If you think that it’s time for your tot to transfer from a crib to a bed of his (or her) own, then you must start looking for the best toddler beds for 1 – 4 year old.

This review list of top-rated toddler beds for boys and girls rounds up some of the unique and diversified beds, which will oomph you to buy them for your kids.

Even if you are looking for some budget toddler bed, toddler travel bed, convertible bed, portable, or bed in some specific carton or color like a pink toddler bed, you will also find them in this review article.

So let’s go ahead and check out the features of the safest toddler beds.

Best Toddler Beds for 1-4 Year Old Girls and Boys

#1. Regalo Pink Portable Toddler Bed

Regalo Pink Portable Toddler Bed

Total Length48 inches 
Weight Limit75 lbs 
Bed Weight0.352 ounces
Dimensions48” L x 24” W x 9” H (Sleep Surface)
MaterialMetal (frame), Nylon (sheet)
Bumper RailsNO

If you are always on the move with your little one, you need a toddler bed like Regalo My Cot. The bed is a foldable-and-go system, so you can toss it into your car’s boot to ensure your kid gets his nap on time.

Made using metal, the frame is robust and can withstand weight up to 75 lbs. Furthermore, the bed comes with everything you need, including a pre-fitted sheet. Just unfold it and let your kid sleep with ultimate comfort. 

The toddler bed receives 10/10 when it comes to construction. It has six legs for ultimate stability, and the bed doesn’t flip over when your little one tries to climb on it. 

With its low-profile design, Regalo My Cot makes it easier for the kid to climb in and out. Now there’s no need to worry about cleaning the bed, as the nylon sheet is water-resistant.

Whenever your kid wets it, just clean the sheet using a damp cloth, and the bed is ready for another nap session. 

Perfect for sleepovers, playtime, and vacation, this toddler bed makes the best choice if you need a lightweight, comfortable, and cozy bed. 

Easy to install anytime and anywhere.Not for sleeping for extended durations.
The feet don’t damage the carpet.The water floats on the sheet, thus making things wet for the kid.
It comes fitted with a sheet

Price: $30.00
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#2. Delta Children – Best Toddler Bed for 1 Year Old

Delta Children - Best Toddler Bed for 1 Year Old

Total Length59.94 inches
Weight Limit50 lbs
Bed Weight17.86 pounds
Dimensions53.94” L x 29.13” W x 26.18” H
MaterialMetal and Plastic
Bumper RailsYES

Add comfort to your tot’s life with this fantastic toddler bed from Delta. Kids love beds printed with their favorite cartoon characters, so your toddler will certainly like this one. 

It’s a JPMA certified bed, so rest assured that it meets all the safety standards set by ASTM. If your toddler has outgrown the crib, this is the full-size toddler bed you should invest your money in.

It’s easy to install, all thanks to the detailed instruction manual Delta ships with the box. Furthermore, you get the assurance that your munchkin is safe all the time. Kids have a habit of crawling and rolling out even while sleeping, so the bed has got two big rails on both sides.

The high rails keep the tot secure in place, and there’s nothing better than this. The low-profile design makes it convenient for the kids to get up and down off the bed with ease.

The max weight this bed can accommodate is 50 lbs, which makes it the best toddler bed for a 1-year-old. Coming to the frame, it’s all steel with high-quality plastic that lasts longer and isn’t brittle. 

The paint on the frame is non-toxic and doesn’t chip off easily. Lastly, you get a range of cartoon character options from Delta, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and much more. 

Low-profile design with protective rails.The mattress is sold separately.
Bigger headboard for better support.Assembling the bed can be a little task.
JPMA certified.

Price: $49.97
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#3. Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed  

Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

Total Length60 inches
Weight Limit150 lbs
Bed Weight6.6 pounds
Dimensions60” L x 37” W x 9” H
Bumper RailsYES

Parents buy this inflatable toddler bed from the Shrunks when they are looking for something that’s highly portable. You can use this bed anywhere, be it while camping or in a hotel, so your toddler will have his comfy bed around him all the time. 

Made using high-quality plastic, the bed lasts longer and resists punctures. You get an inflating pump in the box, just connect it with the bed, wait for 30 seconds, and you have the bed ready. 

Kids also love this bed since getting in and out isn’t a task. The big guardrails are there to protect the kid from rolling over while sleeping. Usually, most inflatable beds slip on the floor, but this isn’t the case with this toddler bed.

It remains secure in its place and doesn’t squeak at all. There are big slots for tucking the bedsheet in, and therefore the sheet also remains in its place.

As the bed is filled with air, so expect it to render amazing comfort. Your toddler won’t have any issues sleeping on the bed, irrespective of the weather. 

Awarded the best toddler bed for a 2-year old, this bed is something every parent should buy to ensure their little one sleeps with comfort. 

Lastly, packing the bed is a breeze, just deflate it, fold it, and pack it into your backpack.

Requires 30 seconds to inflate properly.Mattress and sheet sold separately.
Can accommodate a big kid as well.A pointed object can damage the bed.
BPA free material.

Price: $69.99
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#4. Delta Children – Best Toddler Bed With Rails for Girls

Delta Children - Best Toddler Bed With Rails for Girls

Total Length59.34 inches
Weight Limit50 lbs
Bed Weight20.72 pounds
Dimensions53.94” L x 29.13” W x 55.12” H
MaterialSteel and Plastic
Bumper RailsYES

If you are searching for a toddler bed that attracts your little girl and she always sleeps on time, then here is the bed you’ve been looking for. This princess-themed bed is perfect for every girl out there. With its big canopy, the bed looks amazing and is a perfect place to unfurl after a tiring day.

Coming to durability, the bed is made using metal and high-quality plastic. The bed can accommodate a toddler up to 50 lbs, and you can buy it for a tot older than 15 months. 

Installing the bed is pretty easy, and you don’t have to spend the entire day just installing the toddler bed. Furthermore, the bed has a low-profile design making it easy for the kids to climb in and out of bed.

There are two big safety rails on both sides, and the toddler won’t fall off the bed accidentally. Kids also love this bed due to the bigger headboard with Disney Princess print. The canopy is at a good height, so there’s no chance it will bump in your tot’s head.

This toddler bed from Delta meets all the safety standards set by ASTM and CPSC. Furthermore, it’s a JPMA certified bed that’s highly durable and doesn’t tip over easily. You can place the bed anywhere inside the room due to its smaller footprint. 

Lastly, the bed doesn’t come with a mattress, so make sure to add it to the cart as well.

Built-in guard rails.The canopy isn’t that durable.
JPMA certified.The installation directions aren’t clear.
Easy to install.

Price: $88.06
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#5. Delta Children White Wood Toddler Bed for Active Sleeper

Delta Children White Wood Toddler Bed

Total Length56.25 inches
Weight Limit50 lbs
Bed Weight26 pounds
Dimensions56.25” L x 29” W x 24.5” H
Bumper RailsYES

Some kids love everything generic and basic, so here’s a toddler bed that your munchkin will adore. It’s a unisex bed that you can buy for a boy or girl, and that makes it a perfect birthday gift if the kid has outgrown the crib.

Made using durable wood, the bed promises to last longer. The paint on the wooden frame is non-toxic and doesn’t chip off when your kid tries his teeth on it. There are no plastic parts at all, so be rest assured that the bed won’t break down easily.

Assembling the bed is pretty easy, but it may require a small drill to carry out the installation quickly. This toddler bed for active sleepers offers amazing safety to the tot. It has bigger rails guarding your kid against rolling out of bed.

Furthermore, it’s a low to ground bed for easy access for the kids. Just like other fantastic beds from Delta, this one also comes with JPMA certification and meets the ASTM standards.

Lastly, it comes in two attractive color options including white, and grey.

Easy to install.The bed isn’t portable.
Wider feet for better stability.Some users complained the holes on the frame don’t line up.
No pointed edges at all.

Price: $75.70
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#6. Dream Wood Toddler Bed With Safety Rails

Dream Wood Toddler Bed With Safety Rails

Total Length56.25 inches
Weight Limit50 lbs
Bed Weight19 pounds
Dimensions28” L x 30” W x 57” H
Bumper RailsYES

Here’s another classic toddler bed if you are looking for something with a low-profile design. Perfect for 1-2-year-old kids, the bed is a comfortable place to snuggle in the blanket. 

The bigger rails on the side safeguard the kid from falling off, and that’s the reason parents love buying this toddler bed. The entire frame is made up of durable wood, including the headboard.

Suitable for any room, the bed has a contemporary design and clean lines. Installing the bed is a quick task, and you get a detailed instruction manual from the manufacturer. 

The max recommended weight for this bed is 50 lbs, so don’t worry about its strength even if your munchkin weighs a little more. 

Furthermore, the toddler bed meets all safety standards set by CPSC and ASTM. Kids try their teeth everywhere during teething, and that’s the reason why this bed comes with a non-toxic coating. 

The coating is Greenguard Certified and prevents chipping off. Overall, this is a no-nonsense toddler bed with a robust frame. It’s available in a range of twelve colors to complement the décor of any room.

Greenguard certified paint.No guard rails on the leg’s side.
Easy to install and set up.The feet may scratch the floor if not used with a carpet.
It fits any Greenguard certified standard crib mattress.

Price: $82.95
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#7. Delta Children – Best Toddler Bed for Boys

No products found.

Total Length53.94 inches
Weight Limit50 lbs
Bed Weight15 pounds
Dimensions53.94” L x 29.13” W x 28.18” H
MaterialMetal and High-quality plastic
Bumper RailsYES

So, your little one is a fan of a sports car and loves racing movies and games? How about getting a car-themed bed that he’ll love? Here is an amazing bed from Delta Children that’s inspired by Disney Cars. 

The toddler bed for boys looks amazing and offers ultimate comfort around the clock. Made using metal and high-quality plastic, the bed weighs light and is easy to install. 

All you need to do is put all the parts together and screw them to reward your kid with his new bed. Furthermore, the bed meets all safety standards and is JPMA certified, thus it’s a safe option for toddlers.

The safety rails on both sides are high enough to keep the kid secure in place. Furthermore, the edges of this toddler bed with rails are smooth and won’t harm your toddler in any way.

Putting any regular mattress on the bed is easy, and it’s perfect for kids weighing up to 50 lbs. 

Design that kids love.Mattress sold separately.
Bigger safety rails for added protection.It squeaks sometimes.
Easy to install.

Price: $48.00
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#8. Delta Children – Best Pink Toddler Bed for 18 Months Old Kid

Delta Children - Best Pink Toddler Bed for 18 Months Old Kid

Total Length53.25 inches
Weight Limit50 lbs
Bed Weight37 pounds
Dimensions53.25” L x 28.75” W x 19” H 
Bumper RailsYES

There’s no doubt, girls are obsessed with Disney Minnie Mouse. So, it can be extremely cool for your little one to sleep on a bed themed with Minnie Mouse. 

The amazing bed is perfect for a kid of age 18-months plus. It features a big head and footboard for added protection along with high guard rails. 

Furthermore, the footboard has several tick-mark boxes on it that your little princess can check before going to sleep. Cleaning the marker is easy, and a wet wipe is enough to make the bed spick and span.

Made using solid wood, the bed is built to last. It’s a suitable option for kids weighing up to 50 lbs. Furthermore, assembling the bed is easy, and Delta Children ships it with a detailed manual for the parents.

Every corner of the bed has Minnie Mouse printed on it, and your little girl will love it for sure. Compatible with Delta Children Crib Mattress, the bed offers fantastic comfort. However, you don’t get the mattress inside the box.

Durable frame.It can be a little hard for the kid to climb in and out.
Easy to assemble.The paint has a pungent smell.
Bigger rails for better protection.

Price: $84.94
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#9. Dream Children – Best Convertible Toddler Bed

Delta Children - Dream Children - Best Convertible Toddler Bed

Total Length56 inches
Weight Limit50 lbs
Bed Weight27 pounds
Dimensions57” L x 29” W x 28” H 
Bumper RailsYES

How about getting a toddler bed that transforms into a sofa and table when required? Well, here is a bed from Dream On Me that offers 3-way functionality. Your kid can use it as a bed, sofa, or table as per the requirement. 

Made using quality wood, the bed offers excellent durability. The center legs are there to offer reinforced stability, and the bed doesn’t tip over when the kid climbs in and out of it. 

Designed thoughtfully for kids, the bed has a low-profile design, and the entrance is big for kids to get on the bed easily. Furthermore, it comes with four wooden safety rails for ultimate protection against accidental falls.

The bed meets all safety standards set by ASTM and CPSC, so it’s a perfect choice for all parents out there. The coat on the wooden frame is non-toxic and isn’t harmful to the kids.

Compatible with all Dream On Me mattresses, the bed has bigger wooden slats to support the mattress. Assembling the bed is easy, and you can quickly convert it into a sofa or table.

Lastly, the max weight support of the best is 50 lbs that makes it a great choice for kids up to 2-years old.

Greenguard Gold certified paint.It’s not portable.
Low-profile design.Mattress sold separately.
Beautiful and elegant aesthetics.

Price: $150.35
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the right time to transition to a toddler bed?

A:  It’s easy to find out. If you see that your kid has outgrown the crib, or feels discomfort while sleeping on a crib, it’s time to switch to a toddler bed. However, kids over 13-14 months should sleep on a toddler bed.

Q: How did we choose our favorite toddler beds?

A: We asked several parents about the toddler beds they love using. Also, we skimmed through online reviews and read about the experience parents had with these beds.

Furthermore, we made a list of parameters to choose the favorite toddler beds. The list contained comfort, ease of installation, non-toxic paint coatings, and durability as the primary parameters.

Q: What are the benefits of a toddler bed?

A: There are several benefits of a toddler bed, comfort being the prominent one. Also, these beds are safe and protect your kid from rolling out.

Furthermore, the beds are low to the ground, so your tot won’t have any issues getting in and out of bed. Another benefit is the cartoon character-themed design, which attracts kids the most.

Lastly, most of these beds don’t cost a fortune, so it’s a benefit as you can save a lot of money when buying one.

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So, which bed would you like to buy for your infants? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.


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