities.

Price: $199.00
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#10. Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Security Camera

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Ring brings you a security camera with attached solar panels that act as an optional power source for your camera. It provides you with a live HD feed and a 2-way audio feature to interact with outsiders. With Alexa, you can view, listen and speak in any part of your property via voice commands. For the nighttime, it provides you vigilance with infrared night vision mode.

The camera has built-in motion sensors which trigger upon detecting movement and sends an instant alert to your phone. The weatherproof design of the device enables it to withstand rain, heat, and dust. All the videos are recorded in a cloud storage with 30 days of a free trial.

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#11. Arlo Lights – Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Smart Home Security Lights

Arlo Lights - Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Smart Home Security Lights

The smart light from NetGear can also be connected with your Arlo security cameras to build up high-grade surveillance. Its wire-free installation enables you to mount it on a place of your preference. The body of the light is made of the IP65 waterproof material to survive heat, rain, and dust. Its motion detection feature gives you an advantageous safety measure for your house.

To control the light, you must download the Arlo app. It allows you to adjust brightness, adjust beam width and change the colors. You can also set an emergency system where the bulb will flash red when it detects any motion. Together with your Arlo cameras, this will make up a good resistance to protect your house.

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