Starting from automating your bulbs to your TV, the Amazon Echo has left us in awe with its amazing skills. To control smart tv with Alexa you will need a Logitech harmony hub. Using this hub you can easily control your Samsung, LG or any other brand tv with Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

To control TV with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus and Echo Spot, you need to pair up your Amazon Echo device with a Logitech Harmony Hub. Pairing up both of these gadgets will create a total voice-controlled smart TV for you. This process doesn’t require TVs from specific brands. TVs from any brands can be converted into a smart TV with this pairing process. Well, before heading to the session on how to control your smart TV Using Amazon Alexa, we advise you to seek what a Logitech Harmony Hub is.

How to Control Smart TV With Alexa and Amazon Echo Devices

What is Logitech Harmony Hub?

The Logitech Harmony Hub is the central solution for all your home entertainment and smart home devices. It is a small black box that uses either Bluetooth, infrared (IR), or Wi-Fi to communicate with different devices in your house. They can be operated directly from your smartphone, tablet, or a computer.

One can say that the Logitech Harmony Hub is a universal remote control that can control eight devices. It has the capability to work with 270,000 devices which include your TV, cable and gaming consoles, your AV receivers, Roku media players, Apple TV and more.

Furthermore, you don’t get the need to press multiple switches for operating your home appliances like the thermostats, locks, microwave, air cooler, coffee maker, toaster, and many more devices. You can not only control TV with Amazon Echo but also other smart devices in your house at the top of your voice with the Logitech H

The Logitech Harmony Hub would enable you to change channels and even list your favorite programs. With Harmony and Amazon Echo, you can enjoy easy and hands-free control of all the things that you love. You can even schedule activities like “Good Morning” to play your favorite music, warm up your house, or raise your curtains.

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How to Control Smart TV with Alexa

The entire process is quite simple and easy to undergo. You can set up your Harmony Hub wherever you want in your house – be it in your entertainment center or some other place. But one thing that you should bear in mind is that the place where you set up your Harmony must let you mount the IR sensor pointed right at your television.

After the Harmony Hub is set up and connected to your network, you can pair up Harmony with your Alexa.

Here are the steps to be followed.

Step #1: Firstly, open your Alexa App.

Step #2: Then, go to Home → Skills.

Step #3: Look for Harmony.

Step #4: Select the blue icon that appears on your screen.

Step #5: Now, enable the Harmony Skill.

Step #6: Lastly, log in to Harmony from your Alexa App.

After the connection is established between Harmony and Alexa, you can turn on and turn off the TV automatically. Harmony is already aware of the channels that are available with your provider. So you can enjoy them. But you can’t ask for the channels that are not subscribed by your provider until and unless your television is directly connected to the cable. In case, you are using an HD channel box that connects through an HDMI, you need to create actions in Harmony which is provided under the smart TV settings.

One more important thing to be taken into consideration is that you can’t control volume through Alexa as it is not set as an Action function in Harmony. Moreover, Alexa won’t even switch inputs through Harmony without any actions. But if you have an IFTTT trigger set up, these actions can be performed.

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If you have any ideas or views on how to control your smart TV with Alexa, you can share your feedback with us in the comments section.