There can be nothing safer than a working fire alarm in your home. Its sharp sound is loud enough to wake you up in case there is a fire or smoke in your house. You and your loved ones can escape on time and reach a safe place. These carbon monoxide detectors are even designed to send an alert to your smartphone whenever it detects some unusual activity in the house. Here in this article, we are going to review a few best smart smoke detectors available in the market right now.

Here in this list of top rated smart smoke detectors, you will find some wireless and wired carbon monoxide detectors from Nest protector, Kidde, First Alert, and many more good brands. The article also contains Apple Homekit enabled smoke detector, Alexa compatible smoke detector and Google Home supported smoke detector. So without any further ado, let’s explore the features of the best smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Best Smart Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoxide Detector

Onelink Safe and Sound By First Alert

The smoke and carbon monoxide alarm from First Alert keeps your home safe by informing you if there is a fire. You will receive an alert in the Onelink Home App no matter wherever you are. The App allows you to check the carbon monoxide levels and personalize the smoke detector as a night lamp.

This carbon monoxide detector is equipped with voice and location technology. It alerts you of danger with its 85-decibel alarm and voice alert. Moreover, it will also send you mobile notifications via the App.

This hardwired smoke detector easily replaces your current alarm without any requirement of rewiring. Further, you can also use this smoke detector as a home speaker by fixing it on your ceiling to enhance the speaker’s audio quality. It delivers a crisp sound with deep and rich bass. Thus, you can enjoy partying with your friends or family members.

One more application that this smoke detector offers is Alexa-enabled functionalities. You can talk to your personal voice assistant Alexa and get your tasks done. Ask Alexa to play music, and it will do so. You can hear the news, ask about the outside weather, control your smart home appliances, and do a lot more with its Alexa skills. This Alexa enabled smart smoke detector even streams songs from platforms like Pandora, Spotify, Music, and more.

With the in-built microphone, this alarm also lets you make calls and set up a two-way conversation. It is efficient enough to hear your voice even when the music is on. The LED lights on the alarm indicating that AC power is being received. It comes with ten years of battery backup. If you find the LEDs off, then your alarm is working on battery backup.

Price: $201.40
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#2. Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Nest Protector Smoke Detector

Nest brings the best smart smoke detector that notifies you about the danger verbally. Yes, it speaks to you. There is a Split-Spectrum sensor incorporated into the fire alarm that tests itself and provides longevity to the alarm, i.e. works for decades.

Apart from sending alerts on your smartphone when you are away, this alarm has a human voice that provides you with an early warning. Let’s say; something is burning in your kitchen, maybe bread or popcorn. Then, it will warn you by saying “Heads up; there is smoke in the kitchen.” Thus, it provides location-specific voice alerts.

If there is even a little smoke in your house, you will receive an alert. You can hush this alarm to silent mode directly from the Nest App. Each member of your family can know what’s happening in a home using the Nest App. In case of emergency, each member with the account will receive alerts.

You can also free yourself from getting disturbed by the chirping sound of the alarm when the battery is low by receiving a message on your phone. Moreover, the Safety Checkup feature lets you test all your alarms with just a single tap.

This smart smoke detector even lights up your way as you walk beneath it at night. It comes with a ‘Steam is not Smoke’ function which detects humidity via sensor so that you can enjoy a quiet shower. The lifetime of this smoke and carbon monoxide detector is 10 years and it has six long-life batteries. This smart smoke detector work with Google Home, Nest, Nexia, Vera, and Wink.

Price: $99.95
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#3. X-Sense Smart Alert Smoke/CO Remote Alarm Monitor

X-Sense Smart Alert Smoke

The Wi-Fi smoke detector from X-Sense does not require any wiring to function. What you need to do is just plug it into the electric board and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. It is all set to warn you of the dangers.

Besides sending you alerts in case of smoke in your home, this alarm also keeps track of existing fire alarms 24/7. It provides you with emergency service contact numbers near your locality so that you can take help from them. Nevertheless, if you do not respond to the alerts that it has sent you on the phone, it calls your family members or friends as a step towards safety.

You can also use this smoke detector as a nightlight either by adjusting the brightness manually or from your phone. It helps you walk easily at night across the room. Further, it offers you 16 million color options, and you can select any of them via IFTTT.

This alarm works only with iPhone 10 or later running iOS 8+ and Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and running 4.3+.

Price: Price not available
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#4. First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

This carbon monoxide detector is equipped with photoelectric smoke sensing technology. This fire alarm is developed to detect smoke particles caused by soldering fire. Besides, its electrochemical CO sensor detects the level of carbon monoxide in your house. Thus, it warns you against smoke/fire and carbon monoxide.

Its photoelectric smoke sensor is smart enough to reduce false alarms that are caused while cooking or having a steam shower.

This Z-Wave smoke detector is compatible with Nexia, Ring Home Security System, Z-Wave hub and other Z-Wave alarms. Moreover, its in-built wireless system is compatible with Iris so that it can send you alerts on your smartphone as well as email id. Thus, you can learn about the danger at your house whether you are at home or away.

It comes with an 85-decibel alarm and a test/silence button. As it is battery-operated, it features a side access door and a tamper-proof battery drawer. Thus, you can easily change the batteries when required. You also get some pins to lock the alarm to the mounting bracket for secure installation.

Price: $39.99
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#5. ANKA Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm SC05CN

ANKA Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm SCO5CN

Protect your home from smoke, fire or increased carbon monoxide with the best photoelectric smoke detector from ANKA. It boasts an electrochemical CO sensing technology and a photoelectric sensor that combines to safeguard your home against unwanted accidents. It also minimizes false alarms. To put a false alarm on silent mode, you need to press the test/silence button provided at its back.

This carbon monoxide detector is battery-operated. Hence, you will receive alerts even when there is a power failure. Since it is battery-operated, you can install it in a snap without any need for expertise.

It poses an end-of-life signal chirp, i.e. it signals you when you require changing the battery. You can easily do it with the provided battery-access drawer without taking off the alarm from the ceiling.

In addition to all these functionalities, this smoke alarm features indicator lights on its front side. These lights make you aware of the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide. Additionally, it also sends voice signals with its 85-decibel alarm.

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#6. Ecoey Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Ecoey Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Ecoey brings a pack of three wireless smoke detectors that are battery-operated. Its battery offers power for continuously one year. The SmartclipTM secure mounting system prevents you from installing the alarm without inserting the battery.

These fire alarms are 62% smaller in size as compared to other standard smoke alarms available on the market. Just make sure to place this smoke detector on the ceiling at least 10 feet from the kitchen/stove. Moreover, You need to attach them to the mounting bracket and twist them to lock them in place securely. That’s it. Your alarm is all set to alert you of the dangers ahead.

It features an 85-decibel alarm that is loud enough to wake up even the soundest sleepers. Furthermore, it is equipped with a dual function button – test/silence. With this button, you can test the alarm as well as hush it to silent mode in case of false alerts with just a single touch. The flashing LED lights also help to alert you in case of an emergency.

These cool smoke detectors are built with photoelectric sensing technology. Thus, they detect the fire/smoke accurately and lessens nuisance alarms caused by cooking or steam shower.

Price: $75.00
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#7. Kidde 21026043 Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector

Kidde 21026043 Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector

Here is the best carbon monoxide detector from Kidde. It combines fire and CO protection into a single alarm. Equipped with a voice alert feature, this carbon monoxide alarm is battery-operated. Hence, your home remains protected even in case of power failures.

Whenever any smoke or fire is detected in the house, alarm announces “Fire”. In the case of carbon monoxide detection, it announces “Warning Carbon Monoxide”. It also announces “Low Battery”. It sends voice announcements like “Hush Mode Activated” or “Hush Mode Cancelled” when the hush feature detects any false alarms. When it detects CO level of 100ppm or higher, it sends “Carbon Monoxide previously detected” voice alert to aware you.

It features an 85-decibel alarm at 10 feet, Test/Reset button, and LED lights to add to its warning signals. It also detects the level of humidity ranging from 10 to 95% with its humidity sensor.

Moreover, you can install it in any part of your house. Remember that the battery door won’t shut if the battery is not properly installed.

Price: $39.09
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#8. Kidde Battery Operated Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarm

Kidde Battery Operated Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarm

The interconnected smoke alarm from Kidde offers wireless installation. Thus, you can free yourself from the mess of long cords and tangling wires. Whenever any of the connected alarm sounds, the rest will also sound automatic.

This smoke alarm is developed with wireless technology that uses radiofrequency to receive as well as transmit hazard alerts across your house. It also includes an Ionization sensor that adds great value to this alarm. This sensor is efficient enough to detect even the invisible fire particles faster as compared to photoelectric sensors.

Moreover, as it is battery-operated, you don’t have to rewire your house. You can even place this alarm in a workshop outside your house and interconnect it with your home’s alarms. This alarm works on your home’s electricity.

Its smart hush feature is powerful enough to desensitize the alarm circuit for up to 8 minutes. You can use this feature in case of false nuisance alarms like the one when you are cooking or having a steam shower. However, the alarm silences automatically, if the smoke is not too dense.

It also features a red LED light that flashes every 10 seconds to assure you that the alarm is working effectively. You can test the circuit of the alarm and the horn timely with the Test/Reset button.

Price: $38.35
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#9. First Alert Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke BRK SC7010BV

First Alert Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke BRK SC7010BV

We have one more smoke and carbon monoxide detector from First Alert on this list of ours. This wired smoke detector boasts voice and location technology to send you accurate alerts when any danger is detected in your home.

With its human-friendly voice, it tells you if the danger is due to smoke, fire, or an increase in carbon monoxide levels. It is also efficient to tell you which area in your house it has detected the danger. You can set up to 11 areas of your home in its pre-programmed location feature.

Further, it features an electrochemical CO sensing technology and a photoelectric smoke sensor that beautifully blends to alert you whenever it detects large smoke particles in the house. It also reduces the occurrence of false alarms to prevent you from getting disturbed unnecessarily. It signals with a chirping sound when you have to change the batteries.

You can connect this alarm to other BRK or First Alert smoke detectors and create an interconnected system. Thus, when a threat is detected, all of them will ring at a time.

Price: $45.97
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#10. Honeywell Wireless Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector

Honeywell Wireless Photoelectric Smoke:Heat Detector

This photo-electronic smoke sensor from Honeywell is equipped with a wireless transmitter. It sends alarm, tamper, maintenance, and battery condition signals to the system’s receiver via this transmitter. It also sends an alert to the control panel whenever it finds the need for cleaning.

It is smartly built without any holes to preserve the décor of your house. With improved Robust Field (RF) strength, it does not find any need for a repeater in its construction. This alarm can be used for residential as well as commercial applications.

It poses two LED lights – green and red. The green light indicates normal condition whereas the red light indicates that there is some problem. Thus, you can easily identify if there are any emergency conditions.

Moreover, the design of the mounting base is such that it lets you mount the detector even on any uneven surfaces easily. Its large mounting holes and drywall anchors help you to mount the carbon monoxide detector in a breeze.

Price: $172.00
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#11. SITERLINK Smoke Detectors with LED Lights Battery Operated

SITERLINK Smoke Detectors with LED Lights Battery Operated

If you do not wish to purchase a brand new smoke alarm when your existing one goes off and just want to receive alerts on your phone, we have a great thing for you. Here is a SITERLINK smoke detector that provides your smoke alarm with the capability to send alerts.

Just like your smart smoke detectors, this battery sends you notifications whenever it will run out of charge so that you can avoid midnight chirping and change the battery well in advance. It also offers you the privilege to share alerts with your friends or family members so that they can handle the situation in case you are not available.

Unlike other smoke detectors, it does not test itself. You can neither connect it with other smart home devices nor does it send you voice alerts.

It is a specialty battery that offers an easy and quick installation. You can install it in no less than 5 minutes without any need for tools or wireless hubs. It boasts a working life of about 3 to 5 years.

Price: $38.99
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Things You Should Know About Smart Smoke Detectors:

Like most smart home appliances, smart smoke detectors are available from a few manufacturers and share almost identical functionalities. Some of the models need to be installed on a ceiling whereas there are some that can be mounted on a wall. Some smart smoke detectors require hardwired installation while there are a few that just need to be plugged into a power outlet. These smoke detectors are either battery-operated, feature wired connection or operate on a Wi-Fi network. Eventually, they all serve the same purpose – alerts you when any smoke is detected in your house.

Here are a few things you should know about these smart smoke detectors:

  • When you are upgrading a hardwired smoke detector, remember to replace all the detectors with the ones that share the same model and the same manufacturer. The very reason that you do hardwiring of your smoke detector is that whenever one detector identifies the danger, the rest of the triggers at the same time to alert you. However, this might not be possible if you install smart smoke detectors of different manufacturers.
  • If you are considering a better and affordable option to replace your smoke detector, here is a perfect piece to look at – Smart Battery. In spite of replacing the entire alarm system, you can replace the cell in your detector with the smart battery. The battery comprises a Wi-Fi radio that connects to your home network and a microphone that listens to the smoke alarm. It also accompanies a smartphone App that provides you notifications on your phone regarding the danger it detects inside your home whenever you are away. In case the alarm goes off, the smart battery works as a standalone detector. The only smart battery available in the market right now is the Roost PP3 Specialty Battery.
  • One more option you would hear in the market if you do not want to replace the smart smoke detector is the smart listeners. With this, you do not need to take out your existing detector. Instead, you have to install an extra piece, i.e. the smart listener that can hear when your alarm is going to be off and alerts you about the same on your phone. However, you cannot consider it the same as Smart Battery as it plugs into a power outlet. Thus, it does not work in case of power failure. The best option for a smart listener is the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight.

What to look for when buying a Smart Smoke Detector?

Does it detect smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO)?

Many of the smart smoke detectors offer you with a smoke and CO sensors combined into one so that you can keep an eye on both the dangers whether you are at home or away. It also frees you from the hassles of maintaining two separate devices. So, select the one that combines both the sensors into a single unit.

How much are its sensitivity and accuracy?

Well, it is difficult to check the sensitivity and accuracy of a smoke detector. However, you can consider the technology it is built with to be sure. Those featuring photoelectric smoke sensing technology are prone to reduce false alarms. Those with in-built electrochemical CO sensor identifies the level of carbon monoxide in the home and warns you in case of danger. Generally, a smoke detector with a combination of both is preferred.

What type of notification does it send?

Some are built to send voice alerts while some produce a loud alarm sound. There are a few available on the market that even tells you the exact location of your house in which danger is detected. Some detectors warn you about the danger with their LED lightings. However, you must select the smoke detectors that are efficient enough to send you quick alerts on your smartphone no matter wherever you are.

Can multiple users receive alerts?

If the smoke detector can send alerts to multiple users, your house is prone to less danger. This functionality sounds the most important in case you might not reach the house in an emergency. Other family members near the home can handle the issues in such a situation. So, consider looking for a system that can support multiple user access.

Does the smoke detector support Smart Home Hub?

This again is an essential point of consideration when you want to integrate your smoke alarm with the other smart home devices. So, it is advisable to look if the smart smoke detector you are buying is compatible with most of the smart home hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need a smoke detector in every room?

Yes, it recommended placing a smoke detector in every room of your house. It would be best if you also put them on every level of your home, in hallways, near the kitchen, and the basement.

Q2. Where in a bedroom should a smoke detector be placed?

You must place it inside the doorway entrance about 12-24 inches inwards of the ceiling. Never put it in a corner.

Q3. How far should a smoke detector be from a ceiling fan?

Smoke detectors must be at least 36 inches away from a ceiling fan.

Q4. Should you put a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide in the garage?

You must put a carbon monoxide detector in the garage. A smoke detector must not be placed in garages as the actual temperature in the garage may be above or below the temperature range than what the alarm is designed for.

Q5. Where is the best place to put a carbon monoxide detector?

For the absolute safety of your house, it is advised to place a carbon monoxide detector on every level of your house. You should put them 5 feet about the ground level so that they can read the home’s air properly.

Q6. Smart detectors vs regular detectors

Smart detectors and traditional detectors serve the same purpose – alert you in case there is a smoke or fire in the house or increase/decrease in the level of carbon monoxide is detected. Like traditional detectors, smart detectors offer you the functionality to silence a false alarm right from your smartphone. Smart detectors also check their own battery and some of them even self-test themselves. Thus, you can be free from the hassles of your detector running out of order without your attention. Moreover, some of these smart detectors also offer voice-enabled functionalities. Nevertheless, smart detectors are quite expensive in comparison to traditional detectors.

Q7. How do smart detectors work?

Whenever the sensor incorporated in the smart smoke detector detects smoke inside your house, it triggers an alarm. You receive the alert regarding the same on your smartphone via the Wi-Fi network if it is connected. Sometimes, you may get a false alarm (it may be due to cooking or steam shower). Do not worry. You can silence it directly from your phone.
If your house has a chain of smart smoke detectors, all of the triggers at the same time even when one detects the danger. You can also find out which alarm was triggered at first to find out the exact location of the issue. If you are away, you can contact emergency services for quick action.

Are smart detectors worth it?

Installing a smoke and carbon monoxide detector will definitely cost you much. However, if you are transforming your house into a smart home, it can be of great help.

If you are tight on budget, you must go for Smart Battery.

If you are not a smart home freak, you can consider placing traditional alarms.

Q 8. How often do you need to replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?

You will require changing a smoke and CO detector every ten years to ensure that the sensors keep working efficiently.

In case of replacement of a CO detector, it is advised to replace it every 5-7 years.
However, you must check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them accordingly for the best results.

Q 9. How many smart detectors do I need?

Depending on the size and layout of your house, the quantity of smart detectors varies. Generally, we suggest that you place a smart detector in every bedroom, outside the sleeping area, basement, and almost every level of your house to ensure complete safety. Just keep in mind that you do not mix up smart detectors with non-smart detectors. Place the same models of detectors in your entire house for better results.

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