If you are searching for the best rose gold headphones, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will review top-rated rose gold wireless headphones that are available on Amazon.

Now, if you think that why rose gold headphones? Then let me tell you that rose gold color is trending now, and many readers, who have purchased the rose gold laptop or Apple Watch or MacBook want to match all their equipment.

Moreover, some of them also love gold color due to its association with luxury and style.

So in this article, we have listed the best rose gold Bluetooth headphones that are available at the most budgeted price.

Quick Summary 

Editor’s Pick: Beats -“The best over-the-ear wireless headphones that deliver crystal-clear sound, with thumping bass. You can personalize the audio using the mobile app to get it as per your taste”. 

Most Loved: Bose -“Fantastic headphones with long-lasting battery life, unrivaled comfort, and built-in Alexa support. The headphones are perfect for everyday use and support voice assistants as well."

Best Cheap Headphones: TOZO -“A pair of wireless buds that offer high fidelity sound are waterproof and have amazing battery life. These buds come in a range of colors to make you look stylish while you enjoy listening to music”.

Best Rose Gold Headphones

#1. Zihnic Rose Gold Foldable Bluetooth Headphones

Zihnic Rose Gold Foldable Bluetooth Headphones

If over-the-ear headphones are your choice, consider ZihNIC Bluetooth Headphones. Designed with bigger ear cushions, the headphones offer ultimate comfort while keeping you entertained for hours. 

Equipped with powerful sound drivers, the headphones deliver promising audio, making them a great choice for listening to music, watching movies, and more.

Audio Quality

These wireless headphones have astonishing sound production to reward the wearer with a punchy sound. Furthermore, the headphones reduce the noise thus, you can focus on the high and low notes to enjoy the soundtrack even more. 

The performance is up to the mark even on the lowest volume setting, and you can enjoy the thumping bass every day.

Battery Life

The headphones offer a playtime of 20 hours on a single charge making them one of the best budget headphones in the market. You can keep listening to music even after the battery dies by connecting the AUX cable available inside the box.


The ZihNic wireless headphones are perfect to use in day-to-day life, but they aren’t water or sweat-proof. It would be great to protect the headphones from splashes to keep them working fine for a long time.

You can use them with AUX wire if they run out of battery.They are so tiny you might lose them.
Designed to offer ultimate comfort.
They are foldable, so you can carry the headphones on the go.
Seamless Bluetooth connection.

If you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise with the sound quality, these ZihNic Bluetooth Headphones should be your choice. The headphones even feature a MicroSD slot, so you can listen to music even without the phone. Choose from a range of colors, and get a stylish pair of headphones for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Price: $26.99
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#2. TOZO T12 Rose-Gold Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones Built-in Mic

Earphones Built-in Mic

TOZO T12 is a set of wireless buds that are highly comfortable and deliver high-fidelity sound. Perfect to wear at home or at the gym, these waterproof headphones are for the people that need long-lasting playback time with breath-taking sound quality.

With a digital display inside the charging case, you never run out of charge with the TOZO T12 earbuds.

Audio Quality

You can expect ultra-clear lows and highs after wearing these tiny earbuds. The bigger sound drivers ensure you enjoy every type of music genre listened to on these headphones. 

You will notice the rich bass, whereas the treble also comes into the play making the audio tracks sound even better. Keeping the volume a little higher than the medium setting offers the best experience.

Battery Life

You don’t have to worry about the battery when using these TOZO headphones. A single charge gives you a playtime of 6 hours, while the charging case carries a backup of 22 hours, so you can charge the earbuds around four more times. 

The digital display inside the charging case shows the exact battery level in percentage, so you always know when the headphones need charging.


As these wireless earbuds are IPX8 rated, so you can expect extreme water resistance. The buds are resistant to rain, splashes, and even pool water, but you should avoid submerging them in water. 

In addition, the case is also waterproof and safeguards the earbuds from any damages.

Promising battery life.The buds may pop out of your ears while working out.
Natural and authentic sound quality.They are so tiny you might lose them.
Comfortable to wear for longer durations.
Available in a range of color options.

Listen to your favorite music tracks for hours with these wireless headphones from TOZO. The buds are highly comfortable, fit inside the ear, and deliver excellent performance. You can even recharge them quickly by plugging in a Type-C cable inside the case.

Price: $36.99
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#3. Crave Octane Rose Gold Wireless Earbuds

Crave Octane Rose Gold Wireless Earbuds

Crave Octane Bluetooth Earphones are what you have been searching for so long. The wireless headphones offer stunning quality, and the bigger sound drivers will surely impress you with the dynamic audio.

These best rose gold headphones have excellent aesthetics, and you can use them in everyday life as these are fit for workout and normal use.

Audio Quality 

The rose gold headphones are popular for their sound quality that comprises crystal-clear treble and thumping bass. Whether you want to listen to motivating music while exercising or you need headphones to watch movies and Netflix shows, Crave Octane makes a perfect choice.


Now there is no need to worry about recharging the headphones every hour, as the battery on these wireless headphones lasts longer. After a complete charge, you will get a playtime of 8-hours so you can use them, at the gym or after coming home as well, that battery is really fantastic.

The headphones feature magnetic tips that, when connected together, turn off the audio, which means it will save you battery. Just plug the tips in your ears, and the music will resume automatically.


Crave Octane comes with IPX4 sweat and water-resistant rating. The headphones will keep you entertained even drizzles so you can use them on all occasions. Furthermore, the mic performs well, and you can make calls with crystal-clear clarity with the headphones.

The built-in mic lets you take calls.Battery life could have been better.
The magnetic design keeps the headphones secure around your neck.Poor after-sales service.
Water and sweat-resistant headphones.
Premium sound clarity.

Even if you are on a budget, these rose gold headphones will fulfill your requirements. The headphones look fantastic, and will surely impress your gym mates or friends. Lastly, the flexible ear hook keeps the ear tips secure in place, and the headphones will not pop off when working out.

Price: $24.99
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#4. Beats Solo 3 Rose Gold Wireless Headphones

Beats Solo 3 Rose Gold Wireless Headphones

Beats Solo 3 is an over-the-ear headphone that looks extremely beautiful and premium in rose gold color. The headphones are perfect for everyday use, and if you travel a lot, these can be your entertainment partner.

All the controls are available in the headphones, so you don’t have to reach out to your smartphone or laptop to adjust the multimedia settings. Furthermore, Siri is just one call away, and you can use the virtual assistant to accomplish your tasks.

Audio Quality 

The audio quality is what you can expect from a brand like beats. The bigger ear cups cover the complete ear to prevent external noises from disturbing you. Further, the headphones have fine-tuned acoustics that enhances the clarity while rendering a balance of bass and treble.

You will enjoy watching movies and listening to music tracks with these headphones.

Battery Life 

Beats Solo 3 is a champion when it comes to battery. After a complete charge, you will get a playtime of 40-hours that’s exceptionally good! Also, the headphones support fast-fuel charging, so you don’t have to wait to use them.


Beats headphones are ideal for entertainment purposes; therefore, they are not resistant to sweat and water.

It has a foldable design for easy commuting.These are neither water-resistant nor splash-proof.
A dedicated app lets you customize the EQ.Not for gym.
On-board touch controls for added convenience.
Excellent battery life.

The W1 Apple chip ensures seamless connectivity so you can enjoy distortion-free entertainment with the headphones. The built-in mic allows you to make calls and you can also activate Siri using it.. The best thing about Beats Solo 3 is that the headphones are foldable, and you can travel with them using the carrying case.

Price: $129.99
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#5. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Rose Gold Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Rose Gold Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose is here with a pair of best rose gold wireless headphones that are aesthetically fantastic, and everyone seeing you with the headphones will surely wait a moment to adore their beauty. This noise-cancellation headphones ensure amazing audio quality, and you can take a break from the world to enjoy some time listening to the best acoustics.

It is an Alexa enabled headphone, but you can also activate Siri if connected with an Apple device.

Audio Quality 

The audio quality offered by Bose QuietComfort 35 will convince you to carry the headphones everywhere you go. Whether you are boarding a flight or you need headphones to relax in your room, they are perfect for everything.

The sound drivers enhance the clarity while curtailing the distortions and noise, so what you get is optimal audio quality.

Battery Life 

Bose QuietComfort 35 offers a powerful punch of performance with its bigger sound drivers. However the battery still offers decent performance. You will get a playtime of 20-hours, and that’s enough juice for uninterrupted entertainment. You can check the battery level by downloading the Bose mobile app that allows you to personalize the audio as well. 


Bose QuietComfort 35 is not water-resistant, so you have to use them with care. Yes, you can wear them in the gym, but don’t use the headphones in drizzles.

The headphone cancels the noise for premium audio.Using the Bose Connect app can be tricky for some users.
Built-in Alexa control.Some users reported connectivity issues.
Multiple mics let you take calls.
Soft-touch buttons help you adjust volume and change tracks.

If you love premium audio quality with ultimate comfort, then QuietComfort 35 should be your choice. The built-in noise-rejecting dual-microphone system lets you make noise-free calls so you can use them to connect with your family or friends over a video call.

Further, the controls are available on the headphones and can activate Alexa on the go.

Price: $320.00
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#6. BRDOOGU Rose Gold Truly Wireless Earbuds

No products found.

Let these best rose gold true wireless earbuds save you from the hassles of managing massive headphones for the sake of quality. These tiny earbuds are perfect for everything. Whether you are in a gym enthusiast or you need sporty headphones to entertain you while running, BRDOOGU wireless earbuds should be your choice.

Audio Quality 

The audio quality of these rose gold headphones are phenomenal. The Bluetooth 5.0 keeps you connected all the time while enhancing the audio quality. The earbuds are small, but they have bigger sound drivers for better bass and treble. In a nutshell, you should use them to watch movies on Netflix or listen to songs on YouTube.

Battery Life 

With these wireless earbuds, you can get rid of the hassles of charging every day. A single charge leaves you with a playtime of 4-5 hours while the charging case carries a backup of 50-hours. Just place the earbuds back into the case, and it will charge them for the next session.


These compact earbuds come with an IPX5 rating so you can use them even if it is drizzling. Sweat and water cannot stop the earbuds from rendering fantastic audio. Also, the built-in mic works well, and it also boasts water resistance.

The case charges the earbuds quickly.The battery drains quickly.
These are water and sweat-resistant headphones.The earbuds heat sometimes.
The bigger ear hook enhances the comfort.
These are sturdy and durable earbuds.

These rose gold wireless earbuds from BRDOOGU support Siri. Also, dual-microphone and noise-reduction technology make them ideal for making calls. You can quickly pair them with your phone or tablet to enjoy HD stereo clarity with handy volume and track controls.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#7. AMORNO True Wireless Earbuds in Gold Color

AMORNO True Wireless Earbuds

If you are looking for the best workout headphones that look good and stay in your ears, then have a look at this premium rose gold headphones from AMORNO. The earbuds are lightweight and come with best-in-class features like CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology.

You get advanced Bluetooth 5.0 support, so there will be less battery consumption and no sync delay at all.

Audio Quality 

The wireless earbuds come with wireless earbuds that adopt powerful 10mm permanent-magnet, dynamic drivers, for superb clarity. Also, noise-isolating technology delivers natural bass while enhancing the crispness of the highs and lows.

No matter what you want to listen to these affordable rose gold headphones, you will get fabulous quality for sure.

Battery Life 

The battery life is promising, and a complete charge offers a playtime of 4-hours. Moreover, the charging case carries extra juice to charge the earbuds four more times. As the earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0, so the battery consumption is low and audio clarity is high.

Water Resistant 

These earbuds are perfect for workouts as these have an IPX7 rating that makes them resistant to sweat and water. Further, you can activate Siri and can make calls using the built-in mic.

The earbuds are comfortable to wear for longer.The earbuds may pop out of the ear while doing a vigorous workout.
You get multiple ear tips inside the box.The case takes time to charge.
Dedicated graphene drivers for added bass.
Compatible with Siri voice assistant.

The best part about these wireless earbuds is that you can use them separately with two Bluetooth devices to enjoy the 3D sound.  They are easy to pair, and you can use them with any device i.e., Android and iPhone. 

Lastly, the multimedia controls are available on the earbuds, which means you will get the ultimate ease of answering and rejecting calls.

Price: Price not available
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#8. TOZO Rose Gold Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

TOZO Rose Gold Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

These true wireless earbuds from TOZO can be the best option if you have a budget of $50. The headphones come in an attractive rose gold color that will surely get you appreciation from your friends for making this lovely choice.

The sleek earbuds sit easily in the ear without popping out when you move, so you can use them while working out or for regular activities.

Audio Quality 

The earbuds feature 60 mm, large sound drivers, for a natural and authentic stereo sound. The bass is fantastic, and you will feel the power or clear audio while using them.

The earbuds will make your favorite music tracks sound even better, and that’s enough to have them for uninterrupted entertainment.

Battery Life 

The wireless earbuds offer an impressive battery life combined with the juice stored in the charging case. You will get a playtime of 6-hours from the earbuds while the case carries 24-hours of more charge. Just put the earbuds back into the case, and it will recharge them quickly.

Water Resistant 

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds have excellent water resistance. The earbuds come with an IPX8 rating, and the nano-coating safeguards them even if you submerge the earbuds in 1-meter deep water. Sweat and water cannot harm the earbuds in any way.

IPX8 rated headphones for excellent water-resistance.No ear hooks to keep the earbuds in place.
The case supports wireless charging.The build quality isn’t that impressive.
Super light and comfortable earbuds.
You can use touch controls to change tracks and adjust the volume.

The noise-canceling earbuds come with a built-in mic so you can attend those important calls. The earbuds are lightweight, and the charging case comes with an LED indicator so you can check the battery status with a glance.

Pairing the earbuds is easy, and these automatically connect with the selected device after you take them out of the case.

Price: $29.99
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#9. PowerLocus Rose Gold Bluetooth Headphones

PowerLocus Rose Gold Bluetooth Headphones

Here is a beautiful rose gold wireless headset from PowerLocus for those who are on a budget. These elegant headphones are compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can use it with any device you like.

Furthermore, the headphones have protein ear cups for added comfort, and you won’t feel any bulk while wearing them.

Audio Quality 

Superb is the right word to describe the audio quality of these headphones. You will get a dynamic power sound full of bass and treble with ultimate crispness. The bass doesn’t overpower the audio, and that is the best part about these headphones.

Even at the highest volume setting, you will get a clear and distortion-free sound.

Battery Life 

The battery life is amazing, and the headphones render a playtime of 14 hours approx after a complete charge. You can keep using the headphones even if the battery dies, using the 3.5mm audio jack. Also, the headphones support SDcard, and you can get uninterrupted entertainment.

Water Resistant 

The headphones are suitable to use in day to day life, so these are not water-resistant. If you need a pair of wireless headphones to watch movies and YouTube videos, then PowerLocus headphones are perfect for you.

Over the ear design for a premium listening experience.These headphones don’t support fast charging.
You get the headphones packed in a durable carrying case.The headphones are slightly heavy.
The soft ear cushions enhance comfort.
Dynamic sound drivers improve audio quality.

You can also use it to make voice and video calls with excellent clarity. The headphones feature CVC noise-cancellation to enhance the quality of the calls. The wireless range is around 10 meters, and you will get exceptional clarity even if you move away from the connected device.

Price: $22.99
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#10. Picun Rose Gold Foldable Headphones With Mic

Picun Rose Gold Foldable Headphones with Mic

Picun offers a combination of elegance and performance in these rose gold headphones that are best for adults and kids. The headphones feature a soft headband so that you will love them even more. The soft earmuffs and protein cups feel softer on the ears, and your kids can also use the headphones to learn online lessons.

Audio Quality

The headphones come loaded with 40mm larger audio drivers that offer a wide range of acoustics with deep bass and clear treble.The immersive audio makes the headphones perfect for watching movies, listening to songs and you can even do music editing which requires sharp audio with optimal clarity.

Furthermore, the audio is not harmful for kids as well, so children that love rose gold color can also use this headphones.

Battery Life 

After a complete charge, you will get an uninterrupted playtime of 20-hours. You can make calls and listen to music without charging the headphones multiple times. The best part about Picun wireless headphones is that you can connect the 3.5mm audio cable after it runs out of charge.

There is a TF slot as well, so you don’t need any smartphone or tablet to listen to music.

Water Resistant 

Picun wireless headphones are not designed for gym or workout purposes, so you have to safeguard them from sweat and water. However, when it comes to durability, then the headphones are pretty decent, all thanks to the build quality!

Excellent battery life.You don’t get a carrying case.
On-board controls to help you change volume and music tracks.No Siri support.
Comfortable to wear during longer durations.
It can be used on an AUX connection after the battery dies.

The romantic LED light fitted around the ear cups creates an atmosphere where you can relax. You can even turn off the LED to save battery. Overall, these beautiful wireless rose gold headphones are perfect for everyone with a budget of $30.

Price: Price not available
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#11. INFURTURE Rose Gold Over-Ear Headphones

INFURTURE Rose Gold Over-Ear Headphones

These wireless headphones from INFURTURE offer unparalleled comfort and unbeatable battery life. If you are a travel enthusiast who doesn’t get time to charge the headphones then having this pair can be the best deal.

The headphones are equally impressive in terms of audio and look! Also, the headband offers ultimate comfort so you can enjoy listening to music and making calls for a prolonged time.

Audio Quality 

INFURTURE has enhanced the audio quality in these headphones using the 40mm large aperture. No matter what type of music you want to hear the headphones will make it sound even more amazing. The combination of treble and bass, along with the acoustics provides the finest audio quality.

Battery Life 

The battery life of the headphones can blow your mind, as a single charge can last up to 40 hours. The 1200mAh battery holds ample juice to power the headphones, so there is no need to worry about charging it. In case the battery dies, then you can use the 3.5mm audio cable.

Water Resistant 

These highly comfortable headphones are not water and sweat-resistant, but you can use them at the gym with extra care. Furthermore, these are lightweight and feature CVC noise cancellation technology that improves call clarity.

CVC 8.0 mic for crystal-clear audio quality during calls.The memory foam cushions are not very durable.
Memory foam cushion cups for added comfort.The charging cable is flimsy.
Excellent battery life.
Powerful and deep bass.

Whether you want to mow grass or commute in the metro, these headphones will make you look stylish while offering excellent audio. The soft ear cups are highly comfortable, and you can wear the headphones for an extended time.

Lastly, the microphone has excellent audio catching ability, and you will love these headphones for making calls. You can use the headphone buttons to control media and accept/reject calls, so everything is at your fingertips.

Price: $52.99
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#12. Picun Rose Gold Wireless Headset

Picun Rose Gold Wireless Headset

Picun is here with wireless rose gold headphones that are comfortable and powerful. You can use the headphones for any task such as attending online classes, meetings, and other entertainment purposes.

Furthermore, the headphones can be a perfect gift for your kids as they are comfortable and suitable for prolonged usage.

Audio Quality 

The CSR chip and 40mm neodymium driver together offer unbeatable audio quality with multiple sound effects. The around-the-ear cups keep the external noise out, so you get exceptional clarity over everything.

Battery Life 

The wireless headphones provide a playtime of 20-hours on a single charge. Also, you can keep using the headphones even if the battery dies using the 3.5mm audio cable. The battery lasts longer on standby mode, which is simply amazing.

Water Resistant 

If you are looking for wireless headphones to use while commuting in the metro or while working in the office, then these headphones are perfect. However, the headphones aren’t waterproof, and you don’t even need waterproof headphones if you are not into high-impact or sports activities.

Bigger sound drivers for booming audio quality.Some users said the customer support does not exist.
The headphones remain secure inside the ear.The headphones do not support fast charging.
The headphones have a bend-resistant cable.
These are sweat and water-proof.

The ultimate rose gold headphones come with a carrying case. The foldable design makes them extra portable, and the noise-cancellation feature improves the call quality. Buy these headphones to get applause from your buddies for making such a fantastic choice.

Price: Price not available
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