Best PS4 Wall Mount

Undoubtedly, the PS4 is a popular option among gaming freaks who love hardcore gaming! And if you are one of those, then you must know the need for a wall mount for your gaming console. It can be hard to place the PS4 anywhere as it can get damaged, but with a PS4 wall mount, you can secure your gaming console without letting your kids and pets reach it.

After extensive research, we are here with a list of best PS4 wall mounts that will help you in securing your PS4 and PS4 Pro. Also, you will get the ultimate joy of playing, and these wall mounts will not interrupt your gameplay in any way.

Best PS4 Wall Mount

#1. HIDEit PS4 Wall Mount

HIDEit PS4 Wall Mount

Here is an easy to install wall mount for your PS4 that is made using metal. This is not a plastic wall mount, so you can rest assured that it is a safe option to secure your PS4 against the wall. There are dedicated holes available where you can tighten the screws.

Also, it is a PS4 wall mount that looks great and has an ultra-clean surface. You can easily take your PS4 gaming console out of this mount to clean it or for other purposes. Lastly, you will receive flathead screws with this wall mount, and you can screw them into the wall using a drill machine.

Price: $22.95
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#2. HIDEit PS4 Pro Wall Bracket

HIDEit PS4 Pro Wall Bracket

HIDEit is here with another wall mount for your PS4 that will help you in getting rid of managing the cords. This sturdy wall mount is made using 16-gauge steel that ensures better protection to your expensive gaming console.

When it comes to installation, then you can install this PS4 mount without any professional assistance. The manufacturer provided flathead screws with this mount, and you can use any drill machine to get the installation done. This wall mount is available in two color options. Also, it doesn’t block the vent opening, so there will be excellent heat dissipation, and you can continue playing for as much time as you like.

Price: $22.95
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#3. HumanCentric PlayStation 4 Pro Mount

HumanCentric PlayStation 4 Pro Mount

If you want to hide your PS4 Original behind the TV, then you need this PS4 wall mount from HumanCentric. The sleek design of this wall mount makes it a great option to install behind the TV. You can simply glide your PS4 gaming console into this wall mount. Similarly, you can easily take your PS4 out for cleaning purposes.

There is a screw attached to the wall mounts that will ensure that your PS4 remains secured and protected. This wall mount has vent openings that will not block the heat, and your gaming console will work flawlessly. You can easily install this PS4 wall bracket on the drywall to keep enjoying uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Price: $31.99
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#4. HumanCentric PS4 Wall Bracket for PS4 Pro + 2 Controller Mounts

HumanCentric PS4 Wall Bracket

If you own a PS4 Pro, then you cannot use any other wall mount or PS4 wall stand with it. Here is a wall mount for PS4 Pro that is easy to install and comes with everything required for the installation. This bracket cum wall mount is made using high-grade steel that can ensure better fortification to your PS4.

Also, you can install this PS4 Pro wall mount easily by following the easy installation steps mentioned in the user manual. The best part about this wall mount is that you can install it just behind your TV so your room will look uncluttered. You can glide your PS4 Pro into this wall mount and can tighten the screw to make sure that it remains secure in its place.

Lastly, this wall mount has dedicated air vents for better heat dissipation of your PS4 Pro.

Price: $31.99
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#5. TotalMount for PlayStation 4 Pro

TotalMount for PlayStation 4 Pro

Well, if you are worried about the tedious installation of a PS4 wall mount, then you can shift your focus on this wall mount. This device requires a drill-free installation, and you can use a screwdriver to install this wall mount. It comes with a built-in leveler that will help you in determining whether you are installing the wall mount correctly.

There are vibration control dampers available on this PlayStation wall mount, and your gaming console will not jump out even after vibrating vigorously. Also, heat management is excellent as this mount has a bigger ventilation channel that allows the heat to pass through it.

Overall, this is a budget wall mount for your PS4 Pro, and if you want to get rid of the arduous installation process, then it would be best for you to get this wall mount.

Price: $22.99
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These are some of the best PS4 wall mounts you can get for a reasonable price. All the mounts listed in this article are made using high-quality material and have built-in vents for heat dissipation. If you want an ultimate experience with your PS4 while making your room look uncluttered, then there is nothing better than getting a PS4 wall mount. 

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