Are you looking for a cool teen desk? If yes, then here in this article, we have listed the best teenage desks for bedrooms.

In this list of cheap and affordable desks for teenage girls and boys, you will see various kinds of tables such as a computer desk, study table, corner desk, and wall-mounted desk.

Don’t worry, even if you have a small room then also you will find some suitable small desks for bedroom. So without any further ado, let’s move ahead and check out details of the best desks for teenage boys and girls.

Best Teenage Desks for Bedroom

#1. FURINNO Teenage Computer Desk with Side Shelves

FURINNO Teenage Computer Desk with Side Shelves


Dimensions39.6(W) x 15.5(D) x 33.6(H) inches
Weight 24.5 pounds
Drawers NO
PC Compatibility YES

With its space-saving design, this teenage desk from FURINNO is perfect for every small bedroom out there. With its bigger primary shelf, the desk lets you place a desktop without a space crunch. Furthermore, there are three small shelves attached to the side, so your kid can arrange his books or place a CPU.

Made using engineered wood, the desk is built to last. Forget about moisture damaging the desk or hampering its quality, all thanks to the high-quality finish that enhances the exquisiteness of the desk as well.

Installing this small desk for the bedroom is a breeze, you get all the parts inside the box, including the PVC tubes. Just read the installation plan, and you can do it in minutes. Another impressive trait this desk possesses is its lightweight. 

You can move it anytime to sweep a vacuum cleaner to clean the entire room. Just go for this unit if your teenager needs a desk for PC or reading. Reward him with comfort, and a stylish desk that looks good in his/her room, like the desk, is available in multiple color options.

Made using high-quality wood.No drawers to organize things.
Easy to clean.No footrest.
Lightweight and durable.

Price: $28.80
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#2. OneSpace Small Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray for Teenage Bedroom

OneSpace Small Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray for Teenage Bedroom


Dimensions30.5(W) x 22(D) x 4(H) inches
Weight 28.6 pounds
Drawers NO
PC Compatibility YES

Here’s another durable desk for teenagers that looks good and is built to last. With its short footprint, the desk doesn’t eat up a lot of space, and you can place it in a small room as well.

The no-nonsense desk is easy to assemble, and you can install it within minutes to reward your kid with the ultimate comfort of reading and writing. Furthermore, the desk is PC compatible and features a big pull-out keyboard and mouse tray.

Made using metal, the entire frame comes with a black coating that protects it from rusting. The other material is the MDF board that’s lightweight and doesn’t swell up like regular wood.

The best thing about this desk is the non-tipping feet. Your kid can even rest his tootsies on the bigger footrest. Overall, if you need an affordable teenage desk that’s attractive and lasts longer, go with this desk from OneSpace. 

Lastly, the manufacturer offers this affordable desk for teenage kids in a range of colors, so choose one that matches the décor of your kid’s room.

Bigger shelves for better organization.Two shelves only.
Non-tipping and non-marring feet.Customer service isn’t that great.
Sleek and elegant.
Lightweight MDF board.

Price: $48.37
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#3. TANGKULA Wall Mounted White Desk for Teenage Girl and Boy

TANGKULA Wall Mounted White Desk for Teenage Girl and Boy


Dimensions24(W) x 20(D) x 20(H) inches
Weight 22.40 pounds
Drawers YES
PC Compatibility NO

TANGKULA is here with a floating desk that hangs on the wall and is a perfect solution to maximize space in any room. You can mount this multifunctional desk on the wall at a height that’s suitable for your children.

With ample storage, this teenage desk is a favorite of hundreds of kids out there. Your kid gets a big drawer and four organization shelves to keep his/her stuff handy. Furthermore, there’s a big folding shelf as well that’s perfect for keeping a laptop.

When not in use, you can fold the shelf, and the desk will occupy even less space in the room. The design looks stylish, and the clean lines show attention to detail.

The material TANGKULA has used is engineered wood that’s highly durable. The white furniture finish also feels of great quality and doesn’t chip off easily. 

Just a damp cloth is enough to make the entire desk spotlessly clean. In a nutshell, this wall-mounted desk for teenage children is what you should buy if you need something minimalist.

Your kid will get enough space to work with ultimate comfort and without any distractions.

Space-saving design.You need to drill holes in the wall to mount it.
Elegant and modern appearance.Not compatible with desktop PC.
Made using durable MDF board.
The handles are of high quality.

Price: $89.99
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#4. GreenForest L Shaped Corner Desk for Teenage Bedroom

GreenForest L Shaped Corner Desk for Teenage Bedroom


Dimensions58.1(W) x 44.3(D) x 29.13(H) inches
Weight 37.2 pounds
Drawers YES
PC Compatibility YES

Attending online classes can be hard if your teenager has a short desk, but here’s a big desk that’ll solve this problem. The l-shaped teenage desk from GreenForest offers enough space to keep a desktop and laptop together. 

Now your children can join online classes or study at the same desk without any hassles due to less space. The desk is highly durable and has a superb metal frame. 

The material GreenForest has used is MDF coated with a melamine finish. The desk resists scratches and watermarks. Furthermore, you can clean it using a dry cloth only.

Installing the desk is a breeze, and you get it in three pieces. GreenForest even ships a detailed guide to install the desk on the go. 

The clean lines and angular design make this desk a great choice for any teenager’s room. Also, the finish is non-toxic, and the desk has an excellent load-bearing capacity, so your kid can keep his books and other stuff handy.

Lastly, GreenForest offers this cheap desk for teenage children in multiple color choices to complement the aesthetics of any room.

Highly durable metal frame.Not a good option for small rooms.
Resists watermarks and fingerprints.No keyboard tray.
Bigger desk with more space.
It comes with two drawers.

Price: Price not available
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#5. The Office Oasis Writing Desk for Small Bedroom

The Office Oasis Writing Desk for Small Bedroom


Dimensions36(W) x 22(D) x 29.5(H) inches
Weight 40.8 pounds
Drawers NO
PC Compatibility YES

Here’s a desk that grows with your teenager, as it comes with an adjustable height option. You can adjust the desk’s height using adjustable leveling feet that are highly stable and safe for all floors. 

This desk has bigger legs and undoubtedly looks good in any room. Made using heavy-duty metal, the frame feels solid. Furthermore, it has a powder coating and which prevents the chances of rusting.

There is only one shelf, and it’s made using waterproof wood. The finish coating on the shelf resists scratches, and that reduces your workload of cleaning the desk.

It’s a fully PC-compatible desk that comes with a cable management tray. You can keep all the cables organized, and your teenager can work in peace without struggling with the dangling cables.

Assembling the desk is a quick task and doesn’t require a lot of work. The frame comes with pre-drilled holes, so all you need is a screwdriver to install it.

Overall, if you are looking for a super-durable teenage desk, here’s the best option for you. 

Powder-coated frame.No pull-out drawer for keyboard and mouse.
Heavy-duty waterproof wood shelf.Adjusting the deck height is a bit challenging.
Easy to assemble.
It comes with a cable management tray.

Price: $169.95
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#6.Convenience Concepts Pink Desk for Teenage Girls

Convenience Concepts Pink Desk for Teenage Girls


Dimensions47.25(W) x 15.75(D) x 30(H) inches
Weight 41 pounds
Drawers NO
PC Compatibility YES

Girls love pink, so what about having a pink desk that’s great for your daughter’s room? This big desk with multiple shelves is easy to install and requires no tools. 

All you need to do is put all the parts together, and you can install the desk within a few minutes. The best thing about this desk is the space. There are multiple storage shelves to organize books and even keep a PC.

Furthermore, when it comes to durability, this pink desk for teenage girls will never disappoint you. It features a stainless-steel frame that doesn’t catch rust easily. The non-tipping rubberized feet keep the desk from wobbling. 

The shelves are made using engineered wood or MDF that comes with a water-resistant coating. Thoughtfully designed to offer space with a minimal footprint, this teenage desk is an amazing option for every teenager out there.

Lastly, you can choose from a wide range of colors depending on what your kid loves.

It comes with six shelves.No footrest.
No-tool installation.The material quality could’ve been better.
You get a detailed installation plan with it.
Perfect for small spaces.

Price: $74.84
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#7. Calico Designs Study Corner Desk for Teenage Boys

Calico Designs Study Corner Desk for Teenage Boys


Dimensions46(W) x 23.5(D) x 15.5(H) inches
Weight 52 pounds
Drawers NO
PC Compatibility YES

This teenage desk boasts a combination of style and functionality, making it an exemplary choice for all kids’ rooms. The simple yet elegant desk has four-floor levelers for better stability. Even the feet have rubberized coating, and the feet don’t damage the floor.

The writing desk for small bedrooms has a bigger space to keep a PC, books, and other things handy. Your kid gets two organization shelves, one reading/writing and one to keep other things at hand. 

The material is amazing, and Calico has used laminated wood to ensure that the desk lasts longer. Furthermore, there are no pointed edges, so stop worrying about any injuries.

Coming to durability, the desk has a thick coating that makes cleaning easy. Installing the desk doesn’t require any tools, just put the parts together, and you can install it within minutes.

To sum up, if you need a durable desk with ample space, this is the desk you should consider. It comes in a range of colors, and your teenager will certainly love his new workstation.

Multiple shelves for better organization.No drawers.
High-quality engineered wood.The desk is heavy.
Blunt edges don’t harm your kid.
It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Price: Price not available
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#8. Prepac Kurv White Floating Desk for Bedroom

Prepac Kurv White Floating Desk for Bedroom


Dimensions42.25(W) x 31.5(D) x 19(H) inches
Weight 52 pounds
Drawers NO
PC Compatibility NO

Another floating-style teenage desk is here that’s an outstanding choice for small rooms. The desk is small but has ample space and multiple shelves. With its stunning appearance, the desk can surely make any room look even good.

The design is amazing, and the clean lines will make it a favorite among your kids. The desk has four shelves, one to keep a PC and the other for organizing compact stuff. 

Made using high-quality engineered wood, the desk promises durability. Furthermore, it comes with a thick lamination and watermarks, and stains cannot sit on it for longer. 

Mounting the desk is pretty simple, but it requires you to drill holes on the wall. The biggest benefit of using this minimalist desk is its space-saving design.

It occupies little space and is a great option for smaller rooms. Prepac has designed the desk thoughtfully, and there is a cable management hole at the back.

Overall, this pearl white student desk for the bedroom will brighten the entire room while saving a lot of space. Just mount the case according to your kid’s comfort, and he/she will love working while organizing the books.

Made using durable wood.Not compatible with desktop PC.
Built-in hole for cable management.Available in one color only.
Multiple shelves to keep clutter at bay.
Easy to clean.

Price: $114.38
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#9. CubiCubi Small Writing Desk for Bedroom

CubiCubi Small Writing Desk for Bedroom


ColorVintage Brown   
Dimensions40(W) x 19.7(D) x 29(H) inches
Weight 52 pounds
Drawers NO
PC Compatibility YES

Teenagers these days love vintage things, so adding this vintage desk to their room will be a great idea. With its durable and sturdy built, the desk promises a decent lifespan. The frame is made using metal and comes with a thick powder coating to resist corrosion.

The bigger wooden shelf gives your kid plenty of space to organize the books while keeping a PC and other such things. Designed to offer convenience, the desk comes with a storage basket and a hook. 

Whether your teenager needs a table for reading/writing or for attending online classes, this classic desk from CubiCubi makes the best choice. The bigger shelves are made with MDF and have an excellent load-bearing capacity.

You can use the desk on any type of floor, all thanks to the non-marring feet. Assembling the desk is a quick task that merely requires 10 minutes. Place this desk anywhere in the room and add convenience to your teenager’s life.

Bigger shelf for easy organization.The desk is heavy.
It comes with an iron hook and storage bag.No drawers and pull-out tray.
Sturdy design.
Easy to assemble.

Price: $49.99
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#10. OneSpace White Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard for Bedroom

OneSpace White Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard for Bedroom


Dimensions21.75(W) x 4.25(D) x 37.5(H) inches
Weight 76 pounds
Drawers YES
PC Compatibility YES

Thinking of buying a durable desk that lasts? How about this stylish teenage desk from OneSpace? This is a big desk with a lot of shelves, so your kid will stop complaining about less space. 

Made using an MDF board, that desk is highly durable. Furthermore, it comes with a scratch-resistant coating that resists fingerprints and watermarks. Perfect for a desktop PC, the desk even features a pull-out tray to keep the keyboard and mouse.

Your teenage child gets maximum space to unfurl in comfort while working on this desk. OneSpace ships the desk ready-to-assemble with a detailed instruction manual. 

It may look like a big desk, but the footprint is small, so it occupies less space inside the room. Investing in this desk is a smart decision as it grows with your kid. 

Even you can use the desk sometimes to attend online meetings, all thanks to its height and plenty of organizational space.

In a nutshell, this small desk for a bedroom from OneSpace will surely solve your kid’s storage-related concerns. It has multiple shelves, can accommodate a desktop PC, and has a huge drawer as well.

OneSpace offers this desk in a variety of attractive colors, so make sure to check them out.

Bigger shelve to accommodate a CPU.The desk is heavy.
Easy to assemble.The coating can chip off after some time.
Spacious cabinets.
Hidden cable management.

Price: $149.99
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Things you need to consider while buying a teenage desk for your bedroom

Buying the best teenage desk for a bedroom may sound easy, but it isn’t! There are a few factors that will impact the comfort your kid will experience with the desk.

Here’s a buying guide that will help you invest in the best teenage desk.


The footprint is the space a desk occupies. If you have a smaller bedroom, there’s no benefit of investing in a big desk. In this article, you will find different teenage desks with varying footprints.

If you have a room with limited space, go with a floating desk like TANGKULA Wall Mounted Desk

Shelves or Storage Space 

The shelves and storage space depending on how much space your kid needs. If your kid needs a desk with a lot of space to keep the PC or books organized, make sure to buy a desk with more shelves.


The material defines the durability of the desk, so there’s no chance you can go wrong with it. Choose a desk that’s made up of high-quality material such as an MDF board and has a steel frame. 

Easy to install 

Go for a teenage desk that’s easy to install and doesn’t require you to call a technician. All the premium teenage desks for the bedroom reviewed in this article are easy to install, so you can go with any of the following.

PC Compatibility 

Not all desks are PC compatible, if your kid needs one to use his/her PC, make sure that the desk has a pull-out tray to keep the keyboard and mouse


Drawers will make organizing things easy, so it is essential to go with a desk that has at least one desk. Check out the specification table in the article to find out how many drawers a desk has.


It’d be great to have a budget in mind when looking for a teenage desk for a bedroom. In this article, you will find multiple high-end and cheap desks for teenage kids.

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