Are you in search of the best swimmable mermaid tail costumes? If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

These top-rated mermaid tails for swimming will help you in learning swimming you are a beginner. While choosing the mermaid tail swimming suits you need to check fitting, materials, and style.

In this article, we have choose top-ten mermaid tails for swimming in bright colors for 2 to 15 years girls and made from high-quality materials. So let’s go ahead and checkout the features of the best swimmable mermaid tails costumes for girls.

Best Swimmable Mermaid Tail Costumes for Kids

#1. Dream Store Cheap Swimmable Mermaid Tails

Dream Store Cheap Swimmable Mermaid Tails

Watch your little princess flaunt her swimming skills in this fully elastic mermaid tail. If your little girl loves Disney Princesses, it’s time to get her this swimmable mermaid tail suit. 

Your Lil girl can easily swim with this costume on, as it provides the good thrust required to move in the water. However, be around your girl all the time if the pool depth is more than 3 feet.

The material is soft and suitable for kids with sensitive skin. It allows the skin to breathe and dries fast once your girl steps out of water. So, no need to worry about any skin rashes or allergies.

The suit is available for girls aged from 3 to 12 years, and so you can buy a mermaid costume that fits your girl perfectly.

Available in 7 colorful and vibrant designs, this cheap swimmable mermaid tail comes with a bikini set and a flower headband. 

From beaches to pool parties, this mermaid tail swimming smermaid tail swimming suitsuit is a great choice for various occasions.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
Adjustable shoulder strapThe monofin is not included in the set
High-resolution scales on the mermaid tail
Zipper to open the tail for ease of wearing and removing it

Price: Price not available
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#2. Lovely Mermaid Tail Swimming Suits

Lovely Mermaid Tail Swimming Suits

Your little girls would look super cute in sparkling mermaid tail swimming suits. The suit is available in nine cheerful colors and different scale patterns. Some suits have ruffles for fins at the side. Isn’t that cute? 

The mermaid tail comes with either a zipper or snap buttons near the feet. This allows your kid to walk freely wearing the tail and makes it easy to attach the monofin to complete the costume. 

The mermaid suit made of 100% polyester is super easy to put on and take off. So whether they splash around in the tub or a pool, they will feel comfortable wearing this suit. 

The mermaid suits are suitable for kids aged from 4-12 years. The package includes a bikini top and panties along with the tail. In addition, there’s a colored flower head that makes your girl look like a princess.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
It’s easy to walk wearing the tail (kids won’t fall).The material is flimsy and tends to discolor.
It’s made of 100% polyester and is easy to clean.The flower band doesn’t always match the suit.
The tail has snaps at the bottom to allow free movement for kids.

Price: Price not available
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#3. Daxiang Store Swimmable Mermaid Tail Costume

No products found.

This costume by Daxiang Store doesn’t require you to buy a monofin. The design is such that the tail is shaped like a fin at the end. 

There’s a full slit opening at the bottom for the kiddo’s legs to move around. 

However, due to the narrow shape of the tail, it’s not easy to swim in this suit. We do not recommend new swimmers to wear this in a pool. Parents, do ensure that you are supervising your girls when they get into the water. 

The package comes with a stretchy top and decorated underwear along with the mermaid tail. Colors like green, pink, and blue mermaid tails for swimming are favored just as the blue-pink shell model is. 

The suit is available for kids aged from 3 to 12 years, though we suggest you order 2-3 sizes bigger so that your kid would be comfortable wearing the tail.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
Bright colors on the suit.New swimmers cannot swim in this suit.
No need to buy a monofin separately.The suits come in a smaller size.
The top comes in a stretchy fabric and is durable.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#4. Gesika 01 Mermaid Tail Bikini

Gesika 01 Mermaid Tail Bikini

Who wouldn’t want a complete six-piece mermaid swimsuit at a budget-friendly price? This girls’ mermaid tail for swimming comes in 11 different colors to choose from.

The suit is made of polyester and cotton. It is smooth to touch and soft on the skin. The material is breathable and stretchy, and your little girl will feel comfortable wearing the suit. 

The suit is for kids aged between 3 years and 12 years. The highlight of this suit is the decoration on the tail. It’ll make your girl look like a real mermaid princess.

The monofin is not included in the set, though you can find a bathing suit (top), underwear, swimming cap, swimming goggles, and one flower garland along with the tail.

The suit is great for costume parties and photoshoots. Ensure you supervise your child when she gets into the water wearing this piece, a mermaid tail suit.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
Comes in a multitude of colors.The suit is convenient only for experienced swimmers.
Made of polyester and cotton.The monofin is not included in the package.
The tail has buttons/ zipper at the bottom for free movement.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Galldeals Store Girls Mermaid Tail For Swimming

Galldeals Store Girls Mermaid Tail For Swimming

We’ve got another set of cute kids’ mermaid tails for swimming in 14 different colors. You can either go for the bright shades or the pastels, depending on what your kiddo loves. A few colors come with tail fins that’ll make your little girl look like a real mermaid. 

The suits are made of polyester and cotton and are elastic in nature. It’s easy to dry the tail once your child comes out of water. The material is soft on the skin even as the scales appear real. 

The suit comes in sizes suitable for kids aged from 3 to 12 years. The package contains a bathing suit top, the mermaid tail (no monofin), and underwear. 

The tail has snap buttons at the bottom to allow free movement for your child. This opening is also used to attach the monofin. 

The matching flower band is a lovely addition to the suit. With flowers adorning her head and a mermaid tail around her legs, your daughter can be an underwater princess whenever she wants.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
Made of polyester and cotton.The monofin is not included in the set.
The seams tend to come apart after a while.

Price: Price not available
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#6. Dressy Daisy Store Mermaid Tail Swimming Suits

No products found.

A sparkling swimmable mermaid tail for kids is much in demand in the market, and why not? The bright colors and sparkles on the tail make your little girl look like a real mermaid.

Available in four colors with two types of tops, the mermaid suits by Dressy Daisy Store are a perfect choice for beach parties, costume parties, and holidays.

The set contains a mermaid tail, one top, and decorative underwear with bows. Though the monofin is not included in the package, this mermaid tail bikini looks rather cute and cheerful.

The suit comes in all sizes for girls from 3 to 12 years. However, it would be a good idea to buy the mermaid suit in a couple of sizes bigger than your child’s actual size. That way, you can use it for a longer time.

The stretchy material highlights the printed scales on the tail. Your little girl will be fully comfortable wearing the tail, though your supervision is a must if she gets into the water.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
The suit is sparkling and cute.There are issues with sizing.
The colors are attractive.The tail bleeds color in water.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#7. Yitu Mermaid Tail Swimming Suits 

Yitu Mermaid Tail Swimming Suits

Rainbows, blues, pinks, and greens- the best kids’ mermaid tails for swimming come in an array of colors and shades to delight your little girls. 

The ombre effect adds to the beauty of the tail and makes your children look like real mermaids rising out of water.

The suit is made of polyester-lycra, a mixture of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The material makes the tail stretchable and breathable, ensuring that your child is comfortable being a mermaid.

The suit is available for kids from 4 years to 13 years. We recommend you measure your girl before ordering the mermaid suit for her.

The package contains a mermaid tail, one pair of underwear, and a bikini top. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the monofin separately.

Remember that the tail needs to be hand-washed with cold water and wrapped in a cover to prevent friction that will damage the texture.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
Lots of colors to choose from.The seam appears to be ripping off after a couple of uses.
Stretchy and breathable material.The suit doesn’t come with a monofin.
Comes with protective mer-shield coating.

Price: Price not available
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#8. Sun Tails Store Swimmable Mermaid Tails With Monofin 

Sun Tails Store Swimmable Mermaid Tails With Monofin

Every mermaid fan wants swimmable mermaid tails with monofin to jump into the water and become a princess of the underwater kingdom. Sun Tails Store sells mermaid tails with monofins. You don’t need to buy them separately anymore.

The tail is specially designed for swimming, and the monofin has a mer-shield coating to protect the fabric from tearing around the edges. So it’s easy to get into this set that you and your child don’t need any help. 

The best part is that the set is available for not just little girls but adults too. The sizes are listed separately for kids (M, L, XL) and adults (JS, JM, JL). 

The mermaid tail is made of 4-way stretchable fabric that lets you swim with ease. It is comfortable and breathable. Stay in the suit as long as you want without feeling uneasy!

The set doesn’t contain a swim top, but you can pair the tail with a mermaid bikini top from Yitu.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
The company offers a one-year limited warranty.The material seems to be coming off.
It comes in several attractive colors. Doesn’t come with a swimming top.
4-way stretch fabric for kids and adults.

Price: Price not available
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#9. Fin Fun Store Mermaid Fins For Kids

Fin Fun Store Mermaid Fins For Kids

If you want the best mermaid fins for kids, teens, and adults, check this out. Fin Fun Store sells mermaid tails with monofins in 9 delightful and lovely colors. 

The fin is made using the patented Reinforced Tail Tip Technology that prevents the fabric from tearing or having holes at the edges. Therefore, there is no need to add protective tape on the edges.

The monofin has been designed to help you swim faster and better. However, it’s not suitable for new swimmers and kids without adult supervision. 

The new design makes it convenient and comfortable for girls with most foot sizes to use the monofin in water. 

The neoprene cover increases the durability of the tail and the monofin, allowing you to use it for a long time. Just make sure to properly measure your girl’s size before placing an order.

Why We Like ItWhy We Didn’t Like It
The monofin comes with a neoprene cover for durability.Suitable only for good swimmers.
The company offers a one-year limited warranty for the tail tip.A little expensive.
The sizing chart is detailed and clear.

Price: $79.95
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Buying Guide & Frequently Asked Questions:

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying Mermaid Tails for Kids?

Swimming in a mermaid tail is possible only when you wear the monofin. It completes the suit and creates the required propulsion to help you move in the water. Mermaid suits come with and without monofins. If the one you bought doesn’t have a monofin, make sure you buy the right size to fit the fluke at the end. Choose a monofin with straps for a better fit. 

Size and Fitting
The mermaid tail and the fin should fit perfectly if you want your child to enjoy being a water mermaid. Luckily, many swimmable mermaid tail costumes are made of stretchy fabric to allow free movement. However, ensure that you are buying the correct size. Check the chart in the product details and crosscheck the measurements before ordering. 

Material and Washing
Spandex, polyester, and nylon are the three most used materials to stitch mermaid tails. The advantage of using these fabrics is that they are lightweight, easy on the skin, and dry off fast. It’s easy to put them on and take them off without resorting to gymnastics. 

Another advantage is that you can wash this material in the machine. It’s essential to wash the mermaid tail after a swim in the pool or sea. Both chlorine and salt are not good for fabrics. Waterproof mermaid tail made of silicon also needs to be cleaned as per the instructions of the seller. 

Mermaid tails are colorful, vibrant, and bright. Mermaid tail swimming suits for kids are no exception. That’s the reason most brands sell mermaid suits in a multitude of colors. Of course, you can also buy the suits pastels or black. But buying your child’s favorite color is usually the best (and safest) choice. 

Mermaid tail suits come for any price between $15 and $3000. Yes! The cheap swimmable mermaid tails made of polyester or other such materials are available for less than $30 or so. The costly suits are priced at around $150. The customized silicone mermaid tail suits cost between $1500 and $3000.

How do I wash my mermaid tail after use?

You can wash most of the swimmable mermaid tail costumes in the machine. Some require a cold-water wash. A few suits need to be hand-washed, while the silicone mermaid tails need to be gently scrubbed and soaked. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. The good news is that silicon tails don’t need frequent cleaning. 

Can kids wear a mermaid tail in the pool?

Yes, they can, as long as you are with them throughout. You need to be present to ensure that your child is comfortable swimming in the mermaid tail suit. If your child is less than ten years old, it’s safer not to let them get into a pool with the suit on.

How to wear a mermaid tail?

Wearing a mermaid tail is a two-step process and requires assistance. Help the kid wear the tail first (the fabric that covers their legs). Then the monofin has to be attached where the tail pools near the feet. It’s better to wear the monofin when sitting as it provides better balance.

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