An adjustable standing desk converter can help you improve your productivity. It not only provide you with a great viewing angle but also helps you to work for more extended periods.

Sitting in one place at a stretch might leave an impact on your health. To get rid of this harmful side effect of sitting and working for too long, engineers and researchers have created standing desks to eradicate this problem.

Working with an erect posture helps your mind to be more active and at the same time leaves a good impact upon your health. That is the reason, we have curated a list of the best iMac standing desks for Home Office.

After researching varieties of the top-rated adjustable standing desk for iMac / MacBook Pro and Air, we have created this list of cheap and affordable standing desks for laptops and computers based on height adjustment, workspace, portability, and weight-bearing capacity.

A good adjustable height standing desk will not only enhance the look of your Workstation but also prevent you from neck and back pain. So without any further delay, let’s explore this list of the best standing desk for iMac / MacBook Pro / Air.

Best iMac Standing Desk for Home Office

#1. VIVO Ajustable Standing Computer Desk

VIVO Ajustable Standing Computer Desk

VIVO is here with one of the best standing desks for PC that benefits from top-notch stability and amazing build quality. In addition, the desk is big enough to place a monitor and a laptop, which makes it a great choice for programmers, video editors, and other professionals.

It’s entirely an adjustable height desk, so you can get the perfect viewing angle to work comfortably for hours. I loved the big keyboard tray, and it offers good space to keep a mouse as well. 

The best iMac standing desk looks really compact, so traveling with it won’t be a problem. The shelves remain secure in their place, thanks to the hydraulic lift. It has a pneumatic system that offers a smoother lift, and you can adjust the desk’s height quietly.

The overall capacity of the desk is 33lbs, which is pretty great. It is even compatible with a desktop mounting stand, so you can be sure your monitor stays in place while adjusting the desk’s height.

Made using a combination of metal and MDF, the standing desk boasts durability and requires minimal maintenance. Just use it at home and office and enjoy working with uncompromised comfort.

The pneumatic lift is really helpful.It’s a little heavy.
Requires minimal assembly.No slot to keep a bottle.
Made with high-grade steel.
The shelves are big enough to keep any monitor.


If you need a versatile desk stand that helps you work with ease, choose VIVO Standing 32-inch Desk Converter. It’s a full-fledged desk with multiple shelves that make it good for home and office use.

Price: $124.99
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#2. FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Standing Desk

No products found.

If you need a PC desk that you can use while sitting and standing, choose FLEXISPOT Standing Desk. It’s not the biggest desk but offers ample space to keep your MacBook along with a monitor. The topmost shelf has a lot of space, so you can even keep your notepad over it.

Furthermore, it’s a dual-shelf desk, and you can use a Magic Keyboard with the MacBook. The shelf even lets you use the Apple Magic Mouse and glide it without any space crunch. 

The sliding mechanism of this desk is fantastic, and you can adjust the desk’s height on the go. The pneumatic lift helps you move the desk freely, while the lift keeps it stable on all levels.

The 2-tier ergonomic design makes this desk great for reading and typing. Talking about the material, it is made using MDF and steel, so expect the desk to last longer. Lastly, the best standing desk for home is available in two colors, and you get an amazing PC standing desk that looks great and is convenient as well.

The desk riser is wide and big.The after-sales service isn’t that great.
It comes ready to use.Some users had issues with the gas spring.
It has a smooth pneumatic lift.
It works with your existing desk.


If you need a desk riser that’s fully adjustable and portable, have a look at FLEXISPOT Standing Desk. It’s super stable, so you can even use it on your bed to work comfortably.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#3. VARI Sit – Stand Desk for Office

VARI Sit - Stand Desk for Office

This standing desk from the house of Vari Electric is my personal favorite, thanks to its build quality and motorized system! You can quickly adjust the desk’s height just by pressing a button. There is a small control panel on the desk with multiple buttons.

And you can use it to adjust the height. There is a memory function as well, and when you click on it, the desk will automatically adjust its height to your preference. 

The desk is really wide, so you can place two laptops and one monitor. Furthermore, there is still some more space to keep other stuff. Underneath the wooden shelf, there is a metal stand with promising durability.

The stand is 3-way adjustable, and the maximum height it can reach up to is 50.5-inches, which makes this desk great for working while standing. 

Assembling the desk is pretty easy, and you get a detailed instruction manual inside the box. The motor works really quietly, and you won’t disturb anyone’s sleep while working. 

The bigger feet improve the stability and don’t scratch the floor. Lastly, you get a range of colors to choose from, so you get a beautiful desk for your room.

It has a memory function for automatic height adjustment.It requires assembly.
The desk offers ample space to keep your laptop and monitor.The motor is pretty slow.
It’s highly durable.
The motor lasts longer.


Those looking for a high-standing desk should check out Vari Electric Standing Desk. The wooden desk offers ample space, has easy height adjustments, and is easy to assemble. Lastly, it has a highly stable metal base that doesn’t tip over easily.

Price: $695.00
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#4. FEZIBO Ergonomic Standing Desk for Computer

FEZIBO Ergonomic Standing Desk for Computer

If you own a laptop and an iPad, this standing desk is worth every penny. It has a bit slot where you can stack the iPad or smartphone to attend video calls, watch movies, and more. You can attach the tablet/phone in vertical/horizontal orientation, which is the best thing.

The desk comes 90% assembled from the manufacturer, and all you need to do is a quick assembly to make it work. The wide top shelf is great for placing a monitor, a laptop, a tablet, a notepad, and there is still some space left.

Adjusting the height is pretty easy, as the sliding mechanism works seamlessly. The pneumatic lift attached to the frame helps you adjust the height. Furthermore, you can stop the desk at any level, and the lift will keep it secure.

The bottom shelf is designed to keep keyboards, mice, and other items. Fabricated with a solid substance, the desk feels durable. Moreover, the frame is entirely metal, so you can use it for years. 

Lastly, Fezibo offers the standing desk in multiple sizes and colors, and you get a perfect fit for your needs.

It has a bigger shelf.No mug or bottle holder.
The lifting mechanism works smoothly.Not made in the United States.
Convenient installation.
Trustworthy build quality.


I’d say this is a superb standing desk if you need something solid, durable, and easy to use. Setting it up merely requires 5 minutes, and you can enjoy using your PC comfortably.

Price: $174.95
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#5. Seville Classics Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

Seville Classics  Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

If you are here for a premium-looking standing desk, Seville Classics Airlift is your way to go! The top is made using tempered glass, and it has an exclusive sheen. It is a fully motorized desk that offers quick height adjustments. 

You’ll see a control panel on the extreme left. There are multiple touch buttons ready to adjust the height. You can even use the memory feature to feed your preferred details. 

Furthermore, this desk even features two USB ports so you can charge your smartphone on the go. The top is big and has enough space to keep your monitor, laptop, soundbar, and more items. 

You’ll find a pull-out store inside the glass top, and it is perfect for keeping a keyboard and mouse. The maximum height the desk moves to is 47-inches, and it gets displayed on the digital screen. 

Moreover, the buttons glow during the dark, making this desk an amazing choice for people that work day and night. It doesn’t come assembled, so get ready to install it at the location. 

Lastly, you can choose this glass-top desk from a range of colors, including white, black, and more.

It has a bigger drawer.The tempered top requires care.
Three touch-sensitive memory buttons.This is not a portable desk.
Two USB ports to charge your devices.
Easy to install.


Seville Classics Airlift offers you decent space and a sense of luxury with its premium-looking top. Whether you need a standing desk for the office or home, this desk makes the best choice.

Price: Price not available
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#6. Defy Desk Laptop Riser Stand Desk

Defy Desk Laptop Riser Stand Desk

If you have a workstation with multiple monitors and speakers, this is the best standing desk to get. It is a super-wide desk that offers good space to mount two monitors with ease. This is a dual-shelf desk with monitor mounting holes on the top.

Also, there is a phone/tablet holder so you can attend meetings and get entertained while working. The bottom shelf is designed to keep a keyboard, mouse, and notepad. Designed thoughtfully, the desk has a durable construction. 

The metal frame comes equipped with a gas spring action that helps you adjust the shelf’s height quickly. Also, the gas lift can bear good weight, and your workstation remains secure all the time. 

Both feet have bottom padding, and you can place this desk on a wooden table or directly on the floor. You can choose from up to 200 standing positions. As per Defy, the desk is perfect for people with a height between 5-6.4 feet.

Coming to durability, the MDF shelves feel solid, while the metal frame enhances the overall robustness.

Rated to bear weight up to 4.4 lbs.Not very portable.
Super durable metal frame.No heat dissipation holes for the laptop.
The gas lift provides smooth lowering/raising.
The desk offers up to 200 height adjustment positions.


Defy Desk is a super-wide standing table with a lot of space. It’s highly durable, has a smooth working gas lift, and a tablet/smartphone holder for added convenience.

Price: $179.99
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#7. Skrebba Portable Standing Desk for Laptop

Skrebba Portable Standing Desk for Laptop

Skrebba is here with the first highly portable laptop desk stand that makes your life easy. Now you can choose from various viewing angles and adjust the height quickly to eliminate neck and back pain.

It is a metal stand, so expect it to be a little heavy. However, you can expect it to be highly durable at the same time. The stand can easily fit a laptop up to 17-inches, so you can use any MacBook or other laptop with it.

The hinges move smoothly and hold the laptop in place. Furthermore, there is a non-skid silicone mat that keeps the laptop from slipping as you adjust the height.

Be sure the stand won’t collapse, as the shaft is highly durable and is designed to lock in place. The hollow design lets the heat dissipate, and you can work for hours without any issues.The best part is that you can even convert this adjustable standing desk into a tablet holder by collapsing the desk. Whether you use it on your office desk, bed, or kitchen shelf, this metal laptop holder is an amazing device everyone should own.

It can handle up to 33lbs weight.You cannot use it with a monitor.
Highly durable aluminum body.Limited height adjustability.
It’s a portable desk.
It helps you get a perfect eye level with the laptop’s screen.


Folks that need a height-adjustable standing desk just to use with a laptop and a tab can consider this one. It’s a highly robust stand with excellent load-bearing capacity. Lastly, it comes in multiple color choices, including grey, gold, and silver.

Price: Price not available
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#8. Tatkraft Stand up Desk with Mouse Pad for Laptop

Tatkraft Stand up Desk with Mouse Pad for Laptop

Do you work as a receptionist at a hospital, or your job involves standing the whole time with a laptop? Check out his amazing desk specially designed for you! It’s a fully height adjustable desk, and you can work comfortably while sitting and standing.

The top shelf can accommodate a laptop up to 17-inches. It has a raised lip, so the laptop doesn’t slide and remain in place. You can adjust its angle up to 160-degree, just rotate the screw, and you are good to go.

Just on the right side of the laptop shelf, there’s a small shelf for the mouse. You can even place a notepad over it. Under the mouse shelf, there’s a screw knob that helps you adjust the desk’s height. 

The height can be adjusted anywhere between 27.6 to 39.2 inches, so you can comfortably work while sitting and standing. 

Assembling the desk is a cakewalk, and you can get it ready within minutes. You can move the desk with the laptop anywhere, thanks to the non-marring casters that roll on any type of floor. Lastly, the standing desk for the laptop is made using engineered wood and alloy steel so you can be sure about its durability.

The caster wheels roll smoothly.You cannot mount a monitor on it.
The desk is easy to assemble.It comes in 40 separate pieces.
It has a super-stable shelf.
The laptop tray can accommodate bigger laptops.


I’d recommend this standing laptop desk to anyone looking for a versatile option. It’s portable, and you can adjust the height quickly to achieve the best viewing angle.

Price: $179.90
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#9. Executive Office Solutions Cheap Standing Desk for Home

Executive Office Solutions Cheap Standing Desk for Home

Need a compact standing desk for your reception table? Or need a desk to give a presentation at the office, and want to keep the laptop handy? This amazing standing desk qualifies everything, and that makes it a value for money option.

The portable standing desk lets you take it wherever you go. It has a compact design, and you can collapse the legs to fit it inside your backpack. 

The top shelf is big enough to hold your laptop, and the raised lip keeps the PC in place. There is a secondary shelf as well, so you can use the mouse with the laptop or place a notepad there.

Furthermore, the standing desk has two USB cooling fans to keep your laptop cool all the time. Just connect the USB cable with your laptop, and you will see the two fans doing wonders. 

The hinges are high quality and stay secure in place to keep the laptop lifted to a good height. The feet of this standing desk is pretty amazing, and you can even put it on an uneven surface.As the material is entirely metal, so be rest assured about its durability and longevity. This best standing desk for the office is available in two attractive colors, including black and white.

It has holes for heat dissipation.You cannot keep a desktop over it.
Non-slip rubberized feet.It should have been a little lighter.
The build quality is amazing.
Built-in USB cooling fans.


This affordable standing desk serves two purposes. It keeps the laptop cool while giving your PC enough height to work comfortably. Lastly, it’s a multipurpose desk and can be used as a book tray, writing desk, and tablet holder.

Price: $39.99
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#10. SAIJI Portable Laptop Table Stand with Storage Drawer

SAIJI Portable Laptop Table Stand with Storage Drawer

If you want to raise the laptop’s height while changing the viewing angle, SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray is your way to do it! Designed to use on the bed, this is a versatile standing desk you can use anywhere. The 24 inches wide shelf lets you keep a laptop, a notepad, and other stuff without compromising space.

You can easily adjust the desk’s height up to 12.6 inches, so it will raise the laptop decently to help you work with promising comfort. To tilt the shelf, you need to open the plastic locks, adjust the best viewing angle, and then lock them again.

There is a drawer in the top left corner where you can keep your spectacles, mouse, and other things. The sit-stand desk is really convenient, thanks to its movable stopper! You can move the stopper when using a smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

The feet improve the overall balance, and you can use the desk on any surface. The material is high-quality plastic, and there is a PVC leather wrap on the shelf that improves the aesthetics.

However, it requires frequent care as well. SAIJI Store offers this amazing desk in multiple colors, but the size remains the same throughout the lineup.

It lets you adjust the height and viewing angle.The PVC leather gets stained easily.
Built using durable materials.The plastic parts have a weird smell.
The desk features a convenient storage drawer.
It’s completely foldable.


If you use the laptop on your bed and need a desk to work comfortably, SAIJI Store Laptop Desk should be your choice. It’s big, convenient, and is highly durable. Lastly, you can use the desk on any surface, including a couch, carpet, wooden table, and more.

Price: $64.99
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#11. SHW Height Adjustable Desk

SHW Height Adjustable Desk

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is my personal favorite, as it has every feature you need. With its big top, the standing desk can accommodate iMac, MacBook, and other such devices. Also, you can put a keyboard and a mouse over the desk.

Adjusting the height is really easy, and there is a control panel to help you do it. The maximum length of the desk is 40-inches, which is great for working while standing. On the control panel, you’ll see a digital screen that shows you the exact height of the desk.

Moreover, it has a memory feature, so you can conveniently adjust the height as per your preference. The table even features a drawer, and you can keep your essential stuff handy all the time. On the side, there’s a headphone hanging hook to keep the desk decluttered.

The four caster wheels are lockable and help you move the table in all directions. Talking about the material, it is made using engineered wood and metal.

The desk comes in multiple parts, so you have to assemble it on the spot. Lastly, the manufacturer offers it in multiple sizes and color options to meet your needs.

The touch-sensitive buttons make things convenient.Assembling the desk takes time.
It has a drawer and headphone hanging hook.The tabletop is prone to scratches.
The electric lift system works promptly.
It’s durable and elegant.


SHW Electric Standing Desk makes your life convenient and helps you work comfortably for hours. Just assemble it, and you can enjoy adjusting the tabletop’s height within seconds.

Price: Price not available
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How long should you stand at your desk?

Well, it depends on your requirements! If you are 6 feet, you should go for a desk that’s at least 48 inches in size so that you can work easily. Choose a desk depending on how higher you want the computer to be.

What is an electric standing desk?

An electric standing desk features a motor that helps you adjust the height quickly. Overall, it eliminates manual efforts. Some of the best standing desks even feature a memory function, so you can save your preference.

Will a standing desk help me lose weight?

Standing for a long time is good exercise, but that doesn’t mean a standing desk will help you lose weight. It’s just a desk that enables you to work comfortably.

Will standing desks help back pain?

It depends on your back’s condition and how you are using the table! If the doctor has recommended you to stand for longer, you can use these desks to relieve back pain.

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These are the most beautiful standing desk for iMac or MacBook Pro/ Air. Do let us know the features you liked the most in this sit-stand desk. If you are still having a hard time finding out the best standing desk, then leave a comment down below.


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