The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have gained a huge popularity among the tech fanatics in the market due to its extraordinary features. Along with these fantastic smartphones, the market is flooding with a lot of accessories for these phones to offer the users ultimate experience of using the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones. Here, we have listed some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Ring Holder Stands.

You can now easily mount your smartphone in your car or in your home at your convenience with the help of these ring holder stands. These ring stands offer you high viscosity; hence ensuring the safety of your phone when you place it on the stand. This ring holder stand comes in a wide range of options like cell phone grip, kickstand holder, rotating holder, finger holder and much more.

We have curated some of the best Samsung S8 and S8 Plus finger Holder case just for you!

Best Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Ring Holder Cases

#1. Senhai

SENHAI Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The ring stand holder from Senhai serves you multiple purposes. You can easily mount this holder on flat surfaces – be it in cars, on tables or cupboards – with the help of the free hook mount facility. The sensitive adhesive offers the stand high viscosity so that it resists your phone from unwanted drops when you have placed your phone on the stand.

The 360 degree rotational capacity of this ring stand holder holds your device firmly and enables you to watch movies and videos on your phone keeping your hands free.

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#2. Spigen

Spigen Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Spigen presents to you one of the best ring holder stands which provide you an attachable ring that offers you drop-free grip. The kickstand feature provides you comfortable viewing of video on your phone keeping your hands free. The hook mount facility of this stand enables you to easily dock this stand in your car.

This Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus ring holder stand is compatible with your smartphones that have flat and non-textured back.

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#3. WizGear

WizGear Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Designed with intricate craftsmanship, this smartphone mount with a finger holder is different from other alternatives available. This finger holder is designed especially to provide you flexible and easy handling of your smartphone.

You can easily tuck this holder on your finger and easily carry your smartphone without any fear of drops or slips. Made from durable and long lasting materials, this finger holder with a mount for your smartphone provides you mounting options.

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#4. Torras

TORRAS Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The ring holder case from Torras is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as Galaxy S8 Plus phone. This Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus ring holder case uses 3M pressure sensitive adhesive which can be reused either by washing the adhesive gel pad with water or by air drying.

The 360-degree rotation facility offers you multiple viewing angles for watching videos and movies on your smartphone. You can use this ring holder case to mount your device on flat surfaces.

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#5. Orot

Orot Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Orot brings to you the anti-drop ring grip which enables you to carry your phone wherever you want just on your finger. This ring grip provides you facilities like anti-slip and anti-drop. The 360 degree rotation capacity offers you to easily handle and controls your device while watching videos or movies.

The finger support cradle allows you to tuck this ring grip holder on the dashboard of your car and on other flat surfaces. You get a lifetime warranty on the purchase of this ring grip holder.

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#6. ESR

ESR Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The designer ring stand holder from ESR is made up from an exquisite quality of zinc alloy and is also quite fashionable. You can even wash this ring stand holder and reuse it whenever you want. The 360 degree + 180 degree two-dimensional rotation enables you to place this ring holder in whatever position you want.

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#7. Leding

LEDING Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The finger grip ring holder from Leding comes in very lovely shapes and also features the kickstand facility. This metallic ring holder which provides a firm grip can be attached easily to your smartphone or tablet. The kickstand feature enables you to keep your phone on the stand and enjoy viewing videos, listening music or attending your calls.

The car mount available with this pack of 2 ring holders offers you the facility to mount your phone on the dashboard and use features like GPS navigation at an ease.

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#8. YOSH

YOSH Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

This smooth metal ring grip holder is smooth and comfortable to use. The glue used in this ring holder is capable of holding devices that weigh up to 6kgs. The adhesive used can be reused by simply washing it with water and then allowing it to dry.

The 360-degree rotation and 180-degree swivel enable you to enjoy hands-free viewing of videos and movies by mounting your device on this ring holder.

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#9. BR

BR Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

This anti-drop ring holder case from BR offers ultimate protection to your device when mounted. Available in wide range of styles and patterns, this Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus ring holder case can also be used as a kickstand case.

The adhesive pad provided is washable; hence you can reuse this ring holder multiple times. Also, the 360 degree rotation provides you comfortable viewing experience.

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#10. Ecvilla

ECVILLA Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The exclusively designed finger grip ring with exquisite patterns adds luxury to your phone. Made from premium quality of aluminium alloy, these finger grip rings are available in a variety of colors. The sticky adhesive used to tuck your phone securely on the stand is wash-proof and reusable.

Have this finger grip holder for your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus smartphone and enhance the royalty of your phone.

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#11. Floveme

FLOVEME Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

This wing-shaped ring holder stand looks great when you adorn it on your finger. Just slip your finger through the ring hole and you are ready to go with your smartphone! The anti-slip and anti-grip facilities ensure more safety of your phone.

Made from aluminium alloy, this Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus ring holder stand is sturdy and durable. The structure of this ring holder is surely going to increase the beauty of your smartphone.

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#12. Best-mall

Best-mall Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Now operate your smartphone with your single hand! The pony-shaped ring stand holder makes this possible by providing you the 360 degree rotational and 180-degree swivel facilities. This design makes the ring stand holder more fashionable and beautiful.

Walk with your smartphone on your finger in a crowded place without any fear of dropping or slipping your phone.

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#13. Solover

SOLOVER Ring Holder Stand For Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Solover brings to you the best ring stands that provide a secure and firm grip to your phone while you hold it. You can easily mount your phone or tablet on this ring stand and enjoy viewing videos, streaming music and attending your calls without any interruptions. Now carry your phone on your finger wherever you want with this ring stand!

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