Best Smart Plug For Alexa of 2017

The optimal use of smart home automation appliances to transform your sweet house into a smart home is the latest trend in the market. A range of smart gadgets from Amazon are the trendsetters of the smart tech home. With an intelligent voice service like the Amazon Alexa, you get varied horizons to make your home smart. For newbies, it would be quite an overwhelming experience. So, to make the most out of your Alexa devices, you must integrate them with the best smart plug for Alexa available in the market.

Owning the Alexa compatible smart plugs is a good start for a beginner to initiate utilizing the Alexa services. Available at affordable prices, these smart plugs come with a sleek design. They perfectly fit into your regular wall charger points. To enhance its use, you can even operate them using a remote control. Here is a list of some of the best smart plug for Alexa.

Best Smart Plug For Alexa

#1. TP-Link Smart Plug

TP-Link Smart Plug for Alexa

These Amazon Echo compatible smart plugs from TP-Link are compact in size so as to fit in the standard sized wall outlet. You can remotely access all your devices connected to the smart plug when you are in the internet zone – whether in your house or at your office. This is possible with the Kasa app on your smartphone.

You can even set schedule with the smart plug so that it can control your devices automatically. For instance, you can schedule it to turn on or turn off your devices automatically recognizing its use.

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#2. WeMo Mini Smart Plug

WeMo Mini Smart Plug for Alexa

The Mini Smart Plug from WeMo is the best Wi-Fi smart plug that neither requires a hub nor any kind of subscription for its operation. You just need to plug in the WeMo Mini smart plug into an electric outlet, connect your device to it, download the free Wemo app on your smartphone or tablet, and wirelessly control your smart home devices.

Its compact size lets you plug it into the electrical socket without blocking other nearby outlets. Moreover, you can even plug in your 2nd device with the WeMo plug with its additional socket and that too with the same power outlet.

It lets you set schedules and timers. For example, the ‘away’ mode will turn on and off the plugged in lights randomly so that it will create an illusion as if you are at home while you are actually away.

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#3. WeMo Switch Smart Plug

WeMo Switch Smart Plug for Alexa

With a sleek design, it is the best smart plug for Amazon Echo, your other Alexa devices, and even with the Nest Thermostat. When you pair it with your Alexa devices, it offers you hands-free voice control to operate your home appliances.

You can control your home from wherever you are with this smart home automation tool. It lets you schedule your lights, fans, or other devices plugged into it directly from your smartphone. Furthermore, it even automatically turns off your appliances. Suppose, you accidentally left an iron on and went outside for some work. With WeMo, you can be at peace as it will turn off your iron automatically.

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#4. Koogeek Smart Plug

Koogeek Smart Plug for Alexa

This one from Koogeek has made its place in the list of best smart plugs 2017. With its Koogeek Home app, this smart plug is compatible with the Apple HomeKit. That is, it responds to your Siri. Hence, you can control your home now from your iPhone or iPad with this smart plug.

Designed with energy consumption monitoring, it helps you see how much power is consumed or know how much power your electronics consume on an average. Moreover, you can even set different schedules to automatically control your devices while at home or away.

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#5. D-Link Smart Plug

D-Link Smart Plug for Alexa

The D-Link smart plug can be affixed in the Wi-Fi plug socket. Thus, it won’t require any hub for its operation. You can simply plug it into the socket, connect your device, and enjoy its functions with your Wi-Fi network.

Along with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices, you can even pair this smart plug with IFTTT-enabled devices. The mydlink Home app creates a more secure and smart home automation system while you are away letting you control your home appliances right from your smartphone.

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#6. Etekcity Smart Plug Mini Outlet

Etekcity Smart Plug Mini Outlet for Alexa

This Alexa compatible smart plug outlet lets you keep a track of the power consumed by your electronics via the VeSync app. It can operate in the Wi-Fi networks as well as your cellular networks. You can operate all your home devices with this smart plug even those that don’t have on/off switch.

By setting different schedules for your electronics when you are at home and while being away, this smart plug handles them efficiently. This can reduce the power wastage and as a consequence, you will save on your power bills.

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