If you are having a party at your home or want to lighten your mood with some festive colors, you will need some color changing smart light bulbs to set the tone. Once you have got it or already own it, it is easy to set up and change smart light bulb color.

In this article, I will show you how you can change the colors of Philips Hue bulbs, Nanoleaf lights, Govee light and Sengled WiFi smart bulbs. So if you have any of these smart light bulb, then you follow the below-mentioned steps to change the colors of the smart light bulb:

How to Change Smart Light Bulb Color

How to Change the Color of Philips Hue Bulb

 To change the color of your philip hue light bulb you just need to make sure that all your smart home device and hue light bulb is running on the same WiFi network and sync it up with spotify music.

Step #1: First, download and install the Philip hue app on your iOS or Android device.

Step #2: Once you pair your Philips light bulb with a bridge, tap on the room you want to change the color.

Step #3: Next, tap on the “+” icon located next to My Scenes to change the lights colors at once.

Step #4: Moreover, you can also change the light color based on the reference image you have on your phone. It will be very useful if you want some specific lighting colors. You simply need to download the image on your device and tap on the USE photo in the Hue app.

Step #5: Choose the image from the library. Hue app will select the dominant color from your reference image and build a scene based on it. You can also shuffle the colors by tapping on the shuffle button to the cycle between the colors. You can see a preview of the light colors in the room.

Step #6: Once you have finalized the light colors, give that Scene a name and tap on the save button.

Step #7: If you want to change the color of any particular light, then simply tap on it in the App and drag and drop the selector to the color you want in the color wheel.

That’s it!! I hope you have successfully changed the color of the Philips hue light bulb. If you face any problems, please let me know in the comments section below.

How to change Nanoleaf Light Color

Nanoleaf lights are very popular, and their modular system allows you to mix and match the lights on any shape or pattern you like. So if you are having and want to change the color of it, then follow the below steps:

Step #1: Go to the App Store or play to download and install the Nanoleaf app.

Step #2: Once you are done pairing the bulb with the hub, tap on the color you want to have.

Step #3: To select a single color, tap on the basic tab and choose the color of the light. But if you want to build your choice of color, or select from the preset, then tap on the Scene tab.

Step #4: Tap on the Discover tab for animated lighting options and then search for the terms like Christmas, shamrock or any color such as red, blue or green.

Step #5: Once finalized, tap on the recipe you wish to have and then select the lights or room you want it to be used. It shows a preview of the recipe in the selected room or light.

Step #6: Tap on the download button to save the recipe permanently on the light.

How to change Govee light color

If you have purchased the most affordable Govee lights and want to change Govee light bulb color then follow the steps mentioned below:

Step #1: On your mobile App, download and install the Govee App.

Step #2: After that, connect the lights and App via Bluetooth, and tap on the light you wish to change the color of.

Step #3: If it is not turned On, tap on the power button in the top-right.

Step #4: Next, choose the Govee lights from the collection to switch to the desired color scheme.

Step 5: Up Next, tap on the color button and choose the colors from presets.

Step 6: After selecting the light, tap on the Scene button for animated color recipes. Multiple tabs will break the recipe into categories, and each Scene can have its animation direction and origin changed.

How to Change the Color of Sengled LED Multicolor bulb

First, you need to make sure that the light bulb model number you have purchased is W11-N13. If yes, then follow the below steps:

Step #1: Download and Install Sengled Home App.

Step #2: Tap on the Devices tab and choose the bulb you wish to change the color.

Step #3: After that, tap on Neon to make the bulb automatically change the color cycle.

That’s it.

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Changing the color of smart light bulbs is the easiest and most fun thing. It will make your room look beautiful around the festive and party times.


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