Got the new Ring doorbell? If yes, you need to setup and connect Ring doorbell to WiFi network. So that whenever someone comes, it notifies you on your mobile phone.

To do so, you need to follow below-mentioned steps. In this guide I am going to show you how you can setup Ring doorbell camera, reconnect WiFi to ring if needed and how to fix ring doorbell not connecting to WiFi issue.

How to Setup and Connect Ring DoorBell to WiFi

Setup Ring Doorbell to WiFi

Step #1: First of all, download and install the Ring App on your iOS and Android device.

Step #2: Launch the app and follow the on-screen steps to create a ring account. It will ask you for some basic information of your such as name, email id, country, etc.

Step #3: Once you are done, check your registered email for a confirmation email and click on the link provided in the email to confirm.

Step #4: After confirming, Sign in to the app and tap on Setup a Ring device -> DoorBells.

Step #5: Next, scan the QR Code or MAC ID from the back of the ring device. You can also find the QR Code on the Quick start guide that came with the Ring smart doorbell camera.

Step #6: Proceed to the next step when the green line or green box appears on the screen around the QR code.

Step #7: Enter the address and tap on confirm.

Step #8: Give a name to your Ring doorbell. Choose any name from the list or create a custom one.

Step #9: Now, press the black button provided on the front of your ring doorbell 4 to turn ON setup mode. A spinning white light will appear in front of the doorbell.

Step #10: Tap on continue on the Ring app.

Step #11: Connect your Phone/tablet to Ring WiFi. (For that, go to settings -> WiFi-> tap on Ring WiFi network.)

Step #12: Keep your WiFi network close when you are going to install your Ring doorbell and enter the password to connect the Ring doorbell to your WiFi.

Kindly note that when you connect the Ring doorbell to WiFi, it may update internal software, and you will see a flashing white light on the front of the ring doorbell. Also, do not ring the doorbell when it is updating the internal software.

Step #13: Lastly, test your doorbell once the update is done by pushing the front button to make a test call.

How to Reconnect Ring Doorbell to WiFi

If you have changed some network preferences or lost WiFi connection and want to reconnect it, then follow below mentioned steps:

Step #1: Launch the Ring app, tap on Menu, and choose Devices.

Step #2: Select Ring doorbell. You will head over to the device screen.

Step #3: You need to choose Device health and then tap on reconnect to Wi-Fi or Change Wi-Fi network.

Ring DoorBell Not Connecting With WiFi? Here is a Fix

There can be multiple issues because of which you are unable to connect your ring doorbell with a WiFi network. So let’s check all the things one by one.

First of all, check your network band. If it is a 5 GHz band, your ring doorbell won’t connect as Ring doorbell below supports only a 2.4GHz network. But if you have Ring doorbell 2, 3 or 4th Generation then you don’t have to worry as it support 5GHz band.

If the network band is fine, check the password you are entering; it might be incorrect or some typing issue due to which you cannot connect.

Also, check your WiFi signal and ensure that your network is not Hidden. Some people keep it hidden so that unknown user can’t connect to your WiFi.

You can also check reducing the distance between WiFi router and where you have installed ring doorbell.

Do check power and voltage as the ring doorbell needs at least 16V; else, the battery won’t last more than 6-12 months.

If nothing works for you, then reset your ring doorbell.

To reset, you need to press and hold the orange button on the device’s backside.

That’s all!!

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I hope you have successfully set up and connected the ring doorbell with WiFi. If facing any issue during the setup process or unable to connect the ring doorbell to WiFi, check the things mentioned above. Else do share your query with me in the comments section below. I will be happy to help you out.


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