Now-a-day smartwatches are very popular among young boys and girls. It can track your child workout activities. So if you are considering gifting something precious to your teens, looking for an unforgettable gift for your best friend or then it would be worth having a look at some of the best smartwatches for teenagers listed here.

These top-rated smartwatches for teens boys and girls can provide an easy way to receive information, dismiss or reply to notifications or messages on your smartphone without any need of taking it out of your pocket. A teenager smartwatch is indeed the best-in-class companion that your wrist deserves.

This list of the smartwatch for kids with an age of 12+ years comprises of a wide range of watches. From keeping it traditional to adorning it like a fashion icon, this list of best smartwatches for young children will satisfy each and everyone’s needs. Whether they go to a friend’s party, family get-to-gather and occasional functions or for outings, they can always customize their style with these smartwatches.

Here is an elite list of some of the cool smartwatches that will perfectly complement their style.

Best Smartwatch for Teenagers

If you are looking for a smartwatch for 3 to 12-year-old kids then you can check out this list of the best smartwatch for kids.

Best Smartwatches For Teenagers

Smartwatch for Teen Boy and Girls

Apple Watch Series 3
Fitbit Vera Smartwatch
Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch
Samsung Gear Sport
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Pebble 2+ Smartwatch
Nixon Mission Smartwatch
Asus Zen Watch 3
Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch
LG Watch Style
Huawei Watch 2
Motorola Moto 360 Sport

#1. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Smartwatch for smartwatch for teenagers

Apple is the leading technology company who always amazes us with its new technology and gadgets. The new Apple Series 3 Watch with Apple watchOS 2 is a perfect teenager smartwatch to gift. The 42 mm black wristband gives a sporty look to the watch.

Connecting your watch with your iPhone moves all your iPhone’s apps and features on your wrist. You can read notifications and dismiss them just with a tap from your watch itself. Also, the built-in GPS helps you to navigate easily while traveling to new places.

You can even keep a check on your heart rate with its Heart Rate Monitor and Health & Fitness apps. It also lets you customize the watch face as per your style.

Price: $329.00
View 38mm Watch on Amazon

Price: $379.97
View 42mm Watch on Amazon

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#2. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch for Teenagers

The new Fitbit Versa is lightweight in design and offers 4+ days of battery Life. The main aim of this activity tracking smartwatch is that it is not only suitable for women but is also suitable for men. This smartwatch is diagonally 34mm in size with 24.075mm height and 24.075mm width.

If you are a female, then you can also keep track of your period, note your symptoms and later you can compare your cycle against other health stats like sleep, activity, and weight. With amazing smartwatch features, you also get a tracker which is capable to keep track of your whole day activity. So now if you have made your decision of ordering this watch, then also explore it replacement bands

Price: $199.95
View it on Amazon

#3. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch for Teenagers

If you are fond of trendy tech gadgets, the all-new Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is an ideal one to have. Along with the features of a smartwatch, it also helps you keep a track of your daily fitness activities.

With this smartwatch, you can get Pure Pulse continuous heart rate tracking and real-time zones. You can store over 300 songs on your Fitbit and enjoy listening to them while undergoing your exercising or workout sessions. Additionally, you can download playlists from Pandora.

Price: $298.49
View it on Amazon

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#4. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

This new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch has got a 1.3-inch sAMOLED display with 1.15 GHz Dual-Core processor and 0.75GB RAM and 4GB internal memory. This health tracking device can track all your real-time activities with ease. You can monitor your sleep cycles and keep a record of calories burned. For developing a healthier lifestyle, this Galaxy smartwatch will guide you for through meditation and breathing processes.

The battery on the smartwatch can last up to 4 days with constant use. Moreover, this watch has undergone military-grade testing which makes invulnerable to drops, high altitude, low/high pressure, and rough environmental conditions. Also, it is water resistant up to 50 meters which lets you use it for water sports and even in the rain. This smartwatch will assist you through your fitness course and help maintain a disciplined routine.

Price: $349.99
View it on Amazon

#5. Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch for teenager

Get ready to carry out your sports activities without any hassles along with the Samsung Gear Sports smartwatch. You can obtain a track of your all-day fitness activities, calorie entry, and personal coaching with this smartwatch.

With its high standard built, it lets you make payment directly from your wrist via Samsung Pay. It is also compatible with NFC technology. Moreover, it is resistant to water up to 50 meters. Thus, you can always be swim-ready with the Samsung Gear Sports smartwatch.

Price: $207.39
View it on Amazon

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#6. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier best smartwatch for teenagers

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is one of best teenager smartwatches. For the tech freaks who love to have sporty look for their wearable gadgets, this is an ideal one for them.

Receiving notifications, checking your emails, making or answering calls, and even texting your friends is all on your wrist now. Just rotate the steel bezel around the watch face and you get access to all the apps and features of your connected smartphone.

Share your location to let your friends and family members know where you are. Furthermore, the built-in GPS also allows you to keep an eye on your daily activities.

Price: $359.00
View it on Amazon

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#7. Pebble 2+

Pebble 2 + Heart Rate Smart Watch

Pebble has come up with its best smartwatch for teen boys. With an ergonomic design, it serves as the best-in-class companion for your wrist.
With built-in heart rate monitor, this smartwatch keeps a track on all your activities including your sleep and provides you with the daily reports.

The built-in microphone lets you receive your important calls without any need of taking out your phone and send voice prompt replies within the pinch of a second. You can even have a control on music with this smartwatch.

Price: $89.95
View it on Amazon

#8. Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Nixon Mission Action Sports Smartwatch for teenager

If you are a sports lover, the Nixon Mission Active Sports smartwatch is exclusively designed for you. Its patent-pending MicLock enables you to take all its Android capabilities in the water with you and that too without any worries of getting it damaged.

In order to conserve the battery of your smartphone, you can lower its screen brightness or switch to auto-brightness. You can even turn off notifications for the apps you don’t want. If the battery drops below its low level, it automatically gets disconnected from your smartwatch.

Price: $399.95
View it on Amazon

#9. Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch for teenagers

With an ergonomic design, this smartwatch is perfect for the teens with a wrist circumference of 5.39” to 7.68”. Its in-built GPS tracker allows you to easily locate places.

It features a sunlight-readable and high-resolution color touchscreen. Hence, it enhances user interactivity. Its 24/7 heart rate monitoring keeps an eye on your daily fitness. Designed with Elevate Wrist Heart Technology, this smartwatch provides you with heart rate all day and night without any additional strap. One thing to be noted here is that it does not provide heart rate while swimming.

Price: $157.00
View it on Amazon

#10. LG Watch Style

LG Watch Style Smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0

Keeping it sleek yet stylish, the smartwatch for teenagers from LG Watch Style is compatible with both Android as well as iOS. Its IP67 ratings say that it is dustproof and water resistant to some extent.

Its support for Google mode snap & swap bands makes it easy for you to change your bands at a lightning speed. Say “Ok, Google” to activate your personal voice assistant or hold the power button to activate it. All your surfs can be done right with your voice.

Price: $260.00
View it on Amazon

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#11. Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2 Classic – Titanium Grey with Black Hybrid Strap

With built-in GPS and continuous heart rate monitor, this smartwatch keeps a watch on your heart rate and track your workout routes without your smartphone. With its Workout Coach feature, you can obtain real-time guidance to carry out your workout.

You can listen to music right from your smartwatch. Besides, the NFC and Google Assistant enable you to make payments and operate your smartwatch with your voice respectively. Its optimized power consumption settings help you get the most out of your device with its long battery life.

Price: $264.00
View it on Amazon

#12. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola Moto 360 Sport best smartwatch for teenagers

The small, delicate, and fashionable model from Motorola resemble just a perfect smartwatch for teen girls. This smartwatch is equipped with an activity tracker, GPS, and heart rate monitor. Hence, it is your perfect workout partner.

It is just a perfect one for all the fitness lovers. The LCD touchscreen of this smartwatch lets you manage the notifications that you receive. Moreover, the hybrid display of the watch lets you easily operate it indoors as well as outdoors.

Price: $197.80
View it on Amazon

#13. Asus Zen Watch 3

Asus Zen Watch 3 Android Silver Face with Beige Rubber Strap

It is the most luxurious and classic looking smartwatch for teenagers. Whether you go to a party or to a family wedding, this smartwatch is perfect to complement your style and looks.

Its AMOLED display and customizable watch faces provide you with an advantage of customizing it as per your dress and mood. Its intuitive design lets you do this easily and quickly. Further, you can even track your fitness with the Asus ZenFit app.

Price: $227.99
View it on Amazon

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