There can be nothing safer than a working fire alarm in your home. Its sharp sound is loud enough to wake you up in case there is a fire or smoke in your house. You and your loved ones can escape on time and reach a safe place. These carbon monoxide detectors are even designed to send an alert to your smartphone whenever it detects some unusual activity in the house. With the best smart smoke detectors, whether you are in your office or on holiday, you can contact either the fire extinguishers or your neighbor to have a check in case of anything amiss.

Here in this list of top rated smart smoke detectors, you will find some wireless and wired carbon monoxide detectors from Nest protector, Kidde, First Alert, Halo, and many more good brands.

Best Smart Smoke Detectors

Best Smart Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoxide Detector in 2019

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Onelink Safe & Sound By First Alert
Nest Protector Smoke Detector
Kidde Smoke Detector
First Alert Dual-Sensor Smoke Alarm
Kidde Hardwired Smoke Alarm
First Alert Smoke Alarm
First Alert Wireless Smoke Alarm
First Alert Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
Onelink Smoke Detector Works With Alexa and HomeKit
Halo Smart Labs Smoke Alarm Works With Alexa
Leeo Smart Alert Smoke
First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Smoke Detector

The Onelink Safe & Sound is a combo device which can act as smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector and also it has a powerful speaker. Moreover, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit.

The device is built with photoelectric smoke sensors and electrochemical carbon monoxide detectors. It will warn you of danger with an 85-decibel alarm and voice alert.

The ceiling placement of the speaker enhance the look and give you crisp vocals and deep rich bass in the room. You can install it easily by using AC adapter plugs which are already included in the box.

You can also talk to Alexa and ask to play music, check weather and control Alexa compatible smart home device. The device can also play Audible audiobooks and radio stations.


  • Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa Enabled Smoke Detector.
  • In-built Speaker.
  • OneLink Home App send mobile notifications.


  • You can control all your Alexa and HomeKit compatible smart home devices.
  • Use it as a standard Bluetooth speaker.
  • 10 Years Battery Backup.


  • Not Compatible with Google Assistant (Google Home).
  • App has a basic feature such as you can turn on the Bluetooth, turn off the Alexa microphone, or change the color of the lighted ring found on the center of the device.

Price: $233.99
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#2. Nest Protector

Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This one from Nest is the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Though carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, it is competent enough to tell you where it is rising. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and it will send you an alert on your smartphone irrespective of the place you are.


  • Energy saving
  • Readable display
  • Wireless


  • Its split spectrum sensor enables it to work even faster. That is, it uses two wavelengths to detect for both – slow burning and fast burning areas.
  • It even alerts you if your toasts start burning.


  • Its bracket size won’t fit all electronic boxes.

Price: $118.98
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#3. Kidde Battery-Operated Smoke Detector

Kidde Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning

Equipped with dual sensor smoke alarm with carbon monoxide, this battery-operated detector is an ideal one to have. Its 2-in-1 smart voice alarm sends you two alert messages – “Fire!” and “Warning!”


  • Dual sensor smoke alarms
  • Battery-operated
  • Sends alert messages


  • Its smart hush functionality allows you to turn off the alarms whenever you want through the provided hush button.
  • It also poses the Test / Reset button, LEDs, and low battery warning indicator so that you can easily charge it up at the proper time.
  • Different lights will glow indicating individual alerts.


  • None.

Price: $24.75
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#4. First Alert Dual-Sensor Smoke Alarm

First Alert SA320CN Dual-Sensor Smoke and Fire Alarm

This dual sensor smoke alarm from First Alert is either made in the USA or is imported. These dual sensors can detect smoke from both – smoldering fires and flaming fires. Thus, it keeps you safe in any situation.


  • Intelligent sensing technology
  • Detects flaming and smoldering fires
  • Dual sensors


  • It is developed to reduce false alarms. That is, it won’t send you an alert if it detects smoke due to cooking.
  • It has an 85-decibel loud alarm which can be heard easily from anywhere in your house.
  • Its single test/silence button enables you to operate it easily.


  • There are chances that some part of photoelectric and ionization units may stop working after a long time.

Price: $17.58
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#5. Kidde Hardwired Smoke Alarm

Kidde i4618 Firex Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

The front-loading battery door makes it easy for you to simply change the battery. Its low battery indicator enables you to easily locate the chirping unit. You can then change the battery and it’s ready to operate.


  • Red LED flashes
  • Low battery indicator
  • False alarm control


  • This detector can also be integrated with other Firex smoke alarms and heat alarms in your house that are compatible with it.
  • It also has the functionality to control false alarm by silencing unwanted alarms for up to 8 minutes.
  • The red LED light flashes until you reset it.


  • You need to buy the adapter separately for this smoke detector.

Price: $11.99
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#6. First Alert Smoke Alarm

First Alert BRK 3120B Hardwire Dual Photoelectric and Ionization Sensor Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

First Alert brings to you the best photoelectric smoke alarm that offers you comprehensive fire detection solutions. It includes a battery backup in order to cope with power outages.


  • Hardwired
  • Photoelectric and ionization smoke alarm
  • Battery backup


  • It features two tabs on the top of the battery drawer. What you require to do is just press the tab and the battery will be ejected.
  • Its two latching system indicates a low battery alert or an originating alarm in a system.
  • Its Optipath 360 patented technology enables it to detect smoke from all angles.


  • None.

Price: $30.09
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#7. First Alert Wireless Smoke Alarm

First Alert SA511CN2-3ST Interconnected Wireless Smoke Alarm with Voice Location

It is a battery-operated and interconnected wireless smoke alarm that uses voice commands to alert you regarding any amiss in your house. It makes use of photoelectric sensing technology.


  • Battery-operated
  • Voice location
  • Low battery indicator


  • The low battery indicator notifies you when the battery needs to be changed or charged.
  • The convenient pullout battery drawer provides you with a convenient solution to change the battery.
  • You even get 10 years of the warranty period on the purchase of this smoke detector.


  • Though it comes in a set of two, it is costly.

Price: $71.16
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#8. First Alert Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

First Alert SMOKE1000-3 Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 3 Pack

This is one of the best photoelectric smoke alarms that come in a minimalistic size. It is approximately 62% smaller as compared to other standard smoke detectors available on the market.


  • Photoelectric smoke sensor
  • Safe mounting system
  • Resist nuisance alarms


  • Its photoelectric sensor accurately detects smoke or fire in your house and also works to reduce nuisance alarms.
  • Its alarming sound is as loud as 85-decibels.
  • Its SafeMount system prevents the alarm from being installed in case it is without a battery.
  • The single test/silence button enables you to turn off the sensors while you are cooking.


  • The unit might fail under certain circumstances.

Price: $74.95
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#9. First Alert Onelink Smoke Detector Works With Alexa and HomeKit

First Alert Onelink Smoke Detector

You can now receive notifications or alerts whenever there is a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency in your house. It works well with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Hence, you can integrate the alarm with your voice.


  • Works with Alexa and HomeKit
  • 10 years battery backup
  • Easy setup and installation


  • You get an adapter with this smoke alarm which makes its installation easy.
  • With 10 years of battery backup, you don’t have to replace the battery every now and then.


  • None.

Price: $119.95
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#10. Halo Smart Labs Smoke Alarm Works With Alexa

Halo Smart Labs Alarm Compatible with Alexa

Built with sensor technology, it can detect both – slow and fast burning fires and carbon monoxide. It even provides you with alerts on your smartphone no matter where you are. What you require doing is downloading the app.


  • Amazon Alexa Compatible.
  • Safe and smart
  • Gives alerts
  • Reliable


  • Featuring 10 years of battery, you can be free from the hassles of getting a new alarm or replacing the battery.
  • It can detect carbon monoxide, slow fire, and even fast fire.
  • It will connect to Samsung SmartThings Hub.


  • You cannot swap out the battery.

Price: $129.00
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#11. Leeo Smart Alert Smoke

Leeo Smart Alert Smoke

Leeo’s smart alert alarm is competent to monitor your existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. It also sends you alerts on your smartphone if it goes off. If you don’t respond, it contacts your friends or family members.


  • Personalize color
  • Provides local emergency services
  • Send alerts


  • You can adjust the night light manually.
  • IFTTT Compatible.
  • You can plug it and it automatically connects to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • It offers you with local emergency service phone numbers wherever you are.


  • It cannot operate without Wi-Fi.

Price: $529.41
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