If you are in search of the best white office chair under $200, then you have landed at the right place.

Here in this article, I am going to review the top-rated office chairs in white color that are available on Amazon. In the list, you will find the budget white office chair of top quality.

Whether you are looking for a white ergonomic office chair, white leather office chair, white rolling chair, white mesh office chair, white desk chair with wheels, white conference room chairs, white wooden desk chair, white task chair, or white modern desk chair, you will find them all in this list and that too at a lower price.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check out the quality of the most comfortable white office chair under $200.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Best White Office Chair

Weight Capacity: - The first thing you should look for is the weight capacity. Go for a chair that can easily bear good weight, as it has a direct impact on the frame. Usually, these chairs have around 250-300 lbs weight capacity.

Comfort: - To determine comfort, pay attention to the seat, padding, backrest, and armrests. The chair should have good padding and should support your back and head.

Adjustability: - Choose an office chair that lets you adjust the tilt and height. Go for chairs with a big lever and a pneumatic lift system.

Durability: - Lastly, you should pick an office chair that’s built to last. The frame should be metal, and other components should also last longer. 

Quick Summary:

Best ChoiceFlash – “A stylish office chair with a higher back to add comfort to your life. It lets you tilt the backrest to a great angle for an excellent sitting position”.  

Most Loved  – Amazon – “A comfortable office chair that’s highly durable, and offers quick adjustments. It comes in multiple colors and looks perfect for any office space”.

Budget Pick – Linon – “An amazing white office chair with a furry seat and backrest. It offers great comfort and provides maximum body support”.

Best White Office Chair Under $200

#1. Linon Cora Faux White Office Chair Under $100

Linon Cora Faux White Office Chair Under $100

If style and comfort are your preferences, Linon Cora Faux Flokati Armless Office Chair is your way to go! The white fur definitely looks striking and helps you relax after. Furthermore, the armless design gives you the freedom to move, and you won’t feel like trapped in a small chair.


You can expect ultimate comfort from this best white office chair, thanks to the thick faux fur! The bigger seat and the back can even accommodate people with a big body stature. There’s good padding under the furry layer, and you can comfortably sit for hours. 


The chair comes equipped with a gas lift mechanism, and you can lift the seat up and down by pressing the lever. Also, the 360-degree swivel mechanism lets you rotate the seat in any direction without getting up from the chair. However, it does not let you adjust the backrest.

Mobility and Durability

You can move this chair to any room of your office or around the cabin easily. The casters roll smoothly and do not squeak at all. Moreover, the chair has a five-point star frame for maximum stability and durability.

  • It has a highly comfortable fur seat.
  • The easy-roll casters let you move it anywhere.
  • BIFMA-certified gas lift for added durability.
  • The chair offers a comfortable seating position.
  • You cannot lock the backrest in one place.
  • This chair does not have armrests 


With its promising looks and comfort, this white fluffy desk chair from Linon can be a great pick. It goes well with the office décor and offers excellent stability. Just keep the fur clean to ensure the chair looks spick and span at all times.

Price: $87.89
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#2. Flash Furniture White Leather Office Chair Under $200

Flash Furniture White Leather Office Chair Under $200

This ergonomic white chair from Flash Furniture has an ultra-modern look making it perfect for your cabin. Designed to provide you with all-day comfort, the chair has a padded seat and armrests, so you can relax while working. The bent backrest accommodates you perfectly, and you’ll love sitting on this white chair. 


Flash Furniture has kept comfort on top priority when designing this chair. It has a bigger seat and backrest for more comfort. Also, the thick cushion padding gives you the feel of sitting on a cloud. 

The slight curve on the backrest is for your spinal cord, and even people with back problems can use this office chair. 


The tilt-lock mechanism on this white leather office chair offers you the ultimate freedom to adjust the backrest. You can either lock the backrest or set it on rocking mode for better sitting comfort.

The pneumatic lift works seamlessly and lifts up the seat for height adjustments. You can do everything with just one lever for added ease.

Mobility and Durability

The all-metal frame makes this chair highly durable. Also, the chrome finish protects it from corrosion. The casters make the chair very mobile, and you can move it anywhere without any noise. Just keep the casters clean so they roll smoothly.

  • It has big and wide armrests for more comfort.
  • Highly durable and polished frame.
  • The thick cushion improves the seating posture.
  • Built-in lumbar support.
  • The armrests aren’t adjustable.
  • The light colors require maintenance.

Get this stylish white office chair with arms and enjoy ultimate comfort with maximum lumbar support. In addition, the chair offers quick adjustments and can easily accommodate people with a big body stature. Lastly, it comes in a range of colors to match the décor of your cabin or working area.

Price: $119.11
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#3. Amazon Basics Padded Adjustable Office Desk Chair with Armrests Under $100

Amazon Basics Padded Adjustable Office Desk Chair with Armrests Under $100

If you want the office chair to be highly durable and comfortable, take a look at AmazonBasics Padded Office Desk Chair. The robust chair features a bigger seat and backrest, so you can enjoy its comfort. Moreover, it has a higher weight capacity and is BIFMA-certified making it a bang for your buck.


As per users, the office chair offers the right amount of comfort a good chair should. The manufacturer has used thick foam, and the polyurethane bonded leather adds up a lot to the overall comfort. 

The padded armrests let you place your arms comfortably, so you can work for hours without feeling exhausted.


The single-lever mechanism lets you adjust the backrest tilt to your comfort. In addition, you can also lock the backrest for maximum stability and sitting comfort. The white ergonomic office chair offers multiple height adjustments, and the heavy-duty lift does its job amazingly.

Mobility and Durability

Made using high-grade plastic and metal, the chair feels very durable. Moreover, the leather upholstery requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean. The metal frame comes covered under a plastic sheath, and the chair looks very neat.

The caster wheels improve the mobility but are a bit squeaky, said some users.

  • It has a bigger headrest for more comfort.
  • Supports weight up to 275 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It comes with a decent warranty.
  • The wheels are a bit squeaky.
  • The chair is heavy. 


With this white office chair, you get maximum lumbar, back, and head support. In addition, it has a bigger cushioned seat so you can sit comfortably for as long as you want. Choose from a range of colors to get a stylish and robust chair for your workspace.

Price: $67.51
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#4. HOMEFUN White Ergonomic High Back Executive Desk Chair with Armrests and Lumbar Under $200

HOMEFUN White Ergonomic High Back Executive Desk Chair with Armrests and Lumbar

Next on the list is this office chair with a high-back design. Moreover, it features mesh material for maximum breathability and comfort. The heavy-duty chair has good weight capacity and easily reclines up to a good angle when you want. 


There are several components that contribute to comfort, including the backrest, the seat, and the bigger headrest. This white mesh office chair has a slightly curved backrest entirely made of mesh material, so you do not feel exhausted and tired.

Also, the seat offers an upright sitting position, while the headrest lets you relax when you need it. The ergonomic and padded armrests let you rest your arms, so you get comfort for the complete body.


Adjusting the recline and the height is easy, as this white computer chair has two levers. You can adjust the backrest for 90-135 degrees, while there are 16-20 inches adjustments for the height. 

However, you may get a bit confused between the levers at first. But once you get habitual, you can easily adjust it as you want.

Mobility and Durability

You won’t complain about durability, and this chair has passed many tests. The one-piece backrest feels solid, and the entire frame is robust. The chair can withstand weight up to 250 lbs, while the metal frame can withstand 1000 lbs. 

In addition, the universal casters come with a rubber coating for minimized sound and to protect the floor when the chair moves.

  • You don’t feel sweaty, thanks to the mesh backrest.
  • Dedicated levers to adjust height and tilt.
  • Bigger headrest for improved comfort.
  • The coated casters do not scratch the floor.
  • After-sales service is not that good.
  • The mesh is flimsy.

The HOMEFUN Ergonomic Office Chair offers you all-around sitting comfort. The chair offers an amazing tilt recline, and you can use it for sitting or relaxing after a long meeting. The manufacturer offers this chair in multiple colors, and a few of them have a footrest.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Hbada Ergonomic Computer White Chair with Lumbar and Flip-up Arms Under $200

Hbada Ergonomic Computer White Chair with Lumbar and Flip-up Arms

If a sleek and comfortable ergonomic office chair is on your bucket list, you need a Hbada Office Chair. The special design adds more freedom to your office room, and you can enjoy sitting comfortably while working, gaming, or doing other activities. Assembling this chair is a cakewalk, and you get detailed instructions with it.


You’ll love the big and wide backrest for the comfort it provides. Furthermore, this chair has a mesh back, and you feel airy while sitting. In addition, the thick cushion seat adds up a lot to the overall comfort. 

The curved backrest accommodates the shape of your backrest, and you can avert any back-related problems when sitting on this chair. 


You can easily improve the comfort and get a preferred sitting position with this white office chair. The lever lets you adjust the lumbar support as the backrest reclines up to 125-degree. 

In addition, the chair offers height adjustments, and you can easily reach the desk to work comfortably.

Mobility and Durability

As per the users, the office chair is highly durable and requires no maintenance at all. It has an SGS-certified level 3 cylinder and a solid frame. The mute nylon casters roll smoothly and silently on any type of floor, including carpet, for easy mobility.

  • It has adjustable armrests.
  • Heavy-duty frame for maximum stability.
  • Thick and padded seat for all-day comfort.
  • The casters roll smoothly.
  • The chair lacks a dedicated headrest.
  • You cannot lock the backrest when it’s reclined. 


This is a perfect office chair for anyone looking for excellent comfort, style, and durability. In addition, the chair has excellent ergonomics and adjustable armrests making it perfect for different statures.

Price: $159.99
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#6. Flash Furniture High Back White Office Chair with White Frame and Flip-up Arms Under $200

Flash Furniture High Back White Office Chair with White Frame and Flip-up Arms

Here’s another chair from Flash Furniture that’s classy, elegant, and offers ultimate sitting comfort. You’ll love this chair for multiple reasons, including its mesh beck and wide seat. Moreover, the padded armrests are there to let you keep your arms straight while you work. Assembling this chair barely takes 39 minutes, said multiple users. 


You can experience comfort sitting on this smart chair. The scooped seat lets you comfortably rest your glutes and offers good under-thigh support, so you don’t feel tired. 

The curved backrest is designed to accommodate your body stature and provide maximum lumbar support.


You can easily adjust this chair to get the perfect tilt angle and height. The single lever connected to the BIFMA-certified lift makes it very convenient to make quick adjustments. 

In addition, you can move the armrests to get more sitting space and more freedom to move around.

Mobility and Durability

Flash Furniture is renowned for its durability, and you can expect this white chair to last longer. The materials feel robust, and the chair requires no upkeep. Talking about mobility, it rolls smoothly, and the casters are squeak-proof.

  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • Suitable for both work environments and home.
  • You can easily adjust it to your comfort.
  • The chair swivels smoothly.
  • The white color requires regular cleaning.
  • You cannot lock the backrest if it’s tilted.

This white swivel chair provides ultimate comfort and looks very stylish. It’s super durable, and you can adjust the backrest and the seat quickly. Lastly, the chair can accommodate all types of body statures, making it perfect for all environments.

Price: $119.99
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#7. Amazon Basics High-Back White Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair with Lumbar Under $200

Amazon Basics High-Back White Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair with Lumbar

The list of best white office chairs is incomplete without AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair. Designed with ergonomics in mind, this chair relieves stress and helps you enjoy comfort while working. The all-metal frame makes it highly durable, while the high backrest keeps your back straight.


This white high back office chair with a huge seat and wide backrest provides excellent comfort. The cushion is sleek yet very comfortable, so you can sit on it for hours. In addition, the faux leather feels comfortable, and you can get rid of stress. 

As the back is high, so you can rest your head against it to relax after a tiring day.


You can adjust this chair to get maximum comfort throughout the day. The single-lever mechanism lets you adjust the tilt and height on the go. The lever has a convenient plastic handle, and you can easily grab it while sitting on the chair.

Mobility and Durability

This white office chair gets 10/10 in terms of durability. The frame is entirely metal, and the chair can easily withstand a heavy load. Moreover, the chrome finish over the frame makes the chair look spick and span. 

Moving this chair is hassle-free, as the casters roll on all types of floors, including tile, carpet, and more.

  • It protects you from back strain.
  • High load-bearing capacity.
  • The faux leather material is easy to clean.
  • The casters are non-marring and do not squeak at all.
  • The armrests are not adjustable.
  • Some users may find the frame very shiny. 


Overall, this amazing office chair has everything you need, including style, comfort, and elegance. The chair is suitable for people of different body statures. Lastly, it comes in a range of beautiful colors, including black, red, and grey..

Price: $151.41
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#8. Amazon Basics High-Back White Leather Executive Office Computer Desk Chair Under $200

Amazon Basics High-Back White Leather Executive Office Computer Desk Chair

If you are here for an office chair with a retro look, you should choose this chair from Amazon Basics. It has got thick cushions and a well-framed body to accommodate you and offer excellent comfort. I love the padded loop armrests and the five-point frame that make this chair a great choice.


You can expect total comfort, as every component of this chair is designed to offer it. Starting from the backrest, the chair has thick cushioning, and the dedicated headrest is there to keep you comfortable. 

In addition, the chair lets you sit straight, or you can lean back as you want.


The recline angle is not that great, but the chair still does a good job. You can move the pneumatic lever to adjust the height and the tilt angle. The certified lift works well and lifts the chair smoothly.

Mobility and Durability

This chair is highly durable, making it worth your investment. The PVC frame lasts longer, and the leather material requires less to no maintenance at all. 

Talking about mobility, the chair rolls silently, and you can easily take it to another room from your cabin.

  • The thick padded cushion improves the comfort.
  • The frame is highly durable.
  • It has a BIFMA certified lift.
  • The chair supports a 360-degree swivel.
  • It is heavy.
  • Not an ergonomic office chair. 


Get this high-back office chair and add comfort to your life. The chair has everything required to offer a good sitting posture. You get great thigh, head, and back support, so working becomes fun and relaxing.

Price: Price not available
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