Building a new computer and looking for a new PC case? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Here in this article, we are going to review some of the best white PC cases that are available on Amazon.

While buying a new PC case, you need to consider the size of your internal devices such as graphics card, motherboard, and more. Also, you need to take care in maintaining low temperatures, as well as keeping your internal devices secure.

So let’s go ahead and check out this list of the best white computer cases.

Quick Summary

Overall Best - CORSAIR - “A beautiful white PC case with pre-installed RGB cooling fans. It is perfect for users with extensive requirements". 

Most Loved - ASUS - “The latest PC case from ASUS that can fit an ATX motherboard, and multiple fans. It is ideal for maximum cooling”. 

Budget Pick - NZXT  - “An affordable PC case with a durable chassis and water cooler ready-design. It’s a lightweight and portable PC case”.

Buying Guide: Factors to Look for When buying a White PC Case


The first thing you need to look for is motherboard compatibility. Make sure the case can fit the latest motherboards so that you can consider future upgrades.


Next, check the air intake of the PC case, and go for the one that pushes more air inside the case to keep the system cool. 

Ease of Installation

The PC case should make it easier to install the PC components. Fortunately, all the PC cases reviewed in this article make it easier to install the components.

Connectivity Ports 

Make sure the PC case has multiple connectivity ports so that you can connect your peripherals on the go. 


Aesthetics is a matter of personal choice. Choose a white PC case that looks fantastic and makes your setup look attractive.

Best White PC Cases

#1. CORSAIR iCUE 7000X RGB Full-Tower ATX White PC Case

CORSAIR iCUE 7000X RGB Full-Tower ATX White PC Case


Motherboard SupportCompact ATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots3
I/O Port USB 3.1 Type-C Port, 4x USB 3.0 ports
CPU Cooler190mm

One of Corsair’s best white PC cases is iCUE 7000X. Popular for its stunning looks, this tower-like case can accommodate almost any CPU and cooler system. Customizing your PC with this case is easy, as it has a three-slot vertical GPU mount and other spacious slots to fit the complete setup.

The thing I absolutely love about this PC case is the seamless cable management, thanks to the Corsair Rapidroute Cable Management.

In addition, there’s 25mm of room behind the motherboards, so you can conceal the connections and make your customized PC look spick and span. Talking about storage, you can fit 3 X 2.5in SSDs, and 6 X 3.5in HDDs.

The modern front panel looks very classy and offers connectivity ports on the top for easy access. Corsair offers three RBG cooling fans with this case, and you can quickly connect them with your computer.

Another impressive thing about this white CPU case is the compatibility. It can easily fit ATX motherboards to offer unmatched performance. 

As per several users, the inner mesh behind the cooling fan is harder to clean, and that’s the only downside to this PC case. However, the mesh is easily accessible, so you can clean it regularly.

  • It comes with three pre-installed fans.
  • Crystal clear front panel makes the case look beautiful.
  • Easy access connectivity ports on the top.
  • It can fit multiple SSDs and HDDs for maximum storage.
  • The PC case is heavy.
  • The front filter is flimsy.

Go for this white PC Case if you are looking to customize a powerful PC. It can easily fit a bigger and modern GPU with any ATX motherboard. Also, the RAM slots don’t hinder the fan’s performance, and the cable management keeps the assembly neat.

Price: $289.00
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#2. ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition Mid-Tower Computer Case

ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition Mid-Tower Computer Case


Motherboard SupportExtended ATX, ATX, MicroATX, MiniATX
Expansion Slots3
I/O Port2 x USB 3.1
CPU Cooler140mm

Next on the list is the ASUS TUF Gaming GT501, that’s a phenomenal white PC case and is popular for its aesthetics. The tower PC case can fit motherboards up to EATX, making it widely compatible.

Designed to fix multiple cooling fans, you can easily install 120mm and 140mm fans in order to keep the setup cool all the time. The mesh inside the PC case improves the airflow and enhances the fan’s efficiency.

In addition, you can install a radiator up to 360mm making this PC case a great choice for intense gamers. The overall frame is highly durable and makes this case a perfect choice if you prefer traveling with the gaming setup.

Furthermore, the big carrying straps over the top make it convenient to carry the setup wherever you want. 

The smoked tempered glass is scratch-resistant, but be gentle when installing and removing it. As per several users, managing cables inside the case is a bit challenging, but the frame keeps the cables concealed and protected.

Under the PC case, there are rubber pegs that keep it stable on the desk and prevent tipping. Connecting your peripherals won’t be an issue as the connectivity ports are available at the top, so you don’t have to move the PC case.

A major portion of this case is white and requires regular cleaning. If you can keep your PC case spick and span, you should choose ASUS TUF Gaming GT501.

  • It has a highly durable chassis.
  • You can install up to seven fans and a big radiator.
  • The RGB looks aesthetic through the smoked glass panel.
  • Perfect for TUF gaming motherboards.
  • Managing the cables is challenging.
  • Requires a lot of cleaning.

If you need a PC case for your gaming setup, choosing ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 will be a great idea. It’s very convenient, highly portable, and lets you install the latest motherboards and other PC components.

Price: $189.99
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#3. Thermaltake Core P6 White Mid Tower Fully Modular Computer Case

Thermaltake Core P6 White Mid Tower Fully Modular Computer Case


Motherboard SupportATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots7
I/O PortUSB 3.2 (Gen 2) Type-C x 1, USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1 
CPU Cooler180mm

Here is a skeleton-type PC case from Thermaltake with big transparent panels. You can see all PC components from the outside, and this is the best choice if you prefer RGB fans and PC components.

Compatible with ATX motherboards, this PC case has a transformable chassis, so you can upgrade it to fit other motherboards. Furthermore, the entire case is dismantlable, so you can install the PC components with ease.

The tower case can accommodate the latest radiators and cooling fans. In addition, there are multiple RAM Slots that don’t come in the way of the cooling fans, thus enhancing the efficiency of the computer.

Thermaltake, The Core P6 TG, supports a wide range of radiators and cooling fans, including the Pure Fan Series. You don’t have to worry about cable management since the panel keeps the cables concealed, while you can easily connect them with the PC components.

There is a wide range of connectivity ports available on the right side of the PC case for easy access. It has a two-way placement, and the ports are accessible in both orientations.

Talking about durability, the case comes with a 4mm thick tempered glass that’s resistant to scratches and easy damages. 

Lastly, the PC case reduces the dust intake of the fans, so you don’t have to clean it regularly.

  • It comes with a big pedestal for more stability.
  • Can accommodate bigger radiators for better heat dissipation.
  • Fully dismantlable modular design.
  • Thick tempered glass for more durability.
  • Not a portable PC case.
  • The cable management is not as good as Corsair iCUE 7000X.

Overall, Thermaltake The Core P6 TG is an amazing transparent PC case for folks that love seeing their PC components and the RGB. The case makes it easier to customize the PC components and is compatible with almost all popular cooling fans and radiators.

Price: $198.99
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#4. Thermaltake AH T200 White ATX Micro PC Case

Thermaltake AH T200 White ATX Micro PC Case


Motherboard SupportMicro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots5
I/O Port2 x USB 3.0, 1 xUSB 2.0, and 1 x Type-C
CPU Cooler150mm

Here is another PC case from Thermaltake with a design inspired by a helicopter. If you need something unique and different, you should get this PC case on your desk.

It may not be fully transparent like Thermaltake The Core P6 TG but has bigger glass panels to display the PC components. There is ample space inside, and you can fit almost any radiator up to 280mm for maximum cooling.

Furthermore, the cooling fans hide behind the chassis and are visible from the side of this PC case. Putting the components in doesn’t require you to remove the glass panel fully, as it is connected to hinges. Just pull the panel out, and you can do the modifications.

What I love about this white PC case is the dismantling body. You can dismantle the entire frame and then assemble it while putting in the PC components.

The handy IO ports are available on the top, and this compact PC case does not require you to get up, as you can access the ports from your seat. The durability of this case is up to the mark, but this is not a very portable option, said some users.

You’ll miss the carrying handles as you get them in ASUS TUF Gaming GT501. Next, the heat dissipation of this PC case is appreciable, and the bigger mesh improves the functionality of the fans.

Lastly, the rubber pegs under the case keep it stable on the desk, and your custom PC won’t tip over.

  • It has an aesthetic design.
  • Bigger air intakes for maximum cooling.
  • It conceals the cables, so the installation looks neat.
  • You can dismantle the PC case to install bigger components.
  • It does not have handles.
  • It is not compatible with bigger motherboards.

I would recommend this white PC case if you need something attractive on your desk. The PC case gives a clear view of the components, and the RGB looks good through the transparent panels.

Price: $169.99
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#5. Lian Li O11 White ATX Full Tower Gaming Computer Case

Lian Li O11 White ATX Full Tower Gaming Computer Case


Motherboard SupportATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots82
I/O PortUSB3. 0 x4, USB3. 1 x1, HD Audio
CPU Cooler360mm

Here is another transparent PC case with a white panel. If you prefer a tower design and want the RGB to scatter inside the room, choose Lian Li O11. It’s a ROG-certified PC case that is compatible with a range of motherboards, including ATX.

The huge chamber mid-tower case is perfect if you are looking to build a powerful PC. There is ample space to fit a radiator up to 360mm, while you can install multiple cooling fans.

The two panels at the sides are entirely transparent and are made using thick tempered glass for maximum durability. The best thing about this PC case is that you get quick access to the drives. 

If you want to upgrade, just remove the tray covering the drive, and install a new one. Furthermore, cable management with this one is as easy as a breeze. 

I asked several users about the durability, and they said the PC case feels solid. The aluminum exterior looks exquisite, while it makes the PC case durable and lightweight. 

The connectivity ports on the side are always in your reach and offer quick connectivity. This PC case can accommodate up to 10 fans in total, so stop worrying about overheating, and you can enjoy overclocking the CPU.

The assembly is effortless, and it features big unlocking buttons to access the PC components and make changes. 

Lastly, there are no carrying handles on this PC case, so it is not a portable option.

  • It can accommodate up to 10 cooling fans.
  • Multiple connectivity ports, including USB Type-C.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • Hot-swappable memory bays for easy removal and installation.
  • The sides of the aluminum-look a bit basic.
  • It is a heavy PC case.

Go for Lian Li O11 if you need a fully transparent PC case to fit your next-level PC components. It looks stylish, has multiple slots, and can fit multiple cooling fans and a big radiator.

Price: $249.99
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#6. LIAN LI LANCOOL 2 White Gaming PC Case

LIAN LI LANCOOL 2 White Gaming PC Case


Motherboard SupportATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots5
I/O Port1 x TRRS audio, 2 x USB 3. 0, 1 x USB 3. 1 Type C
CPU Cooler140mm

LIAN LI LANCOOL 2 is a combination of aesthetics and convenience. This is one of the best-looking white PC cases you can get to uplift the décor of your gaming room. The case looks entirely white, and the frosted panels also contribute to the overall look.

One thing that multiple users commented about was cable management. The PC case can easily hide the thick buses while flaunting the RGB components. 

Designed to fit E-ATX motherboards, the PC case is a great choice if you want to customize a powerful computer. In addition, the multi-way radiator and fan bracket lets you install fans easily while it improves heat dissipation.

Inside the case, you’ll find the tool-less RGB front panel connectors for ease of installation. There are multiple memory bays that can hold your SSDs and HDDs. 

Entirely made using steel, this white PC case is highly durable and lightweight as well. Talking about the design, it looks exquisite, and the front air dams push more air inside for maximum cooling. 

LIAN ships this PC case with three cooling fans, and you can get more of them to build the entire PC and keep it cool.

The only thing that could be better was the placement of the connectivity ports. As it’s a tower PC case, you need to get up from your chair to access the ports if you keep it on the desk.

  • It has easy-to-open translucent panels.
  • Built-in RGB lighting enhance the attractiveness.
  • It suppresses the noisiness of the cooling fans.
  • The side doors cover the cables.
  • The mesh at the front requires frequent cleaning.
  • It is not a fully transparent PC case.

If you prefer the style and need a premium-looking PC case on your desk, choose LIAN LI LANCOOL 2. The big PC case can easily fit any components, including E-ATX motherboards, so you can build a powerful PC.

Price: $179.56
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#7. be quiet! White Mid Tower ATX Case with RGB

be quiet! White Mid Tower ATX Case with RGB


Motherboard SupportATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots7
I/O PortUSB 3.1 Type C Gen. 2
CPU Cooler140mm

This white PC case from Be Quiet will save you from the noisy cooling fans while it minimizes dust entry. The thin mesh panel inside the PC case filters dust, so the components remain clean and function properly. 

The PC case comes with three pre-installed fans saving you from the hassle. These big fans improve the airflow, while you can install new fans for maximum cooling. The overall design looks phenomenal, and the case is fit for gamers or any type of user. 

After removing the side glass tempered panel, you’ll get access to the functional PC shrouds that cover the cables and the PSU. Moreover, the shrouds minimize the vibrations and keep the main power supply unit protected all the time.

Be quiet! Pure Base 500DX features smart I/o ports on the front for quick connectivity. Moreover, the PC case has a switch on the front panel to control the exterior and interior light.

There is a thin RGB strip on the front, and it certainly makes the PC case look even better. In addition, the case is water cooling ready, so you can just install your powerful setup and start enjoying the performance of your gaming PC.

Lastly, the case can only accommodate up to 5 fans, out of which three come pre-installed, which can be a little disappointing for some users.

  • It has a dedicated dust filter.
  • Higher airflow intake to keep the PC components cool.
  • It has fully functional PSU shrouds.
  • Easy to dismantle and assemble again.
  • It can only fit five fans.
  • Fragile as compared to all-metal PC cases.

Go for be quiet! Pure Base 500DX if you need a PC case with aesthetic looks and less fan noise. Also, it reduces the hassle of cleaning since the filter traps the dust and keeps it out from damaging the PC components.

Price: $107.89
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#8. Cooler Master MasterBox Budget White ATX Mid-Tower PC Case for Airflow

Cooler Master MasterBox White ATX Mid-Tower PC Case for Airflow


Motherboard SupportATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots5
I/O PortUSB2.0*2, USB3.0*1,
Audio*1, mic*1, LED button(Reset)*1
CPU Cooler165mm

Cooler Master is not a new brand and is popular for its classy PC cases and cooling fans. The one we are talking about here is MasterBox TD500 Mesh White. It’s a sleek tower PC case that fits the AYX motherboards and is a great option for recreational gamers and PC users.

The main highlight in this budget white PC case is the polygonal mesh and the three fans installed behind it. The mesh improves the airflow while keeping the dust out from entering the PC case.

On the side, it has got a transparent panel that lets the RGB light scatter inside the room and makes the PC case appear attractive. As per multiple users, the cables aren’t visible when you pass them through the side panel.

In addition, the case has a roomy interior, and there is enough space to fit big motherboards, while you can install up to 410mm graphics cards. 

MasterBox TD500 Mesh White is water cooling ready, and you can fit any popular cooling system in there. On the front, you get multiple connectivity ports readily available for seamless operation.

There is no Type-C port in this PC case, which is a downside, as the latest PC cases have this fast data transfer and connectivity port. 

Cooler Master ships the case with three fans pre-installed, but you can install more fans to upgrade the cooling performance.

  • It keeps the dust out.
  • Open airflow design for maximum air intake.
  • Roomy interior to install powerful PC components.
  • It is a very durable PC case.
  • You cannot turn off the RGB of the cooling fans.
  • It is not portable.

MasterBox TD500 Mesh White is a good mid-budget PC case that’s perfect for beginners, intermediates, and even advanced users with higher PC specs. The white case looks great and lets you upgrade the PC components as it is designed for the future.

Price: $129.99
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#9. NZXT H210 White Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case Under $100

NZXT H210 White Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case


Motherboard SupportATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots2
I/O Port1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
1 x Headset Audio Jack
CPU Cooler120mm

If you prefer traveling with your PC case to your friend’s place for gaming, you need NZXT H210 – CA-H210B-W1. The all-metal chassis makes this PC case very durable, while it offers uncompromised protection to the computer components.

Designed to fit a Mini-ATX motherboard, the PC case is extremely light and beautiful. The exterior is also metal, but one side panel is tempered glass to keep the PC case looking good. 

Building your customized PC case doesn’t require any major tools, and you can fit the components inside this case. From the RAM slots to the radiator compartment, everything is big and can fit the latest components. 

NZXT ships a cable management kit with this case, and you can properly conceal the cables inside the side panel. Moreover, the penal has multiple channels to pass the cables through and connect to the dedicated components. 

NZXT H210 might not fit multiple fans like Corsair iCUE 7000X, but it can still fit four of them for improved cooling. The airflow in this device is maximum, and that’s enough to protect the PC components from getting damaged due to heat. 

Another downside to this PC case is the lack of connectivity ports. Where other PC cases offer multiple ports, it only has two USBs and one audio jack.

Lastly, the white PC case may attract some stains, but you can clean them quickly with a damp cloth.

  • You can install the cables and buses intuitively.
  • It has a mesh air intake for maximum airflow.
  • The dedicated bracket keeps the radiator in place.
  • It has a transparent side panel for improved aesthetics.
  • Lack of connectivity ports.
  • It can only accommodate four cooling fans.

NZXT H210 is a budget pick and is a good choice if you are looking to build your first PC. It lets you install the components without any tools and has bigger vents for more air to flow inside.

Price: $70.99
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#10. Thermaltake Core P3 ATX White PC Gaming Case

Thermaltake Core P3 ATX White PC Gaming Case


Motherboard SupportATX/Micro ATX/Mini ITX
Expansion Slots8
3.5″HDD 2
I/O PortUSB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1
CPU Cooler180mm

Thermaltake Core P3 ATX is a fully transparent PC case that shows the beauty of your power system. With its big glass tempered panel, this PC case secures the top position in the list of aesthetic cases.

Compatible with ATX motherboards, the Thermaltake Core P3 ATX lets you install the latest PC components to build a powerful machine. 

As it is not a fully enclosed PC case, so there is airflow in abundance. Even if you overclock the CPU, you don’t have to worry about overheating. Thermaltake has provided enough connectivity ports, and you can quickly connect your peripherals on the go.

With this white PC case, you get the option to install it on the wall, keep it on a desk, or on the floor. The mounting trays and brackets come pre-installed, so all you need to do is remove the glass panel and install the components.

Furthermore, Thermaltake Core P3 ATX offers native AIO support and works well with any liquid cooling system. 

The only thing that disappointed me is that it isn’t a portable case, so you cannot travel with it.

  • The side panel hides the cables.
  • You can install this PC case in three ways.
  • Dismantlable design for ease of installation.
  • It has thick tempered glass for more durability.
  • The cooling fans attract a lot of dust.
  • Mounting it on the wall is challenging.

In a nutshell, this transparent white PC case from Thermaltake offers a panoramic view of the PC components. The case is great for users with extensive requirements and offers the flexibility to build an advanced computer.

Price: $138.99
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