Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Protectors: Keep Your Device’s Screen Intact

If you have got the all-new Samsung Galaxy S9, you would definitely be impressed with its aesthetics and gorgeous design. Its screen is the most sensitive part and no one would like to have even a minor scratch on it. So, here are some of the best Galaxy S9 screen protectors that work as a shield for your worthy smartphone.

The top-rated tempered glass screen protectors for Galaxy S9 that are listed here are from the top accessory manufacturing companies. Some Samsung Galaxy S9 screen guards offer edge-to-edge coverage while some other offers tough protection to your smartphone’s screen. Some of the multiple layered screen guards even deliver ultimate safety.

Any of the Samsung S9 screen protectors that you choose; you will be ensured about one thing – your smartphone’s screen protection. So, plunge into this list of best Samsung Galaxy S9 screen protectors and pick the one for your phone. (We have also curated the list of best Galaxy S9 Cases .)

Best Galaxy S9 Screen Protectors

#1. Spigen NeoFlex Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

Spigen NeoFlex

Spigen’s Galaxy S9 screen protector provides you with the flexibility to install it on your phone’s screen even when your phone rests in the case. It uses a wet installation method for its application.

It does not leave any bubbles or rainbow marks on the screen after installationIt might not provide edge to edge protection
It stays compatible with almost all Spigen cases
It offers clear access to your screen’s display

Price: $8.99
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#2. Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector for Galaxy S9

Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi’s TechSkin is one of the most trusted brands manufacturing the best Samsung Galaxy S9 screen protectors. It is designed using precise laser cutting technology. It offers full-screen coverage to your Galaxy S9’s screen.

It is resistant to scratches, cuts, and scuffsIt comes only in a pack of two
It is virtually invisible and optically transparent on your screen
It absorbs external shocks and impacts
It reduces fingerprint and oil smudges

Price: $7.85
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#3. Dome Glass Galaxy S9 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Dome Glass

If you looking forward to providing tough protection to your Samsung Galaxy S9’s screen, the tempered glass screen protector from Dome Glass is the perfect one to have. It is built with Liquid Dispersion Tech to offer maximum protection.

It evenly disperses over the screen of your Galaxy S9It is quite expensive as compared to other screen protectors available on the market
It covers the rounded edges to ensure extreme protection
It offers bubble-free installation

Price: Price not available
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#4. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S9


This screen guard is specifically designed to fit your Samsung Galaxy S9’s screen. It is 0.3mm thick and is reliable as well as resilient. Thus, it guarantees complete compatibility with your smartphone and ensures that it won’t affect its touchscreen responsiveness.

It provides you with easy and quick installation methodIt does not offer UV light protection. So, you might it bit difficult to access your screen in daylight.
Its 9H surface hardness prevents your phone’s screen from cuts, scuffs, and scratches
It offers bubble-free installation

Price: $8.39
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#5. xQuad Galaxy S9 Screen Protector


The laser-cut tempered glass screen protector from xQuad is exclusively built to fit your Galaxy S9. Its rounded and polished edges precisely fit the contours of your screen to provide full-screen coverage.

Its 0.3mm thickness resists scratches, cuts, scuffs, and scrapes from nesting over your phone’s screenIt is little costly
With 99.9% transparency, it offers natural viewing experience
It keeps your screen free from dust, dirt, and fingerprints

Price: Price not available
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#6. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Screen Protector for Galaxy S9

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin

The LiQuidSkin screen guard from IQShield serves as an ideal shield for your Samsung Galaxy S9’s screen. You get an installation tray, lint-free cloth, squeegee, and an instruction manual along with this screen guard.

It prevents your screen from yellowing after long time useIt comes in a two pack
Its self-healing property magically disappears minor scratches from the screen over a period of time
It maintains user interactivity and mobile protection at the same time

Price: $7.85
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#7. RinoGear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S9


This Galaxy S9 screen protector from RinoGear is designed to provide the edge to edge screen coverage. Its laser precision cut exactly fits your phone’s screen. Also, the precise cutouts let you access your phone’s functionalities.

It offers ultra-HD clarity for natural viewing experienceIts installation is bit difficult
It remains almost invisible on your phone’s screen
It is resistant to scratches, punctures, and UV light
It is available at a reasonable price

Price: $4.95
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#8. Ringke Invisible Defender Galaxy S9 Screen Protector


You can now free yourself from the worries of your phone’s screen getting damaged due to scratches, scuffs, cuts, and scrapes with the screen protector from Ringke. It features Twin Side Wing System to completely wrap your screen along with the curved edges. Hence, it delivers ultimate protection.

Its multiple-layered structure keeps away your phone’s screen from most of the damagesIt comes in a pack of three
Its 0.125mm thickness ensures superb touchscreen responsiveness
It features Twin Side Wing System for all-around protection

Price: Price not available
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#9. LK Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Protector


Crafted from top quality of TPU and PET materials, this screen protector from LK is an ideal one for your Samsung Galaxy S9. It safeguards your phone’s screen from scratches, scrapes, and daily abrasions.

It lets you have bubble-free installationIt comes in a three pack
It leaves no residue even when you remove it
The precise cutouts let you easily access your phone’s features
It does not add any bulk to your phone

Price: Price not available
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Which of the above listed some of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 screen protectors will you buy? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.

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