Many times, you like to match your smartwatch straps to your personal taste and lifestyle. Especially, when it’s the Galaxy Watch Active from Samsung, you love to showcase it with utter dignity wherever you go. Although Samsung is offering a few options, you might be more interested in looking towards affordable alternatives with peculiar styles. Obviously, the straps that are offbeat from those available from Samsung. So, to provide you with the most beautiful choices, we have brought the best Samsung Galaxy Watch Active bands.

This top-rated third party straps for Galaxy Active Watch are different in style and color. However, each of them suits your daily needs. Whether you are looking for bands to wear on special occasion or bands that complement your smartwatch when adorned to a party, you will find that one here. This list covers leather bands, stainless steel bands, and sports bands.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Bands


Band Type


Kartice Replacement Steel Strap
Stainless Steel5.7” to 7.48”
VICARA Galaxy Watch Active Strap
Leather5.9″ to 7.8″
GOSETH Galaxy Watch Active Strap
Leather5.9” to 7.8”
Mangix Galaxy Watch Active Strap
Stainless Steel6.1” to 8”
Olytop Nylon Sport Strap
Nylon - Sports5.9″-8.1″
Bangyee Galaxy Watch Active Band
Sports5.5” to 8.1”
Hengkang Galaxy Watch Active Strap
Sports5.12″ to 7.87”

#1. Kartice Replacement Steel Strap

Kartice Replacement Steel Strap for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active replacement strap from Kartice is made up of high-quality resin. Every part of the strap is polished to deliver a premium look. The resin material is such that the more you use it, the better it gets. Moreover, its availability in a variety of colors enables you to change the strap as per your mood, outfit or the occasion.

This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active metal band features a stainless steel dual-fold clasp that locks your smartwatch securely. You can even install and remove the band quickly. Further, this strap is water-resistant and dust-proof. Hence, it easily withstands your everyday wear and tear use. The strap is adjustable and fits wrist size from 5.7” to 7.48”.

Price: $14.88
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#2. VICARA Leather Strap

VICARA Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Leather Strap

If you want to give a decent yet royal look to your newly bought smartwatch, here is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active leather band from VICARA. This band is made up of top-quality vintage leather that is soft to touch. Its lacquer finish provides durability whereas the stainless steel buckle adds to its beauty.

This brand is a unique blend of fashion and comfort. It will make your watch look elegant when worn on any occasion. The multiple holes on the band let you adjust the length according to your wrist. Moreover, you can easily install and remove it with the quick release pin adapters that you get along with this band. It fits a wrist size of 5.9″ to 7.8″.

Price: Price not available
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#3. GOSETH Genuine Leather Replacement Strap

GOSETH Galaxy Watch Active Genuine Leather Replacement Strap

The third-party leather strap from GOSETH is specifically designed to fit your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The handmade stitching along both edges and the exquisite craftsmanship showcased on it provides a classic look. Also, its durability, reliability, and flexibility are something that would entice you to get it.

As it is made up of 100% genuine leather, it offers a comfortable wearing experience. The stainless steel metal clasp buckle perfectly complements this band. It is suitable for men and women. You get this band in five classic colors. It is available for wrist size from 5.9” to 7.8”.

Price: $9.99
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#4. Mangix Stainless Steel Strap

Mangix Stainless Steel Strap for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for Women

Moving ahead on our list of best Samsung Galaxy Watch Active bands, next we have is an exclusively designed watch strap for women. It is made up of premium quality 316L stainless steel metal. Some artificial rhinestones are studded at both the ends to give it a fashionable and luxurious look.

This band comprises of five folding clasps on each side to offer maximum comfort. With the available band length, it fits wrist size from 6.1” to 8”. However, you can remove the clasp as required to resize the band as per your wrist size. Moreover, you won’t need any tools for removing a clasp.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Olytop Nylon Sport Strap

Olytop Nylon Sport Strap for Galaxy Watch Active

This 20mm wide strap for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active from Olytop depicts a beautiful combination of nylon and leather materials. It is durable and breathable. Besides, it feels soft against the skin. Hence, it improves airflow and offers you the comfort required to wear it all day long.

You can adorn this band while exercising, sleeping, walking or playing without any worries of getting it damaged. Moreover, when you feel like changing the band, you can do it in a snap with the provided spring bars. This band easily fits wrist size ranging from 5.9″-8.1″.

Price: $16.99
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#6. Bangyee Sport Band

Bangyee Sport Band for Galaxy Watch Active for Men

You can personalize your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active with the silicone sports strap available from Bangyee. It poses a refined strap with a breathable design. It is light in weight and robust in construction. This makes it a perfect fit to wear while undergoing any sports or outdoor activities.

This band fits any wrist size from 5.5” to 8.1”. However, you can adjust it as per your wrist. You also get a removal tool along with this band that enables you to adjust the size of the band quickly. It is available in many colors. You can pick the one that suits you the best.

Price: Price not available
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#7. Hengkang Sport Strap

hengkang Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Sport Strap

Hengkang brings a pack of three straps each of which differs in color. You can thus change the strap whenever you want with the quick release spring bars that you get along with this pack. You can match it with your outfit or the occasion you are heading to.

This band is made up of pure silicone and a flexible elastomer. Thus, it fits any wrist of size 5.12″ to 7.87″, and you can even adjust it. This band feels soft against skin and offers a comfortable fit. Hence, you can adorn it without any kind of irritation. Moreover, it is suitable for men as well as women.

Price: Price not available
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Which among the above listed some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch Active bands do you think will complement your smartwatch? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.


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