Want to connect ring to Alexa? Here in this article, I am going to show you how you can pair ring doorbell to Amazon Echo show, dot and studio. But before we move ahead to make sure that your Ring device is connected to WiFi.

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How to Setup and Connect Ring to Alexa

Pair Ring Doorbell to Amazon Echo

I hope you have downloaded the Alexa app and Ring App on your device. If not, go to the play store or App store and download it now. Also, the check software update of your mobile device; if it is not updated, then update it. 

Step #1: Go to Alexa and tap on the hamburger icon from the bottom right corner.

Step #2: Tap on Skills & Games and tap on the search icon.

Step #3: Type Ring in the search bar and tap on the Ring from the list search result.

Step #4: Now, tap on Enable to use and follow the on-screen steps to login into your Ring account and link it with your Amazon account.

Step #5: Next, tap on Enable Skill and link Accounts or tap on Enable skill if it is already connected with your Amazon account.

Step #6: Once it is enabled, tap on Discover Devices. If your device is not showing after tapping on Discover Devices, then you can give a command to Alexa by saying “Alexa, discover my devices” or tap on the devices icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step #7: Alexa will be activated on all your Ring devices. To deactivate Alexa from any particular device, tap on Forget located next to the device name.

How to Activate Chime Notifications on Your Alexa-Enabled Device

Once you are done connecting your smart Ring doorbell to Alexa, you can also set up a chime notification to get alerts when anyone presses the doorbell on your Echo device. To do so, follow below mentioned steps:

Step #1: Launch Alexa device -> tap on Devices icon.

Step #2: Tap on All devices -> Video Doorbell -> tap on Doorbell Press Announcements -> Enable to Use.

Make sure that Do Not  Disturb is not enabled on your Alexa device.

Some Important Alexa Commands to Use Ring DoorBell.

To speak to the visitor, you can say:

Alexa, talk to [Ring Doorbell Name].
Alexa, answer [Ring Doorbell Name].

To Check Live View From Your Ring Camera with Alexa

If you own Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire Tablet, you can use Alexa commands to see live video streams from your Ring doorbell or security camera.

Alexa, show [Ring Device Name].
Alexa, show my [Front Door]

To stop the live video feed:

Alexa, hide [Ring Device Name].
Alexa, hide [Front Door, Backyard, Side door, or Garage door].
Alexa, stop.
Alexa, go Home.

Play Recent Motion Clips with Alexa

To view the recording, you must have Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire Tablet and a Ring Protect subscription.

To view and control the recording, you can say:

Alexa, show me the last activity from [Ring Device Name].
Alexa, show me the most recent activity from [Front Door].
Alexa, fast-forward.
Alexa, fast-forward 10 seconds.
Alexa, fast-forward 1 minute.
Alexa, rewind.
Alexa, rewind 10 seconds.
Alexa, rewind 1 minute.
Alexa, pause.
Alexa, play.

How to Reset Ring DoorBell

The fastest way to fix any issue and reset the device to factory settings.

Step #1: Press the orange reset button for 15 or more seconds and then release the button when the ring light starts flashing. When the light goes off, the doorbell is reset.

Step #2: To disconnect your account, launch the Ring app on phone or tablet -> Settings -> Remove Device -> Delete.

That’s all!

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Do let me know in the comments section if you still face any problem in ring doorbell I will be happy to help you out.


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