Whether you need a complete theatre setup or want to share some of your beautiful memories with your friends or family, a small projector for iPhone is a handy device you can have wherever you go. You also view a business presentation on the go if you have a portable projector that supports PowerPoint (PPT).

So if you are looking for the best projector for iPhone under $100 to $300, then you have landed at the right place.

In this list of top-rated iPhone Projectors for home and office use, you will also find pocket-friendly mini projectors and wifi-compatible projectors. Moreover, we have also reviewed a few cheap projectors for the iPhone under $100.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check out the features and specifications of the best iPhone compatible projectors.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Projector for iPhone

Connectivity - These compact projectors offer wired as well as wireless connectivity. The output of wired connectivity will always be better than that of wireless connection, so choose wisely.

Screen Size - Buy a mini projector that projects a big screen so you can enjoy watching movies and playing games. Some of these projectors also let you adjust the screen size.

Lumens -  The lumens affect the brightness and the quality of the screen. It would be great to buy a projector with higher lumens.

Power Source  - Some mini projectors run on a battery, whereas some require a power source. If you are always on the move, choose one with a built-in battery, or you can choose one that runs on power if you want to use it at home or office.

Built-in Speaker  - The built-in speaker eliminates the need to use a separate speaker system. Choose such projectors for more entertainment.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Pick: ELEPHAS – “Best mini wireless projector for iPhone with impressive picture quality and HD sound.” It lets you adjust the screen size quickly with the remote”. 

Most Loved: HOMPOW – “Best projector for iPhone with HD screen for watching movies, playing games, and attending meetings. It offers increased brightness for better picture quality”. 

Most Compact projector: KODAK – “A tiny projector for iPhone with built-in battery and 1080P support. It’s a wireless projector with inbuilt speaker for uninterrupted entertainment”. 

Best Projectors for iPhone Under $100 to $300

#1. HOMPOW Portable Projector for iPhone Under $100

HOMPOW Portable Video Projector

There are many reasons why this mini projector for iPhone is popular among users. It produces a bigger HD screen that’s perfect for watching movies, YouTube videos, and playing games.

Connecting your iPhone with the projector is easy as a breeze, as all you need is an MHL cable. Furthermore, the projector features an adjustable screen and the size ranges from 50-176 inches. You can adjust the screen size using the handy remote, and it’s as convenient as it sounds. 

When it comes to picture quality this projector won’t disappoint you. It supports 1920x1080P high resolution, which improves the picture quality drastically. You can even use the projector in a totally dark place, all thanks to its 3000:1 contrast.

The brightness is adjustable, and you can set the right level of brightness using the remote. Moreover, this mini projector has a built-in speaker for loud and clear sound. Also, it saves you from the hassles of carrying a separate speaker system.

The HDMI port lets you use a Firestick to enjoy streaming content with ultimate picture quality. Moreover, the compact projector is travel-friendly, so it’s the handy device you are looking for to take to your office for presentations.

The LED lamp lasts around 50,000 hours making it a long-lasting option. Lastly, setting up the projector is quite easy. Just turn it on, connect it with your iPhone using an MHL cable, and you can enjoy your favorite movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Long-lasting projection lamp.The speaker is not loud enough.
Supports 1080P.No wireless connectivity.
Adjustable HD screen size.
Increases the brightness up to 80%.

Price: $67.97
Buy Now from Amazon

#2. ELEPHAS WiFi Projector for iPhone Under $100

ELEPHAS WiFi Movie Projector

Eliminate all the hassles of connecting tangled wires with this best projector for iPhone. The projector features Wi-Fi, so you can connect wirelessly to get a thrilling picture portrayed on the screen. 

Known for its amazing picture quality, the projector offers an adjustable screen that stretches up to 200-inches without any distortions. Furthermore, it is a 1080P projector, so you’ll get HD picture quality for an improved experience. 

This projector from ELEPHAS has a boxy design with rubberized feet, and it remains stable even on a wobbly table. You even get the provision to connect it using wires if you don’t want to settle down with low picture quality.

The onboard controls available on the projector let you control its features conveniently. Also, these buttons have a backlit which makes the buttons visible in the dark.

Furthermore, the availability of a  dedicated mobile app makes it easier to control the projector with your iPhone. It’s a versatile projector that works well with your PC, Firestick, gaming console, and tablets, all thanks to the multiple connectivity ports. 

ELEPHAS recommends you to place the projector 6-10 feet away from the screen to get the best picture quality. 

Furthermore, there is no need to use a separate speaker system with the projector as it has Hi-Fi sound. The booming sound enhances your experience for more fun. 

In a nutshell, it is an excellent projector for a bigger and clearer picture. You can connect your iPhone wirelessly or by using wires. Lastly, the manufacturer offers 5-year support with this device for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Brilliance in every inch of the picture.Some users had issues connecting it using AirPlay.
Easy to synchronize with your iPhone.The picture quality could be better.
1080P HD picture quality.
Adjustable screen size.

Price: $69.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#3. Meer Portable LCD Mini Projector

Meer Portable LCD Mini Projector

Meer is here with a projector that lets you enjoy watching anything on a super-big screen. If you are looking for a 1080P projector with excellent picture quality, this projector comes in handy. 

The LCD projector features multiple ports for flexible connectivity. You get an amazing picture projected on the screen as it has 400Lumens brightness. 

The projector can even illuminate a dark room with its powerful LED lamp, and that’s why we picked it for this list. 

Furthermore, the screen size varies from 60”, and you can adjust it using the remote.

Compatible with Firestick, PC, and gaming consoles, the projector is a perfect choice to use with different devices. The colors displayed on the screen are crisp, all thanks to the 800:1 contrast ratio.

Meer has used a powerful cooling system to ensure that the projector doesn’t get heated quickly. Moreover, we loved the dual built-in speakers for room-filling sound. 

The projector is compact, and you can set it up anywhere to enjoy watching movies and playing games. 

To sum up, this projector from Meer is a mid-budget option that’s popular for its picture quality. If you need a projector that you can use at the home, office, and for teaching your kids, go for this quality projector.

The lamp lasts around 20,000 hours.The buttons don’t glow during the dark.
Easy to control and pair with the phone.The sound cuts in and out.
Dual speakers for a loud sound.
It comes with a 60″ screen.

Price: $39.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#4. PVO LED iPhone Compatible Projector

PVO LED Portable Projector for Kids

This projector for the iPhone may look mini, but it projects a whopping 100-inch big screen that’s great for gaming, YouTube videos, and watching movies.

It is an HD projector, and you get an improved picture quality with stunning graphics and crisp colors. Furthermore, it’s a fun way to teach your kids as the bigger screen will surely attract them.

A portable pocket projector is a travel-friendly option that you can use anywhere outside the house. 

It requires lesser power and even works well with your car’s battery, so you have got a projector for camping. 

The screen size is adjustable and you can minimize or maximize it depending on your requirements. 

The availability of multiple connectivity slots lets you connect it with numerous devices. Moreover, you can even connect it with a speaker system to enhance the audio.

The mini portable projector for iPhone has one speaker at its back that lets you watch movies and TV shows in your tent. The brightness will surely surprise you due to the excellent contrast ratio. 

Overall, if you are looking for a mini projector with fantastic picture quality, this projector should be your choice. It doesn’t harm your children’s eyes and is a safe option to use at home.

Flexible connectivity options.No built-in battery available.
Superb picture quality.
Supports 1080P.
Compact and travel-friendly.

Price: $69.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#5. KODAK Wireless Projector for iPhone

KODAK Portable Wireless Mirroring Projector

Here is a portable projector for iPhone that’s perfect for using in-office presentations. And that’s the reason why working professionals rely on this compact machine.

The projector lets you connect your phone or PC wirelessly, so there are no hassles of tangling wires. Furthermore, it’s a 1080P projector that delivers a superb picture on the screen. 

Comes loaded with a powerful LED lamp, the projector emits a beam of light with crystal-clear visuals. The adjustable screen size ranges from 33-200 inches, and you can adjust it using the remote. 

With its built-in speaker, the portable projector fills the entire room with loud and clear sound. You can even use it while traveling as there’s no need to carry an additional speaker system.

Furthermore, the contrast ratio is 2000:1, and the projector has an adjustable brightness setting for dark and well-lit areas. You can even correct the keystone to eliminate the distortions from the picture. 

Numerous users rely on this best iPhone-compatible projector when it comes to picture quality. It works well with the screen mirroring feature of your iPhone so you can watch YouTube videos and enjoy streaming movies on Netflix.

Lastly, the projector has multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, VGA, USB, and MicroSD for flexible connectivity.

Long-lasting LED lamp.This is a delicate projector.
Adjustable projection screen.The screen size is not very big.
Let’s correct the keystone.
Upgraded speaker system.

Price: $219.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#6. PTVDISPLAY HDMI WiFi Projector for iPhone

PTVDISPLAY Portable HDMI WiFi Projector

Bid goodbye to the hassles of tangled and cracked wires with this wireless projector for iPhone. You can connect it with your iPhone or iPad using Wi-Fi to enjoy watching movies in HD quality.

With its enhanced lumens, this is among the best mini projectors out there. You get a 50% bright picture when compared to other 1080P projectors. So, buying this projector is worth every penny.

The handy remote that comes with the projector lets you control everything at your fingertips. From screen size to brightness and volume, you can do anything without getting up from the seat. 

Furthermore, the incredible cooling system used by PTVDISPLAY makes this best portable projector for iPhone an amazing choice. 

You can even use it for giving long presentations as the projector doesn’t heat quickly. The 5W built-in speaker is perfect for a small room. But you need a separate speaker system for bigger rooms and halls. Fortunately, you get an AUX port to connect the speaker unit.

The contrast ratio is around 1000:1, and you’ll get clear visuals on the screen that is free from any distortions. There are multiple ports available in the projector so that you can pair it with any device, including PC and gaming consoles.

The screen size ranges between 120”, and you can even use it in a small area with lesser space. The LED lamp has a lifespan of 30,000 hours, so you’ll have a good time with this compact and affordable wireless projector.

Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.The speaker is not very loud.
5W built-in speaker for booming sound.Customer service is not that good.
It fits on a tripod.

Price: Price not available
Buy Now from Amazon

#7. AKASO Small Projector for iPhone

AKASO Small Projector for iPhone

Here is a pocket projector from AKASO that fits in your palm so that you can take it anywhere. The device is great to keep your kids entertained when you are out on a picnic. 

The best mini projector for iPhone uses DLP technology that enhances the colors and the depth of the picture. 

Furthermore, it has got multiple buttons that let you adjust the picture size and other such things for better visuals.

There is no need to use an MHL cable, as you can connect your iPhone wirelessly. Furthermore, the projector even features some connectivity ports in case you want to connect it with your laptop, gaming console, or other devices. 

It even features a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery can last around 5-7 hours on continuous usage, and that’s a great thing. There are two built-in stereo speakers as well. However, they aren’t too loud, but the audio quality is great.

With this tiny projector, you can expand the screen size up to 150″ without compromising the picture quality. Overall, if you are a traveler or a teacher, or even a working professional, this is the projector you should buy to use with an iPhone.

Just recharge the battery, and you can take it anywhere for uninterrupted entertainment.

Long-lasting lamp.It takes time to fully charge.
Flexible connectivity.
Built-in speakers.
Bigger screen size.

Price: $239.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#8. ViewSonic Mini Projector for iPhone 

ViewSonic Mini Projector for iPhone

Get this small projector that connects with iPhone and take it anywhere to enjoy playing games on a bigger screen. The portable projector looks like a tablet, so you can carry it in your backpack.

With a built-in battery that lasts around 2.5 hours on a complete charge, the projector doesn’t need a wired connection. 

Also, there is no need to use a table or a tripod, all thanks to the built-in smart stand that lets you adjust the projector. 

The pocket-sized projector projects picture in 1080p resolution, which makes it a great choice for watching movies. Just connect your iPhone with an MHL cable, play a movie, and enjoy watching it with your friends. 

It even features an HDMI port in case you want to play movies with the laptop. Or need to connect your gaming console.

The best thing about this mini projector is the premium audio. It used JBL speakers for improved audio. The room-filling audio fills the entire room, so you don’t need a separate speaker with it. 

You can even connect your power bank with it to keep it working without an external power supply. The projector is really lightweight, so it’s a go-to option for all the travelers out there.

However, there is just one downside to using this small projector for iPhone, and that is the unavailability of control buttons onboard. You can only control it using the remote.

It comes with a smart stand.Some users faced screen sharing issues with iPhone.
It fits in your pocket.Charging speeds are not very impressive.
Built-in battery.
Automatic vertical keystone.

Price: $126.99
Buy Now from Amazon

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