When it comes to smartwatches, Samsung Gear Sport outstands in the list of the smartwatches available on the market. Featuring 1.2” of a fantastic touchscreen display and a rotating bezel, this Android Wear smartwatch is available in two colours – Blue and Black. It’s fairly small and stylish look is kicking off the market. Well, why not? No one would hate to adorn a smartwatch that lets him/her carry smartphone/fitness tracker on the wrist. But, what if you aren’t a great fan of its straps? Thankfully, there is an option for this too – best Samsung Gear Sports Bands.

The third party replacement bands for Samsung Gear Sport listed here provide you with a variety of bands – be it their colours, style, or the material they are built of. Grab the ones that best suit your Gear Sport and the one that also goes with your style. You can then flaunt your Samsung Gear Sport in the most stylish bands wherever you go. To free you from the hassles of surfing the internet, we have compiled a list of 20mm size Gear sport watch bands that includes leather bands, stainless steel bands, silicone bands, metal bands, and sports bands.

Best Samsung Gear Sport Bands

Best Samsung Gear Sport Bands

Third Party Replacement Bands for
Samsung Gear Sport

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1. BARTON Leather Watch Band

BARTON 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

The Samsung Gear Sport leather band from Barton is designed with quick release spring bars. Match them with your watch’s lugs while fitting in the band. To change the band what you need to do is just slide the lever with your finger.

Built from top grain leather, this band is accompanied with a stainless steel buckle that perfectly complements the band. Available in a pull of colours, you can grab the ones that are your favourite so that you can acquaint your Samsung Gear Sport with the most stylish look.

Price: $24.00
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#2. Vitech Sport Style Watch Replacement Strap

ViTech 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

This replacement band from Vitech is specifically designed for your Gear S2 smartwatch. Replace your original band with this band and offer a modern look to your Android Wear.

Made from durable and sturdy materials, this band lasts for a long time. Moreover, the band is designed in such a way that you can adjust its length as per your wrist size.

Price: $9.99
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#3. WOCCI Vintage Leather Watch Strap

WOCCI 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

If you are a fan collecting vintage things, then this leather strap from WOCCI will be an ideal choice to make. Built from cowhide leather, it offers a perfect classy and vintage look to your Samsung Gear Sport.

This 20mm Samsung Gear Sport band is also available in different sizes like 18mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 22mm. The interesting thing about this band is that the colour of the band will change with its usage; hence offering it a perfect vintage look.

Price: $12.99
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#4. FanTEK Universal Smart Sport Band

FanTEK 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

The Samsung Gear Sport silicone band from FanTEK is stylish and modern. The design is such that it features properties like breathability and waterproof. Hence, you can adorn it for a long time without any irritation.

Further, you don’t require any type of tool to install or remove this band. Its availability in different striking colours let you replace it from time to time. You can have an individual strap for every occasion.

Price: $9.99
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#5. Fullmosa Genuine Leather Watch Strap

Fullmosa 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

Moving further on our list of cool bands, next we have the one from Fullmosa. This leather strap is amazingly designed with tailored stitches on both the sides which deliver an elegant look to your smartwatch.

Manufactured from superior quality of leather, this strap is refined, durable, and also comfortable to wear. Moreover, its quick release design makes it simple and easy to install and remove as well as replace them. Some experts can even do this with their finger. For those who can’t help with their finger, Fullmosa also provides a tool to meet your needs.

Price: $10.99
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#6. Moretek Smartwatch Replacement Strap

Moretek 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

Third-party bands for Gear Sport have always stolen the spotlight with its stunning designs and colours. Similar is the band from Moretek. Designed with a combination of dual colours, these bands offer a modern look to your Samsung Gear Sport.

Its textured back prevents it from slipping. The perforated holes offer comfort and breathability to the wearer. Further, the band is washable. It is just a perfect choice to make for people with active lifestyles and for those fitness fanatic folks.

Price: $10.99
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#7. CIVO Silicone Rupper Watch Band

CIVO 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

Are you looking for a strap with a simple design yet offers an elegant look? If yes, then the one from CIVO will end your search for sure.

This strap is perfect for your traditional as well as casual attire. Available in ample amount of colours, these straps provide you with the options to grab your favourite ones. The stainless steel buckle completes the look of the strap and the quick release bars offer easy installation.

Price: $11.66
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#8. Ritche Genuine Leather Replacement Band

Ritche 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

The Samsung Gear Sport leather band from Ritche presents an entirely different look to your smartwatch. It is soft in touch but won’t lose texture even after multiple uses. This band is 11 inches in length. Hence, you can wrap it around your wrist as per your need.

Both the sides of this band are equipped with same colours. The leather delivers rich look to your smartwatch and adds glam to your personality. It is soft against your skin, prevents it from slipping, and offers a comfortable wearing experience.

Price: $13.59
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#9. MoKo Stainless Steel Metal Strap

MoKo 20mm Samsung Gear Sport Bands

If you are a fan of classy looks, then MoKo has a perfect piece for you. The stainless steel strap bracelet offers a classy touch to your Samsung Gear Sport model.

Equipped with watch lugs on both ends, the band precisely fits in with the interface of the watch. You can even install and remove it in a snap. All these functionalities combine to make it the best replacement strap for Gear sport watch.

Price: $17.99
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Which of the above listed some of the best Samsung Gear Sport watch bands would you pick up for your Android Wear smartwatch? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.