Are you looking for the best wireless charging mouse pad? If yes, then go ahead and checkout our top recommendations.

In the list, you will find wireless charging mouse mat from the most promising brands. We have listed few gaming Qi phone charging mouse pad also.

The charging mouse pad are capable to juice your Qi compatible devices at 10W. So without any further ado, let’s start exploring the features of the best wireless charging mouse pad.

Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

#1. Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Carrying its promise to revolutionize gaming, Logitech G Powerplay is one of the best wireless charging mouse pads. You won’t encounter your mouse failing during the intense gameplay because of the depleting battery, as it gets continuous juice from the charging pad.

Your gaming room will look even better as the pad features RGB lighting to set the right mood. You can turn off the light if required, and that’s a plus point. The pad offers wireless charging to any branded mouse with a receiver on its bottom.

Furthermore, the best wireless charging mouse pad uses an electromagnetic resonance that enhances the charging area exponentially, so you can utilize the entire charging pad while gaming. As soon as you drop the mouse on the pad, it starts charging, and you are ready to go.

The magnetic attraction between the mouse and the charging pad prevents it from slipping off the pad, and that’s a big relief for hardcore gamers. You can use the pad on any type of surface, including the office desk as well. I would recommend this pad to anyone who owns Logitech G703 and G903 gaming mice.

The build quality is impressive.Not Qi-certified, so you cannot charge phones with it.
The pad keeps the mouse stable.Not that great for non-Logitech mice.
The RGB lighting looks great.
Lower response time.


If you are a PRO gamer and want your mouse to remain in charge, Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is your way to go. You can even charge more than one mouse at once, and that’ll take the gaming to another level.

Price: $99.99
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#2. purpleclay i-Rocks Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

purpleclay i-Rocks Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

This big wireless charging mouse pad will charge your phones as well, and that makes it a versatile choice. i-Rocks IRC16E Premium Extended Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is huge, and there is ample space to keep your mouse, keyboard, and smartphone.

The best thing about this mouse pad is that it’s water-resistant, so stop worrying about splashes of coffee or soda. The built-in wireless charger supports up to 10W output, and you can charge iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Series, and other such devices.

The RGB lighting looks fantastic, and you can quickly adjust it just with a click. The pad is really sleek, and you can store it in your backpack by folding it. 

Furthermore, the material quality is superb, and the mouse doesn’t slip off the pad. No matter which brand of mouse you use, you can charge it with this wireless charging pad.

It’s sturdy and durable.The build quality could’ve been better.
Power output up to 10W for fast charging.You can’t turn off the RGB light.
10 RGB light modes.
Big non-slip surface.


If you need a cheap yet durable wireless charging mouse pad, consider i-Rocks IRC16E Premium Extended Large RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse Pad. It’s perfect for every task, including gaming, working from home, and more.

Price: Price not available
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#3. GIM Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

GIM Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

Now you can keep your smartphone’s battery full while enjoying playing games with your gaming mouse using this pad. This is a smooth mouse pad, so your device will glide over it, and you will see an improvement in your performance.

Made using a 4mm sleek material, the mouse pad is thin, and you can travel with it. There is a big wireless charging surface available that’s Qi-certified, so you can use it for charging your phones and other devices.

The charging pad looks really cool when you use it with the RGB lighting. There’s a button on the top that lets you switch between 10 modes. As the pad is huge, you can place your mouse, keyboard, iPod, smartphone, and some other devices. 

The fabric is entirely splashproof, and it gives you an edge while gaming. As it is a plug-and-play device, so you don’t have to install any software. With a smooth surface and big base, this wireless mouse charging pad is a bang for the buck. 

Just spread it on your PC desk, place your mouse over it, and you are good to go.

The cornering RGH light looks fantastic.The charging speed isn’t that good.
The entire mouse pad is slip-proof.It attracts dust, so clean it frequently.
Customizable RGB lighting.
It’s Qi-certified.


Users looking for a big wireless charging mouse pad should consider this one. It can charge any phone and is a great choice for gaming. Lastly, it offers protection against overcharging, overcurrent, and over-temperature to safeguard your smartphone from any issues.

Price: Price not available
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#4. OMEN Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

OMEN Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

If you own the HP Photon Wireless Mouse, you need this amazing wireless charging mouse pad. The squarish design lets you utilize the entire space, and you’ll love it whole gaming. The pad comes attached with a Qi device that charges your smartphone and other gadgets.

The charging is even and fast, and this pad can charge your HP mouse in under 2.5 hours using 5W output. Furthermore, the pad material is great, and it is specially optimized for performance. Even if you use the mouse on a low DPI setting, you’ll notice the cursor moving on the screen.

The anti-fray pad can withstand extreme temperatures and all levels of gameplays, making this mouse pad a great choice for avid gamers. The RGB light around the pad looks fabulous, and you can control it using the OMEN logo on the top.

The RGB light is customizable, so you can choose between different modes to create an ambiance. I loved the durability, and the wireless charging mouse pad is really sturdy. You get everything inside the box, including the Y-cable, to connect the pad with your PC.

Lastly, the pad is reversible, so you can switch the side if it gets dirty or you have used it up.

Customizable RGB lighting.The pad has a smell.
Quick connection with the USB Type-A port.A bit pricey.
It charges your Qi-enabled devices seamlessly.
Extremely durable.


This is a smart wireless charging mouse pad from HP that has got everything you need. It keeps your mouse and smartphone charged at all times, so you can focus on your work while not worrying about charging the devices.

Price: $68.70
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#5. JCREN Qi Charging Mouse Pad

JCREN Qi Charging Mouse Pad

With its classy look like wood, this premium wireless charging mouse mat is a great choice if you need something modern. With its sleek design, the charging pad is perfect for use at the office. 

It’s a plug-and-play device, so you can connect it with your PC and start using the charging pad. The pad features a Qi charging device, so you can charge your smartphones on the go.

The Qi charging mouse pad comes equipped with all safety features, and you can be assured about your smartphone getting charged with the pad. The surface is great, and the mouse skates glide over it, so you can play games and edit videos with ease.

Furthermore, it features an indicator that helps you determine the place to keep your smartphone. Everything about this wireless mouse charging pad is great, and it is a good choice for use at home and the workplace.

Lastly, it offers quick connectivity using the USB cable that you get inside the box.

The pad looks good.It is not splash-resistant.
It has a gliding surface.No RGB lighting.
The build quality is up to the mark.
It charges your phone quickly.


Buyers looking for a simple yet user-friendly mouse pad should consider this one. It looks stylish, offers fast charging output, and is a decent option for the money. You get this mouse pad in two amazing color options.

Price: $21.99
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#6. Miroddi Gaming Mouse Pad with Wireless Charger

No products found.

Miroddi is here with the biggest wireless charging mouse pad on this list. Well, it’s humongous, and you can place your mouse, keyboard, notepad, smartphone, Apple Pencil all at once. 

The pad features a smooth leather finish that looks premium, and the mouse glides over it without any struggles. Furthermore, the anti-slip bottom keeps the pad in place, and it won’t move when you are playing games vigorously. 

The charging board attached to the pad is big, and it can easily accommodate bigger phones, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It offers fast charging, so you can quickly top up your smartphone’s battery.

The entire mouse pad is splash-resistant, so you can quickly get those coffee spills out. However, protect the charging area from water and any other liquid as it is not resistant to spills. 

As soon as you place your smartphone for charging, the LED indicator turns on, telling you that it has started charging.

Lastly, the mouse pad comes in a range of colors, and some models have RGB lighting too.

The material quality is good.Not a great choice for small desks.
The wireless charging pad is big.Poor wireless detection.
It has an anti-slip base.
Wide compatibility.


Those looking for a big wireless charging mouse pad to work on their PC should have a look at this premium leather pad. It can charge any smartphone with assured safety, and this could be the best pad to get under your budget.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#7. BUANIIH Qi Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

BUANIIH Qi Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

Do you want a wireless charging mouse pad that stands out? Have a look at this fantastic mouse pad that glows in the dark. It has a criss-cross pattern of multiple colors, and that makes it look attractive sitting on your desk.

Talking about the size, this is a big pad with an anti-slip base. Your mouse glides easily over the surface, so you will enjoy using this pad while gaming or working. 

It has a bigger charging pad on the side that’s Qi-certified, so you can charge any smartphone with it. The maximum power output of the pad is 10W, and it can quickly charge your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The Qi mouse pad is just 4mm thick, and it is a great option for travelers. Furthermore, it is splash-resistant, so you can sip your favorite coffee without any fuss. The entire border of the pad has an RGB lighting strip.

Moreover, the light is customizable, and you can change its color using the one-touch color switch. The best part about this wireless charging mouse pad is that it offers all the safety features to keep your smartphone safe. 

Lastly, BUANIIH offers the pad in multiple color choices, including plain black for people that love basics.

It has an appealing RGB corner strip.The charging device is not spill-proof.
The mouse pad has an anti-slip base.You cannot dim the RGB light.
It’s big and amazing.
The charging pad can charge any smartphone quickly.


If a stylish wireless charging mouse pad is your need, you should consider this big pad. It offers plenty of space for hovering the mouse while charging your devices safely and quickly.

Price: $27.99
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#8. Furison Wireless Charging Leather Mouse Pad

No products found.

Another classy wireless charging mouse mat is here to make your desk look clutter-free. It’s an amazing pad that can charge your smartphone while you can enjoy using the mouse freely. The surface is textured, but it doesn’t create obstacles for the mouse skates.

I loved the basic design, and this is a practical mouse pad anyone can own. Under the pad, you will see four rubberized sections that keep it in place, and the pad won’t fly off when you use the mouse vigorously.

Furthermore, the pad is a little thick due to the leather surface, but it is lightweight. The charging starts quickly as you place your smartphone over the wireless charging logo.

The max output is 15W, so this charger can charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra quickly. The device can only charge one gadget at a time, so you have to switch your phone with the mouse to charge it.

The pad features all types of protections, including overcharging, overcurrent, and overheating. Lastly, the manufacturer offers it in a range of color options, including black, brown, and gray.

The material is spillproof.No charging indicator.
You get plenty of space for the mouse even when charging a phone.It doesn’t charge your phone with the case.
The pad protects your phone while charging it.
It looks stylish and elegant.


Furison 15W Wireless Charging Leather Mouse Pad is a lightweight, stylish, and premium pad to own. It is perfect to use anywhere, and you will surely love it while working at the office.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Buying a wireless charging mouse pad may seem easy, but it requires you to focus on several things. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a mouse pad.


You cannot go with just any charging pad if you own a specific mouse like the Logitech G703 or G903. You should make sure the pad is compatible with the mouse you own.

Size of the Pad

Some pads are huge, whereas some are compact. The choice is entirely up to you. If you want to keep your phone, keyboard, and other stuff on it, go for a bigger pad. On the other hand, if you need just one for a mouse, you should consider a small pad.


Pay attention to the design and the RGB lighting as it will affect how the mouse pad will look like. There are several basic as well as stylish wireless charging mouse pads listed in this article, so you can quickly make an informed decision.


Make sure the mouse pad is made using spill-proof material so you can eat and drink while working or gaming. If you need something premium, choose leather over other materials.


The Qi-certified pads are good for charging smartphones and other gadgets. Ensure that the pad you are going to purchase supports Qi-charging. Moreover, look for safety features like overcharging, overcurrent, and over-temperature protection.


The best wireless charging mouse pads are available at a range of prices. Having a figure in mind will prevent you from overspending, and you can buy a great device under your budget. This post has some high-end as well as cheap mouse pads you can buy.

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