Bored of scrolling on your iPad with your finger? Looking for the best wireless mouse for iPad that works seamlessly and lets you browse the web and skim through the emails quickly?

Well, here are the best Bluetooth mice for iPad you need to look at! Not just these wireless mice are ergonomic, but they have amazing battery life and quick connectivity!

So let’s go ahead and read the reviews of top-rated Bluetooth mice for iPad Pro, Air and Mini.

Quick Summary

The Best Wireless Mouse with Long-Lasting Battery:  Logitech – “This ergonomically designed mouse has a superb battery life  and offers a runtime of 70 days on a complete charge”.

The Best Wireless Mouse with Excellent Sensitivity: Apple Magic Mouse – “It’s an amazing wireless mouse with touch-sensitive buttons and supports gestures for added convenience”. 

The Best Cheap Wireless Mouse for iPad: OMOTON – “It’s a great wireless mouse with a stable Bluetooth connection that rewards you with the comfort you need while working”.

The Best Wireless Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Patients: Jelly – “This wireless mouse for iPad offers a comfortable holding posture and is great for people with a carpal tunnel that have large and small hands”.

Best Wireless Mouse for iPad Pro, Air & Mini (iPad Pro 12.9, 11, 10.5, 9.7, iPad Mini 6, 5, iPad Air 10.9, 10.5, iPad 10.2)

#1. Apple Magic Mouse 2 for iPad

Apple Magic Mouse 2

If you are an Apple fanboy, you know how seamlessly Apple devices pair with one another. This sleek wireless mouse for iPad is what you need to scroll the web with utter smoothness. The scroll-wheel-free mouse fits easily under your palm, and you can work comfortably for hours.

As the mouse supports Apple’s Multi-Touch technology, you can swipe and scroll with ease. Moreover, the buttons have a silent click and work with minimum pressure. 

Talking about the base, it glides on any surface, and you don’t need a mouse pad with the Apple Magic Mouse 2. The mouse offers a runtime of 70 days on a complete charge, so charge it and enjoy using it. 

Furthermore, it supports fast-fuel charging, and a one-minute charge gives you three hours of backup. The best part is the adjustable sensitivity, and you adjust it with your iPad in the mouse settings. Apple offers the Magic Mouse 2 in two impressive colors, i.e., space gray and white.

Sleek and light.Pricier than the competition.
The power on/off button saves battery.The ergonomics could be better.
The smooth base minimizes the resistance.
Lightning port for fast charging.

The Verdict

The Apple Magic 2 is a superb Bluetooth mouse that pairs with your iPad just like you pair the AirPods. It’s sleek, and that makes it a great choice for people with carpal tunnel. However, folks with small palms may not have a great experience with the mouse.

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#2. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse for iPad

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One of the most preferred wireless mice for iPad is Logitech MX Master 3. There are many reasons why iPad owners love using this mouse, and its design always remains at the top. You get a highly comfortable position with the mouse, and you won’t feel any hand fatigue at all, even after hours of working.

The intuitive controls let you scroll accurately and quickly using fingers and thumb. Furthermore, the mouse features two scroll wheels, one on the top and the other on the side, to use with your thumb.

The top scroll-wheel is great for browsing, whereas the side one works well for gaming and scrolling through pictures and other stuff. Scrolling with this mouse is pretty quiet, and your work won’t disturb anyone sleeping nearby.

This is an advanced-level mouse from Logitech that lets you customize the button controls. You can even set app-specific profiles for every button that lets you switch your favorite programs just with a click.

The best thing about this mouse is that it works with three devices simultaneously so that you can work on your iPad, Mac, and PC with ease. The DPI sensor that this Logitech mouse uses is highly sensitive and is adjustable as well.

With Logitech MX Master 3, you get dual connectivity, as the mouse has Bluetooth and works via a USB dongle. In addition, Logitech has made sure the users get a great experience with its mouse, and it comes with a long-lasting battery.

The mouse offers a runtime of 70 days on a single charge, and then you can charge it quickly for another go. The underside of the mouse makes it perfect for scrolling on any surface, including glass and mica.

The buttons are quiet with a smooth click.Not a great option for people with small hands.
Comfortable positioning of your palm.Configuring the buttons is a geeky task.
The LED indicator tells you about the battery status.
Works via Bluetooth and USB dongle.

The Verdict

If you don’t mind spending some more money to get a superb wireless mouse for your iPad, consider Logitech MX Master 3. The mouse has everything you need for working, gaming, or regular browsing. Also, check out the amazing colors Logitech offers if you have decided to buy this mouse. 

Price: Price not available
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#3. Satechi Wireless Mouse with Rechargeable Type-C Port

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Mouse with Rechargeable Type-C Port

If you are habitual of using a scroll wheel and need it in the mouse when browsing your iPad, this mouse from Satechi should be your choice. It’s a compact mouse that’s perfect for everyone out there, including people with small palms.

Pairing the mouse with your iPad is a piece of cake and can be done within a second. Talking about the round design, the mouse looks futuristic and is highly ergonomic.

Furthermore, it’s a highly sensitive mouse with up to 1200 DPI for fast and precise tracking. So if you are looking to browse the web, read/write emails, or check spreadsheets on your iPad, this is the mouse you need under your palm.

Inspired by a traditional mouse, it has two big buttons with a loud click that you’ll enjoy. Another impressive thing is the Bluetooth connectivity range, and the mouse remains connected even if the iPad is far away from it.

With its bigger built-in battery, the mouse offers a runtime of 45 days, and then you can charge it quickly using the Type-C port. The only disappointment with this mouse is that it works well with iPadOS 13.4 or later, and if you have an old iPadOS, you cannot pair it.

Lastly, Satechi offers this mouse multiple color options to complement your style.

Eliminates the hassles of using disposable batteries.Not a great choice for people with large hands.
The scroll wheel gives you a grip over it.If the battery fails, you cannot replace it.
Long-lasting battery.
Precise tracking capabilities.

The Verdict

If you need an inexpensive mouse that works well with the iPad, consider the Satechi M1 Aluminum Wireless Mouse. The mouse has impressive connectivity and is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including tablets, phones, and PCs.

Price: $29.99
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#4. KLO Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for iPad

KLO Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for Laptop

Why buy a different mouse for your iPad and PC when you can have this versatile wireless mouse from KLO. This dual connectivity mouse features Bluetooth and uses a 2.4Ghz connection to work with USB.

It’s a cheap mouse with impressive functionality, and you’ll love using it for several purposes. The wireless mouse has an amazing scroll-ball, and you get better control while browsing.

Furthermore, it offers three DPI adjustments that let you adjust the precision and accuracy as per your requirements. Tested for durability, this compact Bluetooth mouse has withstood the 5 million click test.

Both left/right-click buttons offer excellent tactile support, making this mouse a superb choice to use with the iPad. The design looks really cool, and the color combination of black and gold enhances the aesthetics.

Pairing this mouse with your iPad is a breeze; just tap on the Bluetooth button under the mouse, and you are good to go. The wireless mouse is compatible with almost all the latest iPad models out there with iPadOS 13 or later.

The mouse uses a 1 X AA battery, and the battery life varies on usage. However, the manufacturer claims it provides you 480 hours of usage with a new battery, and that’s impressive.

Overall, KLO Bluetooth Mouse is an excellent mouse to use with iPad, Mac, and Windows PC. It’s easy to connect, works seamlessly, and features an on/off button to minimize battery consumption.

Ergonomically designed to offer comfort.The scroll ball is flimsy.
Adjustable DPI with a click.Poor after-sales services.
Bluetooth and USB connection.
Low power consumption.

The Verdict

The KLO Bluetooth Mouse is a slim and versatile mouse you can use with the iPad. Even people with carpal tunnel can enjoy using it, thanks to the ultimate preciseness and accuracy.

Price: $9.99
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#5. OMOTON Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for iPad

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If you need something sleek like the Apple Mouse, but on a cheaper budget, you should go for OMOTON Bluetooth Mouse. It’s an ultra-thin mouse that doesn’t elevate your palm, and you can work with ultimate comfort.

OMOTON has designed this mouse with Bluetooth 5.0, so you can expect a stable wireless connection. Coming to its performance, the wireless mouse offers adjustable DPI levels, so you have complete control over the cursor’s sensitivity.

Furthermore, it comes with a big scroll-wheel and right/left click buttons for added ease. The clicks are quiet and are tested for durability. On the top, the manufacturer has used a surface coating technology, so the mouse feels soft and rewards you with all-day comfort for work and entertainment.

When it comes to battery life, OMOTON Bluetooth Mouse doesn’t disappoint. It uses a 1X AA battery and offers a runtime of 60 days depending on your usage.

The wireless mouse is smart enough to detect inactivity and hops into sleep mode to reduce battery usage.

The position that you get with this mouse is optimal for working for hours. So, in a nutshell, OMOTON Bluetooth Mouse is a fantastic option for people looking to work on their iPad.

It’s compatible with iPadOS 13.1 or later only, ensuring your device has the required OS to use this mouse.

Tested for durability.Changing the battery is a hassle.
The black finish looks premium.The scroll wheel is a bit squeaky.
Adjustable DIP for improved preciseness and accuracy.
Symmetrical design for a better experience.

The Verdict

OMOTON Bluetooth Mouse is a sleek wireless mouse for iPad with impressive ergonomics and battery life. You can use this versatile mouse for several purposes, including gaming, working, and more.

Price: No products found.
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#6. INPHIC Bluetooth Mouse for iPad

INPHIC Bluetooth Cordless Mouse for iPad

Several iPad users appreciated this wireless mouse for its quick connectivity and comfortable working position. It’s the cheapest wireless mouse for iPad you can use for gaming, browsing, and other tasks.

There are several things to love in this mouse, including the silent clicks. Even if you tap on the buttons vigorously, the click will be silent, making it a great choice for working from home.

The wireless mouse uses Bluetooth 5.0 so expect the wireless connection to be stable. On the top, there is a small button you can use for DPI adjustments. The mouse lets you choose from three DPI levels to adjust the preciseness and accuracy.

I loved the anti-slip design, and the mouse works well without a pad. Under the mouse, there is a power button that helps you save the battery.

Talking about the battery, the mouse offers an excellent battery life. It’s a rechargeable wireless mouse that supports fast charging so that you can work without any interruptions.

Whether you have bigger palms or smaller fingers, you can work comfortably with this mouse. It is even a great choice for folks with carpal tunnel.

The scroll wheel deserves special attention, as it offers a smooth grip and is not flimsy at all. It’s perfectly designed to help you with the ease of browsing.

Lastly, INPHIC offers this amazing mouse in two color choices, including white and black.

Designed ergonomically for a comfortable working position.The material quality could be better.
Sleeps automatically after 8 minutes of inactivity.Only compatible with iPadOS 13.0 or later.
Adjustable DPI levels.
Anti-slip design.

The Verdict

This is one of the best overall wireless mice for iPad with versatile DPI settings. It offers a comfortable working position and works beautifully without slipping on the desk. Just go for this mouse if you need something that connects with the iPad quickly and has good battery life.

Price: Price not available
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#7. Tsmine Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for iPad

Tsmine Bluetooth Wireless Computer Mouse for iPad

Another fantastic wireless mouse for iPad is Tsmine Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. The device stands out for its ease of use and versatility. It works beautifully on all surfaces and doesn’t need a mouse pad as well.

Under the mouse, there is a powerful DPI field sensor that’s highly sensitive, making the mouse great for working and browsing. Furthermore, it lets you adjust the DIP to change the accuracy of the cursor.

There’s a small button near the scroll-wheel, you can use to switch between different DIP levels. Hyper-fast scrolling is now possible with this wireless mouse, thanks to its big scroll-wheel. The wheel gives you a good grip, and your finger doesn’t slip while working.

The mouse saves you from the hassles of using AAA batteries, as it has a built-in Li-polymer rechargeable battery. On a single charge, the mouse offers a runtime of 3-4 weeks. Furthermore, the standby time is 90-days, and that’s impressive.

Another fantastic feature the mouse has is the auto switch-off function. After detecting inactivity for a few minutes, the mouse enters sleep mode to save the battery.

There’s an on/off button as well if you are looking to control it manually. Overall, this mouse is a fantastic option for everyone out there with an iPad.

Whether you have larger hands or smaller ones, you will find this mouse comfortable working for hours.

The click buttons are silent.The plastic quality is not that great.
Superb Bluetooth connection with impressive stability.
Works well with PCs, tablets, and phones.
Scratch-resistant finish.

The Verdict

This is a budget wireless mouse for iPad that’s great for rapid scrolling. It lets you adjust the DPI as well, so you get better control over the cursor. 

Price: $19.99
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#8. KLO Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro

KLO Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro

Are you looking to use the iPad for long periods? Then, investing in a reliable wireless mouse like this one from KLO will be a wise choice. Designed to offer comfort, the mouse is sleek and rests well under your palm. 

You will enjoy working with this mouse, as it has got a big and grippy scroll-wheel. Furthermore, the two buttons have a quiet click sound, and the left/right clicks won’t disturb anyone sleeping by your side. 

Under the mouse, there is a superb LED optical engine that’s highly sensitive. Moreover, the mouse lets you adjust the DPI, and you can change the accuracy and preciseness anytime you need.

The mouse glides smoothly on any surface, and you can work from anywhere. The ergonomic design supports different hand positions. So even people with carpal tunnel can work with uncompromised comfort. 

Under the shell, there is a 450mAh Lithium polymer rechargeable battery. On a single charge, the wireless mouse offers an excellent runtime. You can charge it for under 2 hours, so the mouse is perfect for people with a 9to5 job.

To make the battery last longer, the mouse plunges into a battery-saver mode. Overall, this is an ultra-thin mouse that’s perfect for working and browsing. It’s compatible with all the iPads and connects quickly over Bluetooth.

The battery charges quickly.The mouse quickly gets into the sleep mode.
Ambidextrous design.
You can easily switch between different DPI settings.
Compatible with tablets, PCs, and phones.

The Verdict

Available in a range of colors, this fantastic wireless mouse for iPad is what you need under a budget. The mouse has good ergonomics and is a great choice for people of all hand sizes.

Price: $11.89
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#9. Usbkingdom Sports Car Shape Ergonomic Mouse for iPad

No products found.

This device is something more than just a regular wireless mouse for iPad. It looks like a classic mini car, and that’s how it stands out. This phenomenal Bluetooth mouse that’s ideal for working and browsing.

Whether you are just browsing the web or making spreadsheets on your iPad, you will enjoy using this attractive mouse. Designed with a precise DPI sensor, that mouse is highly sensitive, and the cursor works fine as you scroll.

However, there’s no button to adjust the DPI, and that’s a bit disappointing. Being an inexpensive mouse, this device doesn’t compromise on quality. The fit and finish are up to the mark, and that’s why people love using them.

It’s a battery-powered mouse that uses 2X AA batteries, and you can rest assured about the battery life. On the top, there are three buttons, including a scroll-wheel on the car’s bonnet. The wheel is smooth and lets you browse the web with your finger.

Furthermore, it’s a two-way connectivity mouse that features Bluetooth and works well with a USB dongle.

Whether you have a huge hand or a small one, you will find this mouse comfortable, but do not use it for long hours.

Coming to durability, the wireless mouse is highly durable and is tested for 5 million cycles. The best thing about this iPad mouse is the auto sleep feature that saves a lot of battery.

Long-lasting battery.No rechargeable battery.
Dual connectivity options.Not designed for working long hours.
Glides on all surfaces.
Quiet buttons.

The Verdict

If you need a cheap wireless mouse that looks cute, go for this mouse from Usbkingdom. It’s an ergonomic mouse with great sensitivity that works pretty well with all iPadOS.

Price: No products found.
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How to Connect Wireless Mouse with iPad Running iPadOS 14

Step #1: If you want to pair the Apple Magic Mouse, make sure it is charged and turned ON.

Step #2: If trying to connect any third-party Bluetooth mouse, then follow the instruction given by the manufacturer to keep mice in discovery mode.

Step #3: Go to Settings on your iPad -> Bluetooth and enable Bluetooth.

Step #4: Next, wait for few seconds for your device to appear in the list.

Step #5: Once you see your device in the list, simply tap on it on pair.

Step #6: If you are connecting Apple Magic Mouse and asking for a PIN, then enter “0000” and tap on pair.

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