Have you just purchased sengled Alexa light bulbs and now trying to get sengled bulbs in pairing mode? If yes, then follow below mentioned to connect Sengled bulbs to Alexa.

In this guide, we are going to pair and use sengled light bulbs. So just make sure that you have got the correct light bulb. Sengled Pulse and Sengled Smartsense are not compatible with Alexa devices so it won’t get paired.

Sengled Bulbs Used in this article:

How to Pair and Use Sengled Light Bulbs with Alexa

Step #1: Launch the Amazon Alexa App on your Android or iOS device.

Step #2: Tap on the menu icon and choose Skills & Games.

Step #3: Next, type Sengled in the search bar and choose the Sengled from the search result.

Step #4: Up Next, Select Sengled Home App.

Step #5: Tap on Enable to Use and enter your login details.

Step #6: Then, tap on the Sign In button to link your account. After that tap on X from the top left corner to exit the page.

Step #7: Now, a popup screen will appear with a Discover button, tap on it to discover the devices. It may take 45 seconds more or less to discover the Sengled bulb.

Step #8: Once you have successfully  set up the Sengled light bulb, it will be easy for you to use sengled bulbs with alexa. You just have to control the smart light bulbs by simply saying Alexa, turn on/off light.

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I hope you have successfully added a sengled bulb to Alexa. If facing any issue, then do share the error message in the comment box below.


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