Best Smart Alarm Clocks: Clocks That Will Wake You Up In The Coolest Way

All of us wake up with the ticking of an alarm – whether with the traditional alarm or an alarm set on your phone. They wake up us at the exact time thus helping us to reach our school, college, or office on time. Thinking of life without alarms would seem like a fish without water! Well, there are a variety of smart digital alarm clocks available on the market that will wake you up in the coolest way. Today, in this article of mine, I have covered up some of the best smart alarm clocks.

Bored with the traditional alarms? Below listed are the top rated alarm clocks that are designed with the most advanced technology. These smart alarm clocks are specifically designed to enhance your wake-up routine. Each one is different from the other. Some of them are best alarm clock while others are sleep monitoring alarm clocks that wake you up as per the various modes set. Well, here is the handpicked list of cool smart alarm clocks.

Best Smart Alarm Clocks

Best Smart Alarm Clocks

Smart Alarm Clocks

Amazon Echo Spot
WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock
Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Alarm Clock
Vobot Smart Alarm Clock with Amazon Alexa
Homtime Alarm Clock
WamGra All in 1 Alarm Clock
Electrohome Alarm Clock
Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

#1. Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot Best Alarm Clocks

The Amazon Echo Spot comes in such a minimalistic design that you can fit it anywhere in your house. It connects to your personal voice assistant Alexa. Thus, you can set alarm with your voice.

Moreover, you can even ask the Spot to play your favorite track, read the news, and control your smart home. You can even ask Alexa to turn on/off the lights, lock your doors, and control your electronic appliances. You can connect its built-in speaker with other speakers and enjoy play-time in different rooms.

Price: $129.99
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#2. WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock

WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock Speaker

WITTI brings to you the best sunrise alarm clock which wakes you up naturally with the sunrise simulating wake-up light. It poses 2 USB charging ports through which you can even charge your smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, the integrated Spotify and the premium quality of Bluetooth speakers enable you to enjoy your favorite tracks to the fullest. This Alexa enabled alarm clock can talk to your WeMo switch to operate your customized smart home appliances. It even lets you set up to 4 alarms at a time. Also, its white noise generator lets you sleep peacefully with your favorite white noise.

Price: $98.00
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#3. Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Alarm Clock

Philips brings to you the light up alarm clock that features a light therapy lamp. This lamp helps you improve your sleep, energy, and even your mood. The best part about this wake-up light from Philips is that it is clinically proven that this alarm clock wakes you up while feeling extremely refreshed.

The colored sunrise simulation alarm clock wakes you up with a natural light and 5 calming wake-up sounds. With 10 brightness settings, you can even use this alarm clock for reading books in the dark.

Price: $97.50
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#4. Vobot Smart Alarm Clock with Amazon Alexa

Vobot Smart Alarm Clock with Amazon Alexa

Extremely unique in design, sleek in texture, and with beautiful patterns, this smart alarm clock from Vobot is something you would desire to have. This Alexa enabled alarm clock can set alarm, provide the information you ask for, read audio books and news, and even let you order a pizza.

Since it is tap-initiated, you can control everything with a single tap. Moreover, the in-built speaker lets you stream music from Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. The best part about this smart alarm clock is its ability to control your home appliances with your voice.

Price: $47.80
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#5. Homtime Alarm Clock

Homtime Multi-functional Alarm Clock

With 3.2” LCD display, this top rated alarm clock displays timings in large fonts. Hence, you can easily read them in daylight as well as at night. Equipped with snooze option, it lets you add a few extra minutes to your sleep if you want to sleep a bit more.

It functions on an AAA battery; thus it ensures you to restore the timings in case of power failure. The front panel facilitates 2 USB charging ports that let you charge your devices. Further, it can even be categorized as a thermostat alarm clock that displays room temperature on the LCD screen located on the front panel.

Price: $33.99
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#6. WamGra All in 1 Alarm Clock

WamGra All in 1 Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp and Alarm Clock

This beautifully designed best smart alarm clocks features 4 functions: Bluetooth speaker, touch sensor LED lamp, digital alarm clock, and MP3 Player.

Its Bluetooth compatibility lets you connect any of your Bluetooth devices easily and at the faster speed. With AUX input and flash drive or microSD card input, you can use this alarm clock as MP3 Player to have a fun time while enjoying your favorite music.

With 3 levels of brightness and a classic design, it serves as one of the best table lamps for kids as well as adults. Its portable nature lets you carry it wherever you wish to.

Price: $33.99
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#7. Electrohome Alarm Clock

Electrohome EAAC601 Alarm Clock with FM Radio

It is one of the best radio alarm clock that Electrohome has for you. With built-in FM/AM radio with digital tuning, you can enjoy your favorite tracks. The AUX input even lets you plug in your iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, or your smartphone.

This light alarm clock features a crystal clear 3.6” blue LCD display that can be dimmed to adjust the level of brightness as per your preference. Designed with advanced SelfSet technology, this clock automatically displays the correct date and time. It restores your alarm settings even after power loss.

Price: $29.99
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#8. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

Emerson CKS1800 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio

This bedroom alarm clock can also be used as a piece of home décor due to its beautiful aesthetics. Equipped with in-built radio, you can tune into your favorite FM/AM channels to listen to your favorite tracks.

Suppose, you want to take a power nap in the noon and want to wake up after half an hour. You can set the timer on this clock and it will wake you up. Moreover, its 9” LED display shows you the perfect timings, date, and year. While traveling from one time zone to the other, it even facilitates you to set the time zone.

Price: $27.99
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