Television is considered to be a remarkable invention of the modern science. It serves you with both – educational and entertainment utilities. Being in an industrialized country, having a TV in every household is contemplated as a very common thing. Whether you live in a small house or a giant bungalow, TV has become a necessity in everyone’s life. To reduce the space that TV occupies in your house, the market provides you the best TV Wall Mounts.

There are innumerable benefits of mounting your flat screen TV out of which the major one is saving space. When you hang your TV on the wall, it adds beauty to your room’s decor. Moreover, this design helps you hide wires of your TV, thus making it more sleek and stylish. You can have an extreme viewing experience by mounting your TV as it helps to provide the best optimal viewing angle.

In this modern era, TVs are designed with mounting in mind – be it an LCD TV or a Plasma TV – whether it may be of a small size or large size. Here, in this article, we have covered some of the best TV Wall Mount that will add glamour to your house decor.

Best TV Wall Mounts

#1. VideoSecu TV Wall Mounts

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu provides you a sophisticated mounting solution with its best full motion TV wall mount. This TV mount will offer you 150 of forwarding tilt, 50 of backward tilt, 1800 degrees of swivel and an extension up to 20 inches so that you can adjust your viewing angle however you want.

It is designed with VESA which are square or rectangular patterns on the rear side of your TV. This heavy-gauge steel mount is capable of holding a TV weighing approximately 40kgs. If you are going to install the TV single handily then you can remove the VESA plate for easy installation.

This wall mount TV comes with mounting hardware, 10ft HDMI cable, and 3 axes magnetic bubble level.

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#2. Cheetah TV Wall Mount Bracket

Cheetah TV Wall Mount Bracket

The wall mount bracket from Cheetah fits almost all the TV sizes ranging from 20 to 65 inches. Also, it has the capacity to hold TVs weighing approximately 64kgs. This TV mount is built up with lift and lock attachment so that you can easily attach your TV to the wall plate. Moreover, the pull tabs enable you to easily release the TV from the mount.

Once you mount your TV, it provides you the facility of 3 degree rotations so as to adjust the display level. You get a lifetime warranty when you purchase this wall mount bracket from Cheetah.

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For all the TV types – be it LED, LCD, OLED, or Plasma Flat Screen TV – ECHOGEAR full motion articulating TV mount is the all-in-one solution. With 16” of forwarding extension and a low profile up to 2.6”, you can now adjust your TV exactly to the point you desire. The adjustable viewing angles allow you to tilt, extend, and even swivel your TV as per your convenience.

Hang any TV ranging from 37 to 70 inches on the wall of your house and put your guests in awe with its sleek and stylish profile! Installation becomes easier with the hardware tools that come along with this wall mount bracket. You get a warranty of 5 years on the purchase of this TV mount.

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#4. Mounting Dream Wall TV Stand

Mounting Dream Wall TV Stand

Mounting Dream brings to you the wall TV stand which fits virtually most of the 26 to 50 inches TVs that weigh about 45kgs. To provide you with the best product, the wall TV stand is tested about 4 times to make sure that it can withhold this much weight.

Now make your home look ultra-modern with the flush profile of this mount which allows you to fit your TV as close as about 1.5 inches to the wall. Installation becomes easy with the hardware tools provided in pre-labeled bags with the mount. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go! Moreover, the pull straps meant for lock and release design adds to the utilities of this mount.

This mount package includes 6 inches of HDMI cable, Torpedo level, & Velcro ties for simple cable management. This mount comes with 10 years of warranty from the company.

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#5. Mount Factory Wall Mounts

Mount Factory Wall Mount

The heavy duty TV mount with shelf from Mount Factory easily upholds any TV weighing about 45kgs. This mount is compatible with all the TVs in the range of 42 to 70 inches. If you are sitting far away from the TV, probably might be in the next room, you can extend the mount for comfortable viewing experience. Whenever you want to make your room look more spacious, you can push the TV close to the wall.

The articulate design of this mount enables you to tilt, extend, pan, or swivel the TV screen as per your convenience.

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#6. WALI Full Motion TV Wall Mount

WALI Full Motion TV Wall Mount

The design of this mount from WALI enables you to keep your TV as close as 2 inches from the wall so that it would make your LED TV appear ultra-thin. Moreover, you can even extend it up to 14 inches from the wall whenever required. This full motion TV wall mount provides you with all the facilities like forwarding tilt, backward tilt, swivel and rotation.

You can fix this steel mount on wooden, concrete, or brick surfaces easily. Now maximize your viewing experience with the level adjustments that can be done even after mounting!

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Which one from the above listed some of the best TV Wall Mount would you prefer to have for your house? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.