If you think that it’s time for your tot to transfer from a crib to a bed of his (or her) own, then you must start looking for the toddler beds. It is a very useful product that makes your little one enjoy his (or her) sleep time or relaxation time with an added comfort and convenience. It is therefore essential for you to choose the right children bed that is enriched with good features. Hence, in this article of ours, we have listed some of the best toddler beds.

This list of toddler beds for girls and boys rounds up some of the unique and diversified beds which will oomph you to buy them for your kids. Some parents who already bought these beds for their tots are not getting tired of praising them.

You even get some of the top rated toddler beds in the market that enables you to carry them with you while going out. There is also a pool of them that are simple and stylish. But choosing the best among them would rather be a tiring and confusing job for you. Rather than going to those local and cheap ones or the ones that are being highly advertised, you must select those that offer comfort to your baby boy or baby girl. You should keep one thing in mind that the bed that you are going to buy for them should give them the best experience while sleeping on a daily basis.

Here are some of the finest toddler beds for boys and girls that we have listed to ease your selection.

Best Toddler Beds

Best Toddler Beds for Girls and Boys

#1. Regalo My Cot Portable Bed for Travelling

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

You get the best toddler twin bed from Regalo in a small carrying case. It is very convenient and simple to set up. What you need to do is simply pull the corners away from each other. The frame, as well as bed surface, will flatten automatically. Just bring the opposite corners together whenever you need to fold it up.

The steel frame is sturdy enough to hold weight up to 75 pounds. Moreover, it also includes a washable bed cover to provide ultimate comfort to your toddler. It is just the perfect bed for sleep time, story time, outings, camping, or even while just laundering around the house.

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#2. Dream On Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed

Dream On Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed

If you are in the hunt for the best toddler bed for 18 months old, then the one from Dream On Me is the perfect choice to make. Constructed from premium quality of solid wood and finished with an attractive touch, this bed is just perfect for the toddlers who are neither small enough for a crib nor much big enough for an adult bed.

The entire look of the bed is completed with two safety railings so that your toddler doesn’t fall off while sleeping. The short legs keep the bed low to the ground; hence your toddlers can easily get on and off the bed on their own.

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#3. DaVinci Sleigh

Davinci Sleigh Toddler Bed

This toddler bed tops among the best-rated toddler beds for 2 years old. This luxurious sleigh makes the next level of your tot’s childhood joyful and exciting. It is set at an approximately low height so that the toddlers can climb in and out safely without your help.

Constructed from 100% New Zealand pine wood, this bed with the non-toxic finish is an ideal one to shift your tot from crib to a bed. The two safety rails guard your toddler when you aren’t around.

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#4. Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed

Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed

If your kid is a great fan of the Sesame Street, then this toddler bed which features characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster tops the list of best-rated toddler beds. With tons of colorful graphics, this bed will soon turn into a fun-loving space for your kid.

This bed features a durable steel frame and high quality of sturdy plastic construction so as to deliver longevity. It is tough enough to withstand your kid’s jumps and plays. Moreover, this low bed attached with safety rails ensures the protection of your kid throughout the night.

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#5. DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed

DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed

Introduce your kids to their independence by bringing the best toddler bed for them. This small, cute little bed makes it easy for your kids to adjust. Furthermore, its low profile keeps the bed within their reach. Hence, climbing in and coming out of the bed becomes easy for them. The railings ensure their safety.

Designed from New Zealand pine wood, this bed offers solid construction and enhanced stability. It can hold up to 50lbs weight. You can easily fit a standard sized crib mattress easily on this toddler bed.

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#6. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

If you are looking for the best toddler bed for travel purpose, then the one from The Shrunks will meet your needs. It fits in a small handbag; hence lets you carry it along with you wherever you go.

The tucking feature lets you easily tuck the mattress which is provided along with this toddler bed. The unique design of this air bed helps your kids feel cozy and secure at night. The security rails guard your kids and prevent them from falling off while sleeping.

You also get an electric pump with this toddler bed so as to pump in the air easily.

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This is our curated list which comprises of some of the best portable toddler beds as well as some simple yet stylish toddler beds. So, which one from the above listed some of the best toddler beds would you like to buy for your tot? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.