If you are a die-hard music lover who loves to listen to music in the swimming pool or while having a bath or when roaming on beaches, then you may be looking for some of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers. I know that it is not easy to find a good water-resistant speaker as there are so many companies manufacturing wireless bathroom speakers on the market. And that is after reviewing many I have listed the best shower speakers.

In this list of top-rated waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you will find some most popular brands like JBL, Bose, Tribit, and much more. You can enjoy listening to music underwater or while having a shower in the bathroom with these portable waterproof speakers. We have also listed a few affordable and cheap Bluetooth shower speakers for the one who has less budget. So without any further delay, let’s check out the features of waterproof BlueTooth speakers.

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Quick Summary:

Best Overall: Bose - An amazing yet compact speaker that produces booming sound with an unmatched quality. You can easily customize the EQ to get a personalized listening experience.

The Most Loved Speaker: Tribit  - A super sleek wireless speaker with a built-in passive radiator to provide you an immersive experience.

The Best Portable Speaker: DBSOARS - This speaker has two handles, and you can easily carry it anywhere to listen to your favorite sound tracks. Also, it has an amazing battery life. 

Best Shower Speakers Under 20, 50, 100 to 200 USD

#1. INSMY Cheap Shower Speaker

INSMY Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

INSMY C12 IPX7 is a great pick for the budget, thanks to its ultra-portable design and extreme water resistance. You can even use this speaker in the bathroom while showering or carry it with you while floating on the pool. 

The best waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers punchy sound and has excellent loudness making it great to keep a group of people entertained. Another exciting feature is the bass, it offers good bass and makes the music track sound even better.

The lanyard loop makes the speaker a portable option, and you can carry it around while hiking or camping. On a single charge, it offers a playtime of 12-hours, and you don’t have to worry about charging it again and again.

Apart from connecting via Bluetooth, you can use a TFcard to play music nonstop. Furthermore, it features a built-in mic, and you can attend calls on the go. 

On the backside, the speaker has onboard controls to help you switch between different tracks and adjust the volume. Lastly, the speaker has a suction cup on the underside so you can stick it to a surface and enjoy it uninterruptedly.

The speaker is lightweight and highly durable.The bass could have been better.
It features 5.0 Bluetooth for incredible wireless connectivity.Some users said that the sound cut intermittently.
It’s easy to pair and use.
The 5mm speaker offers good loudness.

Price: $19.19
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#2. Bose SoundLink Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you are a true music fan and listen to music throughout the day, Bose SoundLink Micro is your way to go. This is a fully waterproof speaker, so do not mind carrying it around the pool or on a beach. 

The sound quality is crisp and has a balance of highs and lows, which improves the overall clarity. Furthermore, this speaker has a fantastic directivity, which results in a more natural sound. 

Connecting with the speaker is a cakewalk, and you can even use it with the Bose smart home family to play in sync. The built-in mic makes it convenient to attend calls, but as it does not feature ANC, so you cannot attend calls in noise.

There are three buttons available, so you can change the track and adjust the volume with a click. Bose claims that the speaker offers a runtime of 6 hours on a single charge. However, I was expecting more since it belongs to a brand like Bose. 

On the top, there are buttons to power on/off the speaker and toggle the Bluetooth. Lastly, you can use the Bose mobile app to access the equalizer and make the music sound even better.

It’s compact and sleek.Using the app requires you to add credit card info.
The mic catches your voice even from 30 feet away.The strap mounting mechanism is not that great.
Clear highs and lows without any distortions.
It is compatible with Google Assistant & Siri
It features battery life indicators.

Price: $119.00
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#3. COMISO Waterproof Wireless Speaker for Outdoor

COMISO Waterproof Wireless Speaker for Outdoor

I always recommend this waterproof speaker for a shower when someone asks me for the best shower speaker. This cylindrical speaker may look small, but it is big on performance. The bang-on sound hits your ear, and you can listen to your favorite tracks for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

The distinct mids and highs make the sound crystal clear, thanks to the precision drivers. Furthermore, the speaker produces excellent bass, and you’ll see it wobbling on the table if used on full volume.

COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is totally splash resistant, as it comes with an IPX5 rating, and you can use it wherever you want. Moreover, the body is rugged and feels really durable.

The presence of onboard controls makes it hassle-free to adjust the volume and pause the track whenever you want. The wireless connectivity is superb, and the speaker works well even if the connected phone is 60 feet away.

You get the sound from every corner of the speaker, and it could be the right choice for small parties and gatherings. It even features a built-in mic, but some users said the call clarity is not up to the mark. Lastly, the rugged Bluetooth speaker comes in a range of colors, so you can get a stylish companion that keeps you entertained.

You can pair two COMISO X26 speakers and play simultaneously.It’s not fully waterproof.
The battery lasts longer on a lower volume setting.The buttons can fail if they get wet.
The speaker is lightweight and durable.
The carrying loop makes it a grab-and-go option.

Price: $34.99
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#4. Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Bathroom Speaker

Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Pool Speaker

The triangular design of this wireless speaker enhances its sound reach and makes it perfect for a big room. The speaker is smartly designed by OontZ, the speaker comes equipped with high-quality crystal-clear sound drivers to reward you with a distortion-free experience.

There is a passive bass radiator fitted inside the speaker, and it works in synergy with the audio processor pump, which enhances the punchiness. If you love listening to loud music, this speaker is the best choice for you.

The control buttons help you navigate through the music tracks and turn off the speaker quickly, so things get sorted and convenient. Talking about water resistance, this speaker is IPX7 rated, which safeguards it from splashes and downpours.

The mobile app from OonTz even lets you connect two speakers together and use them simultaneously for better loudness during parties.

In a nutshell, this wireless speaker is a bang for the buck. It offers good loudness, has a punchy bass, and is perfect for any type of outdoor and indoor activity.

It has a dedicated bass radiator.No LED indicator for the battery.
The volume booster drivers keep the sound stable.The customer service is average.
Ultimate wireless range.
The triangular design keeps it from rolling on the floor.
The device is compatible with Siri

Price: $39.99
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#5. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

This waterproof speaker from Anker will remind you about the jukeboxes that had a carrying handle. If you are looking for a portable speaker that you can take on camping and on the beach, this one makes the best choice for you.

Equipped with Titanium Drivers, the waterproof wireless speaker for outdoors produces super loud audio without any distortions. The powerful stereo sound works well on high volumes, making it a good speaker for the outdoors.

Furthermore, the thumping bass, when combined with the loud audio, results in something magnificent that you would love to listen to for hours. 

Anker offers support for the Soundcore App, so you can switch between the EQ modes to get a tailored listening experience. A single charge is enough to keep the speaker powered for 24-hours, and you can charge it quickly using the cable available inside the box.

This is a fully waterproof speaker and offers great protection if it gets submerged in water. The onboard controls make it easier to adjust the volume settings, while you can pause/play the music with a click.

Lastly, the only thing it lacks is a microphone, so you have to disconnect your phone to attend calls.

It’s a big and powerful speaker.You cannot make or receive calls with it.
The soft-touch controls are amazing.The speaker shakes at full bass.
The USB-C port makes charging quicker.
The speaker produces rich and heavy bass.

Price: $79.99
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#6. JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Speaker for Shower

JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Speaker for Shower

JBL Flip 5 is an all-rounder, as it has a super compact design and delivers a rich sound experience. The design may look similar to the previous models, but there are some serious upgrades like the LED highlights on the power button and the battery indicator.

JBL has used its latest sound drivers to make the music sound even better. The acoustics of this speaker fine-tune the audio and polish it with a lot of enhancements. I loved the bass, but it could have been a little punchier.

As this is a water-resistant speaker, you don’t have to worry about splashes and rain. The onboard controls make things easier, and there’s no need to reach out to your phone every time you want to change the track. 

JBL claims that the speaker offers a 12-hours playtime, but you can enhance it by using the speaker in a low volume setting. An upgraded feature that the Flip 5 has is that you can pair two Flip 5 speakers to play in sync.

There is a dedicated hook to attach the lanyard loop, which makes JBL Flip 5 portable. Lastly, this device has a Type-C charging port, so expect it to get charged quickly.

The LED battery indicator makes things convenient.No dedicated bass producer is there.
It features bigger sound drivers.Some users had issues with the battery.
The sound is loud and clear and clean.
It’s a travel-friendly speaker.

Price: $89.95
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#7. Tribit XSound Budget Loudest Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit XSound Loudest Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit is here with the best versatile speaker that you can use as a soundbar indoors and as a speaker outdoors. Loaded with high-performance sound drivers and a passive bass radiator, this speaker produces a rich sound with deeper bass.

The sound remains clear and distortion-free even if you use the speaker at full volume. Tribit has upgraded the water resistance in this speaker and made it fully waterproof. 

Furthermore, it is sleek and sophisticated, and you can carry it around on a barbeque night or during camping. On a single charge, it can run for around 24-hours, so you get all-day play with Tribit XSound Go.

Pairing with this speaker is really simple, and you can quickly pair any Bluetooth-enabled device with it. This Siri and Google Assistant compatible speaker even has a mic, and it lets you make clear calls on the go.

Moreover, the speaker has all the required control buttons to help you change tracks and adjust the volume. Getting Tribit XSound Go will be a fair choice if you need a speaker with a long-lasting battery and extreme water resistance. 

Tribit offers it in two impressive colors, and you get a stylish speaker under your budget.

It has impressive battery life.You cannot pair two speakers at once.
It has killer audio with clear highs and lows.The treble is slightly overriding.
The wireless range is up to 100 feet.
The built-in mic helps you make calls.

Price: $36.99
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#8. TREBLAB FX100 Portable Wireless Speaker for Travel

TREBLAB FX100 Portable Wireless Speaker for Travel

If you love outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking, this speaker from TREBLAB is designed for you! The rugged body safeguards the speaker, and its innards, so there is no need to worry about anything, even if it drops on the ground.

The sound quality is mesmerizing, and you can listen to any type of music with this speaker. Furthermore, the bass is just average, but the treble sounds great. 

An exclusive feature that you get with this speaker is the power bank support. It has a 7200 mAh battery, and it can even fuel your smartphone. Talking about the battery life, the speaker offers a playback time of up to 35 hours. 

The built-in mic helps you take calls, and the in-call quality is decent. You can pair any device with the speaker, as it is universally compatible and works well with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

As it features an Aux port, you can use it with wire to get better battery life. TREBLAB offers lifetime support to this speaker, which is a great thing. 

Lastly, the speaker has the ability to work in sync with another TREBLAB speaker, and you get louder audio with better bass.

The built-in carabiner makes it portable.There are no control buttons onboard.
It has a rugged cap that protects the connectivity ports.The FM mode doesn’t work great.
The bigger battery offers longer playtime.
It has the ability to pair 2 speakers of 10W.
It has a shock-absorbing design.

Price: $59.97
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#9. SONGLOW Waterproof Portable Speaker

No products found.

The best waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the budget category is the SONGLOW Upgraded Bluetooth Speaker. Powered by two 40W sound drivers, this speaker offers a mesmerizing audio experience. Furthermore, the radiator enhances the bass, and you’d love listening to music and watching videos on this speaker.

The cylindrical design enhances the audio and throws it in every direction for a room-filling experience. Moreover, the speaker has a DSP chip that adjusts the accuracy automatically and produces amazing sound.

The Bluetooth 5.0 extends the range, and there are no issues in terms of connectivity. The LED indicator on the speaker shows you the remaining battery, so you don’t miss charging it. On a single charge, the speaker offers a playtime of 12-hours, and you can charge it quickly using the Type-C cable.

As per SONGLOW, this pool speaker is IPX7 rated, which makes it extremely resistant to water. Attending and making calls is now easier using the built-in microphone.

The reason why folks prefer using this speaker in outdoor/indoor parties is due to the sync feature that lets you connect two SONGLOW speakers together. 

Lastly, it has touch-sensitive buttons, so things get convenient, and you can enjoy listening to your favorite music tracks.

The speaker is compatible with Alexa.Some users had issues with customer service.
You can attach a lanyard thread with it for ease of carrying.The in-call clarity could be better.
It can withstand submersion in water.
It has a USB-C port for fast charging.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#10. DBSOARS Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

DBSOARS Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

If you love listening to music while you travel, you need DBSOARS Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It has big handles on both sides, so you can hold it and roam wherever you want. 

When it comes to audio quality, this speaker can easily leave some branded options behind. The 50W speakers deliver crisp highs, and the two tweeters contribute a lot to the sound quality.

There is a good amount of bass on offer, and you will not feel the need for a subwoofer. Also, there is an ex-bass button that enhances the bass, and you’ll hear something mind-blowing.

The water resistance of this waterproof portable speaker is great, and it can easily withstand submerging in water. The thing I liked the most was the battery life. Powered by four batteries, this speaker offers a runtime of 30 hours. 

Another amazing feature is the LED indicator that shows you the remaining battery. The speaker even lets you make calls, and you can conveniently answer them with a tap. 

Overall, this is an amazing wireless speaker with some serious water resistance. It offers you fantastic connectivity, and the battery can easily last a few days on moderate usage.

It charges quickly.Connecting multiple speakers together is hard.
The two passive radiators produce a lot of bass.The build quality is not up to the mark.
The two handles make it easy to carry.
You can sync hundreds of DBSOARS speakers together.

Price: Price not available
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