Smartwatch is the new wearable device for a lot of people and that also for a good reason. For many folks, the best smartwatches like Samsung Gear S3 or Gear Sport or Apple Watch are too expensive. So for them, we have curated a list of best cheap smartwatches under $100.

The top-rated smartwatches that come under 100 dollars are compatible with Android and iPhone. The affordable smartwatches listed here are cheap in price with good quality. With these wearable devices, you can track your activities. So without any further ado, let’s explore the budget smartwatches suitable for both men and women.

Best Smartwatches Under $100

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Best Cheap Smartwatches Under $100 Compatible With iPhone and Android

iPhone and Android
Wear Smartwatches
Under 100 Dollars


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Pebble 2 SEiPhone, AndroidBuy Now
Pebble Time SmartwatchiPhone, AndroidBuy Now
Garmin vívomoveAndroid, iPhoneBuy Now
Withings Activity and
Sleep Tracking Watch
iPhone, AndroidBuy Now
Fossil Women's Silver
Smart Watch
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Zeblaze VIBE3 Waterproof SmartwatchAndroid , iOSBuy Now
Fossil Q Sand Leather
Smart Watch
iPhone, AndroidBuy Now
UWear Sports Smart WatchiPhone, AndroidBuy Now
ROADTEC Bluetooth Waterproof Smart WatchAndroid , iOSBuy Now
Meibul Smart Watch With HD Camera Windows 10, MacBuy Now
Rookee Sports Watch Fitness TrackerAndroid , iOSBuy Now
Amazfit Bip SmartwatchAndroid , iOSBuy Now

#1. Pebble 2 SE

Pebble 2 SE Smartwatch Under $100

If you are looking for an affordable and resourceful smartwatch that will give you insights into your activities, Pebble 2 SE might serve your need. It will track your step counts, calories burned and daily morning jogs. You will get a detailed insight of your sleep pattern which is quintessential for a healthy body. It has also got some useful feature like tailored coaching, summaries of your activities and mobile graph to represent how well you are doing with your fitness schedule.

The Pebble 2 SE’s battery lasts seven days on a single charge. Its scratch resistant screen and waterproof capability let you wear it in every environment. Other features of this watch include ePaper screen, Calendar and weather update, Voice actions with a built-in microphone and Music control if paired with any speaker. The Pebble 2 focuses on keeping you punctual as well as care for your healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

Price: $67.99
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#2. Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble Time Smartwatch Under $100

If you are the kind of person who enjoys in staying updated with every moment of his impelling lifestyle, the Pebble Time might be for you. It is a sleek and compact smartwatch designed to track your sleep, walks, runs and health. The built-in Pebble Health activity gives you a detailed insight of your sleep pattern and reports you with weekly observations of your fitness. It also has a built-in microphone for voice commands and quick replies without having to take your phone out.

The Pebble Time comes with 2.5D glass display and marine grade stainless steel bezel for maximum comfort on your wrist. On a single charge, the battery lasts up to 7 days. It water resistant capability allows you to wear it during workout sessions. Overall, at this price point, the watch should deliver an interesting summarised insights to enhance your daily lifestyle habits.

Price: $79.00
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#3. Garmin vívomove

Garmin vívomove Sport Smartwatch Under $100

The Garmin vívomove serves as a fitness tracker and provides smart notifications and insights of your daily activities. This watch might look old school as other analog watches, but inside it holds some advanced technology. It tracks your step and shows all the details on your smartphone. The auto-sync feature of this watch syncs data every single moment so that you stay updated with every little aspect.

To push yourself harder, you can set step goals via your smartphone. On completing that goal, the watch will automatically send a notification to your device. It long lasting and the excellent battery lasts up to 1 year with no recharging needed. The elegant and formal look of this watch blends in with every occasion while keeping a count on your activities throughout the day.

Price: $95.99
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#4. Withings Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

Withings Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch less than 100 Dollar

Another solemn smartwatch from Withings made to measure your daily metrical figures on-the-go. The smartwatch disguised under the hood of an analog frame can track your steps, runs and sleep patterns. You can pair it with your mobile to get a detailed insight of calories burned. Its water resistant capability makes it ideal for wearing in wet environments.

This watch features a smart alarm technology. You need to set the alarm and wear it before going to sleep. It will wake you up to start your day with a gentle vibration. Other features include real-time coaching which suggests useful tips like telling you to walk more or sleep a little less to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The best part of this watch is its battery life. It can couple with every moment of activities for eight months without the need of recharging.

Price: $69.99
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#5. Fossil Women’s Silver Smart Watch

Fossil Women's Silvertone Hybrid Smart Watch Under 100 Dollar

The Fossil Q Android Smartwatch is the perfect combination of style and balanced ergonomics. It is capable of tracking every step you walk, run, calories you burn and hours you sleep. The watch also tracks the notifications from calls, messages or social texts alerts from your wrist. You can pair it with your mobile and set personal goals or assign the buttons to the specific utility of your preference.

The watch has an estimated battery life of 6 months. A unique feature you will get as a perk is its built-in camera. You can take snaps and selfies anywhere, anytime and they will be sent directly to your phone. All in all, it is a stylish and reasonably priced watch which should meet your everyday need.

Price: $63.13
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#6. Zeblaze VIBE3 Waterproof Smartwatch

Zeblaze Digital Outdoor Sports Waterproof Smartwatch Under $100

The Zeblaze VIBE3 is a sturdy and waterproof sports smartwatch with IP67 certification. Its built-in dual sensor is capable of measuring the accurate metrics you do while running or walking. For the insights, it keeps track of calories burned and also measure your sleep pattern.

The VIBE3 will always keep you notified of texts and calls. It can store daily insights for the past 21 days and can display the data in 10 different languages. The strongest part of this smartwatch is its battery life. Its Maxell CR2450 Button Cell has a normal standby time of 12 months and can last more than 33 months if put on energy saving mode. All in all, the rugged look and long battery life make it the perfect activity tracker.

Price: $54.99
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#7. Fossil Q Sand Leather Smart Watch

Fossil Q Sand Leather Smart Watch

The Fossil Hybrid smartwatch for iPhone and Android performs more than an ordinary analog watch. Under the frame it holds sensors which track your steps and runs, monitors sleeping patterns and gives a summarised details on your smartphone. It also allows you to control music with its dedicated buttons and get alerts from calls or text notifications.

The smartwatch has an estimated battery life of 6 months after which you need to change the cell. The compatible app for this watch lets you set goals for daily fitness achievements. However, all the insights and observations are displayed in a single place; it becomes easier for you to enhance the everyday lifestyle habits.

Price: $95.00
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#8. UWear Sports Smart Watch

UWear Sports Waterproof Smartwatch under 100 dollar

The Uwear is versatile and the best outdoor smartwatch with a reasonable price tag. It tracks your essential metrics such as step counts; distance ran and speed or time while cycling or climbing. The built-in sensors measure your heart-rate and calories burnt which you can see on your smartphone. The watch also boasts of some other advanced features like GPS which measures the altitude while climbing.

The UWear is IP68 certified which makes it ideal for sports like swimming. The built-in compass makes it suitable for wearing on activities like expedition or touring. All in all, the hybrid device is capable of turning your ordinary day into a simmering one with its intelligence.

Price: $99.99
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#9. ROADTEC Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Watch

ROADTEC Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Watch

The ROADTEC smartwatch is ideal for multisport tracking at an affordable price range. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives a complete insight of your tracked activities such as running, swimming, water rafting and many more. The IP67 certification makes this suitable for water sports. It has 24 hours real-time monitoring technology to provide you with the accurate metrics.

The watch also shows summary for calories burned, works as an alarm and stopwatch for pushing yourself to the limit. It has got a built-in remote camera to take snaps on the go. The battery has an estimated life of 8 months in standby mode. Overall, it is a bang for the buck if you are looking for a budgeted smartwatch.

Price: $22.99
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#10. Meibul Smart Watch With HD Camera

Miebul 16GB Wrist Smart Watch With HD Camera

The Meibul smartwatch is a small and ordinary analog watch with some interesting built-in feature you might need on the go. It has an internal memory of 16gb which allows you to take high-resolution photos and videos. The resolutions at which it clicks picture is 4032 x 3024. They are formatted in JPEG to support in all devices. The video recorded is capped at 1080p and 30 fps.

The watch works great as a spy camera with a powerful built-in Li- battery. It also features IR Night Vision mode to take pictures in the dark. Overall, this watch has some useful features at a reasonable price point which should serve your need.

Price: $51.99
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#11. Rookee Sports Watch Fitness Tracker

Rookee Digital Sports Watch Fitness Tracker

The Rookee smartwatch is a multifunction device which is ideal for training and outdoor activities. Its multifunction system provides you insight into activities such as step count, runs, heart rates and calories burned. You can review all the detail from your smartphone by connecting it with Bluetooth. The watch also features time/date and temperature chart along with height calibration.

It is also capable of monitoring the speed, pace, frequency, mileage, and laps while you run, climb, ride or walk. Its sedimentary reminder and sleep monitoring technology helps in developing your sleep habits. It is a bit complicated at first, but once you get accustomed to this watch, it might become your perfect companion.

Price: $93.99
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#12. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami

This is one of the best smartwatch that is available under $100. This Amazfit Bip Smartwatch from Huami can track all your workout activities and can monitor your heart rate as well as sleep. It has built-in GPS to track all your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, and quality of sleep in real time. The special sports modes give you detailed insights for activities like running, treadmill, cycling and walking.

With this smartwatch, you will also get notifications for emails, SMS messages, incoming phone calls and alerts for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack, weather forecasts, and other mobile apps. The smartwatch offers 30 days of battery life on a single 2.5-hour charge.

Price: $79.99
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