Are you looking for the best teenage vanity set for girl room? Check out the below-mentioned list of top-rated makeup vanity set for teenagers that are available on Amazon.

Having the right vanity table in your teenage girl room will help to keep her jewelry and cosmetics organized. She can also get ready quickly and faster than before.

You can also gift this dressing table in her birthday gift as it is something unique present for her. In this list, you will find the various vanity desk styles, so don’t worry even if you are looking for some specific kind of makeup desk or tables such as a corner vanity set, white vanity set, or small vanity set, then you will find them all here.

So without any further discussion, let’s go ahead and check out the best teenage vanity set features.

Best Teenage Vanity Set for Girls

#1. Frenchi Vanity Set with Mirror for Teenage

Frenchi Vanity Set with Mirror for Teenage

Customers have rated the Frenchi Home Furnishing Vanity set as one of the best teenage vanity sets because of its aesthetic looks and premiumness.

It provides ample space for your teenage girl to keep all kinds of makeup stuff, heat tools, and other accessories at a place.

Undoubtedly teenagers can be a bit clumsy with their stuff and tend to lose small items quickly. The spacious sliding drawer makes it easy for your children to organize their makeup items without missing anything.

Now your daughter won’t be running here and there to find her favorite hairpins, as the drawer is there to keep them in place.

The three-piece mirror has made this vanity set favorite among the parents who have purchased this set for their darling daughter(s).

Sharing the vanity with a younger sister will no more come with tantrums and quarrels. And fortunately, you don’t have to purchase two vanity sets, as the adjustable mirrors allow both of them to get ready at the same time.

The wood used in manufacturing this vanity set is of high quality, making it durable and sturdy.

It gives off a luxurious feel with the perfect finish. The vanity set is available in white and mahogany colors to choose the perfect one according to your children’s room interior.

Dimension of Table32” W x 16”. D x 30” H
Dimension of Stool18.25”W x 13” D x 17.7” H
DrawersAvailable (1)
LightingNot available
Type of MirrorThree Mirrors which tilt

Price: $109.80
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#2. Frenchi Cheap Vanity Table for Teenage

Frenchi Cheap Vanity Table for Teenage

Installing a full-sized vanity set doesn’t go well with the other smaller-sized furniture, if your kid’s room is small. Hence, this teenage vanity table fits just perfectly and blends in well in your child’s room.

The multiple mirrors provide different angles for your teen to check-out her looks to get camera-ready quickly. Furthermore, this vanity set comes with a bench where your little princess can comfortably sit and can experiment with her new makeup tools.

The build quality of this vanity set is commendable as it looks fully polished and shiny. Apart from that, the construction material is sturdy and durable, so that the vanity set will look new for years.

If your little girl is photogenic and loves to upload beautiful pictures on her Instagram, this vanity set should be your choice as it comes with a three-fold mirror.

It also has a huge drawer that can accommodate the jewelry, makeup essentials, and other small stuff that your daughter would need while tidying up.

You can easily clean this teenage vanity desk using a damp cloth, and it will be as good as new.

Dimension of Table31 x 19.5 x 12.9 inches
Dimension of Stool17 inches
DrawersAvailable (1)
LightingNot available
Type of MirrorRectangle mirror which tilts

Price: $100.99
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#3. Roundhill White Vanity Desk for Teenage

Roundhill White Vanity Desk for Teenage

Kids need space and privacy as they grow older. When they are old enough to have their rooms, you need a vanity set for them so that they can get ready without asking you to leave your vanity table.

A vanity set is an essential item on this list; it is a must-have, especially for girls, so we are here with this elegant vanity set from Roundhill.

This vanity set by Roundhill Furniture should be your ideal choice as it has everything your daughter needs. This one is among the most demanded and high-quality vanity sets due to its aesthetic looks and durability.

It comes with a stool where your girl can sit comfortably and get ready for special occasions. The set also comes with an adjustable oval mirror with a wooden frame so your princess can adjust the mirror according to her height.

The best thing about this vanity set is the availability of three spacious drawers that can store your child’s makeup, jewelry, or small accessories at a single place. Now they don’t have to disturb you multiple times when they can’t find a particular thing.

The vanity set is easy to assemble and is made of superior quality wood. Perfect for a small space and can also be used as a corner vanity set for the bedroom if the kid’s room is small.

You can choose from six attractive color options to complement the decor of your kid’s room. Give your daughters this vanity set and watch them grow responsible for their things with time.

Dimension of Table30W X 15.75D X 52.50H
Dimension of Stool17W X 12D X 17H
DrawersAvailable (3)
LightingNot available
Type of MirrorOval adjustable mirrors

Price: $109.65
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#4. Giantex Teenage Vanity Set with LED Lights

Giantex Teenage Vanity Set with LED Lights

So your kid’s room isn’t that spacious to accommodate a big vanity set, and you are confused about what to buy that your daughter loves? Well, now you don’t have to think a lot about it because this Giantex Vanity is a compact set that serves two-in-one functions.

This durable and robust makeup table for teenage girls set can be doubled as a writing table when your kid needs a table to write upon. Just by removing the top of this vanity table, you can convert it into a full-fledged writing table.

Additionally, it has 12 LED lights attached to the mirror, which emits a warm light that’s comfortable for the eyes. These lights can be used while doing makeup so your teenage girl can apply her makeup perfectly.

It can also be used as a table lamp when she is studying for her SATs and academic exams.

This teenage vanity set with lights comes with 5 drawers which help to keep your child’s necessities organized at a place.

You will also get a strong and durable padded tool with this vanity set. The legs of both the stool and the table are sturdy, so they don’t wobble at all. With superior quality wood, this vanity set comes with a smooth finish that will last for years.

Dimension of Table30W X 15.75D X 52.50H
Dimension of Stool17W X 12D X 17H
DrawersAvailable (3)
Lighting12 LED lights
Type of MirrorOval adjustable mirrors

Price: $149.99
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#5. Hansong Makeup Desk with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror for Teenage Girl

Hansong Makeup Vanity Dressing Table with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror

Every parent wants to provide the best things to their children. So when it comes to purchasing a vanity set for your soon-to-be teenage daughter, you must invest in something sturdy, qualitative, and dependable that can last for years.

This makeup desk for teenage girls comes with 3 LED lighted mirrors. So your little girl can adjust the lighting according to her room’s light requirements to get the best out of her makeup skills. With just one touch lights will be up, so your girl stays away from any wires or cables.

This vanity desk has 2 small and 2 large sliding drawers that can store plenty of stuff, including jewelry, makeup sets, and other important possessions of your daughter. She can keep all her belongings at a place, so everything is accessible when getting ready in a rush.

With the perfect dimensions, this vanity set with lights for teenage girls is perfect for small rooms and compact spaces. It also comes with a sturdy stool that has a cushion on top for added comfort while sitting.

Another unique feature of this bedroom vanity for teenage girls is the detachable mirror, which, when removed, can turn the dressing table into a writing desk. So you don’t have to invest in purchasing a separate writing or working table.

Dimension of Table31.53”(L) * 15.74”(W) * 51.96”(H)
Dimension of Stool14.57 * 11.02 * 17.71 inch
DrawersAvailable (2)
Lighting3coloured LED light
Type of MirrorHollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror

Price: $99.99
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#6. Chende Lighted Makeup Wall Mounted Vanity Set with Mirror

Chende Lighted Makeup Wall Mounted Vanity Set with Mirror

To look glamorous is something every girl wants, but visiting the salon every time to get the flawless makeup can be a hassle. If your teenage daughter gets fussy about not having enough lights in her room for doing the perfect makeup, you might have just hit the jackpot.

This lighted makeup mirror is your ultimate solution. Gift this to your growing daughter and watch her jump from joy as she receives just what she needed.

This mirror has a high-quality aluminum frame and comes with a wooden base. It has 14 dimmable LED bulbs so your daughter can adjust the lights according to her requirements.

When it is morning, and there is plenty of light in the room, these lights can be dimmed to 30%, and during the night, it can be increased to their 100% potential so that she can do the makeup with ultimate precision.

With an elegant and seamless design, this mirror is just what every girl dreams of. To take the perfect selfies, she needs to have that flawless face and ample light, which can be easily achieved using this vanity set!

Furthermore, the vanity set comes with a metal hook so the mirror can be hung or attached to the wall without much hassle. Alternatively, it can be kept as a tabletop on a desk as well, and it would serve its purpose.

Dimension of TableN/A
Dimension of StoolN/A
Lighting14 LED lights
Type of MirrorRectangle, mountable or tabletop

Price: $238.98
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#7. Crown Small Vanity Table for Teenage

Crown Childrens Vanity Set with Beige Seat

Choosing the perfect vanity set that matches your teenage daughter’s room interior and her liking can be a difficult task.

If the room is compact and your budget isn’t much, you might want to invest in something that serves the purpose in the best way but without costing you a fortune.

Well, this small vanity table for teenage girls might just be the perfect thing you are looking for.

It is made using high-quality wood and comes in a transitional style. You won’t face a lot of hassle while assembling it as well, because the manufacturer offers a detailed installation manual.

This vanity set has a drawer with a sliding feature so the drawer won’t fall on your child’s knees when they pull it off in a hurry.

It can be used to store a lot of small stuff such as jewelry, makeup, accessories, etc. which otherwise get misplaced very easily.

The table-top comes in the standard size so your child won’t feel like you’ve bought them some play stuff. The white vanity desk for teenage girls is very sturdy and durable. It comes with a stool with a cushion on it so your child can sit and get ready without hurting her back.

Dimension of Table28″w x 16″d x 29.5″ H
Dimension of Stool14.25 by 16.75-Inch
DrawersAvailable (1)
LightingNot available
Type of MirrorRectangle, tilt-able

Price: $127.00
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#8. BEWISHOME White Vanity Desk for Teenage

BEWISHOME Vanity Table with Drawers for Teenage

Looking for the perfect girl’s vanity table for your teenager’s room and confused about which vanity set would be the best for her?

Well, indeed you must purchase something that offers maximum features at the most minimal rate. Such vanity sets in the market are very less, but here in this list, we have found this Bewishome Vanity Set for you.

This vanity set has a simple yet elegant design and would look good in a room of any color. It comes in three color variations: white, espresso, and black, so you can pick the ones you like the most.

Made from MDF wood, the vanity set with mirror for teenage girls is sturdy and durable. The stool comes with a cushioned top so your daughter can comfortably sit and do her makeup and hair. The cushioned seat on the chair is made of polyester material and has EVA anti-slip mats.

With a 360-degree pivoting mirror, your girl gets the facility to rotate the mirrors every which way she likes.

This vanity set from Bewishome comes with 5 drawers that provide adequate space for storing accessories, jewelry, makeup, etc. It also comes with a removable mirror so your girl can turn this table to a writing or laptop table when she needs it.

You won’t face much hassle in assembling the vanity set as the instructional manual will help you fix this up quickly.

Dimension of Table29.53”(H)x31.50”(L)x15.75”(W)
Dimension of Stool15.75”(L)x11.81”(W)x19.69”(H)
DrawersAvailable (5)
LightingNot available
Type of MirrorRectangle, Movable

Price: $79.99
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#9. Frenchi Furniture Makeup Table for Teenage

Frenchi Furniture Makeup Vanity Set with Lockable Jewelry Cabinet and Mirror

Searching for the perfect unique birthday gift for your daughter, who is entering her teens this year?

You can consider this Frenchi Furniture Makeup Vanity Set to be the most suitable gift for her that will last for years. She will surely be overjoyed to receive such a useful gift on her special day.

This vanity table with drawers for teenage girls comes with a lockable jewelry cabinet, so your daughter can lock her favorite jewelry and valuable possessions safe.

The Frenchi Furniture Makeup vanity set comes with 75 ring slots, necklace hooks, 21 earring holes, and 2 storage shelves.

Additionally, it also has a protective black fabric lining that prevents jewelry from being scratched against the rough wooden surface.

Apart from all these features, it also has two large sliding drawers. There is also an extra cosmetic rack with four grids to keep makeup brushes.

This cheap vanity table for teenage girls comes with a sturdy stool with thick, padded cushion. This vanity set would be the best gift that your daughter can ever get with a simple yet elegant design.

Dimension of Table31”(H)x31.50”(L)x16”(W)
Dimension of Stool16”(L)x12”(W)x19”(H)
DrawersAvailable (2)
LightingNot available
Type of MirrorRectangle, Fixed

Price: $100.99
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#10. Teamson Princess Vanity Set with Mirror

Teamson Princess Vanity Set with Mirror

Kids love to imitate their parent’s actions and usually involve them in their pretend play games. It is a part of their growing up, and you, being the parent, should encourage them to do so as it boosts their imagination skills.

One of the best ways to encourage them is by giving them this Kids vanity set which instills in them a sense of responsibility from a young age. This play vanity table from Teamson comes in two colors: black and pink. As small kids love getting dressed up, they would spend a lot of time on this one.

Crafted from superior quality eco-friendly MDF plastic, this childrens vanity set comes with a matching stool that has beautiful leopard print on it. It also has a small drawer that can store a bunch of small stuff that your kid might require while grooming.

This pink vanity set also features a three-panel mirror that is made of real glass to give a clean view. The counter top has adequate space for their makeup brushes, tools, nail polishes, Barbie dolls, or anything that they like to play with.

The princess vanity set is easy to assemble and comes with proper guiding instructions. You can assemble it and then install it to your child’s room so they can experiment with their makeup tools while getting the barbie dolls ready.

Dimension of Table38.5”(H)x23.5”(L)x11.25”(W)
Dimension of Stool12.5”(L)x11.5”(W)x13.5”(H)
DrawersAvailable (1)
LightingNot available
Type of MirrorThree-fold

Price: $77.58
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