You can now control your home’s temperature with the smart thermostats available on the market. Whether it is cold or hot outside, you can always be at your comfort with the temperature you want in your house. On top of that, if you own an Alexa-enabled device, this smart thermostat works like a cherry on the cake! So here we have listed some of the best smart thermostats for Alexa.

In this list of top rated Alexa compatible thermostat, we have included thermostats from some premium brands like Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee and many more. All you need to do is connect the thermostat to your Alexa device, and you are good to go. Just say “Alexa, set the temperature to 35 degrees,” and Alexa does the work for you. So without any further delay, let explore this list of the best thermostat that works with Amazon Echo devices.

Best Thermostat For Alexa

Best Smart Thermostats for Alexa

Thermostats That Works With
Amazon Alexa

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#1. ecobee4 Thermostat with Sensor

ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor compatible with Amazon Echo

Ecobee presents to you the best thermostat compatible with Amazon Echo. Its in-built Alexa voice service sets a timer, reads the news for you, adjust the temperature as you instruct, and does much more such activities.

Its room sensors maintain the cold and hot spots of your room so as to keep them cozy. You can even connect it to your Android or iOS devices and maintain the temperature of your house from wherever you want. It also saves about 23% of your annual energy consumption. Moreover, it is fast and easy to install.

Price: $238.00
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#2. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation, Stainless Steel compatible with Amazon Echo

Nest brings to you one of the best Alexa-enabled and Google Home-supported thermostats. With its auto-schedule functionality, you can set the schedule for a week and let your thermostat control the temperature of your house on its own.

It provides you with Home/Away assistance. If you aren’t at home, it automatically turns down and thus, saves energy. Moreover, it also has the capability to detect you if you cross the room. It lights up beautifully to show you the time, temperature, and weather.

Price: $222.49
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#3. First Alert Wi-Fi Thermostat

First Alert Smart Thermostat That Works with Alexa

This Wi-Fi enabled thermostat can be controlled directly from your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it also works with Alexa-enabled devices. Hence, you can use the voice recognition feature helps you carry out your work more efficiently.

It is programmable and features energy usage functionality. Thus, you can be aware regarding the power consumption of your devices. It offers you the facility to view the energy consumption analytics of previous 7 days. Also, its full-colour touchscreen is competent enough to showcase about 100 photos.

Price: $180.01
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#4. Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat compatible with Amazon Echo

This thermostat from Honeywell comes with a screen that displays the date, time, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, and the mode on which it is set. It also facilitates you to customize the screen colour so that you can match it with your home décor.

Featuring different energy saving modes, this is one of the best Amazon Echo compatible thermostats. It saves a handsome amount of your annual costs. To avoid interference of others, this thermostat is also equipped with locking and password features.

Price: $171.88
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#5. Bosch Thermotechnology Wi-Fi Thermostat

Bosch Thermotechnology Alexa-Enabled Thermostat

With a 5-inch display touchscreen, it provides you with the most comfortable temperature for your smart home. You can set schedules if you want so that it operates on its own whether you are at home or away.

You can connect it with your existing internet connection. You can operate it from wherever you are right from your smartphone. It is designed to automatically turn on and turn off itself thus; it helps you save on your electricity bills. It is also compatible with a heat pump.

Price: $169.99
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#6. Schneider Electric Smart Thermostat

Schneider Electric Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Compatible with Alexa

Featuring a sleek and intuitive design, the thermostat from Schneider offers the best fit for your smart home. The touchscreen display shows you the temperature inside and outside your house.

Its comfort boost feature helps you to use the energy more efficiently. Further, it glows differently with different modes. Thus, you can see what it displays even from a distance. You can even control it from wherever you are right from the connected devices like smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Price: $155.00
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#7. Emerson Thermostats

Emerson Thermostats compatible with Amazon Echo

Finding a smart thermostat? Well, Emerson has one of the best Alexa-enabled smart thermostats for you. Just connect this Sensi thermostat with your Wi-Fi connection and operate it from wherever you want through the mobile application.

It also offers you different functionalities like – Mode (Heating, Cooling, or Inactive), Fan (On or Auto), Schedule (On or off). You can even set a flexible schedule for seven days. Further, it also features geo-fencing for location-based temperature control. That is, it reduces cooling and heating effects when no one is at home.

Price: $135.79
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#8. TRANE Home Thermostat

TRANE Thermostat That Works with Amazon Alexa

To facilitate you with voice control, it works with Amazon Alexa. All you require is to set up a hub to make it functional.

You can manage as well as adjust your home’s temperature remotely with this thermostat. It reduces energy consumption and thus saves on your electricity bills. It is also competent enough to send you notifications regarding maintenance and filter alerts. Hence, it helps you extend the battery life of your smart home automation system.

Price: $89.99
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#9. Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat compatible with Amazon Echo

While moving further on our list, we have one more thermostat from Honeywell. It offers 7 days of programming schedule with four programs each day. That is, you can configure 4 programs per day; thus offering you the flexibility to utilize any scenario – morning, afternoon, evening, night.

Further, this thermostat is competent enough to view local weather from web portal or app. You can connect it to your smartphone or computer and control it from wherever you are.

Price: $82.50
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Bring home the best thermostat for Alexa and add a glam to your smart home. Which one amongst the above listed is your favorite or you would love to buy? Your choices and opinions are always welcomed in the comments section.