What is Instagram, minus all the filtering? Does not make any sense, right? The same goes for any video, minus the editing. Video editing is among the imperative things in the modern-day digital world since it is the key to crafting flawless videos. Do you love making videos? You got hours of video footage you would love to turn into mind-blowing videos for the family as well as friends for enjoying.

Enters InVideo, the new-age super video editing tool that is helping the population to create awesome videos in less than 10 minutes! One of the biggest benefits of crafting stunning videos with the assistance of InVideo is the affordability factor. InVideo is easy, quick, and collaborative, with over 4000 templates that are ready to use.

How to Edit Video for YouTube and Instagram using InVideo – Step-By-Step Guide


Video editing allows a person to review their video as well as change whatever requires correction. With the appropriate set of tools for editing for formulating the perfect videos, a person doesn’t need to re-record every once in a while. InVideo’s video editing feature will assist everyone in fixing all their issues.


1. Begin the Process with Pre-viewing

Review the media as well as take prompt selections of what you are interested in. Individuals must rule out what they do not wish for saving. Do not make quick decisions and delete your most favorite moments from the video. A good video editing tool might resolve a great number of issues.

Great tools such as InVideo comes with advanced image stabilization tech for salvaging shaky videos, as well as great color-correcting tools that might rescue a great video. There are certain videos where the exposure or the color doesn’t match the desired standards.


2. Move on to Planning

Many of the videos will convey a great story, starting with something, to begin with, the middle part, last but not least, the end. Making the perfect plan! Deciding on what an individual would want to convey as well as keep everything in mind while performing the editing work.

Imagine how your final edited video will appear as well as don’t forget to follow every step for making everything as beautiful as possible. You will have to make their texts along with transitions steady. Make the notes so you do not forget anything! You can avoid or solve a lot of issues using a beneficial plan.


3. Rough Cut, the Next Step

Begin with following the plan! Put the video clips as per your wish and decide how you will fit the individual clips with each other. If something isn’t working as planned, it is high time that you start making changes. Do not become stingy! It becomes easier for putting in too much and taking it out later as compared to using less, plus adding more when an individual has already done a great deal of editing.

InVideo makes the rough cut very easy with storyboards (built-in). Laying out the video clips as if they are photos on a table and then rearranging everything at the person’s will! The work will automatically get updated on your timeline whenever you are ready.


4. The Tough Part Starts

Once you become happy and satisfied with the rough sequences, they must perform the details. Trimming down the clips you exactly want. Always settle on consistent good transitions between clips. The majority of the transitions must be straight cuts along with fades or dissolves for moving between segments or scenes.

Flashy transitions in significant quantity might distract the audience, which is why one must use them carefully, adding effects, music, title, as well as other details. Bear in mind, the things you want in your video must add to the story you are trying to convey to the audience.

You can also slow down their footage for accenting the actions or changing the colors to emphasize the various moods. One must select everything carefully and start behaving creatively.

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5. Moving on to the Delivery Part

In the final step, often called exporting or rendering, you need to deliver their video to their audience. In case a person wants to stream the video, they can post the video on social media platforms. Every kind of delivery covers various needs, and most of the editing tools cover templates for making everything easy.

There are tools that boast a great collection of professional as well as standard render formats to cater to various purposes, in addition to many of the built-in templates for a particular cause. You need to select a format of their choice that will match the properties of their video.

Simultaneously, one must also keep in mind the rate of the frames, the size of the frames, lastly, the perfect display for their videos. Once you decide all this, in just a few clicks, their tools will start rendering their video. It depends on the power of the computer, the complexity, and the length of the video.

Drawing the Conclusion

A tool such as InVideo leverages the graphics card for helping to render everything faster. Once you are done with every step, you will have an edited video with outstanding quality and ready with the entire world. Those are the step-by-step guide on how to edit the videos. Now, you are entirely prepared to start editing all your favorite videos.

InVideo, the perfect choice for editing your favorite videos! InVideo has everything one needs to start with the editing work. The tool is extremely powerful yet extremely user-friendly. Having a simple, easy-to-understand interface as well as an intuitive workflow, InVideo puts video editing right at the fingertips.

To learn the video editing remains a snap-in InVideo. You can also avail a dashboard that takes the person through the video editing experience in a step-by-step way, making the very first video editing fun as well as super easy. There is no better way to learn video editing than InVideo. That is why opt for InVideo today!

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