If you are a tech-cum-fitness person, then you would never miss taking your Galaxy Note 8 along with you during your jogs or gym. Isn’t it? Well, it’s definitely true for me. But, it is too difficult to handle such a gorgeous device in pockets while running or exercising. So, it is good to have an armband. Today, in this article of mine, I have highlighted some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armbands.

The top-rated Armbands for the workout or running free you from the woes of your smartphone falling from your pockets while exercising. Furthermore, these running cases keep your Note 8 stable around your arm while you are involved in your workout sessions. The activity tracker inside your Note 8 lets you keep a record of your workout, the calories you burn, and the distance you walk. You can even listen to your favorite songs to make your exercise more enjoyable. In short, your Note 8’s features remain accessible without any hassles. So, let’s explore this list.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armbands

Best Galaxy Note 8 Armbands

Running Armband for Galaxy Note 8

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Maxboost Universal Running Pouch Key HolderBuy Now
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Lifeproof LifeActiv Armband with QuickMountBuy Now

#1. Avantree Sports Running Armband with Key Holder

Avantree Sports Running Armband with Key Holder for Galaxy Note 8

If you don’t have any pockets in your tracksuit to store your belongings, then this Armband from Avantree is an ideal choice to make. With organized storage compartments, you can store your credit cards, cash, or keys in this armband.

This double-padded sports armband holds your smartphone securely during your workout sessions. Built with flexible neoprene material, it perfectly wraps around your arm. Moreover, its water resistant and anti-slip properties offer durability to it.

Price: $11.99
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#2. Trianium Armband for Galaxy Note 8

Trianium Armband for Galaxy Note 8

It is one of the finest armband for running, biking, hiking, walking, and jogging. Equipped with removable and adjustable Velcro band, you can use this armband as per your convenience. The best part about this armband is that it accommodates your smartphone with the case.

Its water-resistant design keeps away your Note 8 from water spills and sweat. The built-in pockets let you store some of your belongings in it. The cutouts for the headphone jack and charger ports let you easily access your phone’s features. Furthermore, the protective screen cover of the armband is compatible with the touchscreen sensitivity of your device. Hence, you can use your device to the fullest while exercising.

Price: $9.89
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#3. Maxboost Universal Running Pouch Key Holder

Maxboost Armband for Galaxy Note 8

The Note 8 armband for workout and running sessions from Maxboost is made from stretchable Neoprene material. Hence, it fits smartphones of all sizes and wraps comfortably around your arm.

The built-in key holder in the armband allows you to store your keys securely freeing you from the worries of your key dropping out of your pocket while running. Its water-resistant design safeguards your smartphone from sweat and accidental water spills. Moreover, the exact cutouts at the headphone jack and the charging port enables you to access your phone’s functionalities.

Price: $9.99
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#4. Gear Beast Armband Holder For Running

Gear Beast Sports Armband for Galaxy Note 8

This armband from Gear Beast is an ideal choice to make if you are indulged in sports activities. With an included armband extender, it is compatible with arms of any size. The high quality of Velcro strip offers durability to your armband.

The storage pocket provided with the armband allows you to store your keys, credit/debit cards, business cards, cash, and some of your belongings safe while exercising. The cutouts for the headphone jack lets you tune into your favorite music along with your workout.

Price: $9.99
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#5. Portholic Large Running Armband

Portholic Large Running Armband for Galaxy Note 8

Portholic brings to you the coolest workout case for your amazing smartphone. Designed with extra room, this armband is capable to fit smartphones of all size. The skin-friendly material wraps perfectly over your arm; offering a secure fit to your Galaxy Note 8.

You can easily slide your device into this workout case. The clear screen protector of the case features ultra-high sensitivity; hence your phone’s screen retains full functionality enabling you to access it whenever you want. Moreover, this case boasts 3-layer design to safeguard your device from sweat.

Price: $9.89
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#6. Lifeproof LifeActiv Armband with QuickMount

LifeProof LifeActiv Armband

This armband from LifeProof lets you mount your smartphone with a single click and release it with a simple twist. It keeps your smartphone within an arm’s distance. Your apps, favorite music, fitness tracker, camera, and more remain within your reach with this armband.

You can now make your exercise sessions more valuable and exciting with the armband from Lifeproof. This armband lets you tuck your smartphone in portrait and landscape modes – whichever is suitable for you.

Price: $22.23
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