Best Tripods for iPhone : Take Beautiful Pictures from your iPhone

If you are looking for some great photography accessories for your iPhone, then this is the right place for you to explore. Here in this article, we have curated a list of best tripods for iPhone. A good flexible tripod can help you in capturing time-lapse video and extends the scope of places where your hands couldn’t reach.

In this list of top rated iPhone tripods and mounts, you will find tall and short stands. Take beautiful pictures and videos without shaking your hands using this iPhone camera mount. Without any further delay, explore some of these compatible tripods for iPhone.

Best Tripods for iPhone X and iPhone 8 , 8 Plus

If you are looking for DSLR camera, then you check out our list of best tripods for DSLR camera

Best Tripods for iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE

Tripod Mounts for iPhone

BUDDYGO Monocular Telescopes
JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand
Qualmond Universal Flexible Tripod
Patekfly Tripod
The CLAW Tripod With Bluetooth Remote
Fotopro Tripod
Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount
KingJoy Flexible iPhone Tripod
UBeesize Tripod iPhone Tripod
KobraTech Tripod With Bluetooth Remote

#1. BUDDYGO Monocular Telescopes

BUDDYGO Waterproof Tripod for iPhone

This monocular telescope is designed to fit in any version of the iPhone and capture beauty in the distant. Its powerful magnification offers 50mm wide lens and a large BAK4 prism in the interior for the love of admiring the wilderness and snap those moments. The frame of the telescope is made with shock-absorbent rubber stripe design to withstand falls from a lower height. Moreover, it is waterproof, dustproof and prevents the chances of slipping from hand in moist states too. You can adjust the focus of the lens with a single-handed focusing wheel present at the top. An extra pair of zoom eyes will make your photographic experience much bewildering.

Price: $33.99
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#2. JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand

JOBY Flexible Universal iPhone Tripod Stand

The JOBY GripTight stand ensures a reliable grip for your iPhone for delivering vivid images. Its rubber coated stands offer non-slip grip and secure good traction between the tripod and the surface. Mount your phone anywhere with the bendable limbs and change the viewing angle with the adjustable screws of the mount for easy maneuvering of your iPhone. The stand is lightweight and made of ABS plastic, TPE and stainless steel for reducing the chances of the materials to wear away and assure a prolong lifeline.

Price: $29.00
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#3. Qualmond Universal Flexible Tripod

Qualmond Universal Flexible Tripod for iPhone

A lightweight, portable tripod stand, manufactured with premium components to last longer and offer fantastic photography experience. Its long legs feature Octopus curve design for superior positioning on any surface, be it on a pole or uneven rocky beds near the riverside. Since it is waterproof, you don’t need to think twice before bringing it near swimming pool or beaches. The 360-degree ball head gives you the liberty to take shots from any angle you like without worrying about getting blurry images.

Price: $26.75
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#4. Patekfly Tripod

Patekfly Mini Tripod Stand For iPhone

Now you can place your phone on any surface, be it lamp post or a short tree branches or even on the handle of your motorcycle. The Patekfly tripod allows you to use its most flexible limbs and mount it on any surface. It is made of silicone which gives this frame extended durability and doesn’t skid easily on slippery surfaces. The 360 degrees ball bearing head keeps your phone steady on any angle you leave it in for shake-free images. The max load it can take is 800g.

Price: $24.88
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#5. The CLAW Tripod With Bluetooth Remote

The CLAW Tripod for iPhone

You can mount this tripod anywhere using its non-slip, flexible rubber legs. The sturdy build quality doesn’t add any extra weight to this holder. Toss it in your backpack and be ready to move on to an amazing photographic expedition. It is most suitable for recording time-lapse videos, group selfies and obtain shake-free images. The tripod also comes with a Bluetooth 3.0 USB rechargeable remote so from the next time; you won’t get missed out from the group photos.

Price: $21.95
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#6. Fotopro Tripod

Fotopro iPhone Tripod

Fotopro tripod is compatible with any camera, iPhone or GoPro cam and the max load it can bear is 800g. You can fold the flexible legs of this tripod and attach it anywhere to click photos from different angles. The adjustable ball head keeps your phone steady which results in the blur-free and vivid image. The limbs are made of waterproof material so that you can place this tripod on moist areas too.

Price: $19.99
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#7. Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount

Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount for iPhone

The Jellyfish tripod mount has three long limbs which can even keep large phones stationary like the iPhone 8 Plus. The ball joint support holds your iPhone firmly so that it doesn’t move from the position you leave it in. The Jelly long legs along with the mount weigh only 2.6 ounces, making it easier to carry around in your pocket.

Price: $17.95
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#8. KingJoy Flexible iPhone Tripod

KingJoy Tripod with Remote for Iphone

The Anconic flexible tripod is a sturdy metal stand, wrapped in soft foam which ensures that your phone stays steady in the plain or uneven surface. Unlike other tripods, the legs are made of metal and not plastic, so the material doesn’t wear away when used roughly. The remote control provided with this tripod comes in handy for taking selfies and group photos. The mount is designed in such a way that it can hold phones as large as the iPhone X.

Price: $16.99
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#9. UBeesize Tripod iPhone Tripod

UBeesize Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote for iPhone

The tallest cell phone tripod available in the market having a height of 10.6 inch, which gives you ample scopes of utilizing this stand. , These flexible legs are made from high-quality metal. No matter how much you bend or extend them, the limbs will stay intact and guarantee you unshaken and blur-free photos. A superior metal ball joint keeps your iPhone from rotating or leaning out from the actual position. The holder can bear a max weight of 1kg. You can also mount your cameras for clicking a detailed photograph. A Bluetooth remote is also provided with this tripod which can be used to take pictures from 30 ft away, by the click of a single button.

Price: $16.99
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#10. KobraTech Tripod With Bluetooth Remote

KobraTech iPhone Tripod Stand Holder

Capture unshaken pictures and selfies with the KobraTech tripod mount. You can tilt its flexible legs and have the stand clinging from railing, hook, tree or any vantage point from where you can click great shots. The universal mount design is compatible with large phones such as the iPhone X and offers metal ball joint for gyre orientations. To take stunning pictures from 30ft away, it provides you with a Bluetooth remote shutter.

Price: $12.99
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