Unfortunately, it is impossible to directly download YouTube videos on iPhone in iOS 16 or later devices due to Apple’s strict app guidelines. However, some third-party websites allow users to download YouTube videos on iOS without downloading any app.

One such website is savefrom.net. Here in this article, we will show you step by step guide to downloading YouTube videos in iOS 16 or older versions. Once the video is downloaded you can directly save it in your iPhone Photo app. So let’s go ahead and checkout the steps.

How to Download YouTube Videos in iOS 16 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Open YouTube and Download the video you wish to download.

Step #2: Tap on the Share button below the YouTube video.

Step #3: Copy the link and open the savefrom.net website in safari or chrome browser.

Step 4. Now, paste the link to the video you have copied.

Step 5. Next, choose the video format you wish to download.

Step #6: Finally, click the download button to save the YouTube video.

Downloading will start in the Safari browser itself. Once the video is downloaded, click on it to save the button from the left corner of the screen.

That’s all.

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In conclusion, downloading YouTube videos on iOS 16 on an iPhone or iPad can be done using a third-party app or website. Some popular options include Video Downloader Pro, and SaveFrom.net.


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