Using the touchpad on your MacBook Pro or any laptop can be very annoying. And so, to boost your productivity, it is always a good idea to connect it to a mouse. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best USB-C Mouse for MacBook Pro and laptop in this read.

In this list of top-rated USB-C Mice for laptop and MacBook Pro and Air, you will find both wireless USB-C mouse and wired USB-C mouse but before that let’s talk about the benefits of using Type-C mouse.

Why You Need USB C Mouse?

USB Type-C ports are the future. It is superior to all its predecessors who can serve as a universal I/O port for all types of work. However, the main benefits of Using USB C instead of your USB 3.0 or 2.0 ports mainly lies in its speed.

If you want a faster response rate, then these USB-C mice will serve your needs perfectly.

Best USB-C Mouse for MacBook Pro and Laptop

#1. Jelly Comb Rechargeable USB-C Mice

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The Jelly Comb is a rechargeable USB-C mouse specially designed for devices with a Type-C port. This mice is compatible with Apple MacBook Pro or any laptop with a Type-C connector. This nano receiver is placed on the bottom of the mouse for easy plug-in. No additional software or driver is needed to install the mouse.

The mouse is designed for compact ergonomic usage. It’s curved grip and shape naturally gives and comfortable feel during movement. Besides, the whisper-quiet click enhances the focus on the job. As this a rechargeable wireless type-c mouse, it can be recharged through the included USB cable. The built-in 300mAh Lithium battery lasts up to 1-month after fully charged.

The enabled 2.4GHz Wireless Technology aids in a stable and reliable wireless connection up to 10m. There are also three adjustable DPI levels that will allow both gaming and traditional needs. Moreover, the optical laser helps in quick response and precise tracking. To add to these, these mice have a stunning variety of 2 different color choices.

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#2. Akayoo Wireless USB-C Mouse

Akayoo Wireless USB-C Mouse

While speaking about a USB-C Bluetooth mouse, Akayoo makes the most of it. It is a noiseless optical mouse compatible with your MacBook or any other laptop with USB Type C receiver.

The wireless computer mouse has a classic design with anti-fingerprint finish offering maximum comfort to your hands. In this connection, it can be said that the sturdy anti-slip rubber scroll wheel also ensures that hands are supportively held while scrolling.

Use it wired, or without wire, the built-in 450mAh lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and hence, very much durable. It can be used up to 165 hours after one complete charge. Moreover, some of the energy-saving features like automatic sleep and wake up modes make the mouse all the more efficient. Through the 2.4GHz wireless transmission, it can move freely within a range of up to 10 meters.

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#3. Seenda USB Type C Cordless Mouse

Seenda USB Type C Cordless Mouse

If you are looking for an ergonomic USB C mouse for your laptop or MacBook, then you must have a look at the new Seenda 2.4G cordless mice. It is an optical mouse with a 2-way connection and only comes in two color variants.

Possessing two-way connection means it has both USB and Type-c receivers. That is, you can work with both traditional laptops/notebooks and devices with Type C port. Besides, it has four adjustable DPIs for changing the speed and sensitivity of the cursor freely. Moreover, the responsive buttons are so soft that you do not need to worry about the clicking noise anymore.

The wireless transmission technology enables it to secure a robust and reliable connection up to 33ft. So, yes, it has the plug and play design without requiring any drivers to be installed. However, on the con side, it does not include any battery. You will need a 1AA battery to operate with this. Do note that the automatic sleep mode will get activated if it remains unused for 10 mins. Also the on/off buttons on the mouse help in saving energy.

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#4. Topist Cheap USB-C Mouse

Topist Cheap USB-C Mouse

Topist produces the most reasonable cheap USB C mouse, without compromising with the quality a bit. It has got all the hi-fi features like no noise issue, slim and catchy look and having both USB receiver and Type-C adapter for universal compatibility. Although it’s a must go for your Mac and Laptop with USB C port.

With an in-built 450mAh Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, it can work up to a whopping 500 hours fully. But, this, of course, happens when you charge it completely for about one and half an hour. With this, it has also got a supplied USB cable which is quite long. Speaking about durability and long-working distance, the Topist mice have passed 5 thousand times keystroke test to guarantee the maximum durability.

Thanking its smart automatic sleep and wake-up feature, it has a standby time of up to six months. In fact, it can save an extremely high amount of energy while consuming little power. It does not need any driver. Just plug and play directly. On the top it all, it has a contoured shape, smooth frosted surface, lightweight and ultra-thin look.

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#5. Philwin Wired USB-C Mouse for Gaming

Philwin Wired USB-C Mouse for Gaming

If you are looking for a Gaming USB C Mouse, then the one from Philwin is your perfect buddy. These USB-C wired mice are optical, ergonomically designed and goes fine with your MacBook Pro or any other laptop with USB C port.

Being game mice, these are stunning in view and feel. There are 6-buttons for movement. Also, the four adjustable DPI gears of 1000/2000/3000/4000 help you to move around your cursor very sensitively and guess what, the color of the light can be changed as per different DPIs. The high-precise optical sensor attached to it works precisely with various tracking speeds. Its sturdy construction delivers unmatched performance suitable for both righties and lefties. Not only is it an ideal device for competitive gamers but also web surfers.

The mouse adopts professional optical chip boasting excellent productivity and top-grade efficiency. Its low-friction base glides smoothly over the surface, and due to its ergonomic design, it naturally fits into your hand. It results in long-term usage without any discomfort and fatigue, thereby giving an unparalleled experience.

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#6. Aurtec USB-C Bluetooth Mouse

Aurtec USB-C Bluetooth Mouse

Are you looking for a USB Type-C wireless mouse for your Mac and Lap? If yes, then have a look at the features of Aurtec’s 2.4GHz Type C wireless mice. This mouse is specially designed for all the devices out there with a Type-C port.

It’s a highly precise optical sensor with three adjustable DPI settings suits explicitly your need. Besides, the naturally curved grip and shape of the mouse gives a comforting touch to your hands for long working hours. Moreover, the whisper-quiet click feature enhances the focus on the work all the more.

The USB-C receiver is placed at the bottom of the mouse for an easy plugin without requiring any additional driver or software. Last but not least, the sleeping function is also there to enable energy saving after each 8-minutes’ inactivity. You only need to click the mouse once, and it should get back going!

Price: $19.99
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#7. Huifen Wireless USB-C Mouse

Huifen Wireless USB-C Mouse

Huifen’s USB Type C cordless mouse is a 2.4G silent one with an ergonomic design to go apt with MacBook and Laps with Type-C port connector. You can also use this wireless mouse for your USB devices with the included USB 3.0 to type C adapter.

The wireless technology based in this mouse establishes a stable and secure connection up to 15m. As the nano USB-C receiver is placed on the bottom for an easy plugin, you don’t need any additional driver or software. Regarding the DPI levels, it has three adjustable modes meeting both ordinary and gaming demands. The optical laser inside it offers precise movement, smoother tracking and allows for quick response.

You can set up the mouse precisely the way you want providing a good user experience. Moreover, the MacBook Mouse Combo Solution provides excellent stable performance.

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#8. Macally Silent Wired USB Type C Mouse

Macally Silent Wired USB Type C Mouse

This wired USB-C mouse from Macally features a 5” cable to enable you to work conveniently. It does not require any battery. Moreover, you do not need any drivers or software to use it. Just plug it, and you are ready to surf across your screen.

It is slim in profile and designed elegantly. Its stylish design blends entirely with your workspace. Further, its soft-click buttons reduce the click-noise up to 90% and offer you comfort while scrolling. You can use it with your laptops or desktops with Mac OS X 10.1 or later and Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.

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#9. Logitech MX Vertical USB-C Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical USB-C Wireless Mouse

Logitech brings an ergonomically designed wireless mouse with a rechargeable battery. You can use it with up to three Window or Mac computers with the help of wireless USB unifying receiver, Bluetooth smart technology or USB-C charging cable. With its cross-computer control, it helps you navigate across three computers, i.e. you can copy-paste text or images from one computer to another via Logitech FLOW.

Additionally, it offers accurate tracking with its 4000 DPI high-precision sensor. The design is such that it places your hand in a position with 570 angles. Thus, it naturally prevents your forearm from twisting and also helps in reduction of muscular strain.

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