Best Smart Light Bulbs For Google Home in 2017

Google Home is all set to make your smart home smarter. It is specifically designed to help you set reminders, prepare schedules, manage to-do lists, and answer your questions. Its main aim is to control your smart home easily. Keeping that in mind, here is a smart home device that works well with your Google Home. In this article of ours, we have collected some of the best smart light bulbs for Google Home.

The best Google Home light bulbs listed here lets you adjust the lighting of your smart home the way you want to. You can even have a control over these bulbs even while you are away from your home. Some of them even let you set different lightings as per the mood you want to create. Well, there is a lot more to know about these smart bulbs. Plunge into this list of best smart light bulbs for Google Home and explore more about them.

Best Smart Light Bulbs For Google Home

#1. TP-Link

TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb for Google Home

The wifi light bulb from TP-Link does not require any hub to operate. It works with your Wi-Fi router. With 600 lumens of brightness, this bulb provides dimmable white light. You can customize the lighting as per your mood.

You can even set schedules, timers, and countdowns so that you can have your light working even when you are not around. What you are required to do is connect your light to your smartphone or tablet via Kasa app and you can operate it from wherever you are.

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#2. Philips Hue

Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb for Google Home

Philips brings to you the best smart LED bulb that let you control your lights even when you are away from your home. With Philips Hue App, set schedules such that you never come home to a dark house.

It is as easy to install as ordinary bulbs. You can pair it up with Hue Bridge and then control all the smart bulb equipped lamps and lights in your house. For expanding your home lighting system, you even have the options to bring other accessories like Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue Tap, or the Hue Motion Sensor.

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#3. Sengled

Sengled Element Dimmable Smart Light Bulbs for Google Home

Looking for smart light bulbs for Google Assistant? Here is the one from Sengled to suffice your needs. It uses Zigbee HA 1.2.1 protocol so as to ensure you about its better connectivity as compared to other ordinary bulbs with Wi-Fi connection.

Further, these smart light bulbs are designed to use 80% less energy than other 60W bulbs. They come with Energy Star Certification. Thus, it can be the most economical choice to make for your house’s lighting system. You even get 100% satisfaction guarantee on the purchase of this bulb from Sengled.

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LOHAS Smart Multicolored LED Bulb for Google Home

Want to make your house’s lighting colorful? If yes, you can do it with a single lamp. LOHAS has color changing light bulbs that can serve your purpose. With 16 million color options ranging from 2000k to 9000k, it allows you to choose different colors so that it suits your mood and your house’s environment.

It works with your Wi-Fi or a cellular traffic, which in turn is controlled by an app on your smartphone. Hence, it can easily be operated even while not at home. Get back to your house with the atmosphere you want to.

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UPSTONE Smart WiFi LED Bulb for Google Home

The best part about these Google Home compatible bulbs from UPSTONE is that they don’t require any hub to function. What you need to do is connect your smart bulb through an app to your smartphone and control it from wherever you are. It even lets you operate a group of smart bulbs all from one place.

These bulbs are easy to install, easy to handle, and even more easy to activate. It offers about 16,000,000 colors so as to set the lighting as per your mood. For example, you can adjust it to dim light when you want to have romantic dinner with your loved one.

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#6. Geeni

Geeni Lux 800 A19 Smart Wi-Fi LED Dimmable White Bulb for Google Home

Make your home even smarter with the smart lighting system from Geeni. This 60-Watt smart bulb comes with an in-built Wi-Fi and does not require any hub for its operation.

With 800 lumens and 2700K, this bulb can be dimmed to whatever extent you want to. You can control these bulbs right from your smartphone; irrespective of the place you are. You can set different schedules so that the light turns on and off automatically.

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Which among the above listed some of the best smart light bulbs for Google Home would you like to buy for your smart home? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.