Have you ever hovered around a wall socket while waiting for the connecting flight for charging your laptop? Some of us have seen people doing so and some of us have done it. Whether you are doing a lot of fieldwork away from your office or you are indulged in traveling long distance. An external battery pack works as a lifesaver in all these situations. You won’t have to hover anymore around wall socket or charging plugs to charge your MacBook Pro or other devices. Here, in this article of ours, we have gathered some of the best portable chargers for MacBook Pro.

This list of top rated external battery pack for MacBook Pro is filled with the highest capacity battery power packs so that you can charge your MacBook multiple times. The power bank for MacBook Pro is compact in size and light in weight. So you can carry this portable battery pack along with you wherever you go. Whether it is a long summer trip with family or you have daily commutes that last for a couple of hours. The USB type C portable chargers for MacBook Pro accumulated here will suffice all your needs.

Best Portable Chargers For MacBook Pro

Best Portable Chargers For MacBook Pro

External Battery Packs for MacBook Pro

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AUKEY 30000mAh Power Bank
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ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30000mAh
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Anker PowerHouse
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RAVPower 27000mAh Portable Charger
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Anker PowerCore+ 26800
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Lizone Extra Pro 26000mAh
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ChargeTech 27000mAh Battery Pack
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#1. AUKEY 30000mAh Power Bank

AUKEY Portable Chargers For Macbook Pro

This portable battery pack from Aukey comes with dual USB ports. Hence, you can charge 2 devices simultaneously at the best possible speed. Using the Lightning cable provided along with this power bank will help you charge your device at a faster speed.

Designed with AiPower, it provides the safest and maximum recharge rate. Furthermore, this portable external battery for MacBook Pro consists of built-in safeguards so as to protect your device against over current, overcharging, and overheating.

Capacity: 30,000mAh

Price: $39.99
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#2. ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30000mAh

ZeroLemon Portable Chargers For Macbook Pro

If you are seeking a power bank with more battery capacity, then the one from ZeroLemon is an ideal choice to make. Apart from your MacBook Pro, it is even capable of charging all your USB-supported devices and Type-C devices.

It consists of 5 USB ports. Out of which, one is Quick Charge 3.0 port and 3 ports provide 1A charging. You can enjoy the feature of charging multiple devices via a single ZeroLemon battery pack. Its rugged design is perfect for outdoor activities and for charging on the go.

Capacity: 30,000mAh

Price: $59.99
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#3. Anker PowerHouse Travel Charger

Anker PowerHouse Portable Chargers For Macbook Pro

When you are getting the amazing portable travel charger with such a huge capacity of battery what else would you ask for? Right? Well, this powerhouse from Anker with a unique design is remarkably the smallest and lightest of its kind in the market.

It is the best product to have while you are camping or when you run in an emergency. This powerhouse not only charges your MacBook Pro but is also capable of charging lamps, smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets, and even the mini fridges.

Capacity: 120,000mAh

Price: $499.99
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#4. RAVPower 27000mAh Portable Charger

RAVPower Portable Chargers For Macbook Pro

The external power bank from RAVPower is sleek in design and compact in size. With Type-C USB output port and dual iSmart ports, this power bank for MacBook Pro 2017 enables you to charge multiple devices at a time. The fast charging input port lets you charge your power bank at lightning speed. Moreover, the built-in 8 LED indicators notify you about the battery level of the power bank.

This MacBook Pro external battery is equipped with air vents so as to keep the power bank cool and helps it to function smoothly. To save your precious juice from wasting, you can hold the power button for few seconds to turn off the power bank.

Capacity: 27,000mAh

Price: $76.69
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#5. Anker PowerCore+ 26800

Anker PowerCore Portable Chargers For Macbook Pro

Heading to the list of best portable chargers, next is from Anker. With Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology, this power bank charges your device 85% faster as compared to other traditional chargers.

The fast charging technology indulged in this Anker’s portable charger for MacBook Pro retina combines the PowerIQ and voltage boost technologies to provide full charging speed to your devices. The laser cut shell, LED power wheel, and the premium matte finish grants a perfect look to the power bank.

Capacity: 26,800mAh

Price: $82.99
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#6. Lizone Extra Pro 26000mAh

Lizone Portable Chargers For Macbook Pro

The external battery from Lizone provides you with energy efficiency rate of 10%. Constructed with grade A Panasonic cells and premium chips, this portable charger is capable of delivering up to 600 recharge cycles over the life of the battery.

This power bank is capable of charging many versions of MacBook, smartphones, and other laptops. The charging ports offer universal compatibility for charging all the devices.

Capacity: 26,000mAh

Price: $129.99
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#7. ChargeTech 27000mAh Battery Pack

ChargeTech Portable Chargers For Macbook Pro

The external backup battery from ChargeTech is the most powerful AC portable charger that includes an AC wall outlet. Being compact in size and light in weight, you can easily slip this charging station into your backpack, purse, or bag without adding any bulk to it.

The FastCharge technology lets you charge your device rapidly. The provided high-speed cable will charge the battery pack within 2 hours. The 4 LED light indicators notify you about the charging status of your battery pack. It is just a perfect and ideal blend of power and portability.

Capacity: 27,000mAh

Price: $185.00
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