If you are the one who spends most of the time in your car for traveling, then you may be looking for some good car holder which you can mount on your car dashboard. So here we have curated a list of best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 car mounts for you.

The top-rated car mounts for Galaxy Note 8 enlisted here can be attached to your car’s AC vents, dashboard, CD slots, and more. These mounts keep your phone affixed at a particular position. You can use your Note 8 as a media hub, as your navigation tool, or however, you want to use it. These mounts even let you attend your calls while keeping your hands-free. The advantages and its uses are not over yet. There are much more. To know all of them, you must read this list of universal car mounts.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Car Mounts

Best Galaxy Note 8 Car Mounts

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Car Holders

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#1. Spigen Kuel A200 Car Phone Mount

Spigen Kuel A200 Car Phone Mount

This magnetic phone mount for the car from Spigen perfectly fits the air vents of your car. Equipped with a metal plate, it securely holds your Galaxy Note 8 in place. You must be careful here that the metal plate must be covered with a protective film before mounting your phone on it.

The slits of the mount are made up of a rubberized material. As a result of this, the mount won’t leave any scratches on your car’s air vents. Moreover, its 360-degree angle adjustment lets you use your phone at whichever angles you want.

Price: $6.99
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#2. iOttie Easy One Touch XL Car Mount Holder

iOttie Easy One Touch XL Car Mount Holder

This comes with one-touch mounting lock and release mechanism. What you need to do is just press the side button to release the lock. Then, you can mount the phone, push it and the phone locks. You can now use your phone to navigate yourself, play music, or to attend calls.

This mount with sticky gel securely fits to all the surfaces and can be removed easily when not required. You can even restore it to its original form after a long-term use by just rinsing it with clean water.

Price: $24.95
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#3. Maxboost Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Maxboost car Mount Holder for Note 8

This magnetic mount features a simple design and fits smoothly in your car’s air vent. It is accompanied by a magnetic pad which adheres to cases of any size and type. Hence, it offers universal car mount experience.

Its swivel design lets you enjoy the total hands-free experience while using your smartphone’s GPS or other features while you are driving. Moreover, the mount’s rubberized exterior offers perfect grip to hold your device and keeps your car’s air vent free from scratches.

Price: $6.98
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#4. Mpow CD Slot Car Phone Holder

Mpow Car Phone Holder for Galaxy Note 8

This is a CD mounted holder which fits in the CD slot of your car. It is designed to have three side grips so that it can hold your phone sturdily. Furthermore, it locates the phone at a position from where you can easily see it, touches it, and access it.

The adjustable side grips can be wide opened to place your phone in horizontal position. You can even rotate it upside down. Hence, you can easily access the other functionalities of your car with no hassles. Furthermore, this holder offers access to the charging port and headphone jack of your Galaxy Note 8 which adds to its functionality.

Price: $9.99
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Which of the above listed some of the best car mounts for Galaxy Note 8 would you like to buy for your Note 8 so as to accompany you during long drives? Do share your choices and views with us in the comments section.