Siri a virtual voice assistant, assists you to accomplish all your tasks – set reminders/alarms, add things to your shopping list, create a to-do list, find nearby restaurants, send an e-mail, text your friend, make a call, stream your favorite music, and much more – just by obeying your voice commands. It has now made its way to the set the headphones to streamline the entire process without using your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. In this article, we have listed some of the best Siri compatible headphones for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

These top-rated Siri enabled bluetooth headphones to empower you to access Siri just with a tap/push or two on the device’s panel without fumbling for your phone is just more than a boon. From a pool of headphones available on the market, choosing the right one can really be daunting. So, we have curated the best wireless headphones that work with Siri in this list of ours to help you pick the correct one.

Best Siri Compatible Headphones for iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, and Mac

#1. Apple AirPods Pro + Apple Care

Apple AirPods Pro

Battery Life:4.5 hours and 24 hours in charging case
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: Motion-detecting accelerometer, dual optical sensors, speech-detecting accelerometer.

If you are an Apple fan, go for the AirPods Pro and enjoy listening to your favorite songs with unbeatable audio quality. The improved sound drivers offer a mix of bass and ultimate clarity. Furthermore, the earbuds are comfortable to wear, and they hold your ear firmly,  won’t pop off even while running.

You can activate the Siri with your voice commands, and the virtual assistant will do whatsoever you want it to do. The best thing about these earbuds is the battery life, and you get a listening time of up to 4.5 hours, while the charging case stores 24 hours of juice to recharge the buds.

Further, you can control the settings with gestures so that you will get a truly hands-free experience. The beamforming microphone lets you attend voice and video calls. Also, the earbuds support noise-cancellation so that the in-call clarity will be fantastic.

Price: $197.00
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#2. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

Battery Life: up to 5 hours
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: accelerometer, dual beamforming microphones, dual optical sensors.

Dive into a robust and wireless music listening experience with the Apple AirPods. It is so small in size that you can easily slide it into your pocket and carry it wherever you go. The provided charging case not only keeps your AirPods juiced up but also prevents them from scratches and accidental bumps.

It depicts an intelligent design along with breakthrough technology in order to offer you crystal clear sound while attending or making calls. Moreover, you can activate Siri and get all your tasks done just with your voice. Ask Siri to add items in your to a shopping list or send a text to your friend. You don’t need to fumble for your phone every now and then.

Price: $66.99
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#3. Powerbeats Siri Earbuds

Apple AirPods
58,087 Reviews
Apple AirPods

Battery Life: 9 hours, 24 hours in the charging case
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: Extended range and fewer dropouts, connect quickly using the Apple W1 chip, water, and sweatproof.

PowerBeats is here with a pair of wireless headphones that are perfect for hitting the gym. The soft ear hooks keep the headphones sticking to your ears, and they won’t fall off in the course of running and exercising. The silicone tips rest inside your ears to offer stunning audio that carries rich bass and treble with excellent clarity.

Activating Siri is easy, as the earbuds have an Apple H1 chip for ultra-fast performance. You can do all your tasks without taking your phone out of your pocket or running a belt by calling Siri. Further, the earbuds support fast-fuel charging, just put them into the case for five minutes, and they are ready to rock.

All the controls are available on the earbuds, so you can play/pause the track or adjust the volume on the go.

Price: $199.95
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#4. Techsmarter Siri Compatible True Wireless Earbuds

Techsmarter Siri Compatible True Wireless Earbuds
24 Reviews
Techsmarter Siri Compatible True Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life: 4 hours, and 40 hours in the charging case
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features:Built-in dual microphones, IPX5 rated, Bluetooth 5.0.

Next in the list is a pair of affordable earbuds that offer superb audio quality and are quick to connect with your iPhone. Further, the earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 versions so that you can expect an interruption-free connection and a better wireless range. Whether you want to listen to music, watch movies, or attend calls, the earbuds are perfect for the task.

You can activate Siri just with a tap, and you will find other controls onboard such as play/pause and volume controls. The earbuds are compact and have a small ear hook that keeps them sticking to your ear that’s beneficial while running and jogging. 

Moreover, the earbuds are sweat and waterproof, so you can even use them when it is drizzling or raining.

Price: $24.99
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#5. Kurdene Small Siri Compatible Wireless Earbuds  

Kurdene Small Siri Compatible Wireless Earbuds
26,812 Reviews
Kurdene Small Siri Compatible Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life:6 hours, and 30 hours in charging case
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features:Bigger and dynamic drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 chip, Easy touch controls

Kurdene is here with wireless earbuds for the folks that love to workout no matter what. The smart design keeps the earbuds secure inside the ears even when you are performing high-impact activities. Further, the earbuds support touch controls, and you can perform a lot of things such as activating Siri and controlling the volume.

The headphones connect quickly with your iPhone, and you can listen to music or watch Netflix shows with mesmerizing audio quality. The best thing about these wireless earbuds is that they come with IPX8 certification, so they are resistant to sweat and water splashes.

The charging case has LED indicators that keep you updated about the current battery status, so you never miss charging the earbuds and the case.

Price: $25.99
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#6. Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Siri Headphones

Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Siri Headphones
3,271 Reviews
Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Siri Headphones

Battery Life:up to 22 hours
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features:Active Noise Cancellation, Fast-fuel charging, foldable

Get these over-ear headphones from Beat and fall in love with clean and stunning audio that will make you love your favorite music tracks much more than before. The soft cushioned cups are highly comfortable, and you can even wear the headphones for a prolonged time without getting tired.

Activating Siri is easier than ever when you have Beats Solo pro Wireless Headphones. Further, it features an Apple H1 chip for unbeatable performance, and the headphones respond quickly to your touch.

The headband is adjustable, and the gesture control lets you control the music settings on the go. Lastly, the headphones are sweat and splash resistant, so you can even use them while working out.

#7. Jabra Elite Active 65t Siri Enabled Headphones

Jabra Elite Active 65t Siri Headphones

Battery Life: 5 hours & 15 hours in charging case
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: 4-microphone system, accelerometer, rapid charging.

Jabra Elite Active 65t is among the best wireless earbuds among the top options if you need them for the workout. The small ear hooks offer ultimate stability, and the earbuds won’t pop off from your ear, so you can run without worrying about anything.  Connecting the earbuds is easy, and your iPhone will connect automatically after you pair them successfully for the first time.

The sound quality is phenomenal, as the earbuds feature bigger and improved sound drivers. From activating Siri to taking calls and adjusting the volume settings, you can do everything with a few clicks on the earbuds.

Furthermore, they are splash and sweat resistant, and the connectivity range is superb. In short, Jabra Elite Active 65t is perfect if you have an active lifestyle and need wireless headphones to complement it.

Price: $85.90
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#8. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Headphones That Work With Siri

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Battery Life: up to 20 hours
Headphone Fit: Over-ear
Additional Features: dual microphone system, volume-optimized equalizer.

Bose is here with a powerful contender that should be your choice if you don’t want to compromise the audio quality. The massive ear cups will cover your ears, and external noise won’t disturb you when you are submerged deeper into thoughts while listening to the soothing music tracks. Further, the adjustable headband makes the headphones much more comfortable, and your kids can also use them.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II comes with built-in Alexa, but you can also use Siri to do the tasks. The water resistance is great, and the headphones are suitable for use at the gym or while working out. Coming to the controls, then you will find these headphones convenient.

All the controls are available on your fingertips, so they are perfect for traveling and daily usage.

#9. New bee Siri Enabled Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

New Bee Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Battery Life: 70 hours (music), 80 hours (phone call), 240 days (standby)
Headphone Fit: Over-ear
Additional Features: on-headphones control, noise cancellation, wired & wireless mode.

This headphone can be for all-day listening. The protein leather earcups with soft padding offer you a comfortable wearing experience. Its adjustable headband fits any head size. In addition to these, its foldable design occupies a little space in your bag and enables you to carry it anywhere.

With Active Noise Cancellation technology, you can block the background noise whenever you wish. The inbuilt microphone system lets you make calls without holding your phone in hand. Moreover, it provides all the controls on the headphones itself – skips a track or moves backward, regulates the volume. You can double-click the play/pause button to activate Siri.

Price: Price not available
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#10. Paww WaveSound 3 Siri Compatible Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones w/Mic

Battery Life: 16 hours
Headphone Fit: Over-ear
Additional Features: Noise cancellation, foldable design, Bluetooth controls, high-quality audio.

If you have to travel long distances for your business meetings or you are an active traveler, then this Siri activated headphones from Paww is worth looking for. Featuring the most excellent and latest Bluetooth technology – Bluetooth 5.0 – it ensures faster connectivity in comparison to others.

You can hook them in the viewing system of an Airplane while traveling or plug it into your laptop, tablet or smartphone to enjoy entertainment to the fullest. You also get a carrying case along with these headphones to store them conveniently.

Moreover, it lets you connect multiple devices at the same time. You can attend to essential calls while still being connected to other devices. If needed, invoke Siri with your voice and get your tasks done.

Price: $99.99
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#11. TREBLAB X5 Siri Supported Wireless Earbuds

TREBLAB X5 - High-End Bluetooth Earbuds

Battery Life: 6 hours + 4 hours (in charging case)
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: noise cancellation, 33 feet Bluetooth range, built-in mic.

Next, on our list is the Siri compatible wireless earphones from TREBLAB. They are compact in size, feature an ergonomic design, and are durable. Its optimized shape and multi-sized ear gels provide a snug fit.

The integrated microphone and noise cancellation technology combine to allow you to make calls with a clear sound. With its crisp beryllium sound, you can immerse into your favorite music. Moreover, its wireless design and sweat-proof, as well as water-resistant properties, make it an ideal choice for active runners or gym enthusiasts. You can charge it on-the-go with its charging case.

Price: $59.97
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#12. Beats Solo3 Siri Compatible Wireless Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Battery Life: up to 40 hours
Headphone Fit: On-ear
Additional Features: Apple W1 technology, foldable design, a wide range of colors.

Activate Siri on your Bluetooth headphones and make life easier. Boasting 40 hours of battery life, these headphones from Beats are designed to offer you the best quality listening experience. Its comfort-cushion ear cups buffer the outside noise so that you can focus on what you want to listen to.

Developed with Fast Fuel charging, it provides playback of 3 hours in just a 5-minute charge. Its bold style and streamline design deliver optimum comfort and high-quality sound. You can even fold them for easy transport.

Price: Price not available
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#13. BMHNOONE Waterproof Earphones for Siri

BMHNOONE Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life: up to 8 hours
Headphone Fit: In-ear, Behind-ear, Over-ear
Additional Features: microphone system, stereo sound, 10 meters connection range.

Featuring the Siri function, these wireless headphones offer you the privilege to control your tasks right with your voice. It enables you to roam freely without accessing your phone. Furthermore, you can connect two phones simultaneously with these headphones.

It enhances your music listening experience with deep bass and crisp sound quality. Also, its sweat-proof and waterproof design makes it a perfect wearable for camping, hiking, cycling, running, jogging, and other outdoor activities. You also get a free armband on the purchase of these headphones.

Price: Price not available
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#14. SharkTech Siri Supported Bluetooth 5.0 Headset

SharkTech True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Charging Case

Battery Life: up to 4 hours
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: Bluetooth 5.0, dual HD mic, 15 meters strong signal.

You can now get free from the hassles of tangling wires with the wireless earbuds from Spacebuds. With support for virtual voice assistant Siri, it lets you perform all your tasks while keeping your hands absolutely free. You can listen to your much-loved tracks, make phone calls with uninterrupted sound, and ask Siri to give you the required information.

It offers instant Bluetooth pairing. Just power it on, and you are all good to go. Further, its ergonomic design makes it stay in your ear no matter what you are indulged in. From work to workouts, it is a perfect choice to make.

Price: Price not available
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#15. MoKo Siri Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

MoKo Wireless Neckband With Mic

Battery Life: up to 9 hours
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: built-in magnet, mic, pairing with 2 Bluetooth devices at a time.

Moving on to our list of headphones that work with Siri, we have one from MoKo as well. With a neckband design and steady Bluetooth signal, it is designed to deliver a complete performance. It is light in weight, and the contoured neckband ensures a snug fit. Moreover, its HD sound quality delivers pleasing sound. You can even answer or hang up calls and switch between music and phone calls easily while keeping your hands free.

The integrated magnet on the earplugs attracts the earpieces when not in use. The earpieces attach around your neck and prevent accidental slipping. Its waterproof design makes it a perfect fit for your active lifestyle. Sweat or rain won’t stop you from using them.

Price: Price not available
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#16. HUSSAR Wireless Headphones That Work With Siri

HUSSAR Best Sports Earbuds with Mic

Battery Life: up to 12 hours
Headphone Fit: In-ear
Additional Features: waterproof, microphone system.

For your active lifestyle, here are the perfect Siri compatible wireless headphones from HUSSAR. With HD sound quality, AptX lossless audio support, and noise suppression technology; these headphones are one of the best to buy.

With its Super button, you can activate Siri and get your work done. Moreover, its ergonomic design and 360-degree adjustable ear hooks offer a secure and comfortable fit for your everyday use.

Price: Price not available
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