With the introduction of the latest iPhone Series (iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max) many iPhone enthusiasts have made their mind to upgrade. If you are one of these enthusiasts, then here is a list of best places to sell old iPhone.

Well, now you can trade or sell your used iPhone in order to get your hands on the latest launched device. These are the best ways to sell your iPhone without worrying about any misuse and other hassles.

Let’s explore this list of the best websites to sell iPhone and find out the place that gives you maximum cash.

Best Places To Sell or Trade In Old iPhone

What to Consider Before You Sell your iPhone

Selling your old iPhone requires no rocket science. Still, you have to evaluate a few things to get the best price and best selling experience. Here is what you need to consider.

Locked or Unlocked Device 

Most phones available in the market these days come as unlocked, which means that you can use any carrier service with them. But if you have an old phone, then it is vital to check what carrier the phone is based on. You can use the IMEI number of your phone to identify the right carrier. IMEI number is available in the settings tab.

Exact Condition

In case you are not selling your phone to a refurbishing company, then it is crucial to list the condition of your phone. Buyers on eBay and Craigslist are eager to know the exact condition of your phone so that they can decide whether to buy it or not.

Examine your phone carefully and list out the problems like scratches, dents, and much more (if there are any).


All the products manufactured by Apple have a specific generation. Like the first iPhone launched had 1st Generation, and the latest phones like XS Max have 21st gen or more. Higher generation models will get you a better price. 


Make sure that you have compared the price quote of your phone on different portals before choosing the best one. You can get some more bucks at Sell Cell or other portals. 

Choose it according to the shape of your phone to get an unforgettable and hassle-free selling experience.

What to look for in an iPhone Marketplace before Selling Your Phone 

Not all buying or selling portals will provide you with excellent experience and fast payment transfer, so it is better to go with the one that values your time, and rewards you with a seamless selling experience. Here are some essential things you need to look for in an iPhone marketplace.

Charges and Fees 

So you are getting a decent deal at a specific portal, but what about the fee and charges applicable to the final amount? You need to make sure that there are minimal or no fees or charges on the final amount.

Popularity and Customer Ratings 

Make sure to check the customer ratings as these will disclose some vital information about the buyer. You can collect some details online before shipping your phone. All the buyers listed above have a decent reputation in the market, as we have only shortlisted the best.

Seller Protections 

It is imperative to go through the seller protections before selling your old phone. In some cases, it is seen that buyers claim their money back by filing a fraudulent case, and as a result, you will lose your money and phone too.

Check the seller protections, and ensure that you will get the money credited into your account.

Ease of Selling

Lastly, the ease of selling is what you need! You can choose any of the above-listed platforms to sell your phone as you will get the ease of selling here.

List of Websites to Sell iPhone

#1. eBay

Well, we all know about eBay as it is a popular e-commerce platform where you can buy or sell many items on the go. You can sell your iPhone on eBay if you are ready to invest some of your precious time while putting up the advertisement.

eBay turns out to be a better option as purchasers or buyers trust eBay more than other platforms like Craigslist. The only downside of selling on eBay is the fee!

The eCommerce giant will charge you with a 10% fee on the final settled price. Also, you have to pay 2.9% more if you choose PayPal for transferring the amount. The charge can go up to 4% if you sell your phone internationally. 

You can read the terms and conditions of eBay before listing your iPhone. Moreover, you can get a price evaluation of your phone to make sure that you get the right value for your device.

In some cases, it is seen that eBay is more inclined towards its buyers if some dispute arises during the process. So it is your final call whether you want to go with eBay or not as there are some other options available as well.

#2. BuyBackBoss

If you have already upgraded to a new iPhone, then it is the time to trade the older one! With Buy Back Boss, you can get the highest price* for your smartphone. There are no third-party buyers, and you can sell your phone directly to the company.

The selling process at BuyBackBoss is straightforward. All you have to do is: 

  1. Get a quote for your device
  2. Ship your phone
  3. Get paid

You can also request a free shipping label from this company, as an added benefit. There is no fee deducted, and that is what you need!

You need to be cautious while selling with Buy Back Boss as once you have shipped your phone, the process cannot be reversed. Payment charges can apply depending on the payment method you choose.

#3. Recycling Program by Apple

In case you are worried about shipping your phone to a random company or person, then here is a feasible option for you. Apple is now trading in the old iPhone, commonly known as the Apple recycling program.

What you have to do is visit the official website of Apple and get an evaluation for your old iPhone. You have to visit the store to trade your iPhone for a store e-gift card, and you can use this card for your next purchase at Apple.

The price of the phone will vary at the time of inspection if something turns out to be faulty or broken. This is one of the safest methods of selling your old iPhone, as you will definitely get something in return if your phone is worth it.

Your deviceEstimated trade-in value*
iPhone 11 Pro MaxUp to $500
iPhone 11 ProUp to $460
iPhone 11Up to $360
iPhone XS MaxUp to $340
iPhone XSUp to $270
iPhone XRUp to $220
iPhone XUp to $220
iPhone 8 PlusUp to $180
iPhone 8Up to $120
iPhone 7 PlusUp to $130
iPhone 7Up to $90
iPhone 6s PlusUp to $75
iPhone 6sUp to $50
iPhone 6 PlusUp to $50
iPhone 6Up to $35
iPhone SE (2nd generation)Up to $200
iPhone SE (1st generation)Up to $25

#4. DeCluttr

Have you heard about Decluttr? Because it is a time when you will need this portal to get some money in your wallet! DeCluttr is an online platform that purchases old iPhones and refurbishes them for further selling.

This portal has even procured a 4.6/5 score from TrustPilot, which makes it a trustworthy and genuine selling platform. You can quickly locate the “Sell My Cell Phone” option on the website to get a price quote against the condition of your smartphone. After choosing the model of your iPhone, the website will redirect you to a selling page.

There are three options available to choose from:

  • Good
  • Faulty
  • Poor

You have to select the right condition and working of your iPhone for a smooth and seamless selling process. After accepting the price offered by Decluttr, you can pack the iPhone for shipping while using the free shipping kit sent by the company itself.

DeCluttr even buys broken phones, but the price you will get considerably low as compared to the amount of working phones. 

The payment modes available at Decluttr are mailed checks, direct deposit, and PayPal. You have the freedom to choose the one that suits you more. 

#5. SellCell

SellCell is the USA’s leading buyback company that offers excellent deals for old phones and electronic items. You can choose SellCell as it allows you to compare the price of your phone with over 20 buyback companies so that you can choose the best deal according to you. 

For selling your iPhone on SellCell, you have to visit the website to follow up with the simple steps. After you have evaluated the price of your phone and you agree to the terms and conditions, you can ship your phone free of cost.

You will the payment credited in your account after a buyer has bought it. You can even sell phones in bulk and can make it your part-time business.  

Sell Cell claims that they can get you the best price of your phone, so it is a decent place to crack the deal.

Sell Old iPhone on SellCell

#6. BuyBackWorld

Buy Back World lets you buy and sell used iPhones so you will get a fair deal here. The working process here is straightforward as you can sell your old phone in 3 simple steps.

  1. Get an instant quote for your phone
  2. Ship it for free
  3. Get paid

There are no hidden charges and shipping fees, so you can save a lot of money with Buy Back World. With this buyer, you will also get a 30-day guarantee to make sure that you are selling to the right buyer. Your payment is safe with Buy Back World, and the fees or charges on the final amount will depend on what payment mode you have selected.

#7. Swappa

Swappa is one of the best site that allows you to sell your used iPhones and the most interesting thing about this site is that they don’t charge any fees for it. Buyer will occasionally pay a small fee to buy the items from the seller on the sites.

One more amazing thing we like about this site is that when you sell iPhone on this website you will get payment immediately before you ship iPhone. But you will receive payment in your PayPal account and you will have to ship the iPhone within two business days. They also suggest to add shipping cost into the iPhone listing price so that you can get maximum value of your iOS device.

iPhone ModelsPrice Range
iPhone 12$700-910
iPhone 12 Pro Max$1009-1595
iPhone 12 Pro$815-1248
iPhone SE 2nd Gen$215-499
iPhone 11 Pro$545-1079
iPhone 11$439-824
iPhone 11 Pro Max$640-1150
iPhone Xr$285-670
iPhone Xs$309-770
iPhone Xs Max$379-850

You can also explore craigslist, best buy, Walmart, Amazon, Gazelle, OCBuyBack. GadgetGone, Glyde, and uSell websites to sell your iPhone.

On which website you are going to trade-in or sell your iPhone? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.


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