Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: Wireless Shower Speakers to Play Music

If you are a die-hard music lover who loves to listen to music in the swimming pool or while having a bath or when roaming on beaches, then you may be looking for some of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers. I know that it is not easy to find the good water-resistant speaker as there so many companies manufacturing wireless Bluetooth speaker on the market. And that is after reviewing many I have listed the best bathroom Bluetooth speakers under $20, $50, $100 to $200.

In this list of top-rated shower speakers, you will find some most popular brands like JBL, FUGOO, Ultimate Ears and much more. You can enjoy listening to music underwater or while having a shower in the bathroom with these portable waterproof speaker. We have also listed a few affordable and cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the one who has less budget. So without any further delay, let’s check out the features of wireless waterproof speakers available under $20, $50, $100 and $200.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

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Best Bathroom Bluetooth Speakers Under 20, 50, 100 to 200 USD

Shower Speakers / Waterprooof Speaker- Quick Links

#1. JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers from JBL is capable of connecting up to 3 smartphones or tablets wirelessly. You can now setup your own music system by connecting multiple JBL Connect speakers to have an immense music experience.

It is light in weight and hence can be even used as a portable speaker. Also, this speaker is tested to be IPX7 waterproof. The built-in lithium-ion battery offers you a playtime of 20 hours. You can even charge your smartphone or tablet by plugging in the USB cable in the speaker.The noise canceling technique used in this speaker enables you to attend your calls with crystal clear voice without any distortions.

Price: $126.90
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#2. Ultimate Ears Phantom Wireless Waterproof Speakers

Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

Ultimate Ears brings to you the Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof as well as shockproof. This speaker is specially designed to carry out all the adventure activities while hearing your favorite music. Its portable design enables you to your music with you wherever you go.

It provides you 100ft of Bluetooth wireless range and 15 hours of battery life. The battery life may vary as per your use and settings. You can connect up to 50 UE speakers at a time to have an immersive music experience. You can connect these speakers with your Amazon Echo Dot and enjoy all the functionalities provided by Alexa!

Price: $91.97
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#3. Fugoo Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof

The Bluetooth wireless speaker from Fuggo is the best choice to make for all the music lovers. These waterproof speakers are also snow resistant. It can easily be functional up to 3 feet under snow or water for 30 minutes.

This rugged sports model of Fuggo offers you with the world’s longest battery life i.e. 40 hours and that too at 50% loudness. The built-in microphones with Siri and Google Now compatibilities allow you to have an access to the wide music world just on your fingertips! It features 6 speakers – 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, and 2 passive radiators – provides you with the experience of 360 degrees sound.

Price: $89.99
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#4. AOMAIS Waterproof Portable Speaker

AOMAIS Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Stereo Speaker

This AOMAIS waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a powerful speaker with a total output of 30 watts. Its IPX7 waterproof certification allows you to keep it submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of 33 feet. The speaker offers 7200 mAh battery capacity. You can play music constantly for 30 hours at 50% volume. With the dual subwoofers, you will get more depth in the music being played.

The rugged build quality of this speaker makes it durable in every weather condition. It is ideal for hiking, boating, near the beach or poolside party. It’s large battery capacity also serves as an emergency power bank for your smartphone. For connectivity, it has Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.5mm aux input. Overall, it is a sturdy and durable speaker made to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Price: $69.99
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#5. Tribit Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

The Tribit XSound Go is built for durability and stand out against water splashes. The compact size of this speaker makes it easier for portability. The mechanics include 2x6W stereo drivers that let you immerse in its rich bass. You can feel every beat and the crisp highs with its dynamic sound quality. It can last for 24 hours of playback at moderate volume.

The connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.2 and aux-in. The built-in microphone allows you to go hands-free while taking calls or using Google Now. The IPX7 certification enables it to withstand every environment conditions. It will stand out the best as your bookshelf speaker as well as rock any poolside party.

Price: $35.99
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#6. Photive Waterproof Rugged Portable Speaker

Photive Hydra Waterproof Rugged Portable Speaker

The Photive Hydra is a very versatile Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This 10W speaker delivers crisp and extreme clarity sound even at low frequencies. On a full charge, it can last up to 8 hours of continuous playback. It supports both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices for universal compatibility.

The speaker is IPX66 certified which gives it the ability to withstand rains and dust. It’s rubberized exterior, and aluminum grill protects particles from getting inside. If you are looking for an affordable and heavy-duty Bluetooth speaker, this must be worth trying out.

Price: $34.95
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#7. AYL Portable Shower Speaker

AYL Portable Speaker

An amazing companion for all the music and adventure lovers! Perform any adventure – be it cycling, hiking, camping, swimming, boating, diving, or more – with this Shower Speakers from AYL. It can be connected to any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices; hence featuring universal compatibility.

The 5W stereo provides you with the best quality of sound with strong bass. Enjoy non-stop partying on your favorite songs with 12 hours of playtime. You can recharge this speaker within 3 hours with the micro USB cable which is provided with this speaker.The Bluetooth 4.0 technology used in this speakers enable you to connect with other devices at a faster speed as compared to other speakers.

Price: $24.99
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#8. VicTsing Shower Speaker

VicTsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

The extremely stylish shower speaker from VicTsing is the perfect choice for outdoor and shower use. The silicone case of this speaker with a detachable suction and metal hook enables you to hang it anywhere you want.

The 5W speaker provides incredible stereo sound. The rechargeable battery provided offers you a playtime of 6 hours at a volume of 70% of the maximum volume provided. It consists of an inbuilt mic Bluetooth Speaker which allows you to receive a call with your hands-free.

Price: $18.99
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#9. SoundBot Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speakers

A perfect partner for beaches, shower, outdoor, indoor, or kitchen! Carry these portable speakers with you wherever you go! It is equipped with the water-resistant loudspeaker which offers the best quality of sound for indoor as well as outdoor.

The high definition Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity allows you to enjoy seamless streaming of music. Also, you can have unlimited fun with 6 hours of playtime provided by this Bluetooth speaker. The play or pause, volume up and down, previous or next track, hands-free talking and power button are easily accessible for enhanced use.This speaker is compatible with all your Android and iPhone gadgets and other Bluetooth enabled digital devices.

Price: $12.99
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#10. NYNE Boost Waterproof Speaker 

NYNE Boost Waterproof Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker from Nyne is waterproof, rainproof, splash-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof. It can resist water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Thus, it is a perfect piece to carry while going for outdoor activities.

With its premium and dynamic stereo sound with utter clarity, you can add more fun to a party. It offers you with 20 hours of play-time. Thus, you can listen to about 400 songs or 10 movies within a single charge. You can change the tracks and control the music with the buttons provided on its side.

Its Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity technology makes it easy for you to pair it with your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It features a connectivity range of up to 100 meters. Moreover, its built-in mic lets you attend important calls. Your Windows 7 systems, TV, and non-Bluetooth devices can be connected via its AUX-in port.

Price: $49.99
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#11. COMISO Outdoor Waterproof Speaker

COMISO Outdoor Waterproof Speaker

Enjoy true wireless stereo sound with COMISO’s waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Its precision acoustic drivers deliver excellent sound with enhanced bass. Further, you can have distortion-free music hearing experience even at maximum volume. It can stream music directly from Pandora or Spotify via your smartphone, iPhone or audio device.

With its TWS function, you can pair any two COMISO speakers and achieve wireless Bluetooth playing for left as well as right channels. What you require doing is just control the TWS master device so that audio can be played in sync.

Besides, it offers 20 hours of play-time, portable design, and IPX5 rated waterproof property. Though it can resist gentle water spray and splash, it cannot be partially or fully submerged. You can carry it along with you while traveling.

Price: $29.99
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#12. APIE Shower Speaker

APIE Shower Speaker

Here is a shower speaker for you from APIE. It features IPX6 waterproof property, i.e. it can easily withstand rains, splashes, and showers. Its 2200mAh battery provides you with 10 hours of play-time. However, this duration varies as per the music volume.

Its built-in mic and hands-free speakerphone allow you to pick up calls and talk without any disturbance. Moreover, it uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology. So, you can pair it up with portable devices more quickly in comparison to other Bluetooth speakers available on the market. It has a connectivity range of 33 feet.

If you are hosting a house party or a pool party, this speaker can add more glam to it with its impressive volume and high-definition stereo sound. Its dual 10W drives provide an incredible range of output stereo along with remarkable bass and sound clarity.

Price: $19.99
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#13. Milemont Shower Speaker

Milemont Shower Speaker

On this list of ours, we have one more shower speaker, and this one is from Milemont. It is designed to be 100% waterproof. You can also fully submerge it into water up to 3 feet, and it won’t be damaged.

With high volume and deep bass, this speaker is 30% more powerful in comparison to speakers available from other brands. Its incredible sound quality makes it a perfect fit for indoor as well as outdoor use. Further, it is light in weight and portable in design. Thus, you can take it along with you wherever you want.

Its Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity enables you to connect it with all the latest Bluetooth devices. You can use it as an external speaker for non-Bluetooth devices by connecting them via its AUX-in port. Moreover, it supports TF card and USB flash memory to play music effortlessly.

Price: $38.99
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#14. Kohler K-9245-2BZ Wireless Shower Speaker

Kohler K-9245-2BZ Wireless Shower Speaker

Here, we have a showerhead with a wireless speaker from Kohler. It is built to play music from your playlists, news, and other audio while you are taking a shower.

With a wide Bluetooth connectivity range, it easily connects to any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices located at a distance of up to 32 feet. Its 60 angled nozzles deliver full spray you would expect to come from a showerhead. With its adorable performance, it also helps you save water.

The design is such that the wireless speaker automatically pops in and out of the showerhead for recharging. You can even take this wireless speaker outside the shower space independently and stream music wherever you want. These showerheads with the wireless speaker are available in a pool of striking colors. You can choose the one that complements your style and attitude.

Price: $156.99
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